Restoring the "explosive" RECALLED Galaxy Note7

21 mar 2020
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Lets fix the hottest phone of 2016, make it safe and prevent it from getting bricked by a 0% charge limit update.
Thanks to Chance (Intellitech Studios) for helping me out with his knowledge on the firmwares, charging limit and other note7 Information.
References & Note7 Information:
● (Intellitech Studios)

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  • I’m super happy that we were able to get the charge limit off this, even though at first I sent the wrong firmware lol. But hey, it made a cool segment of the video, and thankfully everything worked in the end! #Note7Alliance

    Intellitech StudiosIntellitech Studios10 månader sedan
    • @Hugh Jeffreys wow

      Aryx PlayZAryx PlayZMånad sedan
    • Hello

      Aryx PlayZAryx PlayZMånad sedan
    • @Dan Hutchinson Yeah me too?

      Pookie S.Pookie S.2 månader sedan
    • I thought they were impossible to get hold of since they’ve been banned on flights due to the fact that it catches fire

      Dan HutchinsonDan Hutchinson2 månader sedan
    • Does anyone know where he even got a Note 7? I thought you couldn't buy those

      Pookie S.Pookie S.2 månader sedan
  • í have one of those what should i do

    dat exe wormdat exe worm12 timmar sedan
  • 7years later.... Samsung note 7 230,500k usd

    AlvinAlvin17 timmar sedan
  • At least my dad didn't charge it with hot conditions, he almost caught on fire, now he has the note 8 now.

    Galaxy Boomers XGalaxy Boomers X21 timme sedan
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    simon wangsimon wang2 dagar sedan
  • As a technician I can tell you that’s too much work and time for such a horrible Samsung model . Great video anyway ! Cheers ! 👍

    Bryce JamesBryce James2 dagar sedan
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    simon wangsimon wang2 dagar sedan
  • What a beautiful device! The silver colour is so elegant. It reminds me of my deseased S7 edge.

    Walter CuellarWalter Cuellar2 dagar sedan
  • It was one of the most beautiful phones ever made! (coming from an iPhone user)

    Rohan KarRohan Kar2 dagar sedan
  • Idk why but I love the intro in this video

    jorge phobiajorge phobia2 dagar sedan
  • Huh never knew the phone I had at 11 was explosive...

    Sands The comicSands The comic3 dagar sedan
  • That tempered glass looks so out of place that it almost feels illegal.

    M.H. QuraishiM.H. Quraishi3 dagar sedan
  • This person has too many phones. Even if he lost one he still have hundreds of phone to back him up.

    John JavierJohn Javier3 dagar sedan
  • The recall happened so quick that by the time I was finished witching unboxing vids and reading online reviews ND had decided to get it, the phone was already discontinued from retail lol. I had to wait for the S8 in 2017,

    Ace MashiachAce Mashiach3 dagar sedan
  • Note 7 built with aliexpress parts... gosh this sounds interesting

    Jerry RayJerry Ray4 dagar sedan
    • Tried it and it makes a really nice fire place!

      NBC deadmou5NBC deadmou53 dagar sedan
  • the unlock code is 3680424

  • didn't know you were also realy good with taking apart and reassembling exposives ...

    Denver BlakewoodDenver Blakewood4 dagar sedan
  • Wow. Great job

    Brian SchooleyBrian Schooley5 dagar sedan
  • It was a really good phone. Damn shame Samsung pushed it a little... TOO far... Oops.

    Lasky LabsLasky Labs5 dagar sedan
  • I have a phone with 4000mAh battery thank u

    Roblox loverRoblox lover5 dagar sedan
  • I accidentally did the second update and now the phone is dead and won't charge is there any way to bring it back to life? Please let me know if you can help my phone number is 310-695-8817 I would be happy to pay you for your help. Please just let me know. Thank you

    David BakradzeDavid Bakradze6 dagar sedan
  • thats really cool you were able to resurrect this thing too bad you couldnt just do a custom rom without tripping knox out i forgot about that being a thing. i hope that it doesnt ever get bricked at all.

    Wade EppersonWade Epperson6 dagar sedan
  • Janella: Hmmmm let me buy a note 7 Warning buying a note 7 is a hot phone be careful Janella Salvador: ok Days later Janella: Ahhhhh I’m burning with my Note7! *Janella Died* -Reason?-

    Luka AirGirlLuka AirGirl8 dagar sedan
  • I want it phone:(

    I'm AngelI'm Angel9 dagar sedan
  • i fixed it though i wish its still my normal phone he was fast after almost 7 years he holds up perfect.

    CitroCitro10 dagar sedan
  • i remember having a s5 i still have it and it ran android 6.0.1 i believe and it randomly stopped holding a charge

    CitroCitro10 dagar sedan
  • The Battery on the right didn't have the Samsung logo but it did have Samsung Electronics Japan in small print. How could the makers of the phone not see the danger of having such a tight fitting battery?

