Can I Resurrect these 3 broken iPod Classics?

20 jun 2020
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  • More retro iPod vids please

    Peregar4ikPeregar4ik8 timmar sedan
  • That freaking iPod has more storage than my iPhone 7

    200 Subs With No Video Challenge200 Subs With No Video Challenge10 dagar sedan
  • Have to say that I still use my iPod Mini. Upgraded to a 64GB SSD and Linus Rockbox. Amazing machine, even by today's standards.

    Tokyo JonTokyo Jon2 månader sedan
  • can i send you my ipod so you can fix it ????

    metrixalixmetrixalix2 månader sedan
  • Hey, Hugh Jeffrey. I have a ipod classics HDD drive. so, my question is can i use that HDD a portable or external storage via usb.hope you understand.

    Hridoy 1255wHridoy 1255w2 månader sedan
  • Hey, Hugh Jeffrey. I have a ipod classics HDD drive. so, my question is can i use that HDD a portable or external storage via usb.hope you understand.

    Abdul MajidAbdul Majid2 månader sedan
  • why are all the comments about dank pods lmfao

    Back2FutureFan6Back2FutureFan63 månader sedan
  • hey Hugh, big fan of your channel, do you sell iPod classic really need one was one of the dreams to purchase when I was in school. In my country hard to buy one.

    Sachin 10 sSachin 10 s4 månader sedan
  • THE CHUNGUSS!! DankPods

    •` Z A I D A N `••` Z A I D A N `•4 månader sedan
  • Great videos. I've got a 30gig 5th gen that has the same issue, no data/sync over USB. Tested the data pins from USB cable to the motherboard and they are fine. Did you get any more insight into what the board issue could be that's preventing data/sync over USB? I'd love to restore this iPod that completely works otherwise.

    Chris LenfertChris Lenfert5 månader sedan
  • Someone’s been in here!

    Xavier NSXavier NS5 månader sedan
  • I am an owner of a 2019 Samsung Galaxy a10e a damage right side housing and it's scratched screen how much will it be to my phone fixed?

    James EganJames Egan5 månader sedan
  • 6:06 how about Geir’s iPod

    Marc ChewMarc Chew5 månader sedan
  • Why didn’t you clean the white ipod it looked disgusting the clickwheel was also dirty.

    Trey JohnsonTrey Johnson5 månader sedan
  • who purchased these experimented products😂

    Ayush KumarAyush Kumar6 månader sedan
  • iPods are much cheaper in the UK, you can get one for about £40-£50. Unfortunately they too are quite scratched up; there's no way of fixing that without replacing the back panel... Maybe demand in other parts of the world are different... I might get myself an iPod, as I have a Philips media player at the moment (back then, one of the only alternatives) and its not ideal. The software you have to use is a total nightmare, no drag and drop here. I also tried converting to SD card and it wasn't having any of it - though I did manage to replace the battery through my own knowledge (they don't sell batteries anymore, so I transferred the protection PCB to another bare cell I had lying around).

    spotify95spotify956 månader sedan
  • Finally! your new vedio is out!! :DD I love your art so much !! :)) Keep up the good work! :) i am such a big fan!! :))

    MyntriusMyntrius6 månader sedan
  • d i n g u s

    I kitty II kitty I6 månader sedan
  • 😲 great to see you again repairing used & abused older ipods , keep up the good work 👍👍 !

    Richard AnguianoRichard Anguiano6 månader sedan
  • D A N K P O D S

    AemVRAemVR6 månader sedan
  • Is it "worth" repairing those. Or do you just do it for "fun"?

    Marcel xMarcel x6 månader sedan
  • I don't understand how you can be so skilled 😃😁 I didn’t tried replace the charging port but I think for 70% I will break it.

    Jindra SmutnýJindra Smutný6 månader sedan
  • you have the link for the display?

