Restoring a smashed Galaxy S8 for only $30

6 jun 2020
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Turning two broken devices into one!
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  • 2:38 effortlessly Me: that looks tough

    Citaro SRCitaro SR10 dagar sedan
  • That’s quite a _Frankenstein_ of a phone!

    MCAlexis The TCF Fan est. 2020MCAlexis The TCF Fan est. 202020 dagar sedan
  • @hugh Jeffrey bro is there any problem to change only touch glass of samsung s8 plus

    Diab AlamDiab AlamMånad sedan
  • Can’t believe they included a micro USB cable with an S8, which uses Type-C 😂

    Caden ChurchillCaden ChurchillMånad sedan
  • The tasteless headlight inadvertently stir because samurai subjectively clean down a absurd stage. nutritious, exciting exclusive step-sister

    Lil KrauseLil KrauseMånad sedan
  • iPhones: are Not easy to repair.. Samsung: hold my Special Glue

    ThinkerPrinterThinkerPrinter2 månader sedan
  • 60:00

    Rumana IslamRumana Islam2 månader sedan
    • 50:06

      Rumana IslamRumana Islam2 månader sedan
  • oh god im watching this on an s8...

    jolks jumbo jemijolks jumbo jemi2 månader sedan
  • With companies other than Apple now starting to soft link their products... this won't be possible much longer... at least if there does not come these chinese third party reprogrammers wich exists for Apple for Samsung too - but they will probably cost as much as a professional battery replacement from a Samsung center ;//

    Toasted ToasterToasted Toaster2 månader sedan
  • Restored it and sell it with a higher price 😏

    David BlazeDavid Blaze3 månader sedan
  • I want to try this, buy a broken phone and repair it

    GëretGëret3 månader sedan
  • *oof*

    firebeastfirebeast3 månader sedan
  • I have a s8 and my dumbass friend shot it with a bb gun

    lsdfatherlsdfather3 månader sedan
  • Very clear explanation and very satisfying process 😆😆

    Hanindito Haidar SatrioHanindito Haidar Satrio3 månader sedan
  • can you fix my s8 it has 130 pounds of damage on it its my mums old phone

    Sufian ChakourSufian Chakour3 månader sedan
  • Maybe you could sell the phone you fix to those who’s in need. Like me :(

    Paul AdrianePaul Adriane3 månader sedan
  • Who else us watching this in a s8?

    Cody McPhersonCody McPherson3 månader sedan
  • where do you get such great deals for those broken phones though?

    MaméMamé3 månader sedan
  • he needed to cook the phone

    Generic IdiotGeneric Idiot3 månader sedan
  • My Phone is Samsung C9 pro and it is still Android 8, i want it my android version to be latest but idk why it wont update, is it my phone is too old for it????? I need some answerss.

    Distraction OfficialsDistraction Officials4 månader sedan
  • heh? 30? what cmon why he got alot of cheap phone where did he got tho

    Kenta shimizuKenta shimizu4 månader sedan
  • Retitle this video "How to open an S8 like an absolute moron" If you are going to make these videos, do the repair right. its not hard to get the back cover off without damaging it.

    JCbuildsJCbuilds4 månader sedan
  • Who else is S8 squad?

    Tech and StuffTech and Stuff4 månader sedan
  • hi dude i request video restoration of nokia 3315 or nokia 3310 thanks before forgive me if my english very bad

    sudarno njalensudarno njalen4 månader sedan

    Jaeho SacdalanJaeho Sacdalan4 månader sedan
  • hi i have a question where can i find the body frame for a samsung note 10 lite? beause the phone im trying to fixed well its bent from being slammed to the ground very hard. So can anyone tell me where i can find a replacement that is affordable? please and thank you

    Atthapol Kevin TranAtthapol Kevin Tran4 månader sedan
  • Why would somebody send micro-USB cable with USB-C phone?! 😂😂😂😂

    Július HercJúlius Herc4 månader sedan
  • This professional level repair . Icase doesn't do this type of quality repair

    Paleo zyzzPaleo zyzz4 månader sedan
  • multiple back cameras completely destroy design

    CosmicAadvard 3530CosmicAadvard 35304 månader sedan
  • When he placed the back panel on the white rubber is that the water proof seal?

    Jordan VogesJordan Voges4 månader sedan
  • I changed my back to my S10e and S7 Edge ... and the speaker to my S9 because of you, thank you very much, you do a very good job, keep it up!

    Sebi BogdanSebi Bogdan4 månader sedan
  • Why jerry opens phones easier you should watch how he do it

    Black BeardBlack Beard4 månader sedan
  • Same here bro

    Eqzq EqzqEqzq Eqzq4 månader sedan
  • Anyone want an S8?

