Samsung A20 Caught on FIRE! Can I Restore It?

11 jul 2020
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I Paid only $8 for this Samsung A20 with an exploded battery, can it be restored?
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  • My theory is some spy must hv used it for a while and disposed it after an hour

    Ne yoNe yo3 timmar sedan
  • Lol i have an a20e now

    lIlI_Glitch_lIlIlIlI_Glitch_lIlI5 dagar sedan
  • bot you bought a murder phone

    Aaron ReedAaron Reed7 dagar sedan
  • 3:11 that's an amoled panel

    A2ZEE TECHA2ZEE TECH7 dagar sedan
  • Samsung A20 Alhamdulillah 👍😙🥰

    Tersebut HpmahTersebut Hpmah8 dagar sedan
  • Bkbg Vkvd ! 👎😭

    Tersebut HpmahTersebut Hpmah8 dagar sedan
  • Of course Samsung wouldn't sell you a replacement battery, they want you to buy a whole new phone.

    Grumpy CatGrumpy Cat8 dagar sedan
  • Person probably got shot and the phone saved him from injury. The back panel cover gives me major Krazr K1 vibes 😍

    Shepherd SamShepherd Sam11 dagar sedan
  • This is why you should always test the screen on the phone and also the battery before going way ahead of yourself because sometimes these things might NOT work properly

    Omar ZowilaOmar Zowila15 dagar sedan
  • Where did u get the battery

    Deneko BrownDeneko Brown16 dagar sedan
  • This must be a phone from a Phone robustness testing SEworldr.

    hapac money loaderhapac money loader21 dag sedan
  • Me watching on A40: O_O

    Stachu ツStachu ツMånad sedan
  • Wow!

    Gacheru MburuGacheru MburuMånad sedan
  • Feb 14.. hmm. Here's my theory. Boyfriend too cheap to buy girlfriend a flagship phone for valentine's day so girlfriend decided to smash the phone and not the boyfriend.

    Edward TiangcoEdward TiangcoMånad sedan
  • Anyone got this in their recommendations?

    Mr GoldfishMr GoldfishMånad sedan
  • Htc u play 50 to 60 usd to fix in romania is it worth it

    iSamyt backupiSamyt backupMånad sedan
  • hi how are you today .samsung A20 exploded battery

    Rean phoneRean phoneMånad sedan
  • Hopefully, this wasn’t a phone from JerryRigEverything :)

    Ishan AnandIshan AnandMånad sedan
  • I bet you have like 100 working phones laying around

    Not Your Average SkaterNot Your Average SkaterMånad sedan
  • my moms phone

    Invincible 21Invincible 21Månad sedan
  • That will be my dads phone not too long 😂

    Chui ThrowawayChui ThrowawayMånad sedan
  • oh, wow. that cover unclipping really reminds me of the Galaxy S4, as it is the same for both.

    MicroprodMicroprodMånad sedan
  • Just put it on water

    YadierelleYadierelleMånad sedan
  • A series not explode maybe you do it for the views

    Black pandaBlack pandaMånad sedan
  • Have this phone, can assure you it's a cheap piece of junk. Specs are alright, but my phone is bent just from daily use and being stored in my pocket.

    Damian FranzenDamian FranzenMånad sedan
  • Wow

    Tik tok Is wordTik tok Is wordMånad sedan
  • Note 7 all over again. But hey you wont get much updates anyway so might as well let it burn.

    Tsjuun TzeTsjuun TzeMånad sedan
  • What about A21s???

    eeG CateeG Cat2 månader sedan
  • Found you tonight when hearing you on the radio with Den Den on 3AW. I'm a long supporter of "right to repair" and why I only have cars I have manuals and available diagnostics for. As a teen in the '70s, Dad bought me a radio that would pick up other country stations. My antenna was me putting ever-increasing wires on the roof. I didn't know that adding every speaker I could find would stuff the radio up. Just one thing from my history is knowing two friends who've had severe health problems due to the fumes of soldering. Be sure you do not breath that in as it adds up.

    Albert LangerAlbert Langer2 månader sedan
  • I hawe like this phone

    David StoilevskiDavid Stoilevski2 månader sedan
  • It's not strange, he bought the phone to contact his side chick and the main chick found out and shot him, but the phone protected him from the bullet.

    TT2 månader sedan
  • This is probably from one of ‘everything apple pro’s’ vieos where he sees how many phones it takes to stop a bullet

    Droney’sDroney’s2 månader sedan
  • Samsung still having this problem wtf?

