$50 iPad Mini 2 Restoration

21 sep 2019
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Repairing my iPad Mini 2 I purchased back in February 2019.
Twitter: twitter.com/hughjeffreys
Instagram: instagram.com/hughjeffreys
------------------------------iFixit Tools Used------------------------------
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  • Hi man, can i bypass iPad 4 iCloud activation lock?

    Sebi BogdanSebi Bogdan27 dagar sedan
  • I wanted a iPad for my b day 😢🥺

    XxSpectrumStudiosxXXxSpectrumStudiosxXMånad sedan
  • If it’s iCloud locked why don’t you just connect to a computer install 3utools and skip setup

    Gucci the CatGucci the CatMånad sedan
  • Good to see my first iPad so much nostalgia I purchased in 2015 for 500 dollors It was A great device

  • or hear me out, the guy who repaired it actually just kept the screws, theres a whole bunch of 3rd party repair shops that steal ur screws and other smallparts, so that they can use them when they are missing on other devices

    TurtleIsNotAngryTurtleIsNotAngry2 månader sedan
  • mini 2 is quite slow for iOS 10, ideally i would pick a 2nd gen iPad Pro for that... Wish it could be that easy 😒

    Nikita ZaycevNikita Zaycev2 månader sedan
  • Saw my iPad adhesive starting to wear off and then remember this video. :)

    Firegod24Firegod243 månader sedan
  • Link to heat gun and tools you use!

    samantha farmersamantha farmer3 månader sedan
  • Damn nostalgia i remember this being my first tablet!

    SuperAviation 001SuperAviation 0014 månader sedan
    • Sadly i dont have it anymore

      SuperAviation 001SuperAviation 0014 månader sedan
  • May iPad mini screen is broken but I have Digitizer replacement screen can you fixed?

    Vince ManzanoVince Manzano4 månader sedan
  • You think this is bad, my iPad mini is almost unusable.

    GachaMommaGachaMomma5 månader sedan
  • I love seeing the digitizer and lcd separated..

  • Nice video

    Rishi nishadRishi nishad6 månader sedan
  • Me watching this on my BEAT iPad 1 original 👁👄👁

    Bubble TeaBubble Tea6 månader sedan
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    Otter_aiOtter_ai7 månader sedan
  • i used to have an ipad mini 2- it was good while i still had it

    c-herrybomb-zc-herrybomb-z7 månader sedan
  • I have a old ipad mini 1 that broke the screen

    Duc Nguyen CHUDuc Nguyen CHU7 månader sedan
  • I will buy any one of your repaired ipad 7th gen i cant afford heavily taxed apple goods in india ... Please

    zappy dozappy do7 månader sedan
  • Had this iPad til my mom snapped it in half

    Tom /Fan accountTom /Fan account7 månader sedan
  • How much you spend on buying the parts

    Bilal Sajid KhanBilal Sajid Khan7 månader sedan
  • Mine is ipad mini 4 and oh yeah hughjeffreys do you know a channel called jeffrigs everything who destroys every ipad phone loptop every gadget

    Cyrus,joshua and ter AvilaCyrus,joshua and ter Avila7 månader sedan
  • 4:00 what the hell happened

    Red Sox PlaysRed Sox Plays7 månader sedan
  • i have a quesiton i am a gamer and i apply baby powder on my fingers before playing. can powder damage ipad screen?

    Nihit VermaNihit Verma7 månader sedan
  • Iam watching in my Ipad Mini 2

    Chevanco gaming and other stuff ThioChevanco gaming and other stuff Thio8 månader sedan
  • I got the iPad Mini 1 or just IPad mini in 1st grade and still have it It's crazy how fast new devices have become Somehow still haven't broke it(I feel like some old devices are stronger than the devices we have now)

    ADENBRAND - A totally real brandADENBRAND - A totally real brand8 månader sedan
    • Exactly! My iPad mini 2 has been threw hell and back and it had no cracks, it’s perfectly functional, and is barely even scratched (no screen either). My iPhone 11, on the other hand, is very cracked (the screen protecter) and cracks after like a 2 foot drop lmao.

      Epiphany SpearEpiphany Spear2 månader sedan
  • Why the iPads looks fucked up

    Drone Rc manDrone Rc man8 månader sedan
  • Beautiful bro

    Jony KpiJony Kpi8 månader sedan
  • Me buy 1

    ɴɪɴᴊᴀ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢɴɪɴᴊᴀ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ8 månader sedan
  • 4:00 It took me a longer moment to understand it.

    MichałMichał8 månader sedan
    • Its a touch digitizer.

      Hello Beautiful WorldHello Beautiful World16 dagar sedan
  • Nice video! I just bought iPad Mini 3 for dirt cheap with cracked screen and it's the same procedure replacing it as it is with Mini 2

    LitassaLitassa9 månader sedan
  • My mum still uses one of these

    Thedingusmaster420Thedingusmaster4209 månader sedan
  • Hi I just bought an iPad mini to and almost pretty much restored it, but the original owner has there Apple ID on it and there password, can I somehow remove the old Apple ID?

