Filthy, Dirty MacBook Restoration & Cleaning

9 maj 2020
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Its time I take this gross MacBook and give it a complete cleaning, maintenance and upgrades.
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  • Go Sydney swans yeas

    Lightningfun 64Lightningfun 642 dagar sedan
  • My computer is still on Mac OS X Yosemite

    Kyle KKyle K4 dagar sedan
  • wait tooth paste this isnt 5 minute crafts its it OH NOOO

    Not xd ToastNot xd Toast5 dagar sedan
  • This will work for a long long time. Let us meet in 2030 and start the process again. It is Apple.

    S VS V6 dagar sedan
  • "Not only has the toothpaste cleaned the base, but it also left the laptop with a minty fresh smell." Improvise, adapt, overcome

    Wishful ThinkerWishful Thinker10 dagar sedan
  • best video ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anthony Arap AssadAnthony Arap Assad13 dagar sedan
  • *Hi*

    Soumik agarwallaSoumik agarwalla14 dagar sedan
  • Lol funny story when I was like 6 or 7 we had an old MacBook I used it a ton for SEworld I also happened to love magnets at the time and I had a huge refrigerator magnet and well long story short MacBooks are magnetic but at a cost lmfao

    Mr.FloopykinsMr.Floopykins14 dagar sedan
  • okay so I recently got one of these (a black polycarbonate MacBook) with no operating system installed due to the previous owner resetting it completely before giving it to me. it does turn on, but all it shows is a flickering apple logo, prohibitory sign and folder with a question mark (they all stay on screen for a split second each, flickering in no particular order). I don't have a copy of the required Mac OS X version and I don't know where to get one. what can I do👁👄👁

    Rub3nRub3n17 dagar sedan
  • Magic erasers work great for the bottom of these laptops

    1C3 P1CK1C3 P1CK18 dagar sedan
  • I will have to do this, my macbook looks something like this

    SulphurS16SulphurS1618 dagar sedan
  • how can you let anything rot like this

    mcericxmcericx19 dagar sedan
  • Thank you. This video was REALLLYYYY SATISFYING😍😍😍👍🏻

    Kasra AkbariKasra Akbari20 dagar sedan
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    LOUIZ AbdellatifLOUIZ Abdellatif20 dagar sedan
  • Great, now i want to buy white 2010 macbook.

    원동진원동진22 dagar sedan
  • I have a late 2013 macbook pro 13 inch and I've had for about 6 months. I have no tools to do a cleaning job on the inside. But I do keep the body very clean. I have a couple stickers on it but I find it's runs great for what I need and boots up fast. Love ur videos.

    Amber SchmidtAmber Schmidt23 dagar sedan
  • This. Is. Satisfying. I am satisfied.

    Anna Bearnana シAnna Bearnana シ27 dagar sedan
  • Try using the old hard drive as a test, for HDD Macs

    Isau FelipeIsau Felipe29 dagar sedan
  • Which specific battery is used here? I can't seem to find one for this Mac on the website...

    Daniel VidalDaniel VidalMånad sedan
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  • The bottom: 🤢😷🤒🤕🤮 The top: 😎🤩😍🔥🎆✨

    VolometteVolometteMånad sedan
  • Hey I didn’t understand, did you use cleaning alcohol to clean the Magsafe port? Is it safe to proceed like that?

    Jean JvcJean JvcMånad sedan
  • I love removing dry thermal paste. It's really satisfying.

    Jonathan Correa PaivaJonathan Correa PaivaMånad sedan
  • First of all Who plays games on a Mac ://

    JoJo’s AestheticsJoJo’s AestheticsMånad sedan
  • How do I send you MacBooks

    The Real MartinezThe Real MartinezMånad sedan
  • Can you experiment to install windows 10 in macbook pro? Just curious what happened

    Anthony RubioAnthony RubioMånad sedan
  • The 35 yr old man watching this rn who used to own this is probably offended lol 😂

    joseph smithjoseph smithMånad sedan
  • As always, quality videos right here!

    Make Money NowMake Money NowMånad sedan
  • thank you so much for this satisfying video.

    Novella MooresNovella MooresMånad sedan
  • Its great how you put the effort into these restorations, instead of just replacing the case like most people do. Great work!

    Ian McNairIan McNairMånad sedan
  • Your videos are my new asmr videos lmao

    Bully HomesteadBully HomesteadMånad sedan
  • Would like to see how such a old MacBook performs in basic tasks. :)

    Irgendein MarcIrgendein MarcMånad sedan
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    Poornima NayakPoornima Nayak2 månader sedan
  • I have the same one but less dirty and the keyboard is broken

    iceyicey2 månader sedan
  • I love watching your videos. So satisfying and relaxing. This one in particular was a real treat!