    Carlos Alfredo Beltrán SanchezCarlos Alfredo Beltrán Sanchez6 månader sedan
  • Hugh jeffreys and dank pods needs to collab. Love both of these channels

    Dj Pown5Dj Pown56 månader sedan
  • you can use Glass repairing fluid to fix those rift, use polishing fluid to polishing the metal

    俾你搬俾你搬6 månader sedan
  • Yo my phone has loop disease do I ask for iPhone 11 or just a replacement

    FrostyFrosty6 månader sedan
  • Hi Bro I am chakravarthy from india i have ipod classic 80GB i am getting notification like this ( X ) can please help me how to resolve this problem

    chakravarthy ramanichakravarthy ramani6 månader sedan
  • *Erins ipod*

    RUHINXO 69RUHINXO 696 månader sedan
  • Do u sell them I don't even have a phone and I want one of those bc it's probably the only thing my mom will get me

    JacobJacob7 månader sedan
  • Hey I'm a big fan and would love to learn to repair phones like you do. Where do you purchase your broken tech?

    Avin ToussaintAvin Toussaint7 månader sedan
  • Do you sell the devices after you fix them ??

    Arya PatelArya Patel7 månader sedan
  • hi... please help! I wonder if it is possible to recover data from an iPod Classic 160Gb Model No.: A1238; that has been wet and does not turn on anymore. Could you help me please.

    Roberto HerediaRoberto Heredia7 månader sedan
  • hi... please help! I wonder if it is possible to recover data from an iPod Classic 160Gb Model No.: A1238; that has been wet and does not turn on anymore. Could you help me please.

    Roberto HerediaRoberto Heredia7 månader sedan
  • hi... please help! I wonder if it is possible to recover data from an iPod Classic 160Gb Model No.: A1238; that has been wet and does not turn on anymore. Could you help me please.

    Roberto HerediaRoberto Heredia7 månader sedan
  • Fireplace iPod?

    Kingston's weird videosKingston's weird videos7 månader sedan
  • Man I miss the old intro

    A literal personA literal person7 månader sedan
  • This classic devices were really a fantastic revolution in technology

    thisisFarbodthisisFarbod7 månader sedan
  • So curious if anyone else is having a issue connecting their iPod to a iMac running on Catilina? No matter what I do it won't show in finder or the music app. I tried 3 different Ipods. 2 iPod 5th gen classics and a iPod nano none worked.

    GomerPyleM14GomerPyleM147 månader sedan
  • I have 2 with same problem they turn on i see the songs screen works start playing no sound both the same :( i want them working back please help

    osvaldo romeroosvaldo romero7 månader sedan
  • Hugh are you a member of the LGBTQ?

    impete rimpete r7 månader sedan
  • Your pins bent because you force it open, you should just ues something to push it deep into the ipod, when its deep enough, you can push outward, if you keep on doing that, the ipod would just come off

    Aldous Adrian CarvajalAldous Adrian Carvajal7 månader sedan
  • Haitch-pea and Bat-tree. "Dankpods"

    Rice krispiesRice krispies7 månader sedan
  • envy you man you can do this hobby and make money with it

    Asad AttilyAsad Attily7 månader sedan
  • can you help me. my Samsung galaxy s8+ got thrown in the pool for 30 sec and 1 day later the screen is black but i can hear all the notifications and alarms i have set . plz help my grandfather gave it to me before he passed away

    YummyYummy7 månader sedan
  • Is it strange that ive been wanting one of these old ipods for a while now?

    ArrozConToto ArrozConTotoArrozConToto ArrozConToto7 månader sedan
    • No.

      Nilo PerezNilo Perez6 månader sedan
  • I have a iPod. Not as big as these ones.. a lot thinner. The battery will not stay charged even with the charger plugged in all day which i was kinda disappointed cuz it’s in perfect condition. But understanding how old it actually is.. makes sense.

    Daytonaasii - islandDaytonaasii - island7 månader sedan
  • Someone’s been in here, someone’s been in here, that’s the cheater’s way!!! -DankPods

    Space InvaderSpace Invader7 månader sedan
  • Hi jeffrey can you do a Samsung Galaxy a7 (2018)?