    Oliver ChildsOliver Childs4 månader sedan
  • I sold my fully functional without scratches for 80euros

    Uros RadomirovicUros Radomirovic4 månader sedan
  • S8 is best looking phone after S7-Edge and Note 10.

    Manoj KaleManoj Kale5 månader sedan
  • and i got my samsung s7 at starting price

    KoelzzKoelzz5 månader sedan
  • Hello bro I hope someone could answer my question : can I put a s8 motherboard on an s8 plus chasis?

    Anibal AlvaradoAnibal Alvarado5 månader sedan
  • So you repaired it using a tool you bought for $30, pkus 2 other s8s in better condition which cost how much each? The title is kinda clickbait. Im using an s20 plus now buf I would love to fix my busted so. Something about its shape and design was absolutely perfect to me, other than the fingerprint sensor location. I love this phone and my previous note 10 plus was an absolute masterpiece, there is just something about that s8 though.

    Gregory KitchensGregory Kitchens5 månader sedan
  • I love how we watch it but dont do it

    SuperAviation 001SuperAviation 0015 månader sedan
  • I'd be worried about the battery, leaving the phone on the hot plate at 120⁰.

    Restore TechniqueRestore Technique5 månader sedan
  • I want my S8+ new screen because it's damaged and also i wanted a SD board because the Exnyos sucks 🥺

    Asim khanAsim khan5 månader sedan

    CaseyPlayzCaseyPlayz5 månader sedan
  • Where are you getting these phones for so cheap!

    Defender x gamingDefender x gaming5 månader sedan
  • I would love to buy phones that cheap where do you get them

    Koopah 11Koopah 115 månader sedan

    LOL 123LOL 1235 månader sedan
  • Cant tell you how many s8 plus I have in my area that have cracked glass for only $50

    Daddy LongdongDaddy Longdong5 månader sedan
  • Me *looking at the not so mint-conditioned s8 I am watching this on* Please, sweetie, don't get that worse

    Yavor NikolovYavor Nikolov5 månader sedan
  • I got one from carboot Sunday 12th for £5 😊

    Bailey DaviesBailey Davies6 månader sedan
  • What watch Is he wearing ?

    Mason WyattMason Wyatt6 månader sedan
  • You should also upload motherboard repair videos.

    37 Subs without any Videos37 Subs without any Videos6 månader sedan
  • The best tool I've found for taking the back of the S8 is the corner of a scraper blade

    leon jamesleon james6 månader sedan
  • Can we swap phone? Heheh my asus max m1?

    Den Day ComDen Day Com6 månader sedan
  • Hi Jeffreys: I came cross this Samsung fold fix video (, and I noticed he is using a Falcon 530 liquid to remove the glue between the screen and the frame. It looks working instantly and no heat gun is needed and much much easier. Maybe you can try this method next time.

    D ListD List6 månader sedan
  • Can't get this code to work on my Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge. *#0*# Not sure what I might be doing wrong.

    Scott SmithScott Smith6 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh,awesome you ever resell some of those fixed phones,would love to purchase this s8 in particular...:)

    Immanuel OdurImmanuel Odur6 månader sedan
  • put tape on cracked glass and you'll be able to use the suction cup

    Kevin SongKevin Song6 månader sedan
  • Do you want to sell

  • Do u sell like things u fix? Bc I really want a phone

    JacobJacob6 månader sedan
  • I got one S8 with no scratches in front- or back glass for only 20euros, im using it right now.

    zessezesse7 månader sedan
  • Saw this video : Now i want a device to repair 😥

    Cole JHCole JH7 månader sedan
  • My dad forgot his s7 was on the roof of the car and the phone must've flew off on the road and it got ran over, the screen is shattered and the battery blew up

    Riggs KephartRiggs Kephart7 månader sedan
  • Help 😊Is it easy to change the display of Samsung s8 plus

    Damyan MarinovDamyan Marinov7 månader sedan
  • This man buys phones for a cheaper price *good job*

    dumidumi7 månader sedan
  • ICYMI: That Samsung DiagMenu is *#0*# just in case you missed it

    lilroxie therichwoodkidlilroxie therichwoodkid7 månader sedan
  • Hi hugh i have iphone 6 plus and it is link to other apple acc how can i remove the acctivation lock plss help me

    rommel sobornizorommel sobornizo7 månader sedan
  • Hugh Sir,

    Daniel harrisDaniel harris7 månader sedan
  • So this it

    Libya ليبياLibya ليبيا7 månader sedan
    • لقنك صرم

      نور صالحنور صالح26 dagar sedan
  • I have one with a broken LCD. I bought a replacement screen, can I send this to you?

