Replacing Apple's "NON REPLACEABLE" Home Button

15 jun 2019
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A broken home button isn't going to render this iPhone 7 useless.
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  • Very good

    kashif gaan kashif gaankashif gaan kashif gaan5 dagar sedan
  • please i need this

    Dugole WendellDugole WendellMånad sedan
  • Hey hugh Jeffrey please can i know where can i get the home button original with fingerprint

    Dugole WendellDugole WendellMånad sedan
  • I have a iphone 7 but it reads fingerprint but home button pressure sensor isn't working what should I do and what is the problem

    Ataullah KhanAtaullah KhanMånad sedan
  • I mean nothing was really cool like when iPhone 8 was controlling iPhone 7 I'm gonna definitely buy dat

    Aaryav_Tech&MoreAaryav_Tech&MoreMånad sedan
  • I really love this channel

    I am MeI am MeMånad sedan
  • ecellant

    richard paulrichard paulMånad sedan
  • Is there any possibility of putting iPhone 6 home button in iphone7?

    Raghav MSRaghav MSMånad sedan
  • WIll this work on the ipohone 6S?

    MR. SmileiyMR. SmileiyMånad sedan
  • How much would you charger to install one of these on my phone? Just curious

    BlizzardPeakBlizzardPeakMånad sedan
  • Now i dont trust any other 3rd parties tech to repair iphone

    Aisya NAisya N2 månader sedan
  • I love ur work , keep it goin bro

    Pooya KarimiPooya Karimi2 månader sedan
  • But if Bluetooth turns off then you are a bit stuck

    StormtrooperStormtrooper2 månader sedan
  • When someone uses this as a tutorial “WHAT HAVE I DONE!?”

    UndeadRyder944 GamingUndeadRyder944 Gaming2 månader sedan
  • Hi Hugh, my iPhone 7 has been on a constant boot loop after my home button stopped working. Before I replace the home button/display, will the process in your video erase all of my data? I am just worried about losing my data since I have no backup. I'll appreciate it so much if you reply!!

    Tawfiq OmarTawfiq Omar2 månader sedan
  • Instead of it being Bluetooth you can just get a normal home button from another board and it just won’t have touch iD and thats it.

    Y DY D2 månader sedan
  • What about touch id

    Sajan ShahSajan Shah2 månader sedan
  • Apple sell trillions of these every year and they have to up the greed by keeping down Right To Repair a bit more every single year. Let people replace their own damn parts! They will be ruined by OS updates blocking out old devices for the same greedy reason eventually anyway, so what's the harm?

    Mr. DMr. D2 månader sedan
  • Car customer : Breaks the door handle Car dealer : Sorry bro, gotta replace the whole door.

    Ivars.SIvars.S2 månader sedan
  • Go China! Just bending apple over.

    M BM B2 månader sedan
  • My home button works only sometimes like i need to press is extremely hardly to work could that be some bracket or something missing ? The screen is replaced but the button worked fine

    Jan HálekJan Hálek2 månader sedan
  • He did the impossible

    Fusion OnlineFusion Online2 månader sedan
  • The worst thing is that Apple even has the audacity to claim they care about the planet and climate and do things like this. We need an industrial Henocide but this time for real🤧😉🙋🏼‍♂️

    National PrussialismNational Prussialism2 månader sedan
  • Does fingerprint sensor Touchid work with this?

    Sebine FrancisSebine Francis2 månader sedan
  • I just order my 4 version for my iPhone 8 Plus....

    Escalante Repairs kcEscalante Repairs kc2 månader sedan
  • I wish you also test the one that can work even without using bluetooth...

    cutie áyceacutie áycea2 månader sedan
  • If you're going to make a close up video, dont bite your nails! Looks disgusting.

    Mike WoodsMike Woods2 månader sedan
  • bruh my father actually replaced that button without bluetooth but still it doesnt have touch id

    FaZeDekiFaZeDeki2 månader sedan
  • 4:00 apple be like: NEW IPHONE 13 (home button sold separately)

    Dylan FortnerDylan Fortner2 månader sedan
  • You are great with your repairs.but i wont buy an apple even if i get rich or billionare.Android is better in every aspect and apple is not making the best phones there is.Its just the hype that will die soon.But man you are great.