    Anthony XuerebAnthony Xuereb10 dagar sedan
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    George CarlinGeorge Carlin11 dagar sedan
  • That forehead and chin sexy af

    Szabolcs NagySzabolcs Nagy12 dagar sedan
  • An easier way of preventing it from updating is to get a custom recovery on it. The firmware cannot update with a custom recovery, i tried it

    MweegMweeg12 dagar sedan
  • I remember touching one and using one for a little while it’s truly a beautiful phone and I would replace the battery just to have a Note 7 in my hands again

    Zachary WorthingtonZachary Worthington12 dagar sedan
  • How's the song name at minute 14:05 ?

    ᖫŞiłverᖫŞiłver13 dagar sedan
  • I have to buy a note 7 so thieves don't keep stealing my phone, i would be lucky to scare thieves and if they accidentally steal it they would be crying for Allah but won't save them as they have been doing many sins and they will go to heck (I did not say h**l as it is a bad word my mom said) and listen to your parents as they won't be in your lives forever and one day you'll miss them. thank you if you read this comment and please reply if you have any problem with this or dislike it. I will edit this like I did now.

    A.H.M. SHAHRIERA.H.M. SHAHRIER13 dagar sedan
  • Wow I’ve had these 2 note 7s for about 5 yrs now waiting for this fix perfect for my business line thank you man !!!!!!!!!

    Duvalle ShazelDuvalle Shazel16 dagar sedan
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    George CarlinGeorge Carlin18 dagar sedan
  • Love From Australia

    Hello Crazy Man Cloud GamingHello Crazy Man Cloud Gaming18 dagar sedan
  • I can't help it but that ill fitting screen protector is irritating me. Sorry.

  • disable auto update

    Rajan BrarRajan Brar20 dagar sedan
  • what BS you say?? baterry ventilation?? my gosh.. what BS:. you have all around aluminium body cooling battery.. is much beter than wigle gigle batery.. with no contact with high termoconductive ( ya aluminium,..) surface.. this phone blow up coz a bad PCB on batery itself, PCB error on original gerber files ( schematic flood) and also coz stupiud darn induction heater what idiots call wireles charging..

    nin1ten1donin1ten1do21 dag sedan
  • such a waste! root and CyanogenMod 1000times better as Samsung crap...

    Eyüp YörükEyüp Yörük23 dagar sedan
  • “I should not put this screen on a beautiful device” The galaxy note 7 I will explode your house with a 3500 mAh battery.

    JoeyJoey23 dagar sedan
  • “And Boom!” We just this guy made a bomb....

    GhoST SquadGhoST Squad25 dagar sedan
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    Hee ManHee Man25 dagar sedan
  • Samsung could have re-engineered the phone. They scrapped it no doubt because of the bad publicity.

    Rick PontificatesRick Pontificates25 dagar sedan
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    Aiden SaechaoAiden Saechao27 dagar sedan
  • Watching this on my Samsung Galaxy Note 7 it has the original 3500mah battery but its been 4 years but it didn't explode

    Dark Chou PHDark Chou PH27 dagar sedan
  • Don’t ever believe anything from the LA Times they straight up make up things

    Jason BrooksJason Brooks29 dagar sedan
  • Yep! Definitely a keeper!

    AmtrakFlareonAmtrakFlareonMånad sedan
  • You sholud Return That you‘re so dumb

    Saner SuSaner SuMånad sedan
    • Opinions mate

      ExtreamEarth90X - RobloxExtreamEarth90X - Roblox24 dagar sedan
  • when wikl you make the switch to this phone?

    Hiroto satoHiroto satoMånad sedan
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  • What's the music

    The Master Of TechThe Master Of TechMånad sedan
  • I want one too

    The Master Of TechThe Master Of TechMånad sedan
  • 9:46 it is so satisfying seeing the glas protection just stick on there 😮

    Shepherd SamShepherd SamMånad sedan
  • when you notice his basically handling a I E D (IMPROVISE EXPLOSIVE DEVICE) damn mans was taking risk like mans became a whole bomb squad unit

    Phantom GamingPhantom GamingMånad sedan
  • The quiet kid phone

    Jkapoor8525Jkapoor8525Månad sedan
  • should've made the title "Defusing a Bomb"

    P1xelizedP1xelizedMånad sedan
  • molotov out

    Zealand ッZealand ッMånad sedan
  • The battery is cause of fire, one of the tabs of the battery are connected and those tabs are shouldn't supposed to be connected. The arrangement and the space inside the phone which is causing the two tabs to connect to each other.

    Hello Beautiful WorldHello Beautiful WorldMånad sedan
  • Hey I have quite a few macbooks that no longer work. I'm wondering since you like fixing them I hope.. maybe I can send them to you in exchange for 1 working macbook?

