iPhone 4s Logic Board Repair & Full Restoration

3 aug 2019
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In this video I will be repairing a logic board of an iPhone 4s I received in a parts lot, as it was missing its battery connecter. I attempted to repair this iPhone many months ago but failed. Today I will be fixing my 1st attempt and fully restoring the iPhone with parts I have in my parts bin.
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    Neil MagawayNeil Magaway14 dagar sedan
  • 3:38 listen and you’ll hear it abounds like he stopped a voice over sentence

    Two Step GaviTwo Step GaviMånad sedan
  • nice job sir..we hope that we can be like you

    BLACK 46BLACK 46Månad sedan
  • 3:40 I’m now dying to see someone using their phone like this in public 😂

    Caden ChurchillCaden ChurchillMånad sedan
  • 230°C ?? Tin melts at 232 and if you using leaded solder its about 300 depending on the alloy I do this kind od work at 380°C

    JulekJulekMånad sedan
  • is it possible to build in an a 10 chip into the iphone 4 ?

    Benjamin TrefnyBenjamin TrefnyMånad sedan
  • ????

    Apple officialApple official2 månader sedan
  • My mom owned and iPhone 4S. I wish they still had the phone. :(

    SuperTylerManSuperTylerMan3 månader sedan
  • I made a time-lapse video on my channel of a logic board swap because I found an iPhone 4S in a cardboard box along with a bunch of other electronics outside my apartment complex near the garbage. It was such a weird find because everything was in great condition. It was starting to rain so I rescued them. The iPhone logic board was iCloud locked and I tried contacting the owner and got no reply. Bought a new logic board off eBay for very cheap and swapped out the logic board (which was actually really fun if you're into fixing stuff). Got it working and sold it on eBay for a very nice profit. I would have done it even if I didn't make any money!

    Podtrash RadioPodtrash Radio4 månader sedan
  • We are Hugh.

    FryingPanHeadFryingPanHead4 månader sedan
  • Wow I love your videos, can the Iphone 4 have ios 11 tho?

    rivalutionrivalution4 månader sedan
  • Hugh u are amazing.

    Phillip RhinehardtPhillip Rhinehardt7 månader sedan
  • Hart me I'm a big fan

    the eggthe egg7 månader sedan
  • I have a logic board. How do i even test to see if still alive? I dont want to spend on screen and battery to just find out the board was dead in the first place. I have a multimeter.

    Jc Lewis Barragan JCLBXJc Lewis Barragan JCLBX7 månader sedan
  • I wonder how his iphone and android collection is going

    Aiden SherwoodAiden Sherwood7 månader sedan
  • My iPhone 6 screen coming vartical lines How to fix this

    ROUNAK ChakrabortyROUNAK Chakraborty7 månader sedan
  • I got a 7.1 iPhone 4s for 5$!

    MrmcguruMrmcguru8 månader sedan
  • Are you open to accepting a challenge? I tried a screen replacement on an old 6s I bought from my friend. I’d done several screen replacements before and never had any issues. Connected the screen which worked fine. I swapped the housing. Put it all back together and upon reattaching my screen the board sizzled at the lcd connector producing a small smoke screen from the board. I’d imagine it needs an lcd or battery connector replacement (or both) and I don’t have the knowledge or money to do it myself yet. The phone appears completely dead. Any chance you could help??? I really want to give the phone back to my friend with the data on as a surprise as it’s been sat in a draw for a few years now.

    Bradley PascallBradley Pascall9 månader sedan
  • Excellent bro.........

    Kumar SagarKumar Sagar9 månader sedan
  • 🥺🥺😭😭 Edit:I wish I can restore a phone like you

    Question???Question???10 månader sedan
  • you should watch Louis Rossmann's videos when it comes to soldering. here's one specifically about soldering small contacts seworld.info/will/gKHVr67TkIicr3E/video

    JawnPolygonJawnPolygon11 månader sedan
  • that's amazing bro

    TheSugaryCandyCaneYTTheSugaryCandyCaneYT11 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh! I started watching your vids about a year and a half ago, look at some online classes on this stuff and started my own channel on this stuff. I’m working on my iPad Air 2 rn, just finished the soldering and I already posted me refurbishing an iPhone 6s screen. You have been a Hugh inspiration (see what I did there) and I am so grateful I subscribed to you. Continue the good work!! xx

    LolLolÅr sedan
  • I bought an iPhone "4s" on eBay and the seller sent me a iPhone 4 CDMA. Am I lucky? or did I get ripped off?