    JoeyJoey7 månader sedan
  • I love how jeff is like being carefull and precise with it but dankpods is butter like openning it and snapping it nicely

    Qwerty UnityQwerty Unity7 månader sedan
  • The dislikes are up to 69. SO FUNNY HAHA 🤣 yeah no that meme is dead

    OdusthecatOdusthecat7 månader sedan
  • "dumb and uncreative comment involving dankpods"

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  • Shut up about dank pods y’all

    XanderXander7 månader sedan
  • Someone: making iPod content DankPod: *angry noises intensifies*

    KramAl1ceKramAl1ce7 månader sedan
  • Everybody: DANK PODS Me: I came here to watch Hugh

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  • Imagine Dankpods Comments on this video. Lmao. 😂 shrek machine eyh.

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  • DankPods is the lord and saviour of the Pods, but... other people are still allowed to open iPods too, dinguses, calm yer tits. XD

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  • *dankpods wants to know your location*

    TikTok ShortsTikTok Shorts7 månader sedan
  • Hugh can you fix a screen damage phone i have rn its a iphone xs max the problem with it is the screen touchs everything and it doesnt want to charge and please hugh and if you want to hit me up its Revenge#2006 discord

    尺 乇 ᐯ 乇几 Ꮆ 乇尺 乇 ᐯ 乇几 Ꮆ 乇7 månader sedan
  • bruh, i tried to fix my moms ipod classic last week, and i fucked it up. It had corrosion alll over the board. Why again are you bullying me?

    jesseb0rnjesseb0rn7 månader sedan
  • Title should be Hugh Jeffreys dissects a dinosaur

    Marc Jay Montenegro EnriquezMarc Jay Montenegro Enriquez7 månader sedan
  • *DankPods enters chat*

    Astr0 The-KiddAstr0 The-Kidd7 månader sedan
  • i was expecting ONE dankpods comment... instead a lot of them are. anyways, GEIR! GEIR! GEIR! GEIR!

    statera fukumotostatera fukumoto7 månader sedan
  • How could they put a hard drive in a portable device that will take a good about of damage. Dropping that thing would probably corrupt most of your songs..

    FinnishArmyFinnishArmy7 månader sedan
  • Where is he? I can tell he’s here somewhere.

    BanditBandit7 månader sedan
  • Dude made his own ShrekPod

    NylveonNylveon7 månader sedan
  • that desoldering braid from china is garbage, pick up some MG chemicals brand wick and youll have better luck

    XeXe7 månader sedan

    Luna JayLuna Jay7 månader sedan
  • Hi guy Does this guy ever like your comment only says hi guys it would be ok m8 if he likes you Comment

    Jake JenkinsJake Jenkins7 månader sedan
  • Do you sell the iPhones you fix? I'm interested in buying a used one

    Jackal MatlouJackal Matlou7 månader sedan
  • “Now I can disconnect the Batr-tree”

    Simon PailléSimon Paillé7 månader sedan
  • Hi Hugh this is very interesting video. Im yours big fan and i like the way you deal with broken techno. Respect.

    Tom ZajacTom Zajac7 månader sedan
  • the previous owner shorted the caps close to usb connector with a worn out cable. Try changing the caps it will sync with the computer

    David ZitaDavid Zita7 månader sedan
  • Dip the solder braid in flux first - helps immensely,

    petelitepetelite7 månader sedan
  • ol ok ix\]

    PlasticMoneyPlasticMoney7 månader sedan
  • You have again summoned the almighty DankPods

    BloxBlox7 månader sedan
  • 80 gigabyte THICCCC model Noice

    CHARLES.CHARLES.7 månader sedan
    • Oh yeah and it's much easier to open an iPod but just wedging it (the pic) down and then pushing in

      CHARLES.CHARLES.7 månader sedan
  • The problems with the 3rd iPod seam to be a faulty chip that does the processing for the charger plus Brasso polish does wonders for scratches on the screens

    AidanBennyAidanBenny7 månader sedan
  • With the firewire only board you should try just cleaning it up with alcohol toothbrush all over the board, sometimes helps if there's some tiny bits of corrosion on there to just clean it up

    NicGlolNicGlol7 månader sedan
  • What does he do with all the things he restored?