    Miguel MitchellMiguel MitchellMånad sedan
  • The screen protector is bothering me so much. It won't cover the entire phone screen

    Cecilia CarrilloCecilia CarrilloMånad sedan
  • and then all that work for nothing because it will still caught on fire

    Georges McflyGeorges McflyMånad sedan
    • @Roma yheah i know, just joking

      Georges McflyGeorges McflyMånad sedan
    • Nah m8, he removed the defective part

      RomaRomaMånad sedan
  • only here for the comments. lmfao

    Vuyani GoxoVuyani GoxoMånad sedan
  • It was my bday in 19/8/2010 if in 2016 I was 6

    Omar RrrOmar RrrMånad sedan
    • I was 7

      ExtreamEarth90X - RobloxExtreamEarth90X - Roblox24 dagar sedan
  • I was 6

    Omar RrrOmar RrrMånad sedan
  • I remember almost getting this phone a month before my trip to Mexico till I just chose the j7 prime 2016

    JoseRS121JoseRS121Månad sedan
  • I think the original battery is poorly made

    Last GivedLast GivedMånad sedan
  • Now let's see if the airports still accepts passengers with note 7 phones

    RamenixsanRamenixsanMånad sedan
  • This phone exploded on to the market, literally!

    DawnDawnMånad sedan
  • Hugh Jeffreys: Hey, I fix phones for a living. Jerryrigeverything: Well I break them. Hugh Jeffreys: OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO UNKIND OF YOU!!!!!!!

    Dreary CollectiveDreary CollectiveMånad sedan
    • bruh u stole this comment ;-;

      carlstalcarlstal16 dagar sedan
  • This was a Banging video

    Brightwolf MasterBrightwolf MasterMånad sedan
  • I don’t know if you should be concerned but the fan edition battery had like a dent in it, I noticed it at 2:36

    Death Rex619Death Rex619Månad sedan
  • I think flashing a good, unrooted custom rom would've been a much better thing to avoid software update, versus that other software.

    TerryssTerryssMånad sedan
  • I still have my Note 7. Hasn't exploded yet 😂

    Aditya JadhavAditya JadhavMånad sedan
  • Glad I found this channel! Your videos are so good!

    Make Money NowMake Money NowMånad sedan
  • “Hottest” phone of 2016 😂....

    陳鵬陳鵬Månad sedan
  • I’m watching this in my note 7 and the battery hasn’t expl

    陳鵬陳鵬Månad sedan
  • Th-h-e headphone jack. Remember when those a were a thing?

    SareSare2 månader sedan
  • I want to have a galaxy note7 in my hands but of course I should try replace the battery I would do a video on it but is it really that rare?

    JuanC17 PlayzJuanC17 Playz2 månader sedan
  • Great work.

    P SP S2 månader sedan
  • 4yrs later, still looks better than other non Samsung phones

    D- SeanD- Sean2 månader sedan
  • lol you can trade it in to samsung and get a new phone (s20) AND get money as well.

    PatrickPatrick2 månader sedan
  • I got headache after watched the video lmaoo

    Timm yTimm y2 månader sedan
  • I remember when I wanted to buy this bad boy but those recalls and stuff just made it impossible to find in my country so I ended up buying an s7 edge that killed itself a year and a half later...

    Vali N.Vali N.2 månader sedan
  • Where did you get that box from? I Need one for my Fan Edition

    Superbean 12Superbean 122 månader sedan
  • The note 7 was still one of my all time favorite phone never had one issue ever

    Lil KrauseLil Krause2 månader sedan

    SR Tech SeriesSR Tech Series2 månader sedan
  • This person can repair bombs

    Cosmic BhayyaCosmic Bhayya2 månader sedan
  • As the owner of a Note9 and a prior owner of a 7 Edge, I still find the Note 7 to be a a really good looking phone. I miss the physical button and didn't mind the forehead to contain the speaker, camera, etc.

    kcgunesqkcgunesq2 månader sedan
  • Now bring it in an airplane 😂

    WOLFYWOLFY2 månader sedan
  • Samsung made their startup white to warn you that it may explode

    Carter BellaCarter Bella2 månader sedan
  • Ⓦⓘⓝⓓⓞⓦⓢ Vista

    Itz_BlinkyItz_Blinky2 månader sedan
  • Your videos are so fascinating. Good work!

    Tim ReichardtTim Reichardt2 månader sedan
  • Is that screen protector designed for a galaxy s7? It does not go around the edge.

    Command BusterCommand Buster2 månader sedan
  • I want one of these as the FE model but no one offers them anymore. Does anyone even know where I can get one without risking shady sellers?

    Saif KhanSaif Khan2 månader sedan
  • Reminded me of the crash

    Lakshmi PriyaLakshmi Priya2 månader sedan
  • 5:57 - i desperately don't want to damage anything 6:01 - (not even 5 secs later) *YEETS earpiece across room*

    DrewTamashiDrewTamashi2 månader sedan
  • currently using fe, got it in remembrance 😊

    TheLonelyMoonTheLonelyMoon2 månader sedan
  • me watching this video with samsung galaxy fan edition: wow

    Robloxer GamerRobloxer Gamer2 månader sedan
  • I really want a Note 7 (or Note FE)

    YusukeYusuke2 månader sedan