Can I make the 2010 Mac Pro as fast as the new one?! - 2TB NVMe Upgrade

11 jan 2020
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The decade old 5,1 Mac Pro's are still high performers when it comes to CPU and memory performance but the biggest bottle neck being the SATA 2 interface which offers painfully slow speeds compared to modern computers. In this video I am going to be taking this Mac to the max.
Just how fast can the storage in this old Mac Pro go? and can it exceed Apples new Late 2019 Mac Pro?
NVMe PCI Card used in the video:
List of drives and PCI cards for Mac Pro:
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  • you should install os on the new high speed drive tbh

    AmXAmX8 dagar sedan
  • I found an Asus pcie card that works great, I only have 1tb rn but have room for another tb to add

    Blake TyrerBlake Tyrer10 dagar sedan
    • Granted I'm on windows.

      Blake TyrerBlake Tyrer10 dagar sedan
  • Hey. Great question. My Mac Pro 5,1 is dood for music production. As it relates to your question even if it’s can run your software, as some point the software or even peripheral driver compatibility could stop your workflow. I just tried to install the Final Cut Pro demo. And it said no lol get compatible with Mojave.

    Ben CorrellBen Correll15 dagar sedan
  • What graphics card are you running? Looks like the Nvidia 980 range graphics card? Is it metal-supported? I have a GeForce GTX 980 ti but seems I can't run Catalina, I couldn't find any drivers for it...any recommendations?

    Nathanael GrahamNathanael Graham20 dagar sedan
  • 900 dollaridoos...!?

    Danielle MorénDanielle Morén20 dagar sedan
  • I have a Thunderbolt Display hooked up to my 2017 MacBook Pro, but I think I might go down this route and buy a older Mac and upgrade the parts.

    Enrique AlvarezEnrique Alvarez24 dagar sedan
  • What CPU's and Ram does your Pro have? The configuration on the Pro has a major effect here so it would be nice if you provided all the specs for it. Thanks

    Mike BrelerMike Breler27 dagar sedan
  • what gtx is that at 3:00

    go2hell746go2hell74628 dagar sedan
  • If you threw them both off a cliff then probably.

    Bertram LeFargeBertram LeFargeMånad sedan
  • Would you get more speed if you used a single slot GPU and put the NVME's in one of the 2 lower slots?

    Atomic Batteries To PowerAtomic Batteries To PowerMånad sedan
  • Impressive.

    Ornithorhynchus ExtraordinaireOrnithorhynchus ExtraordinaireMånad sedan
  • I think this graphics cards vent looks very clogged. It is of course bad design by motherboard manufacturer.

    Jack FisherJack FisherMånad sedan
  • Willing to buy one.

    CHOL NACHOL NAMånad sedan
  • Shouldn't you be running the OS on one of the NVMe drives?

    Wayne HannerWayne HannerMånad sedan
  • Add rtx 3080 in it

    Taggart GamingTaggart GamingMånad sedan
  • Hi, I have a 5.1 cMP, 2x3.5 Ghz 12-core, 128 GB RAM, AMD Radeon VII on PCIe slot #1. Above the GPU card, in PCIe slot #2 I have a Syba I/O CREST SI-PEX40129 card with two NVMe 970 EVOPlus 1TB (latest firmware). I see that you are able to reach a read and write speed even at 2500 Mb/s, while in my case I can't reach over 1500 Mb/s. Can you tell me how you achieved a speed of 2500 Mb/s? Thanks in advance!

    Lamberto ANGELILamberto ANGELIMånad sedan
  • great video, thanks! do you know any alternative adaptor for a single NVMe ssd that is capable of the same speed you got in this video?

    FuvestibularFuvestibularMånad sedan
  • The one who owned that probably regrets throwing it away when he/she watches this video

    Lime SusLime SusMånad sedan
  • I think TronicsFix needs your help with some Iphone Xs!

    steven peckersteven peckerMånad sedan
  • Man Why Am I The Only One With A Worse PC?

    JonasesHorror!JonasesHorror!Månad sedan
  • Hugh i wish you were my neighbour 😢 Edit: wow thanks for the likes guys i never got that amount before

    darek klichdarek klichMånad sedan
  • 6gbps is sata 3, sata 2 = 3gbps

    Laert 3alLaert 3alMånad sedan
  • The max pro 5,1

    Tech HowdenTech HowdenMånad sedan
  • What did you do to have bootscreen?

    Marius #18499Marius #18499Månad sedan
  • I have a mac pro 5.1 with (Mid 2010) with 2 x 3.46 Ghz 6 core intel Xeon, 64Gb of RAM Radeon RX 580 8 GB graphic card and currently using OS High Sierra 10.13.6 Where and How can i upgrade to Majove ? I tried a patch and got this message : 1. MacOS Mojave Patcher Natively Supported Machine This machine is natively supported by Mojave; you do not need to use this patch. It can still be used to create a USB drive to be used on another machine. What do you suggest sir ? Thank you for your help.