    PreEnabledPreEnabled2 månader sedan
    • if the battery did explode the phone it would look more fucked up then the one in the video

      Alex J.GAlex J.G2 månader sedan
  • Good Job! 👍

    alex 1337alex 13372 månader sedan

    *Dabs* UwU*Dabs* UwU2 månader sedan
  • Look like it was a criminals phone cause of the phone calls

    HOP3 L3T M3 DOWNHOP3 L3T M3 DOWN2 månader sedan
  • Me: seeing the phone condition and hearong him say it's only used a day. My mind :I think the battery exploded and the user got mad and smashed the phone😂

    Nowroz Zaman SaminNowroz Zaman Samin2 månader sedan
  • That phone is haunted 😜

    Swaran GsSwaran Gs2 månader sedan
  • It was probably tested for durability by some youtuber

    Presenting PlantsPresenting Plants2 månader sedan
  • maybe it was a phone from a durubility test youtuber

    AgentButtermücke007AgentButtermücke0072 månader sedan
  • I think someone shot a bullet in it

    SETHI GAMING.SETHI GAMING.2 månader sedan
  • Just buy a new phone!

    LINK JOKERLINK JOKER2 månader sedan
  • "Ammunition load burnt down" Only War Thunder players will understand this.

    jogumemajolijogumemajoli2 månader sedan
  • This... this now scares me because I'm watching this on a a20 and it's my only phone... I hope it doesn't, well, light up.

    Francisco 1234 CruzFrancisco 1234 Cruz2 månader sedan
  • I love Apple company better than Samsung! Apple made things that Samsung didn’t make like these: 3d scan app with LIDAR Improved screen quality Getting good with camera quality Better phone edges and corners New apps Doesn’t add so many apps onto the phone to not cause any lag for anyone unlike Samsung And ye... Samsung adds soo many apps onto the phone and it makes people confuse and lag! And other thing is: Apple takes IO months trying to make the 3d scanner with LIDAR and then when Samsung copied that, people will say “Apple always copy Samsung”! And I hate Samsung users! I like Apple more than Samsung!

    Kaniwaneyclone2Kaniwaneyclone22 månader sedan
  • I’m watching this on iPhone 6, i love Apple, no one can stop me buying iPhones!

    Kaniwaneyclone2Kaniwaneyclone22 månader sedan
    • Am sorry but who tf asked for your opinion

      Alex J.GAlex J.G2 månader sedan
  • Cops nock at his door 2 days later😭🤣

    junior martinezjunior martinez2 månader sedan
  • Must have a very bad day for the original owner of the phone. Don't think it's a coincidence that it was valentine's day

    P.Samay KumarP.Samay Kumar2 månader sedan
  • Best channel ever

    The Holcomb and Backus family channelThe Holcomb and Backus family channel2 månader sedan
  • Really wanted to see an A20 teardown thanks

    mohammad rezamohammad reza2 månader sedan
  • Me having a samsung A20

    TrigoCrazy102TrigoCrazy1022 månader sedan
  • This is what happens when you use that shock thing in watchdogs 2.

    Nate NixonNate Nixon2 månader sedan
  • That looks like someone punctured it. You can't blame this on samsung

    SHAITSHAIT2 månader sedan
  • Where do they get the parts

    Maletsiri patraciaMaletsiri patracia2 månader sedan
    • @SHAIT I mean the they come straight from samsung

      Maletsiri patraciaMaletsiri patracia2 månader sedan
    • What are you on about?

      SHAITSHAIT2 månader sedan
  • whoa a phone that can be repaired with not to much effort, take notes apple

    Maggie The pugMaggie The pug2 månader sedan
  • I’m curious to know how much this phone retails for , and how much the phone would cost to repair ( including your labour costs). Would it have been worthwhile financially to repair as an end user?

    Paul SzPaul Sz2 månader sedan
  • where is your camera ?? honestly i can't tell ?? the position you putted the camera seems perfect

    MSTMST2 månader sedan
  • I'm watching on samsung a20 lol 😂😂

    sundaram wadhwasundaram wadhwa2 månader sedan
  • is it a samsung galaxy a20 e or a normal a20

    Shao Khan GamingShao Khan Gaming2 månader sedan
    • @SHAIT lets just stop this ok

      Shao Khan GamingShao Khan Gaming2 månader sedan
    • @Shao Khan Gaming It isn't my original language either

      SHAITSHAIT2 månader sedan
    • @SHAIT wow English is not my original language

      Shao Khan GamingShao Khan Gaming2 månader sedan
    • @Shao Khan Gaming You can't even use proper grammar lmao

      SHAITSHAIT2 månader sedan
    • @SHAIT wow you trying to be a smart person but your not

      Shao Khan GamingShao Khan Gaming2 månader sedan
  • And here I am watching this video in a 20, even the colour is same

    Nilesh SarkarNilesh Sarkar2 månader sedan
  • I lit a candle. It caught fire...