    Mohammad ShadabMohammad Shadab2 månader sedan
  • i've seen videos. where chips from displays got soldered from one to another display... could this not also be done with the home button?

    Toasted ToasterToasted Toaster2 månader sedan
  • Thats a very good News! Tks for share....

    Samuel AyresSamuel Ayres2 månader sedan
  • And now apple make their own chips, so no one will be able to do anything with their tech

    SilentGamingSilentGaming2 månader sedan
  • HI, there is now a Rev4 jc home button available. However, I got a home button from ebay earlier this year, it worked without bluetooth for a while. like Rev 4 JC button will do, without bluetooth, according to its seller on ebay. In my case, I used an update from apple, later after the install of h/button, Apple blocked the home button from working??? In conclusion , the Rev 4 JC button version doesn't use bluetooth, according to its seller, so this should work fine, and be easier to install. With the exception of fingerprint id, the home button should work most of the other functions. In my view , Apple should not be allowed to block a third party repair of the home button or screen, as you who are the legal owner of the phone, and should have the legal right to take it to whome you like to get it repaired. Greedy as Apple are , they charge a whopping £154. 44 for a complete new screen and home button. Icould get a second user phone for that price, and have some change. Shame on you apple ripping customers off.

    al macal mac2 månader sedan
  • He does the impossible.... Wow

    CheckyChecky3 månader sedan
  • @JerryRigEverthing

    Offical OPOffical OP3 månader sedan
  • Did you try the old home button on the new display? Sometimes replacing the display can actually get the home button working again

    Alexzander CurryAlexzander Curry3 månader sedan
  • Technically it is replaceable, it should come with the motherboard which is quite expensive..

    Jade de los ReyesJade de los Reyes3 månader sedan
  • So I have a iPhone 8 that one of my friend gave me but it is rose gold with a white face and home button. I don’t like it and want to do a switch over to black. Meaning that the home button will have to be replaced as well. ReadinSg the description for a new one. It has a disclaimer stating this replacement is for decoration only and it won’t function on my 8. Am I reading this wrong or is this true? If so is there any other way around it. Please if any one has some solutions to my problem. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Regards

    RogueRodent 110RogueRodent 1103 månader sedan
  • 411 dislikes... must be from Apple 😂

    AbdulAziz4CaNaDaAbdulAziz4CaNaDa3 månader sedan
  • Monopoly is always bad.

    Ayush ChaudhariAyush Chaudhari3 månader sedan
  • Do you know why a replacement home button for iPhone 6 does not work?

    Rose FishingfoolRose Fishingfool3 månader sedan
  • I think you cannot pair your AirPods with the iPhone because this Bluetooth home button is connected... By the way Apple has a free solution to it “assistive touch”

    Syed Umer AhmedSyed Umer Ahmed3 månader sedan
  • All people that disliked are people that work for apple

    Mr.philadeckMr.philadeck3 månader sedan
  • That’s a big no no

    Jaimen BrunsonJaimen Brunson3 månader sedan
  • Could you do the JC ID thing to pair a new home button?

    LazarusRoxLazarusRox3 månader sedan
  • I’m going to get this on a phone just to pair it to my brother’s iPhone and click it when ever he’s playing online games on it

    Dark_Orb 1937Dark_Orb 19374 månader sedan
  • how get dfu mode

    Mahmut SözenMahmut Sözen4 månader sedan
  • oww some make clickable apple logo for 11 or X

    Mahmut SözenMahmut Sözen4 månader sedan
  • your website does not say that you repair phones forbpeople

    IsaacIsaac4 månader sedan
  • I just sold my iphone with a broken homebutton for 30 dollars, cuz i thought it was worth nothing. WOOOOW.

    JellyJelly4 månader sedan
  • ali exspres home button

    mark baggermanmark baggerman4 månader sedan
  • Can I get one for iPhone 6?

    Rory HallRory Hall4 månader sedan
  • Why crAPPLE!? Whyyyyyy!?