    Currently AJCurrently AJÅr sedan
  • Hello Hugh Jegfreys, are you interested about a lot of iPad 2 IPhone 6/7iPhone 5/5s5c iPhone 4/4s ?😁I write to you here because I don’t have instagram or another , I have WhatsApp.

    Ionut MatesescuIonut MatesescuÅr sedan
  • apply paste and place part on top of it and only after apply heat.

    Uneven TerrainUneven TerrainÅr sedan
  • Awesome restoration work done..

    Syed Joynul AbedinSyed Joynul AbedinÅr sedan
  • You can’t afford the 11 so why don’t just go for the 4

    mr. dumbdumbmr. dumbdumbÅr sedan
  • Does anyone buy a 4S in 2019 or this is an academic exercise?

    TroublemakerTroublemakerÅr sedan
  • Apple's security is amazing and annoying at the same fucking time..

    GuestGuestÅr sedan
  • Nice job

    Donnie RobertsonDonnie RobertsonÅr sedan
  • I would love a Samsung a70 it's definitely a unique phone than others

    BarsamBarsamÅr sedan
  • This dude is responsible for giving me confidence in repairing videogames I’m still learning but I’ve already fixed a NDSL, NDSi, NDSiXL, A Gameboy SP, And a N3DS and a 2DS, thanks to this dude he made me feel confident, if he could fix things well gaining skill then so can I! 👍🏼

    Mr CustomizerMr CustomizerÅr sedan
  • You should start a phone repair buisness

    CC 19CC 19År sedan
  • You, my friend, need at least 1 mil subscribers

    Garrett ReymanGarrett ReymanÅr sedan
  • It’s a zombie iPhone

    Epic Gamer69Epic Gamer69År sedan
  • Hi.... Is it necessary to change the home button along with the motherboard...

    Gurvinder Singh MannGurvinder Singh MannÅr sedan
    • @u/Cat eye 456 hi..... Can unplz answer my query... Is it necessary to change the home button also... In case i change the motherboard of iPhone 4s... Actually i have locked my phone with iCloud lock and now I hv forgot the same.. so I am having this other broken 4s and I want to use the motherboard of same

      Gurvinder Singh MannGurvinder Singh MannÅr sedan
    • Hi

      u/Cat eye 456u/Cat eye 456År sedan
  • The iPhone 4s is still one of the Most gorgeous phones ever made. A piece of Art!

    Pavel LASACPavel LASACÅr sedan
    • Yeah.

      Wolfie MarWolfie Mar8 månader sedan
  • You should have a starbucks coffee cup with ariana grande on it just for the meme.

    Conor NamelessConor NamelessÅr sedan
  • My favorite phone restoration channel :))

    Pijj CalluengPijj CalluengÅr sedan
  • Can you do a restoration on any Google Pixel phones

    LyndonLyndonÅr sedan
    • @Hugh Jeffreys I can't wait and thank you for these videos they are very informative of the internals of phones.

      LyndonLyndonÅr sedan
    • Just got a Google Pixel 3 that needs to be restored, so look out for that video soon

      Hugh JeffreysHugh JeffreysÅr sedan
  • use flux

    rustam -rustam -År sedan
  • Damn, get some flux or decent solder. You've made 3/4 of those battery connector pins are cold soldered and will lose connection after a few hits. Flux is the basic. Have fun and attempt board repairs!

    TheInfinityTheInfinityÅr sedan
    • ​@Muflah He did said that he's "new at this". Besides, this is an old video. He probably got better at it. Give him a break, every beginners make mistakes.

      hashrulsubzerohashrulsubzero4 månader sedan
    • I also noticed that. He's really bad at soldering. 😕

      MuflahMuflah5 månader sedan
    • I was saying the saying where’s the flux son

      T FrancoT Franco10 månader sedan
  • Soldering job needs more flux.

    The Annoyed Mr FloydThe Annoyed Mr FloydÅr sedan
  • You’re my 2 favourite youtuber! The nr1 youtuber is strange parts

    MarkenpMarkenpÅr sedan
  • Why did u uploaded this video twice?

    Sky Gamer15Sky Gamer15År sedan
  • Can you do a video for how to open the iphone who has icloud without pc or laptop

    Arben GjonajArben GjonajÅr sedan
  • I want a iPhone 6s.. Ha ha ha... For free...

    Pratyush kumar mohantyPratyush kumar mohantyÅr sedan
  • Hi, I purchased an iPhone 7 from eBay and it's iCloud locked. Can u help me to remove the activation lock. Can it be removed??