    Soufian RatibSoufian RatibMånad sedan
  • watch this video you will not regret it

    Shira CremeansShira CremeansMånad sedan
  • What speeds would you get if the NVME card was in one of the 4X pcie slots? I have a rx5700xt OC and it eats into my second 16X slot. So can’t use it.

    Mac Sound SolutionsMac Sound SolutionsMånad sedan
  • I upgraded and it’s incredible. Think of what the old Mac costs compared to a brand new one. My computer does everything I need it to do and then some.

    jroar123jroar1232 månader sedan
  • i would throw that thing to the garbage right away. The case is like made out of solid lead!! ruined my back carrying that thing at work. Totally ridiculous case! not the best one either. Anyways, I still cant figure out why you would ever get a Mac.....the hardware is good, but the OS is just crap, I rather have a complete OS instead of a half one that still tries to copy windows graphical shell but does a poor job. Makes no sense.

    Piglet6256Piglet62562 månader sedan
  • I would suggest you play a little trick to your PCI-e... put your IOCrest card in Slot #1... which is a 2X slot... move your GPU above.

    jean-pierre michaudjean-pierre michaud2 månader sedan
  • Are those thunderbolt displays? How are they connected?

    Mike D'SouzaMike D'Souza2 månader sedan
  • im genuinely considering buying the 2010 mac pro. this really helped :)

    Ian GivensIan Givens2 månader sedan
    • Try getting one with high sierra so u can get a gtx 1000 series card

      pooppoopMånad sedan
    • Get it, its the best machine ever made.

      Michael ScholzMichael Scholz2 månader sedan
  • he is really a expert of repairing technologies. keep this channel alive! keep up your good work. :)

    nathaniel cosgafanathaniel cosgafa2 månader sedan
  • What did you do about your GPU?

    Hamidah MariamHamidah Mariam2 månader sedan
  • why do you need 16 FUCKING TERRIBYTES

    xRIOTxxRIOTx2 månader sedan
  • cheese credder!!|1

    SkeppySkeppy2 månader sedan
  • "This mac really need an upgrade" Me: wait a minute, i see 4 4tb hard drives and some kind of geforce gtx graphics card And yes this was in the begginin Also me: *laughs in intel core i5 and intel hd graphics*

    PaullyBoiPlaysPaullyBoiPlays2 månader sedan
  • Mac Pro mid 2010 support 1 PCEe at x16 and the rest is x4. The thing I don' get is how did you manage to have a graphic card install (x16) and still running the NVMe (x4) at the speed of 2550 MB/s?

    Phong LyPhong Ly2 månader sedan
  • In your opinion, what is the Lofi Girl writing in her notebook? 🖊️📖

    Shira CremeansShira Cremeans2 månader sedan
  • The real question is, why would you? Apple is a garbage company. I can't even tell you who they're target consumers are but I'm guessing it's a group of people who don't mind spending allot of money on sub-par products that break down rather easily so that way you are forced to spend just as much money on the repair if not more.

    Paul DavisPaul Davis2 månader sedan
  • You’re only using 8 lanes. With 16 lanes I’ve been getting 5600 MB/s reads since 2015. This video is using AppleRAID but with SoftRAID I can get faster I/O.

    Steve SteeleSteve Steele2 månader sedan
  • Buy this: Asus hyper m.2 x16

    FrankmusikFrankmusik2 månader sedan
  • You need to use the GPU slot to get up to 6000 read speed with 3 or 4 in raid

    Tigerex966Tigerex9662 månader sedan
  • I Hope You Get 1 Million Subs

    Ariz RoshnAriz Roshn2 månader sedan
  • You Should Buy A New Mac Or PC

    Ariz RoshnAriz Roshn2 månader sedan
  • Can you modernize your Mac Pro to make it compatible with Big Sur?

    Matthew AllmanMatthew Allman2 månader sedan
  • The 2010 Mac Pro still looks decent.

    Jones FamilyJones Family2 månader sedan
  • Is there anyway to get Catalina running on an old Mac Pro 2010?

    Cypress Van HornCypress Van Horn2 månader sedan
    • Most are a step above this now. Big Sur is now possible. I have Catalina and Big Sur running on mine. Google

      Performance NorthstarPerformance NorthstarMånad sedan
  • Hi Hugh, can you share the link of the adapters that you are using for the Cinema Display Monitor?