    Matt JonesMatt Jones4 månader sedan
  • That was very cursed when he used the home button that was in the iPhone 7 on the iPhone 8

    King Dee, Gaming and MemesKing Dee, Gaming and Memes4 månader sedan
  • 亞太電信

    Gs the same StillGs the same Still4 månader sedan
  • 亞太電

    Gs the same StillGs the same Still4 månader sedan
  • Apple: You can't replace the home button Him: "Replaces it* Apple: He's to dangerous to be left alive

    Edgy Anonymous GuyEdgy Anonymous Guy4 månader sedan
  • Making irreplaceable parts should be illegal.

    Tom 2404Tom 24044 månader sedan
  • Can I install a iPhone SE home button on the 7plus or any past home button for that matter?

    Justin HillJustin Hill4 månader sedan
  • My 6s home button stopped working and I went to get it replaced and they said that they couldn't fix it O O F

    Potato treePotato tree4 månader sedan
  • Hi Hugh ! I subscribed to your channel since last year and you still impress and inspired me to fix many devices like you do. This is a really good job, furthermore with passion ! I've got a question about the Touch ID, can we fix the issue by reprogramming it with your JC Pro1000S, or this is not possible ? I've been looking for some videos about this process, but all videos I've seen showed that the only way to fix it is by soldering an other part of the Touch ID.

    Anthony LieuAnthony Lieu5 månader sedan
  • Butt keyboard is not workking 🖕🖕🖕

    Riyas riyasRiyas riyas5 månader sedan
  • How long can this Home button last for?

    Orange TempOrange Temp5 månader sedan
  • Weird is If i turn off my iphone completely, home button will FREEZE

    kvux.0kvux.05 månader sedan
  • Apple can offer (or not offer) what ever services they want. It's up to customers to stop buying their products if they want change. Never bought a single apple product from this shady company.

    Restore TechniqueRestore Technique5 månader sedan

    brainbrain5 månader sedan
  • Hello I really need a repair

    Ahmet vefa PakozAhmet vefa Pakoz5 månader sedan
  • Hugh if the Touch ID fingerprint works but the button doesn’t click does it mean the ic is faulty or something else ?

    DentinventDentinvent5 månader sedan
  • My iPhone 8 home button is broken and the phone is disabled. I plugged it in to itunes and restored it now it says press the home button to continue. If I replace this button there is no way I pair it without passing the get started screen or whatever its called. This part is not mentioned. How do you get the button work after reset? I would appreciate any comment. Thanks.

    David VeselinovDavid Veselinov5 månader sedan
    • set up through itunes maybe

      Ricky GonzalezRicky Gonzalez5 månader sedan
    • @Hugh Jeffreys thanks for the reply Hugh. Very frustrating. Even the 3rd and 4 gen wouldn't work then? Have you tried one of these MaximalPower external lightning home buttons? would it work to pass the upgrade screen? Is there any way to make iphone 8 home button work again? Btw I have contacted you on Instagram regarding this. You can ignore my message there since you replied here. Thanks heaps.

      David VeselinovDavid Veselinov5 månader sedan
    • I guess you cant.. Great feature hey...

      Hugh JeffreysHugh Jeffreys5 månader sedan
  • BT button 69th generation... Touch ID is back

    Humzah AwaisHumzah Awais5 månader sedan
  • Apple: our home buttons can’t be replaced This man: replaces it Apple: wait that’s illegal

    Captain DezCaptain Dez6 månader sedan
  • Can you fix my 7 plus

    Jumar RichardsonJumar Richardson6 månader sedan
  • To anybody (nobody ask) there is a way to bring Touch ID back and to do that you need to use 3 i tools and get the Touch ID code then you get a special card/ Mechanic from jc tools to plug in the new Touch ID button the burn/write the Touch ID code to the button and the iPhone will think this is a original home button.

    Andres TAndres T6 månader sedan
  • (Replaces home button) No one: Apple wants to know your location.

    VinylripVinylrip6 månader sedan
  • Wow, Touch ID Isn‘t working 👏🏼

    Vincent FinkelVincent Finkel6 månader sedan
  • Wow it’s Replacable Home button

    Gabo MagpayoGabo Magpayo6 månader sedan
  • I don't know why but your content is very addictive..