    Berry xoBerry xo7 månader sedan
  • Those are not classics

    Jacob's TechJacob's Tech7 månader sedan
    • Yeah that’s when they started calling them classic but for clarification he called it classic When I look up ipod 3g I usually get the nano and touch before the original fat 3g so adding classic helps with clarification even if they aren’t called classic

      NicefisherNicefisher7 månader sedan
    • Classics have aluminum faceplates. Anything 6g and up

      Jacob's TechJacob's Tech7 månader sedan
  • Why buddy did you say Soe der ? instead of solder?

    NicGlolNicGlol7 månader sedan
  • I love how every dingus here is a dank pods fan

    09um09um7 månader sedan
    • Not all of us

      Reid The kingReid The king6 månader sedan
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      Kareem ElsadekKareem Elsadek6 månader sedan
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    UnrealWaifu - FrankProUnrealWaifu - FrankPro7 månader sedan
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    Magic RhubarbMagic Rhubarb7 månader sedan
  • Oh man watching you try to open those physically hurt me lol

    Spicy RooSpicy Roo7 månader sedan
  • I waited for your video

    haris nadeemharis nadeem7 månader sedan
  • Great video

    MrmcguruMrmcguru7 månader sedan
  • Think we need a Dankpods/Hugh Jeffreys Collab video

    TevosilverfoxTevosilverfox7 månader sedan
  • my ipod crashed how do i fix

    chris leclairechris leclaire7 månader sedan
    • @chris leclaire i beleive thats a crashed/failed hard drive, so if you can figure out how to replace the drive or fix it without that, that would hopefully get rid of it. I guess you have an ipod classic, so try this article:

      NicefisherNicefisher7 månader sedan
    • @Nicefisher circle with a x

      chris leclairechris leclaire7 månader sedan
    • What does the screen show when you try to power it on

      NicefisherNicefisher7 månader sedan
  • The withe ipods can u help with the scratches with brasso aka metal polish got it from dank pods

    Fab1_03Fab1_037 månader sedan
  • Dankpods reaching for #1 grit

    Kanada TachibanaKanada Tachibana7 månader sedan
  • HJ:Can I Resurrect these 3 broken iPod Classics? Shia LaBeouf: YEESS YOU CAN!

    MacintoshMacintosh7 månader sedan
  • Gotta love how this man has just like a million devices laying around his house.

    XplodingMoJoXplodingMoJo7 månader sedan
    • RK tech and tips just make some content you think people’ll like. Get a good mic, setup and some skills in Premiere Pro. It’s not THAT hard...

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  • DankPods is watching from the distance...

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  • And if you like this check out Dankpods.

    Carl StanfordCarl Stanford7 månader sedan
  • My iPod 5th gen had the same problem as the white slim one with the offset center button rubber piece. I just moved it back and applied some adhesive and it’s worked great since. I love when you work on some classic apple tech, would love to see a resto of something like an iMac G3 or the likes of.

    Dr CarrotDr Carrot7 månader sedan
  • 80 gig chungus ipod

    Jefferton AhyeeoobeeJefferton Ahyeeoobee7 månader sedan
  • i went down in the comments to recommend dank pods......

    Cyrus BrewsterCyrus Brewster7 månader sedan
    • Cyrus Brewster do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down?

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      Reid The kingReid The king6 månader sedan
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    • Please help me

      RK tech and tipsRK tech and tips7 månader sedan
  • Use a bigger nozzle on the hot air station

    MirceaD28MirceaD287 månader sedan
  • the ipod classic is my favorite music player. i got a 160gb one that is still working but i would like to upgrade it to 256gb sd storage in the future. I've opened one and it wasn't pretty so when the time comes to upgrade it, Ima make sure I have more picks to help.

    Danny CoronaDanny Corona7 månader sedan