    Jose FernandezJose Fernandez2 månader sedan
  • This is like pimp my 2010 Mac Pro😂

    Alex CoxAlex Cox2 månader sedan
  • I do really enjoy this kind of videos I mean old apple laptops&computers restoration

    Daniil SayfutdinovDaniil Sayfutdinov2 månader sedan
  • I have a Mac Pro mid 2010 in repair shop to fix the temperature sensor If it goes well, it’s good to see how you’ve upgraded it. Question- the original specs says to use 1 or 2 TB Sata drives. Do you think 4 TB HDs are safe to use. When I replaced an old 2TB with Western Digital 4TB and dusted inside, that’s when the fans went out of control, very loud. I’ve replaced HDs before, and not sure if I did something wrong. Any thoughts welcome!

    Jane GTVJane GTV3 månader sedan
  • You reached the upper limit of the Syba I/OCrest and not the PCIe bus on the Mac Pro. A Highpoint or Sonnet card would give you speeds at or near 5000/5500 in Raid 0.

    Alex AlexandrosAlex Alexandros3 månader sedan
  • How did you connect your apple 27" thunderbolt monitor to your 2010 Mac Pro? Thanks

    joey marijoey mari3 månader sedan
  • Hugh what graphics card are you using? It looks like the 980 ti which I though is metal supported. If so how can you run Mojave?

    Nathanael GrahamNathanael Graham3 månader sedan
  • Thats awesome. I just installed a usb-c card in my 2010 mac pro and test speeds are only 500ish. Why is that?

    Michael SvensonMichael Svenson3 månader sedan
  • What display is that? Looks great, would like to get one.

    Josh RomJosh Rom3 månader sedan
  • Hi, can I do this to my old Mac Pro 1.1 from 2006? thanks, please write me at

    Jose R.Jose R.3 månader sedan
  • Triple Apple-branded monitors is just mad.

    ThatTonyboThatTonybo3 månader sedan
  • solution: don't buy a mac

    Shampoo Doesnt taste as good as it smellsShampoo Doesnt taste as good as it smells3 månader sedan
    • This mac pro is fucking great, easily upgradeable and you can dual boot windows 10

      Alejandro CervantesAlejandro CervantesMånad sedan
  • My Mac Pro is similar but I barely use it now thanks to not being able to upgrade the OS and therefore use the software I want (Photoshop and Final Cut) without a lot of hassle. Watching to find out what I can do...

    Damian BrownDamian Brown3 månader sedan
  • Why does it beep on startup

    cathy kecathy ke3 månader sedan
  • Still the best macpro design

    Imre SomogyiImre Somogyi3 månader sedan
  • Doesen t matter that it is from 2010 i want a new dekstop or laprop or everything :((

    Calin NeculaitaCalin Neculaita3 månader sedan
  • To be honest I really like 2010 Mac computers. They at least have a headphone jack :)

    Julius NorlingJulius Norling3 månader sedan
  • That PCIe adapter is very expensive because it has a PCIe switch. Cheaper ones either has one slot or relies on PCIe bifurcation.

    Zhongchao QianZhongchao Qian3 månader sedan
  • If you had bought two of those pci cards, ran one nvme per card and put them both into raid, i wonder how that would of worked out....

    Matt DawMatt Daw3 månader sedan
  • What's the point of upgrading your storage to NVME if you're using a Sata ssd as your boot drive

    KacpreuszKacpreusz3 månader sedan
  • Whats the best graphic card you can fit in the mac pro?

    GamingDADGamingDAD3 månader sedan
  • Someone needs to build after market side case tempered glass panel so we can add some RGB stuff to it!!!!

    redesign your liferedesign your life3 månader sedan
  • Be cheaper and more useful if he bought $700 Mac Pro wheels. Lol capa

    redesign your liferedesign your life3 månader sedan
  • 🖐✔👍⭐.

  • You’re a damn boss

    WG ParkinsonWG Parkinson4 månader sedan
  • Ah great upgrade choice, I have done the same previously and put in a Vega Frontier as the drivers are built in due to the Imac Pro.

    TelecasterlandTelecasterland4 månader sedan
  • Hugh - Thanks for this video. I have the same tower and I am now considering upgrading it.Looks like it will only run El Capitan OS, and nothing newer. Has this been your experience?

    Steve MartinSteve Martin4 månader sedan
  • I bought parts for a new build that ran me about $1,500. For this price, I get an i7-10700, 64 GB RAM, 1 TB NVMe 3,400 MB/s, support for 2 4K displays on UHD 630 or 3 4K displays on the GTX 1050 ti. CPU is 65 Watts, video card is 75 watts. The case can be outfitted with eight case fans for cooling. I expect this system to run cool and run quiet and use very little power but be able to do some production work if I need it to do so. I looked into old Macs and you have the issues of needing adapters, using slower devices and the problem that the thing could die on you at any time because of a component failure. A new build gives you fast system bus, nVME on motherboard so you don't use PCIe slots, processors that are far more efficient and have far more headroom, not having to futz with video cards, and the ability to just swap in a newer CPU if you need more performance. I can use Windows or Mac for most of my applications. I am using an old MacBook Pro for the stuff that I want to or need to run on macOS. I will re-evaluate when Apple Silicon comes out - if they come out with a mid-tower for a reasonable price, I'm in. Everything that Apple makes except for the current Mac Pro has thermal issues. One issue I have with the current Mac Pro is that it uses 100 Watts at idle. I'm trying to build a green system.