    Jomon VargheseJomon VargheseÅr sedan
  • how long is this process

  • Awesome!

    Joshua NicholsJoshua NicholsÅr sedan
  • The best video !

    Cole JHCole JHÅr sedan
  • This video was supposed to be made 5 years ago !!!!! But , it's a great video

    khollyo mansourkhollyo mansourÅr sedan
  • This was much more inspirational then a Louis Rossman video sorry Louis you're excellent at your job but I have a hard time following you

    dex mandex manÅr sedan
  • Hi Hugh Jeffrey’s I’m from Germany and I have a question . I have a IPhone 6s wich has a broken screen and it won’t turn on even when it’s connect it to the charger do you now what it could be ? It would be cool if you answer 🙂

    Chief BogoChief BogoÅr sedan
  • Can you repair a phone how much but take it back just repair can you do that

    gstdarrl_gstdarrl_År sedan
  • My mum had it but the battery destroyed and now it's a new piece of my phone collection 😀

    Vitto's Phone CollectionVitto's Phone CollectionÅr sedan
  • Where you found the iphone on ebay. How to unlock icloud

    LuwateLuwateÅr sedan
  • i have an iphone 4 and its icloud locked, the owner forget the password. what can i do?

    _XiREN __XiREN _År sedan
    • Use it as a fancy paperweight lol jk ur only hope would be to have the original owner give u the original receipt from purchasing the phone and take it to apple to get it unlocked. Otherwise theres nothing u can do if they dont have that receipt

      Dwane HubbardDwane HubbardÅr sedan
  • What do u do with the phones u restore afterwards?

    WhySeeWhySeeÅr sedan
  • did you get a iPhone x??

    Louise GilesLouise GilesÅr sedan
  • Hey how are you hope you're good I have a question can I remove iCloud account from my iPhone 7 I just forget my I'd and password please tell me

    Shadli ParweenShadli ParweenÅr sedan
  • Шикарно) лайк!!

    ГАРАЖ 102ГАРАЖ 102År sedan
  • use flux and good soldring wire i did it in 4s very easily

    Samit JohnsonSamit JohnsonÅr sedan
  • Where do you get your parts from. I’m thinking of repairing an iPhone X but I don’t know where to get spare parts from besides a donor phone.

    Aaron LipworthAaron LipworthÅr sedan
  • bro u forgot to protect other parts when u used the hot air i think theres some special tape that does the job out there

    Fifith snapFifith snapÅr sedan
  • How do you fix an ipad fpc touch connector with regular tools my ipad mini connector broke

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  • Is it ok to upgrade iphone 6 battery from 1810 mah to 3510mah?????

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    • @Midori ok. So is it ok to upgrade iphone6 battery from 1810mah to 2200mah or 2240mah??? Thank you for the reply midori :) i'm really desperate to upgrade the battery for a better battery life. I'm just curious for the disadvantage.

      George Girvin PazGeorge Girvin PazÅr sedan
    • George Girvin Paz no.

      MidoriMidoriÅr sedan
  • Honestly love your videos mate been watching for a while and starting to repair my mates iPhones and it’s actually soo much fun! And finally going to make a iPod collection keep up the good work hit 300,000 subs with this amassing content ❤️

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  • I need help. I’m doing an iPhone 6s lcd replacement and old screen works but new one it just continuously loop boots on Apple logo! Help!

    Jake CJake CÅr sedan
  • Ur a champion on repairing. Im from india. I want to be your student

    Aamir AnsariAamir AnsariÅr sedan
  • Where should I look to get iPhone screens? I want to get good quality but also for them to be cheap... same with batteries. Does anyone know where Hugh gets his parts?

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  • You think thats bad watch my new video i have fixed a iPhone 5s that got thrown out of a moving car on the freeway #Carpancake seworld.info/will/hY7PktfZoH2blX0/video

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  • Frankenphone

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  • I have a question! Is iphone 7 bootloop problem so common..? Becase I'm planning on getting one.

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    • yes

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  • How did you learn how to do all these things? You do it by yourself or you have some special education? Would be interesting to know it!

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  • Hey Hugh Jeffrey’s I have A Problem With The WiFi On A Phone I Repaired I Took The Phone To A Shop And They Did A Terrible job on it and it broke the WiFi and when ever I’m on the phone I have to only use data and the WiFi in settings is greyed out do you know why ?

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    Spirit PlaysSpirit PlaysÅr sedan
    • Like beggars dont belong in this channel

      BootlegScarce :0BootlegScarce :0År sedan
    • JL Studios! Stop it

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