    Ben AdamsonBen Adamson2 månader sedan
  • Ugh Clean mine

    Isaac PagatIsaac Pagat2 månader sedan
  • perfect job, bro

    rodnulkinrodnulkin2 månader sedan
  • Love these videos nice work

    King DarimKing Darim2 månader sedan
  • cooler

    bee see angbee see ang2 månader sedan
  • *“The first thing we’re gonna do is disconnect the battery” -MacBook pro part upgrade tutorials*

    KiingKiing2 månader sedan
  • Ah, my weekly distraction from depression.

    Shira CremeansShira Cremeans2 månader sedan
  • Nice video

    Jakub StarýJakub Starý2 månader sedan
  • Very nice work

    Jakub StarýJakub Starý2 månader sedan
  • you always clean my evil mind too

    Jaden LJaden L2 månader sedan
  • You bought this on 70$ parts lot am I right hugh???

    Umair UmairUmair Umair2 månader sedan
  • My friend has a 2019 macbook pro and im with these exact computer and he is telling me he wants to buy a new computer. Like be appreciated my computer can go higher then high sierra

    deaven gamercms23deaven gamercms232 månader sedan
  • Watching this makes me want to dig my old MacBook out of my closet... But I know I wouldn’t know what to do once I got it open 🙃

    fizzys26fizzys262 månader sedan
  • "You can tell it's been used by a child due to the numerous stickers on the laptop" - me nodding, knowing full well both my work and home laptops are full with stickers in my mid 20s

    C NC N2 månader sedan
  • "Not only has the toothpaste cleaned the base, but it also left the laptop with a minty fresh smell." Priorities, people, priorities.

    ted paulted paul2 månader sedan
  • I’ve been watching these videos on 2x Speed, An almost 14 minute video viewed in half the time

    Frank The TankFrank The Tank2 månader sedan
  • Every SEworldr has a different smell! Psivewri: Eucalyptus Louis Rossmann: Alcohol Hugh Jeffreys: Mint

    Tena KeenTena Keen2 månader sedan
  • What do you do with all the stuff you repair?

    bigsmoke27bigsmoke272 månader sedan
  • Where can i buy a pretty looking macbook that is plastic?

    LagichYTシLagichYTシ2 månader sedan
  • Damn I just realized I haven’t subed yet !

    Tsr GamerTsr Gamer2 månader sedan
  • Goo-gone would do a great job at removing sticker residue. Then clean it with alcohol and paper towel.

    PikabooxxdPikabooxxd2 månader sedan
  • Mine looked just liked that

    Gta online modzGta online modz2 månader sedan
  • 👌

    Sami AlouiSami Aloui2 månader sedan
  • I had MacBook like that, but it stopped working one day :(

    Mati EP09Mati EP092 månader sedan
    • But as i remember it had macOS yousemite?

      Mati EP09Mati EP092 månader sedan
  • I wish i had this macbook :0

    Mati EP09Mati EP092 månader sedan
  • restoring old and making it brand new wow!

    A LA L3 månader sedan
  • I’m still shocked on that last part

    CrepspinbossCrepspinboss3 månader sedan
  • Sometimes watching these videos I think who let these people have macbooks

    I dare you to pronounce HsudjeijebeirnnehhehshsI dare you to pronounce Hsudjeijebeirnnehhehshs3 månader sedan
  • Satisfied with the cleaning process.. 👍🏼

    Nuraini JasniNuraini Jasni3 månader sedan
  • :( sad mac is not making white macbooks

    John OsamJohn Osam3 månader sedan
  • 2 power batteries are actually quite good replacement batteries for Mac

    ImNorfImNorf3 månader sedan
  • This video gives me anxiety and now I clean my laptop everyday with wet wipes when it is completely clean. Thanks Hugh!

    Nishanth DommetyNishanth Dommety3 månader sedan
  • you have old man hands lol

    Steven CappSteven Capp3 månader sedan
  • 11:09 if this was a DankPods video, he probably would have left it like that

    Morgan WraggMorgan Wragg3 månader sedan
  • Aluminum gives me goosebumps I don't like it

    David GuzmanDavid Guzman3 månader sedan
  • I am confused. Did you just remove a 256GB hard drive and replace it with a 240 GB hard drive and call it an upgrade?

    BiggestAGFanEVERBiggestAGFanEVER3 månader sedan
    • No 250gb Hard drive to 240gb SSD so its faster

      WashingKidWashingKid3 månader sedan
    • That hhd is abused and ssd got fast bootups and data transfer

      Brent Nash BuanBrent Nash Buan3 månader sedan
  • Hi Mr. Jeffreys. I have a 2008 Macbook that still works with all original parts including its original battery and charger. The only thing that does not work is the trackpad so you'll need a mouse. It looks very decent except for the bottom: there's a dent and some misalignment and some missing rubber pads. Any suggestions what I should do with it? Thanks!

