Repairing My Power Supply that Blew Up

24 aug 2019
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My bench power supply blew up with a loud "POP". Its time to try and fix it.
This power supply came from my first desktop pc which I purchased from my primary school as a child, before I later converted it into a bench power supply for powering and testing electronics. So it has had over 16 years of use, so lets try and make it last another 16...
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  • 1:18 "One is bulging and the other one has completely blown its top off" this describes my drive on the motor way; bulging is to a morons ego and then me blowing my lid off

    Robert FRobert F21 dag sedan
  • Wait, you're using cinch plugs with standard banana plug cables? Man, why did I never try this before...

    Jan De KockJan De KockMånad sedan
  • One of the PSU chips exploded while trying to troubleshoot why the scrapped office computer I got wouldn't turn on.

    Rinaldo AcardiRinaldo Acardi2 månader sedan
  • Yea so I decided to switch a little button from 230 to 115 and that’s how I ended up here

    i_am_charlie_lets_talki_am_charlie_lets_talk2 månader sedan
    • @Randomly anything idk just changed the switch from 230 to 115, plugged it it and it blew up

      i_am_charlie_lets_talki_am_charlie_lets_talk2 månader sedan
    • Didn't get it, why wouldn't it work for 110V?

      Randomly anythingRandomly anything2 månader sedan
  • This looks like a yumcha power supply, tbh it belongs in the bin.

    Mjollnir1983Mjollnir19833 månader sedan
  • What's strange that he made this power supply when he was 12, and I'm now making an adjustable power supply with current limiting function. Also I have maximum experience with electronics, and I already repaired 5 electronic devices. And I'm 13! Soon I'll try to fix my old Dell flat screen display, it has a weird reddish tinge, and it shuts down after ~ 2 minutes.

    Cyan Is SusCyan Is Sus8 månader sedan
  • Fan is not working

    vijendra shirodkarvijendra shirodkar10 månader sedan
  • so you basically didnt change anything else? the cables and everything is the same? if so then the blowing wont effect any other parts of the pc hopefully, also the close ones.

    Oh Yeah YeahOh Yeah Yeah10 månader sedan
  • Just buy a new one my guy

    CognizantTesterCognizantTester10 månader sedan
    • I have been reparing ATX PSUs as part time job for two years now, and this is a sizeable pile of potential ewaste. Also people will get better units in comparison of the fake garbage that they are selling today. A Delta, AcBell, Astek, Bestek, Liteon PSU is a testament of quality and with little money no other power supply will be needed. The new ones are far more complicated, more prone to failures, more expensive to repair, and will meet the landfill sooner. all the 80plus "certified" PSUs when not properly imlemented. HP PSU from 5 years ago, is High efficiency, Infineon Mosfets. Equivalent power Thermaltake ... "Magnachip" mosfets. I would recap the HP one no doubt. Lass landfill and more quality

      38911bytefree38911bytefreeMånad sedan
  • I died after watching this video..

    Dolly RDolly RÅr sedan
  • Fan is not spinning fake 6:00

    ss bss bÅr sedan
  • Hhm i didn't know it was so easy to do...

    Daniel NöchelDaniel NöchelÅr sedan
  • the way it looks i think i know whats your problem

    scarabscarabÅr sedan
  • U can short the caps with a big resistor.

    Gunnar SandströmGunnar SandströmÅr sedan
  • Nice video but a few flaws. Mainly that no. You dont have to wait a week or more for the caps to discharge. A few houers will work as the esr of the cap will discharge it. Most power supplys also have discharge resistors in them to drain the caps. While yes they can hold a charge. No in most cases they will not hold a charge for motable weeks. 2 you forgot to put the plastic seperator back in. Its there to keep the bord from shorting to the case.

