Wrecked Sony Xperia X Restoration

23 nov 2019
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  • I have x performance same colour, I love it, the best phone I have..

    Nyhan jrNyhan jr28 dagar sedan
  • Me watching on my Sony Xperia X My phone: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Aarav GuptaAarav GuptaMånad sedan
  • Sony xperia the best

    gavigaviMånad sedan
  • I have a 2018 phone and this phone is like 2 times better than mine.

    DieTime FreddyDieTime FreddyMånad sedan
  • I mean the battery is not strong either although it's break off the tap wherever?

    Oun Nak 12Oun Nak 12Månad sedan
  • May my old Xperia Z1 compact was soooo awesome

    Mark MooreMark Moore2 månader sedan
  • Bro donate a phone please

    Suraj DanuSuraj Danu2 månader sedan
  • Sony and iPhone look really quality inside

    Ludi KonjLudi Konj2 månader sedan
  • Sir can you help me with my broken Sony Xperia E3??..It is my first phone.

    Md.Faruqul IslamMd.Faruqul Islam2 månader sedan
  • Watching on a brand new Xperia X... Compact)))

    syclonesyclone2 månader sedan
  • Hey hugh I just bought this

    Ryan TurnerRyan Turner3 månader sedan
  • I love Sony phones (and products in general), and I don't even know why I have always been fixated with their phones. I have never had one, but I have always wanted one despite so many people telling me they're crap. Same with their laptops.

    Blaze O'GloryBlaze O'Glory3 månader sedan
  • I'm using Sony Xperia m4 aqua dual😂

    Satyam PandeySatyam Pandey3 månader sedan
  • Wait! Sony still makes cell phones?

    Ken LeroyKen Leroy3 månader sedan
  • Omg he’s never owned a song phone. Hugh did you live in the 2000s? Not saying I have a Sony now I have an iPhone bc who doesn’t butttttttt rly thoo

    brian murphybrian murphy3 månader sedan
  • do you repair these phones for customers? if not what do you do with the repaired devices?

    Uzair AkramUzair Akram4 månader sedan
  • i use a xperia x daily for the past 2 years .great value for money back then crystal clear display ,decent camera and amazing stereo speakers.great reliability,and well built phone. although it is starting to show it's age. snapdragon 650 is little underpowered now days and after updates apps got bigger and bigger so phone occasionally runs very hot , battery life isn't great any more. definitely my next phone will be a xperia again.

    Tzimhs C'monTzimhs C'mon4 månader sedan
  • Plz repair Samsung Note 9

    LaK SLLaK SL4 månader sedan
  • Good Ol Asjpalms

    Iain AdamsIain Adams5 månader sedan
  • 👍🇵🇰👍

    All in one pkAll in one pk6 månader sedan
  • I recommend denatured alcohol for the adhesive...

    buixotebuixote7 månader sedan
  • This is the exact phone that I own and still using until now. 4 years with me

    Saathiran MarshallSaathiran Marshall8 månader sedan
    • is it still good in 2020 ?

      Burak DemirBurak Demir7 månader sedan
  • Sony is the best! they build a battle tank not just simple cheap fake phone like others!

    Pouria SalehiKatoziPouria SalehiKatozi8 månader sedan
  • Where do you usually get your phones to repair?

    Anthony MenegoniAnthony Menegoni8 månader sedan
  • Look at those thermal pipes im sure they are bigger than any other phone

    原田ゲリン原田ゲリン9 månader sedan
  • The other guy (Jerry Rig Everything) is tearing down brand new phones and this guy (Hugh) bringing old phones back to their almost new state. Opposite but both interesting. ❤🇵🇭

    Ermano VlogsErmano Vlogs9 månader sedan
  • I used to likem a lot but hated that every time it had a very small crack the touch stopped working.

    Este guey dijo....Este guey dijo....9 månader sedan
  • Looks like a knockoff iPhone.

    Carlos FinchCarlos Finch9 månader sedan
  • Hai sir, I'm from India and I like your all restoration videos. Sir I would to ask you something.can l also purchase this destroyed phone in cheap price and ordered to India

  • Man that battery looks so tasty

    Roblox pedophile • 5 years agoRoblox pedophile • 5 years ago9 månader sedan
  • I hate sony phones, I have xa2 plus and it is piece of low cost (but he costs fucking 300$) trash

    GRAYGRAY10 månader sedan
  • Have that phone before switching to the sony xz1

    Jayson AgustinJayson Agustin10 månader sedan
  • The insides of this phone looks cheap ;-;

    Lovesick GurlLovesick Gurl10 månader sedan
  • My first phone!