    Michael MoyMichael Moy4 månader sedan
  • I have one of the mac pro's from 2010 .I'm wondering what I can do with mine ? Now ,Whats next?

    Night StringersNight Stringers4 månader sedan
  • 10 grand starting price 😂. Apple junk.

    S RahmanS Rahman4 månader sedan
  • When i went online to buy more cpu, it's trying to sale it to me with a tray. Do i need the tray or just the cpu cards or whatever? My specs. Mac Pro (Mid 2010) Processor: 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon Memory: 48 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 Graphic: ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB Can i get more memory out of this mac? CPU?

    ShadikShadik4 månader sedan
  • I never owned a Mac Pro and I’ve always loved there look till this day 2020

    Jimmy VilaJimmy Vila4 månader sedan
  • WHAT kind of computer can't you buy for less than 10,000 dollars......

    AndrewAndrew4 månader sedan
  • Not with that GTX card

    MVMNTMVMNT4 månader sedan
  • Hi, is mac pro graphic card upgradable?

    Kashif KhosoKashif Khoso4 månader sedan
  • **yes**

    Alan SojanAlan Sojan4 månader sedan
  • *ok*

    Alan SojanAlan Sojan4 månader sedan
  • i use an 80gb western digital harddrive with windows vista and 4 gb of ram and it works fine for basic music production. i also use a segate harddrive in a parts pc

    Pollywaffle 07 techPollywaffle 07 tech4 månader sedan
    • Sick

      Alejandro CervantesAlejandro CervantesMånad sedan
  • I'd love something like that for one of the dual Xeon 4+4 core 2008ish Mac Pros I have. I also plan to try and get an RX 580 to work on it - which will be interesting lol - even outside of Mac OS. I'd love Linux and maybe turn it into a server or Nas, but a gaming PC in one of those would be fuuuuuunnn....

    ManjushriManjushri4 månader sedan
  • the nvme drives you bought is PCIe-3.0 based, but your mac supports only PCIe-2.0, or even 1, idk, but I'm sure that it doesn't support a PCIe-3.0... each of these nvme drives provides speeds of 3500Mbytes/s for reading and 2500Mbytes/s for writing... but you've got a lover speeds even with RAID-0... you were able to save a lot of money on nvme drives of the previous generation an on an adapter for them, and now you will never get their real performance on this platform...

    Янис МухаметшинЯнис Мухаметшин4 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh... Can you make a video of an upgrade on the HP pavilion notebook Model 15 - ab290sa

    Akannonu MichaelAkannonu Michael4 månader sedan
  • I don't have a Mac Pro 5,1 but an OG G5 and I'm always telling people how capable and future proof it was, at the time. I've got good wifi, excellent bluetooth and, with tenfourfox, I pretty much browse the modern internet with ease.

    Paul Muad'dibPaul Muad'dib4 månader sedan
  • That old MacPro hits PCIE limits, probably running in PCIE 3.0 X4 mode. You could try it in different PCIE slot.

    JarnoJarno5 månader sedan
  • Will this be able to support macOS Big Sur?

    Carter ThompsonCarter Thompson5 månader sedan
  • Did you need to update the firmware in the evo drives to get compatibility ? Do the drives disappear if you reboot ?

    Andrew BeavisAndrew Beavis5 månader sedan
  • Watching this on my Evga SR-2 based pc is oddly similar. These things are still so strong today, thanks to the heaping size of cpu cashe and core count. Kind of a bit hilarious though the mac didnt get usb3 and sata3 standard and this mobo did plus overclocking lol.

    OhYou_OhYou_5 månader sedan
  • Nice .....

    k. freek. free5 månader sedan
  • I just got thunderbolt in my 2009 Mac Pro and it works with an eGPU. Much better now.

    Moe TardedMoe Tarded5 månader sedan
  • just how can you live without USB 3??

    Dominic PascalDominic Pascal5 månader sedan
  • Good stuff

    Jezus of NazarethJezus of Nazareth5 månader sedan
  • The 5.1 has PCIE2.0 limitation probably so feel free to buy the cheapest TLC NVMe disk available, trying to raid0 is an absolute waste of effort on these.Even after firmware upgrade it still doesn't seem to get true PCIE3.0 speeds.

    Martin MMartin M5 månader sedan
  • What is the cpu in this? I have the option to buy a macbook pro with a dual core xeon 6 gb ram 1.5 tb hdd for 300$ is this worth it?

    Jari NotterJari Notter5 månader sedan