    Martin QuesadaMartin Quesada3 månader sedan
  • my main macbook (actually 2009) works fine with 8gb memory and 256ssd

    왁스왁스3 månader sedan
  • Do you sell the repaired devices or what do you do with them?

    TecSanentoTecSanento3 månader sedan
  • How has he installed macOS High Sierra which is from like 2017 on a 10 year old MacBook

    Ethan BoydEthan Boyd3 månader sedan
    • Its compatible, Apple made it that you can install macOS High Sierra on these, believe it or not, these can run macOS Mojave, if you use a special patcher to install it

      WashingKidWashingKid3 månader sedan
  • I love your videos but I wish you would show before and after performance tests but other than that keep it up!!

    Noah SteeleNoah Steele3 månader sedan
  • Toothpaste is good to clean silver jewels too.

    smsuikupsmsuikup3 månader sedan
  • And when you think that computer is assembled by chinese childrens...

    smsuikupsmsuikup3 månader sedan
  • Can i buy it

    DJ ABHIJEETDJ ABHIJEET3 månader sedan
  • Which macbook gen is this?

    Brent BuanBrent Buan3 månader sedan
    • @Kwam Anime edits And animal videos 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 is A1181, This is an A1342, 2009 and 2010

      WashingKidWashingKid3 månader sedan
    • @Kwam Anime edits And animal videos No 2009 - 2010

      WashingKidWashingKid3 månader sedan
    • 2007

      Kwam Anime edits And animal videosKwam Anime edits And animal videos3 månader sedan
  • Loved it

    Syed Ahmed RezaSyed Ahmed Reza3 månader sedan
  • I actually bought a MacBook just like that off EBay for 50 bucks. The insurance company that it came from was getting new ones. They had put in a SSD drive and eight gigs of memory before they decided to get new ones. Everything works like brand new. First MacBook I’ve ever owned. Plus I saved from the trash heap.

  • How did you install a fresh copy of macos high sierra?

    Jebunnaher JebaJebunnaher Jeba4 månader sedan
  • lol who buys a apple laptop to hide its logo😂

    Shrinivas MoreShrinivas More4 månader sedan
  • me still using macos sierra on my main mid 2012 macbook pro, him Lets run High Sierra with 4gb ram, btw i have 8gb

    Flex4249Flex42494 månader sedan
  • I have problem with my iPhone 5s it only came outonce unable to activate touch id on this iphone and when it enters the touch id settings it just failed

    Luka ĆetkovićLuka Ćetković4 månader sedan
  • *_f i l t h y_*

    briella jeonbriella jeon4 månader sedan
  • Great tutorial 👌. I have a MacBook pro late 2008, not working, it just died and I don't know what to do with it. Battery is good but dies after 1 minute when you press the power button, It can't launch the program... But my cuastion is, is it possible to upgrade from i3 to i9 processor and monster cpu?

    José CamposJosé Campos4 månader sedan
  • SO COOOOOL!!!!

    Pony LinPony Lin4 månader sedan
  • If DankPods had done this, he would have left the other half of the bottom cover as is.

    Morgan WraggMorgan Wragg4 månader sedan
  • What is the brown product to remove the scratchs ?

    Cyril PCyril P4 månader sedan
  • What are the names of these products that you used to clean?

    Peterson GuerraPeterson Guerra4 månader sedan
  • 0:37 I watched this video after biting my laptop screen

    Shafeena SaidShafeena Said4 månader sedan
  • the kid saw this vid that his old laptop restoration the kid: WOAH THATS AMAZING

    Sean Cedric FloresSean Cedric Flores4 månader sedan
  • Can't believe someone had got his laptop so dirty. How is that possible? That's really disgusting

    Vladimir IvanchenkoVladimir Ivanchenko4 månader sedan
  • I'm 14 and just bought one of these for high school, I am looking forward to it arriving

    Tristan MasonTristan Mason4 månader sedan
    • @Kwam Anime edits And animal videos Trade Me, it's only in NZ

      Tristan MasonTristan Mason3 månader sedan
    • From where did you get it

      Kwam Anime edits And animal videosKwam Anime edits And animal videos3 månader sedan
  • Man, I clean my laptop after every use, and deep clean it about the end of every month. How can some people use a laptop that could be so filthy? Its sickening and just plain unsanitary.

    Amelia R. WilderAmelia R. Wilder4 månader sedan
  • Aww, this, the ipod nano 2005 and the imac G4 and G5 were my favourite designs. I loved the clean white.

    chaechae4 månader sedan
  • I'm new subscriber because of u i started l started liking apple

    Ahmad HarfoushAhmad Harfoush4 månader sedan
  • Well saved!

  • Dream: a macbook

    Dhamsas SssDhamsas Sss5 månader sedan