    ISMeJayISMeJay10 månader sedan
  • My current phone is an Xperia X that I got In THE BOX WITH ALL ACCESSORIES for only £30 as the man knew I had an iPhone 5s and was sympathetic towards me

    Mohammed KhawajaMohammed Khawaja10 månader sedan
  • Jerryrig and hughjeff collab pls lol

    Joseph RubioJoseph Rubio10 månader sedan
  • I repaired a Z2 in similar condition. They're not bad for a mid range phone and fairly easy to work on.

    Fred ScratchetFred Scratchet10 månader sedan
  • To get batteries out I use a heat plate to warm it up, and then 99% isopropyl alcohol along the edges. Comes out with no effort that way.

    Koen JohnsonKoen Johnson10 månader sedan
  • Honestly the shape of that motherboard makes me nervous. It’s so thin in the middle and looks like it could break easily.

    Karrah KlingerKarrah Klinger11 månader sedan
  • Who else watches this video just for entertainment and learn only a few basic things thinking someday it might come in handy.

    Sen NightcoresSen Nightcores11 månader sedan
  • beautiful phone

    real cartoon girlreal cartoon girl11 månader sedan
  • Those battery strips would strong in that phone

    Joshuagamer456 plazerJoshuagamer456 plazer11 månader sedan
  • whaaaa so saiisfying after i watched this video ghaddd

    Rafaa Joseph JimenezRafaa Joseph Jimenez11 månader sedan
  • Im watching on that phone 😂

    AnantaAnanta11 månader sedan
  • I am also willing to repair my cute but not so beast phones phones which I like a lot 😊 Nokia xl, Redmi nite 3 and note 5 lenovo k5 plus Moto c and one or two other

    MVPMVPÅr sedan
  • I hope you reseat that back cover, flash didn't sit in well. Great video btw, watching it on my Xperia x

    omar ascericomar ascericÅr sedan
  • I own one I'm having problems with the charging port

    FirefoxFirefoxÅr sedan
    • DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS ^ There's a 90% chance you'll break the charging port.

      Enzo PerruccioEnzo Perruccio3 månader sedan
    • if you have phone in the pocket most of the time. try cleaning the port with thin plastic or toothpick

      Oto ZozrashviliOto Zozrashvili11 månader sedan
  • Why don’t you get an anodised aluminium back with a full glass front machined for the device? Would be a good addition to your collection, don’t you think?

    Kartik IyerKartik IyerÅr sedan
  • I'm watching this with an Xperia XZ

    sanouser lolzsanouser lolzÅr sedan
  • so you buy from the ebay australia?

    tap tap boitap tap boiÅr sedan
  • Jerrybreakeverything and jefferyfixeverything

    Varad13PlaysVarad13PlaysÅr sedan
  • Please, do the S5 restoration, I need some quality info too, I need to change the display.. :(

    Mirel1337Mirel1337År sedan
    • If the display is already broken you can remove it using a old credit card or something similar, the only way to replace the screen is by taking it out. Don't try to open it for the back, when I tried to I just broke some stuff trying to open it from the back but the only way to get to the motherboard is by opening the front by taking out the screen

      Momfie The hunterMomfie The hunterÅr sedan
  • Do you face any image retention problems on this device? I'm watching on a Xperia X and the screen its horrible without an filter app

    Nath!Nath!År sedan
  • You know what? This seems like a tech channel, or some weird plastic fetish thing, or some version of loud ASMR, but what this is is a recycling channel, and a channel to make people think about what they are throwing out!

    Beau HindmanBeau HindmanÅr sedan
  • nice

    Md RajuMd RajuÅr sedan
  • I would love to get that phone for free

    Lucky FixLucky FixÅr sedan
  • where did you learned to do that

    LoSylvestre1LoSylvestre1År sedan
  • @0:36 The SD 650 was a premium midrange soc back then and the specs where upper midrange back then, too. Don't judge it by today's standards. :)

    Red PhoenixRed PhoenixÅr sedan
  • Great job! I always love your vids, every week when you post a new video I am always exited to see them!

    Lois Stafford-BurchellLois Stafford-BurchellÅr sedan
  • What do you do after you fix the phones

    eaas ahmedeaas ahmedÅr sedan
  • *scratches at level 6, with deeper grooves at level 7.*

    JeempieJeempieÅr sedan
  • 300k 🤑

    Amr AjnanAmr AjnanÅr sedan
  • First there was 2d glass 3d 5d, now there is 9 and 11d universe is trying to kill me with all the d's.

    dinozaur pickuplinedinozaur pickuplineÅr sedan
  • wow thats realy helps me..

    Doy Fix a Phone VlogsDoy Fix a Phone VlogsÅr sedan
  • Where do you buy broken phones??