    Mr NickMr Nick10 månader sedan
  • Just won a 32gb iPad mini 2 in an auction for 29 bucks and supposedly only half the screen works so wish me luck!

    dog_gdog_g10 månader sedan
  • iPad Mini 2 (1 GB RAM)

    eTV NetworkeTV Network11 månader sedan
  • I hate how people doing the repairs just don't keep the screws or other small parts together. I mean come on!

    hsjasmaphsjasmap11 månader sedan
  • Had the adhesive issue with iPad 4s; 3M VHB tape works great.

    Chris LackeyChris Lackey11 månader sedan
  • *watching this with my real iPad mini 2*

    IanIan11 månader sedan
  • Me50៛

    KD7 GAMEKD7 GAME11 månader sedan
  • I had 2 of those One is silver has a broken lcd One is space gray which shows no signs of life even after being left on the charger And also I have a mini 1 dead but boots with an AirPods Charger but the very bottom part of the screen responds to touchscreen also I can still press cancel when I try to power it off

    TheMCveteranTheMCveteran11 månader sedan
  • Watching it from an iPad mini 2, the only difference it's that mine is space grey

    Daniel GonzálezDaniel González11 månader sedan
  • Can u repair my ipad plis

    M. Aditya RachmanM. Aditya Rachman11 månader sedan
  • i hate destroying devices like jerryrigeverything

    Mashiro ShiinaMashiro Shiina11 månader sedan
  • Watching an iPad mini 2 restoration on my iPad mini 2.

    oh, zoeoh, zoe11 månader sedan
  • Use a cutter for the adhesive for gods sake 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Rain BlackyRain BlackyÅr sedan
  • This was my first iPad

    TickTickÅr sedan
  • Cool

    Topdog EllieTopdog EllieÅr sedan
  • U sir have a pleasant voicemail to listen to u should pursue a carreer as narrator if this fails ✌🏻

    Eb711Eb711År sedan
  • Use liquid adhesive T7000,b7000

    Alex PopaAlex PopaÅr sedan
  • 4:01 hacks?? What did I just watch

    8Shao8ShaoÅr sedan
    • The LCD screen is not a touchscreen. The piece of glass that's over the iPad acts like a touchscreen.

      NickArchiver52NickArchiver524 månader sedan
  • Hugh, I've bought an iCloud locked iPad off ebay, seller got it in a bulk auction. How good are apple here in Aus at resetting it with no receipt? Or should I just part it out?

    AshAshÅr sedan
    • part it out only way to take icloud off is by contacting the owner

      Shaun MaddisonShaun MaddisonÅr sedan
  • Jerryrigeverything wants to know your location 😃

    vaibhav jainvaibhav jainÅr sedan
  • Can u give me a apple watch?

    John ThoratJohn ThoratÅr sedan
  • I’m watching this on a iPad mini 4

    Cringe ManCringe ManÅr sedan
  • Talks crap about the previous person who repaired that iPad. But DOESNT DISCONNECT the battery first lmao

    Chris jimenezChris jimenezÅr sedan
  • I am on the iPad mini 2

    Marutki3Marutki3År sedan
  • I still have one of these that I use everyday and it doesn't have any cracks or scratches, touch is perfect, and home button works well

    Alex MitchellAlex MitchellÅr sedan
  • Can you use an iPad without the screen only display?

    The Monthly CoolerThe Monthly CoolerÅr sedan
  • Aww where are the Ariana grande background screen images man? Don’t let these stupid haters intimidate you. Be who you are and don’t be ashamed of it! You create great content and that’s all that matters. #BringBackAriana

    Tulio BessaTulio BessaÅr sedan
  • I went Bananas for an Apple

    Ownage PrankOwnage PrankÅr sedan

    Matt AndersonMatt AndersonÅr sedan
  • I bought a second hand fu ipad mini 1 for 96 dollars and I still have it now and it works really well. I bought it last 2017 and still using now. Skl

    JangMJangMÅr sedan
  • 😀😃😄😁😅😂🤣☺️😊😇🙂🙃😉😌😙😗😘🥰😍😚😋😛😝😝😜😎🤓🧐🤨🤪🥳😕😭😕😭😕😳😳🙁

    react0r 56react0r 56År sedan
  • Oof my father never Change It Home Button After Replace Ipad 2 Screen Lololol.....

    Lucky FixLucky FixÅr sedan
  • 4:00 when I first saw this all that I thought was: ahhhhhhhh

    Lois Stafford-BurchellLois Stafford-BurchellÅr sedan
  • 2019: Restoring IPad 2040: Restoring Earth *Help Spam*

    BlackMage07BlackMage07År sedan
    • Should be changed to 2020

      MegnuS3RsMegnuS3Rs7 månader sedan
    • Jose Martinez coming from the guy with a penguin as his profile picture

      oli teslaoli tesla9 månader sedan
    • Nah

      undefined channelundefined channel11 månader sedan
  • Love ur's work

    Rahul ChauhanRahul ChauhanÅr sedan
  • My iPad is crying I’m watching this on an iPad mini 2

    tacos are goodtacos are goodÅr sedan
  • I used to have an iPad mini 2 but I left it in the car on a hot day which resulted in a bent iPad rocking on the table. It worked for about 5 months until the screen started to crack easily followed bu no response when taping the screen

    Mr clickity ClangMr clickity ClangÅr sedan
  • I have one of these guys.