    CeilingFan MusicCeilingFan MusicÅr sedan
  • I tried the same.. but didn't work. there's apparently a hymn noise coming from the board... the 5v output from the purple wire is the only working section from mine..12v, section has no output

  • It ain't the sharpest PSU in the shed

    LuminumLXLuminumLXÅr sedan
  • Man that’s insanely old

    SimplyStimulatingSimplyStimulatingÅr sedan
  • I sure wish you had a 2010 IMAC that wouldn't turn on so I maybe could repair mine . I miss my MAC 😕

    gwenscoggins1gwenscoggins1År sedan
  • I have a 500w watts psu and I'm happy mine isnt as ugly

    NoMxrcyNoMxrcyÅr sedan
  • and easy way to discharge the PSU (if it is connected to a pc) is to push the power button and the pc will try to turn on discharging the psu entirely :)

    Brian BaloaBrian BaloaÅr sedan
  • can i fix a power supply with 2 blown mosfet? (high voltage side) or is there something else that got damaged ass well because the mosfets blew up. its a 1200w so don't want to throw it away. it failed because of a dead fan.

    Pierre LourensPierre LourensÅr sedan
  • Few days ago mu psu also blew up but it was big caps on the input side two 200v caps blew up from High voltage

    GoobisoftGoobisoftÅr sedan
  • I have replaced the faulty capacitors. Now SMPS turns on but low power on 12v rails. 5v Rail have good power. Also, it is making humming noise but can't figure out exactly from which part.

    Swapnil JoshiSwapnil JoshiÅr sedan
  • I liked you Samsung s8 repair vid

    AlexanderYTPRO MaldonadoAlexanderYTPRO MaldonadoÅr sedan
  • Hi Hugh i have a shatters iPhone four one day can you fix it

    AlexanderYTPRO MaldonadoAlexanderYTPRO MaldonadoÅr sedan
  • Your voice looks similar to Jerry Scratches @ lvl6 and deeper grooves @7

    AnshumanAnshumanÅr sedan
  • I don't even think this is close to worth it for like 50$ u can get a 500w evga premium psu

    AliAliÅr sedan
    • ​@Zombiefruit if u r worried about that there is recycling centers everywhere around u .. also buying stuff from china and shipping it half way around the planet isnt that environmentally friendly either

      AliAli4 månader sedan
    • Clearly didn't watch the video. He talks about the environmental impact too. Repairing something means not creating more waste

      ZombiefruitZombiefruit4 månader sedan
    • Ali0The0King This isn’t a video for “everyone” - by that I mean not everyone will have the practice to do this repair safely.

      dBdBÅr sedan
    • @GeoKeo96 most people wont have anything to salvage from .. And the power supply in this video sucks .. so a new one that is 50 or less is probably the better option

      AliAliÅr sedan
    • @Ali he salvaged the parts

      GeoKeo96GeoKeo96År sedan
  • Would you take on a repair job on commission? iphone 6+, no local company could repair it.

    conner12893conner12893År sedan
  • Funny story, so everyone always jokes that I break everything. Well one day, I was going to turn on my brother's PC (he asked me to) and then I walked away. I was talking to my dad (he was also in the room) when suddenly, we here a loud balloon POP. I noticed my brother's PC was off. I tried to turn it back on, but to no avail. My dad (he works well with hardware) took it off of the desk and put it on his working desk, he did a test on his power supply, and it didn't work. He then told me the capacitor failed and that he had to replace the power supply. Thankfully he had a spare.

    Theon TutorialsTheon TutorialsÅr sedan
  • Hey Hugh can you provide the (buying)links of the parts that you used in video along with the tools.....

    Himanshu ChoudharyHimanshu ChoudharyÅr sedan
  • Hey! Can you help me with a battery and the digitiser replacement of My OnePlus X campaign edition phone. Please!

    Rakesh KumarRakesh KumarÅr sedan
  • I would like to know how many phones you have laying around waiting to be repaired

    HeliosHeliosÅr sedan
  • why does this power supply have 2 ports one for input power but for what is the other port how is it called and what goes that port do?

    Gaming TimeGaming TimeÅr sedan
    • doogulass thats realy cool

      Gaming TimeGaming TimeÅr sedan
    • Back in the day, the other port was used for powering your monitor. Saved an outlet. In some cases I think it would actually cut the power to the monitor when the computer was off. Not sure about the specifics of this particular power supply.

      doogulassdoogulassÅr sedan
  • Have a question for the phone repair master. What battery brand should I buy for my galaxy S7 that I am repairing?