    Slim ShadySlim ShadyÅr sedan
  • gets updated to android 8, too! gets much better with that update

    Nexus MNexus MÅr sedan
  • The back cover never fixed as like the original one, n the dust will be there in a few days, plus the adhesive on the front screen got tightened in winters n a slide of a drop can break the screen easily, I replaced my Sony Xperia z3 compact screen n back cover thrice, didn't work as the screen breaks in every few weeks.

    Hasan JilaniHasan JilaniÅr sedan

    Ben rockzBen rockzÅr sedan
  • Hi I'm from Indonesia and I'm currently still using the Sony Xperia X Perfomance even though it's the AU or DoCoMo version, because Sony in Indonesia has gone out of business

    J.S.V ChannelJ.S.V ChannelÅr sedan
  • Wow

    Jerome CagubcobJerome CagubcobÅr sedan
  • Sony was using heat pipes way before competition

    Ratul OfficialRatul OfficialÅr sedan
  • Do one.of a wrecked oneplus 5

    BjornBjornÅr sedan
  • Yo intro kinda creepy

    AngryBarbieAngryBarbieÅr sedan
  • I want to see Hugh work on an iPhone 11 pro

    Tayiba UTayiba UÅr sedan
  • Psivewri and JerryRigEverything sent you a friend request.

    Hayk AvetisyanHayk AvetisyanÅr sedan
  • Do you have a link for where you buy the frame and lcd?

    Bnard WolfgrammBnard WolfgrammÅr sedan
  • thumbnail looks like he is fingering her

    vain brownvain brownÅr sedan
  • Where do you buy your iPhone replacement parts?

    SookSookÅr sedan
  • only sissies breaks screens.

    MasterZeroFXMasterZeroFXÅr sedan
  • i've always liked the Sony Xperia's devices but got looped into Samsung and never tried a Sony device

    Tony's Phone CollectionTony's Phone CollectionÅr sedan
  • I really would be happy if you could do this with a Huawei Mate 20! Not Pro Model. :) It is sad, that every Phone is with a OLED Screen, that is so expensive to repair :(.

    NoNameNoNameÅr sedan
  • I Want To Repair My Phone Which Is Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Can You Help Me Out Please

    Nilesh ChandraNilesh ChandraÅr sedan
  • or as its better known as the sailfish os phone

    raffle baffleraffle baffleÅr sedan
  • You should start selling you repaired tech, you could probably make a lot of profit

    KrykxzKrykxzÅr sedan
  • I would’ve given mine to him, mine got destroyed from the front screen and you couldn’t see anything

    Mr. KräbsMr. KräbsÅr sedan
  • Hugh hi ! Do u have any trustworthy supplier for parts, i am looking for an s7 edge replacement screen but i can't tell if the part is original or not !!!

    Manos PagManos PagÅr sedan
  • How do you get these phones?

    LechugaLechugaÅr sedan
  • Can i get 1 iphone 6 pls pls

  • Give away

    Muhammed ShafiMuhammed ShafiÅr sedan
  • Thank you very very much great video

    Red MonsterRed MonsterÅr sedan
  • Good job Hugh

    AdamixAdamixÅr sedan
  • beacause i dont have a phone

  • can i get one phone?

  • hi Hugh! Where do you buy the parts for the xperia?

    osvaldo bojanovichosvaldo bojanovichÅr sedan
  • My mother managed to make a hole in the chin of her iPhone even though she has a case. Now I have her phone. You can see the backlight. She had it for under 2 years.

    Nugget YT6Nugget YT6År sedan
  • Jerry rigs everything . . . . Jeffreys *fixes everything*

    Saurav SinghSaurav SinghÅr sedan
    • Jerry rigs everything Hugh Jeffreys everything Or Jeffreys Hughs everything

      Hayk AvetisyanHayk AvetisyanÅr sedan
  • Wonder if you could do headphones? Involving audio-grade soldering and all

    CyCyÅr sedan
  • I don't even own any of these phones you repair, still interesting to watch though. Just curious if anyone can answer my query. I recently replaced the battery on my OnePlus 3T and I'm now having an issue where the phone seems to die around 10%, I try and turn the device on after it cuts out and it gives me a warning saying battery critically low and it needs charging, any reason why it would be giving me a false reading? I'd like to add that when the phone is charged, the battery performs excellently and holds charge much better than the old battery.

    Ben SchofieldBen SchofieldÅr sedan
  • I have an broken Sony xperia and xperia z3 left 😂

    GinoGamesNLGinoGamesNLÅr sedan
  • I like the apple restorations more

    Recep Tayyip ErdoğanRecep Tayyip ErdoğanÅr sedan