Reviving a Broken iPod 5th Generation (iPod Classic)

9 nov 2019
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Its time I did a video on one of the great all time tech devices, the iPod. But of cause it wouldn't be a Hugh Jeffreys video if I didn't get a broken one to repair.
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  • Do you still use an old school iPod? I still use mine all the time, it allows you so listen to music while being disconnect from your phone, something a lot of people could use... Its also helpful if your constantly using different devices that don't always have your music library on them.

    Hugh JeffreysHugh JeffreysÅr sedan
    • Yeah i have the same iPod 😂

      The Apple Guru, Nolan BeichnerThe Apple Guru, Nolan Beichner3 dagar sedan
    • @Loaghead search "HDD ZIF" on Aliexpress

      Kosta R.Kosta R.5 dagar sedan
    • @Loaghead fix it

      cruisingcruising23 dagar sedan
    • Mine just stopped taking a charge.

      SammytheStampedeSammytheStampedeMånad sedan
    • you could share with me the names of all the tools you used ?

      Mharia KamilaMharia Kamila2 månader sedan
  • *Bluetooth Mode*

    Sexy SpeakerSexy Speaker23 timmar sedan
  • Thank you! You helped me put life into my dead iPod :D

    onion tv vlogsonion tv vlogs10 dagar sedan
  • Are you able to make this iPod 256 Gig?

    Guy HiebertGuy Hiebert15 dagar sedan
  • I used to have one I remember when I was young I put it in a drawer and never saw it again

    xRIOTxxRIOTx18 dagar sedan
  • yeah but who still has chargers ?.. cuz.. i found one in my basement.. but no charger

    Lacey OchoaLacey OchoaMånad sedan
  • You should make a video with DankPods

    Hector FloresHector FloresMånad sedan
  • “Certainly something we’ve lost over the years” Yeah, I miss having a working ipod, the iphones aren’t all that: 1k for a phone designed to break so I’m forced to buy another just isn’t my thing anymore.

    SammytheStampedeSammytheStampedeMånad sedan
  • I have an iPod mini

    Lukas BrownLukas BrownMånad sedan
  • The hardware store clerk was right when he sold you buffing compound. There are different grades, colour-coded (black is very hard). He was wrong when he thought you would know how to use it. You need a grinder with a buffing wheel to use the compound with. A rag won’t do the job correctly. Neither does toothpaste or Brasso, but they are mild abrasives. To get deep scratches out you need one of these with buffing compound.,8280.html

    alain giguerealain giguere2 månader sedan
  • can you repair mine ???

    metrixalixmetrixalix2 månader sedan
  • Hey, Hugh Jeffrey. I have a ipod classics HDD drive. so, my question is can i use that HDD a portable or external storage via usb.hope you understand.

    Hridoy 1255wHridoy 1255w2 månader sedan
  • the problem is that the back of the iPod is CHROME steel, not STAINLESS. Stainless steel is finely scratched and the block did the job

    PaulPaul2 månader sedan
  • Hi, could you help me to fix my iPod 80GB ? It only gives me sound on one side ! Thanks

    Marie-Christine DesmarestMarie-Christine Desmarest2 månader sedan
  • Thank you thank you thank you x

    joanne brownjoanne brown3 månader sedan
  • As a car guy that’s used cutting compound: that’s the first stage of many. You use a cutting compound to remove deep scratches, then a (or a few) buffing compounds to create the shine.

    Caleb NationCaleb Nation3 månader sedan
  • can you restore mine? i want to revive it EMAIL ME

    watchdogs gamer bobis watchdogs gamer bobiswatchdogs gamer bobis watchdogs gamer bobis3 månader sedan
  • 1:21 laughts in DankPods

    Krystian WojtasKrystian Wojtas3 månader sedan
  • The polishing bar is supposed to be used with a polishing wheel NOT by hand.

    certified30certified303 månader sedan
  • Do you need to install the software to the new hard drive? Or is the "factory reset" in itunes adds the software?