    Ashutosh ThiteAshutosh Thite6 månader sedan
  • Tutorials please

    dokii dokiidokii dokii6 månader sedan
  • Apple doesnt charge only for the home button but for replacement of whole display...... Isnt that obvious than even they cant repair it and replace it with a new display which has a new linked homebutton

    Raditya RanaRaditya Rana6 månader sedan

    James The gacha wolfJames The gacha wolf6 månader sedan
  • Doesn’t look like anyone’s gonna mention this, so I will. I loved that lock screen 😍🤩

    Curtis RuttleCurtis Ruttle6 månader sedan
  • Well I have to use the onscreen one :(

    Ashley NixonAshley Nixon6 månader sedan
  • I have iPhone 8 se2, after screen replacement home button stop working I've bought Home Button For Apple iPhone 7 8 Plus SE2 JC Restore Cable 6th Generation Black -this com is without jumper connection but it still doesn't work , Could you advise me if this is fixable have no idea if it's fixable

    Andrew DoleckiAndrew Dolecki6 månader sedan
  • Have touch id?

    abubaker abubakerabubaker abubaker6 månader sedan
  • It's too bad companies as huge as Apple need to gouge in this way. The profit margin on the phone was already gigantic.

    Jesse Yules FilmJesse Yules Film6 månader sedan
    • I actually wrote an entire article about this for a journalism project. Apple’s corporate email never forwarded me to anyone, nor did they respond.

      Y DY D2 månader sedan
    • @Sarthak Mishra Give a man tools to repair a phone and he chooses when to buy a new phone. Give a man an unserviceable phone and you are in control so can make him buy £1000 phones exert few years.

      Tom CowleyTom Cowley2 månader sedan
    • There’s more then 4 billion iPhone devices

      2nd why gaming2nd why gaming2 månader sedan
    • There’s an problem lol they have millions and millions and millions they can’t just focus on a million customers

      2nd why gaming2nd why gaming2 månader sedan
    • Profit from phones is just a one time profit but from the parts is continuous flow of money 💰

      Sarthak MishraSarthak Mishra4 månader sedan
  • What if you want to use AIR PODS on your iPhone

    Ergun SehkarErgun Sehkar6 månader sedan
  • It works at least..

    Gsm TipsGsm Tips6 månader sedan
  • I came here from r/madlads

    Antonio SantiagoAntonio Santiago6 månader sedan
  • If Apple aren’t careful, their phones might get banned for being too wasteful and overcharging their customers.

    John SinclairJohn Sinclair6 månader sedan
  • Hugh Jeffreys: My iPhone 7 home button is better than your Guy: how Hugh Jeffreys: my home button is Bluetooth so I can connect it to anyone's phone

    Ellis The DJEllis The DJ6 månader sedan
  • plz put the link for this bluetooth home button :P

    doking kingggodoking kingggo7 månader sedan
  • So off I want put my iphone in recovery mode I need hold down home button and are it's be works

    uldis zauersuldis zauers7 månader sedan
  • Who came here from fakejake

    H a n e e n ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄H a n e e n ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄7 månader sedan
  • I agree Apple should not be allowed to do this.

    patts katoeypatts katoey7 månader sedan
  • Dear how to fix wifi problem in iPhone 4s without using hair dryer

    hamza hamayunhamza hamayun7 månader sedan
  • If you can just swap any homebutton, getting access to a phone would be a lot lot easier! So its a pain, but much more secure... BTW, if they would not break, they would not need replacement...that may be a better approach. IS the button paired with the screen assy or with the motherboard?

    mooiweermooiweer7 månader sedan
  • Stupid isn't it I'll just keep using my $80 used Droid phones, they're plentiful slightly used in great condition

    Dodd GargerDodd Garger7 månader sedan
  • Make Touch ID work on replacement iPad home buttons pls

    TheSwagGuy5000TheSwagGuy50007 månader sedan
  • Too bad it causes faster batter drain

    Brandon LudenaBrandon Ludena8 månader sedan