  • i bet the genius bar repaired that second gen lol

    Greasy SteveGreasy SteveÅr sedan
  • I have an I pad mini 1 the screens camera is barley cracked whole top lot the white part is cracked all apart

    ひBAWNひひBAWNひÅr sedan
  • I have an ipad and does random things on its own, do you think its the digitizer that got loose? (sorry can't spell)

    jesus garciajesus garciaÅr sedan
  • Water mark from the display can be removed. You have to separate the sheets from the back and clean the LCD itself. The only parts that you have to replace is the reflective sheet that is damaged. I always keep dead LCD's just for this.

    MirceaD28MirceaD28År sedan
  • okay so i got a question for anybody that sees it i have an icloud locked iphone 7 and i don’t know how to fix it anybody know?

    Paul DavisPaul DavisÅr sedan
  • If you want sell any iPad I’m ready to buy bro

    DStarDStarÅr sedan
  • I like iPad black pro

    Pryanka MongiaPryanka MongiaÅr sedan
  • I bought 2 ipads a year ago from a pawn shop and they screwed me over. They were unlocked at the time but they restored them while they were boxing them up in the back. By the time i got home and turned them on they were icloud locked and i could not get a refund from the pawnshop for false information. I decided to keep them and ask you @Hugh_Jeffreys what i could possibly do to fix them. Could i just replace the logic boards in them with ones that are not Icloud locked?

    Julian LindsayJulian LindsayÅr sedan
  • he f*cked me with a toothbrush

    Nikusha NikabadzeNikusha NikabadzeÅr sedan
  • Can you restore my dad?

    KyousukeKyousukeÅr sedan
  • Want to buy this

    Maha GamingMaha GamingÅr sedan
  • Could you please fix iPad 1

  • Why do you still wear your series 3

    Anele MhlongoAnele MhlongoÅr sedan
  • Plais my frend Meizu M5S afficheur

    Mohamed Mohamed1975Mohamed Mohamed1975År sedan
  • Are you sell these restored phones?

    Perfect DudePerfect DudeÅr sedan
  • Biggest steal of 2019

    Jay SmithJay SmithÅr sedan
    • No it really isnt

      Micky RMicky RÅr sedan
  • I’m watching this on a iPad mini 2

    Enzo 4040Enzo 4040År sedan
  • where did you buy the digitizer replacement

    Mystic PlayzMystic PlayzÅr sedan
  • they just eol-ed my mini 2 :(

    Joe LopezJoe LopezÅr sedan
  • I'm watching on an iPad mini 2 😂😂😂

    Hermione Jean GrangerHermione Jean GrangerÅr sedan
    • I’m watching on my iPad mini 4

      badxdreambadxdreamÅr sedan
  • I think you should open a device repairing shop and make videos with those devices that people give you to repair so you make more money than usually

    zyrozyroÅr sedan
  • I’ve had iPad mini 2 since launch and still use it

    mute333tardmute333tardÅr sedan
  • Hi bro I have iPhone 6 with me I rest my iPhone but I forgot my apple ID password after rest is the problem can be solved by using itunes by installing the new software in it plzz tell bro

    mahesh nani facts in telugumahesh nani facts in teluguÅr sedan
  • Screw organization..get the fuck outta here

    Ricky BRicky BÅr sedan
  • thats legit my i pad did my mom or dad sell it to you because ive been looking for it for like 6 months

    stopitsorenstopitsorenÅr sedan
  • I used to have one of these, I threw it in the river

    • As your username apply's. I cant believe i'm about to say this.

      Matt AndersonMatt AndersonÅr sedan
  • Yo Man Wanna Fix Mine? My iPad Has Many Issues ; Cracked Screen, Stuck Power Button, The Home Button Went Deep, And The Housing Is Scratched All Over, Also The Speaker Is Dirty

    Mr MayonaiseMr MayonaiseÅr sedan
  • How to factory unlock iphone anyone can help me pls.

    Sanjeewa DissanayakeSanjeewa DissanayakeÅr sedan
  • Can you give me one iPhone?

    Nikhil SinghNikhil SinghÅr sedan
  • i have a question, since in some videos you say that you got some parts from the us, where do you get these broken iphones and ipads from? i've been looking around everywhere to buy some really damaged devices to practice repairing them without spending a whole lot of money but everything is icloud lock or in good working condition and sellers want all the money for them.

    Junior SalazarJunior SalazarÅr sedan
  • i have a iPad mini 1 but it has a very old battery and I’ve had it for 5 years

    conf1rmedconf1rmedÅr sedan