    Andre MoralesAndre MoralesÅr sedan
  • Of course youtube recommends this to me lol. Sorta suspicious after only 2 days after my own psu exploded.

    Echo2124Echo2124År sedan
  • That power supply is FULL of junk brand, low quality capacitors. You used equally shitty quality replacements. Don't be surprised when it blows again!

    7367Network7367NetworkÅr sedan
  • Could you do a how 2 vid. In repairing phones!

    ViwaViwaÅr sedan
  • Could you fix an iPhone SE that was dropped in the toilet if I send it to you?

    Tahmid MatinTahmid MatinÅr sedan
  • Hey I have a question, I hope you see this. My iPhone 6 had water damage, I dried it off good, I put it in rice, the only thing that went wrong is that I didn’t turn off the phone. Now my phone turns on and off all the time every 3 minutes. I gave my phone to an repair shop and they changed batteries, found errors (kortsluiting in Dutch) and is now replacing E-chips and says it’s still not working. What can be done so it works? Or what’s the big problem?

    PrinceloveryPrinceloveryÅr sedan
  • Sir, Can you help me with my forgot icloud iphones that I brought?. How I can fix this?. Help sir please.

    Vincent Hanz LuceroVincent Hanz LuceroÅr sedan
    • Same

      TTV FrøstyzzzTTV FrøstyzzzÅr sedan
  • How to clean it: spry it with bean green totally cover the whole thing, let sit for 15 to 20 minutes rinse in bath tub with warm water and dry under fan for a few hours. DONE, it will look like new. I have done this about 20 times with power supplies and it has worked 100% of the time. It also works with mother boards.

    HeimerblasterHeimerblasterÅr sedan
  • I have a iphone 6 that looks great but mysteriously wont turn on. I brought it to several repair places and none of them know what is wronv with it. It could be an easy fix but if not im sure you could fix it.

    RuinationRuinationÅr sedan
    • Small electronics are much harder to work on because the size and the fact that many components are rolled into one SMD package with virtually no info for them online. This makes repairing them impossible and replacing them very difficult.

      Joseph SvenssonJoseph SvenssonÅr sedan
  • Repair an iphone x

    Abdul MominAbdul MominÅr sedan
  • You made a Video About something that blew up, in the Background a Note 7

    Ferdinand von RabesbergFerdinand von RabesbergÅr sedan
  • Love your vids, i would love to start doing repairs my self, i recently broke my right wrist, however i was still able to fix my wife's galaxy s7 and my sons old s4. both had broken screens and the batteries were dead(water damage). i dont have tools like u do, but a hair dryer and a cheap precision screw driver set works. i will always support the right to repair.

    TheGamingTruckerTheGamingTruckerÅr sedan
    • nice

      The Real BleachThe Real BleachÅr sedan
  • Some random person: "Hey Hugh, how much pics of Ariana Grande do you have ?" Hugh: "Yes".

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  • I meant text not tea

    Itz_WolfItz_WolfÅr sedan
  • Can you fix my iPhone? Just tell me the price

    Youngboy DorianYoungboy DorianÅr sedan
  • What would this power supply be used for ? Just wondering as I'm retarded.

    Muhammad ArfanMuhammad ArfanÅr sedan
  • I subscribed to your channel and now I can’t wait for your next video

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  • Your videos are very informative. I have a suggestion, why don't you open your online store where you sell those repair smartphones.

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  • I've got a recked iPhone X I think it will make for a good video and if you could repair it I would pay for it

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  • "welcome back to a hugh jeffreys video" SO close, I'm still waiting but you're doing so much right "Welcome back" to something, if someone was watching your channel already you'd just be welcoming them TO another video, not BACK to a video love your work sorry for always commenting my fanatical semantics

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  • 6:41 oh crap a bomb in the background

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  • wow❤️ i love all of your video💪🏻

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  • Awesome

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  • What A shocker. At least it could be dangerous for me... 😕

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  • Ples Do more Android

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  • This was a dumb video

    nyc raanyc raaÅr sedan
  • This psu, like said many times, ain't worth repairing and if you repair it then at least use good caps when doing so. Do it properly once or inproperly multiple times.