    XeomXeom7 månader sedan
  • Hi, i sent you measage on instagram hoping to help me ressolve my issue with samsung galaxy note 10 plus

    Mark Anthony MagdasocMark Anthony Magdasoc7 månader sedan
  • hi could someone help me where can i buy a new screen for me samsung s8? * WITHOUT * the watermark (DUOS),I am from mexico.

    MagicLightMagicLight7 månader sedan
  • AND...we're done. Nice video as always.

    HeimerblasterHeimerblaster7 månader sedan
  • What you think about the iPhone SE 2020?

    cæsarcæsar7 månader sedan
  • hello there people, do any of you here remember what service Hugh used to remove carrier(sim) lock on an android/ or in which video was it. thanks :)

    engaging briefengaging brief7 månader sedan
  • Hey can you restore your 3rd galaxy Note7

    32 Bit32 Bit7 månader sedan
  • It's always nice to see a new huge referees vdeos

    Daniel LunaDaniel Luna7 månader sedan
  • I think the S8 is one of the best looking Samsung phones

    5ouIs5ouIs7 månader sedan
  • Hey, did anyone know where can i buy an iPhone for restoration?

    bemjajbemjaj7 månader sedan
  • Hi! Could you please send me the link for that heater? I cant find it and it looks good. Ty 😊

    GVlogsGVlogs7 månader sedan
  • inspiration for repairing.

    ThegsmsolutionThegsmsolution7 månader sedan
  • Phones cost too much, pfff, get 5 phones for 10 dollars and bam you have yourself a deal

    Justas černevičiūsJustas černevičiūs7 månader sedan
  • Can you upload a video about how to pass activation lock

    sam's kitchensam's kitchen7 månader sedan
  • Collide with Jerryrigeverything While jerryrig breaks all the android and ios phones on earth. You can repair that!😂

    ModGamerTvModGamerTv7 månader sedan
  • Cool, now you can get burn in after 4 weeks

    SullySadfaceSullySadface7 månader sedan
  • I wish your kind of genuine service was available in our city 😭😭 I've been using my S8+ for a year with a crack screen, I've always wanted to change it but services here are so shady, either overpricing or stealing internal parts without us knowing it 😭😭😭😭

    Aishii JailaniAishii Jailani7 månader sedan
  • I have another Samsung galaxy S8 plus that’s broken would you like to fix it for another one of your videos needs a new display and a new rear camera

    Keon BurtonKeon Burton7 månader sedan
  • Hi Hugh, I recommend replacing the main camera on the "faulty" board... It could be some kind of "aftermarket" camera and could cause some trouble...

    Steven BSteven B7 månader sedan
  • At this poing samsung phone are just toys to you, swaping parts from one another like childs play😭

    Sagun ManandharSagun Manandhar7 månader sedan
  • Pls gift me the Phone 🤗

    Serlong TeronSerlong Teron7 månader sedan
  • 20 minutes on the heatplate 80° ;D

    Alain VGAlain VG7 månader sedan
  • His voice is like ASMR

    Vibing KatVibing Kat7 månader sedan
  • ONLY $30 (very little text on the bottom) If u have tools worth around $1.000

    samik654samik6547 månader sedan
  • hi Hugh Jeffreys cold u maybe fix up my laptop its really old and it doesn't run to well?

    TXP Mini Mikl0TXP Mini Mikl07 månader sedan
  • Hi Hugh, my dad smashed his back panel on the S8+ and the battery's health was ending, so we decided that we were gonna replace both, when we finally got into the phone, we peeled the the wireless charging half way off, we needed to remove some screws, w removed all but one, because whatever we did, the screw was not moving in any direction, we used all the screwdrivers we had but it didn't budge at all Is there any way I could remove the screw

    dErpyto3z [YFGA King of Roasts]dErpyto3z [YFGA King of Roasts]7 månader sedan
  • I did not enjoy your video

    Irfan PirzadaIrfan Pirzada7 månader sedan
  • and we are done

    tojy9tojy97 månader sedan
  • Where do you find all these broken/for parts devices? In the US, Swappa used to have a "Boneyard" for damaged devices but that's long gone.

    Wil SonWil Son7 månader sedan
  • Love It❤❤❤️❤❤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    HAMZA MALIKHAMZA MALIK7 månader sedan
  • man how do u do this and how can u fix a Samsung A20 phone cause it has a broking screen :(

    jedd rosejedd rose7 månader sedan
  • Can you give us the link where you get these broken phones ?

    Mike TysonMike Tyson7 månader sedan