    Hi ThereHi There2 månader sedan
  • Wyt I thought its a10s

    FORGOTTEN ChannelFORGOTTEN Channel2 månader sedan
  • Samsung just can’t build batteries that are safe

    MoparMopar2 månader sedan
  • The budget note 7

    Brave SekeraBrave Sekera2 månader sedan
  • Bro I have a Samsung note 5 It has water damage and sometimes it does not work properly. Can u fix it

    talent insantalent insan2 månader sedan
    • Get a new one🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ That phone is like 5 fucking years old

      SHAITSHAIT2 månader sedan
  • And my mom tells me I'm crazy when I say her phone is overheating too much

    John MuthimuJohn Muthimu2 månader sedan
  • Hugh Jeffreys: Someone destroyed this phone within an hour of use Techrax: Hey guys what's going on! Today we will be destroying this A20

    Fred ProductsFred Products2 månader sedan
  • I have a dead xperia Z1 Can it be repaired ?

    kunal goelkunal goel2 månader sedan
  • Nice click bait ez money

    Filip MatušikFilip Matušik2 månader sedan
  • Cong, this repair cost more than the phone itself

    ben salem Medben salem Med2 månader sedan
  • ... was more like, lets havest this mainboard and place it into a new phone :P

    Roland MertensRoland Mertens2 månader sedan
  • Were do you get thoses phone lots im genuinely interested!

    Edward The AussieEdward The Aussie2 månader sedan
  • Samsungs A(20, 50,51,52...) series is not even worth looking at while buying. Such a trash quality.

    Matej VelicanMatej Velican2 månader sedan
  • For sure a Drug-Dealer was shot und the phone saved his life... That happens every day... :-D

    Maxi MalMaxi Mal2 månader sedan
  • "Restore" rip it apart and stick the old motherboard in a whole new phone.

    pugboy of goldpugboy of gold2 månader sedan
  • Mid range phones are the best. I should know I have the redmi note 9s, a great phone

    Deathbatman 6615Deathbatman 66152 månader sedan
  • Well, on that 'Note'

    GlitchyPranks 28GlitchyPranks 282 månader sedan
  • i think this dude bought the phone for his gf for valentine day but I think she rejected him so he throwed the phone on her .

    Abhi BhaiAbhi Bhai2 månader sedan
  • do more videos about Samsung !!

    Sơn NguyễnSơn Nguyễn2 månader sedan
  • Plot twist : That's his phone and he broke it to make a video.

    Twisted gamingTwisted gaming2 månader sedan
    • Wooooow

      Farhan SabaFarhan Saba2 månader sedan
  • @hugh Jeffrey can you give this to me

    Joseph TbJoseph Tb2 månader sedan
  • International dialing code +61 belongs to Christmas/Cocos Islands. Very strange, indeed.

    Adam LipskyAdam Lipsky2 månader sedan
  • I am watching this in Samsung Galaxy a20s

  • Noice!

    A IXA IX2 månader sedan
  • I bet this guy has a lot of phones just in a box

    The Nice TwinsThe Nice Twins2 månader sedan
  • The phone probably got shot by a 9mm.

    Leon VainerLeon Vainer2 månader sedan
  • I’ve had my phone for 3 years and my ear piece is clean cause I use speaker

    Alfie HoyAlfie Hoy2 månader sedan
  • This must have been used for tests. Or it was used for some kind of cartel bearing in mind its price range . Crooks can use it and try to destroy it. Its not even worth 150$

    DAVICHIH KEDAVICHIH KE2 månader sedan
  • Hugh Jeffreys I'm a big fan because I'm interest in fixing electronics and programming and you were the first channel i saw in youtube so i subscribe and like

  • It seems like it was stabbed, and then went up like a roman candle.

    Kyle_mk17Kyle_mk172 månader sedan
  • Who is techrax

    The Holcomb and Backus family channelThe Holcomb and Backus family channel2 månader sedan
  • My iPad 6 and my iPhone XS laughing at Samsung

    Kitty CityKitty City2 månader sedan
  • I'm watching on an A20... LEMME HAVE AN EXCUSE TO GET A NEW PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TariqTariq2 månader sedan
  • When will he make a video on the Galaxy S8 in the lot that looks to be run over by a car?

    Kris DKris D2 månader sedan
  • This phone is from Japan???

  • Same battery Samsung want use in the next Galaxy S21 by Chinese ATL

  • Lol ,watching on one

    MyAccountNameIGuessMyAccountNameIGuess2 månader sedan
  • So here is where all those youtubers "Phone drop test" victims go

    Adrian BorinskyAdrian Borinsky2 månader sedan
  • Watching in a20😳😳

    Bihari GamerBihari Gamer2 månader sedan
  • M20 also have heating issue

    mani 03mani 032 månader sedan