    OniJonOniJonÅr sedan
  • Am i able to send u a destoryed Iphone SE so u can fix it up? i would love to see that video

    Caleb VanderPloegCaleb VanderPloegÅr sedan
  • Power supply usually have bleeder resistors to discharge the capacitors but that’s not always the case

    0.2uikorraM0.2uikorraMÅr sedan
  • I’ve never seen the inside of one of these before, really cool

    WeatherRadiosAndSirens01WeatherRadiosAndSirens01År sedan
  • These videos are boring make iphone videos

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  • Interesting

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  • where's the protective screen?

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  • I bet you wont give me a iphone 6

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  • 1st clean with air blower.

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  • Oh no hugh jeffrey why do you have a note s7 box thier on ur video

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  • hello, i have a question, where do you buy your replacement screens ?

    André MonteiroAndré MonteiroÅr sedan
    • @Tom Pittaway thank you :)

      André MonteiroAndré MonteiroÅr sedan
    • André Monteiro he buys them from a supplier in Sydney called crazy parts which also post if you don’t live in Sydney

      Tom PittawayTom PittawayÅr sedan
  • Feels refreshing!

    MarionnetteMarionnetteÅr sedan
  • Truly a legend. U repaired a computer parts and not just a phone or modded iphones. The best keep it up bro. Thumbs up to this guy still a legend. 👍💪

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  • Are you working on a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    chevy 19chevy 19År sedan
  • Those capacitors will usually discharge in a few minutes. If you leave the PSU for half an hour it should be ok, you don't have to wait a week. Also, don't short them with a screwdriver, use a power resistor.

    Bogdan SerbanBogdan SerbanÅr sedan
    • Is there any harm in shorting em once or twice, because to be honest: ''ain't nobody got time for that''. I always used a screwdriver, I saw it spark, job done. No hassle carrying resistors around...

      Snowdog_PKsSnowdog_PKsÅr sedan
  • Might as well buy a new PSU tbh

    Jason ChanJason ChanÅr sedan
    • But if he did that you wouldn't have a video to watch and comment on

      Martin SkogsbergMartin SkogsbergÅr sedan
  • PSA. Do not attempt this if you don’t know what you’re doing. You could be injured or killed.

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  • How do you still have galaxy note 7?

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  • Hi hugh, i know its nothing to do with the video but i have an iphone 7 with a broken home button it says press home to uprgrade i dont know what to do has anybody got tips?

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    • Max Hicks Download 3uTools and install it. Plug your iPhone 7 into the computer and run the program. Once it’s on the main menu, find the skip activation button and you’ll be all good.

      DawnVengeanceXDawnVengeanceXÅr sedan
    • @Max Hicks use 3utools

      Yew ThongYew ThongÅr sedan
    • @DawnVengeanceX how do i do this

      Max HicksMax HicksÅr sedan
    • 3uTools to skip activation process.

      DawnVengeanceXDawnVengeanceXÅr sedan
  • There any chance we will get a salvage guide in the future?

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  • PSUs discharge in seconds....

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  • Hugh Jeffreys in 2025 - $27 eBay iColud Locked iPhone 11 Unlocking And Restoration

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  • Another amazing,interesting video

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    • @ImEthan how much I need for car battery ?

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    • @Default but I guess because it's a 12v, I think you cannot charge a car with it

      ImEthanImEthanÅr sedan
    • @Default welp now I can't help you i know nothing about laptops, but I know a lot about desktop pc's, but I'm sure someone can help you but you can also search it online

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    • @ImEthan 12v 7-8amp

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    • There are a lot of laptop adapters, be specific

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  • You shouldn't repair power supplys. This one isn't the best one since it's on the black list

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