    Ham BoneHam Bone3 månader sedan
  • *H A I T C H P E A* Oh sorry, wrong channel

    Some personSome person3 månader sedan
  • Dank pods is happy :)

    SEV MusicSEV Music4 månader sedan
  • hiddentoolz on lg just fixed my account thanks to those who recommended them...📱🙏

    Katrina JeremyKatrina Jeremy4 månader sedan
  • 2006 aug 7, Comet McNaught found 2006 sep 12, iPod 5.5, the Comet still dark 2007 jan 9, iPhone, the Comet bright 2007 jan 13-14, McNaught was brightest, 13=Apple, 14=iPhone

    VIMALA ingenuoVIMALA ingenuo4 månader sedan
  • I've Seen Jvc Hdd Camcorders Use A Ipod Hdd With A Zif Connector And The HDD Still Works In 2020

    Guest 7802 RobloxGuest 7802 Roblox4 månader sedan
  • Plug a firewire into the silver one

    Darth StalDarth Stal4 månader sedan
  • If you're looking at actually doing this, watch a dankpods video, not this

    Mikkel HarrisMikkel Harris4 månader sedan
  • Hey Jeffrey my iPod classic 5th generation video a1136 doesn’t want to make the click wheel sound or the clicker setting in the iPod is set on but no noise I am restoring my iPod classic but I’m not sure we’re to start to fix this issue

    Saab Enthusiast- OmarSaab Enthusiast- Omar4 månader sedan
  • i have apink verson

    Arvi GoArvi Go4 månader sedan
  • This is like Dank Pods but less funny and WAY more professional.

    JustRazzJustRazz4 månader sedan
  • Dankpods vibe

    Dankers BangersDankers Bangers5 månader sedan
  • You need to use a buffing wheel to get rid of the scratches. You start with a course grit, then move to a finer grit and then polish with the Brasso.

    Tommy EstridgeTommy Estridge5 månader sedan
  • Hugh Jeffreys + Dankpods = Perfect Aussies 😉

    Shekhar HirdeShekhar Hirde5 månader sedan
  • "Someone has been in here". Anyone get it? If not... It's dankpods

    despacito_v5despacito_v56 månader sedan
    • And he used the classic brasso that DankPods loves

      DxrknessDxrkness5 månader sedan
  • If that ipod went to prison for life it would be out now

    BorisToomyツBorisToomyツ6 månader sedan
  • Autosol is amazing at removing scratches!

    Paddy PeytonPaddy Peyton6 månader sedan
  • sOmEoNe'S bEeN iN hErE

    StaticFanfareStaticFanfare6 månader sedan
  • I just bought myself a completely sealed and new iPod 5.5 80GB for $300. Adjusted for inflation it's cheaper than it's original price. And I am so excited about it. I already disconnected from my iPhone and using a Motorola Razr V3 now. Just carrying the iPhone around for my music. If the iPod arrives I can sell my iPhone and live happily. I already converted all my Apple Music which took like 3 1/2 days because the software needs to listen to the song and record it. But it was so worth it 😊

    Jay JayJay Jay6 månader sedan
    • @Hugh Jeffreys Well I got it now and it's genuine. However for some dumb reason the display has dead pixels so I need to replace that. Hope I don't break it...

      Jay JayJay Jay6 månader sedan
    • Be careful all the "sealed" ones I have seen are fakes. Compare the box to photos of the original one. Look for things that don't look right.

      Hugh JeffreysHugh Jeffreys6 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh! I still have a classic iPod 20GB and I want it fixed. Can you restore and fix my iPod. It has some sentimental value to me that's why I don't want to get rid of it.

    pnoyragecrmpnoyragecrm6 månader sedan
    • watch dankpods

      Krystian WojtasKrystian Wojtas3 månader sedan
  • This video was a huge help to me, as I literally rebuilt my 5th generation, A1136, 60GB (with video) by using this exact tutorial. I also used the compact flash adapter. Reason for my post today (in addition to thanking Hugh Jeffreys) is to further recommend 2 things. I don't like the PCB rattling around in there. It's smaller than the original hard drive, and the rubber pieces don't really help. So, I'd recommend using dual-sided 3M sticky tape to make it adhere to the inside of the opened iPod cover. This does make it harder to connect the flex cable at the bottom though, but patience there paid off for me. Also, I ended up dropping my iPod a few times, accidentally & it stopped working. Once re-opened, I was surprised to see the flash adapter had pulled off the pins, so I ended up using surface tape + a couple of drops of hot glue to the top of the flash card adapter/PCB so now it can't slide off from the pins, if dropped again. Thus, now it won't rattle around inside, and if dropped, I won't lose connection either. Other than that, *great* video!! Thank you, Hugh!

    Blake HunterBlake Hunter6 månader sedan
  • being the super observant person i am, your ipod changes from an 80gig to a 30gig so no wonder the scratches looked less prominent with a different ipod attention to detail in future you fraud

    Phobia FallsPhobia Falls6 månader sedan
  • Hello! I got a problem to solve with my Ipod Classic 160 GB. It does not recognized by the computer or itunes, even as a hard disc. I can´t add or delete any song. At least I can listen to the music previously added. I´ve been looking for any solution in youtube, but haven´t found nothing. Please help.

    Simón MartínezSimón Martínez6 månader sedan
  • ok

    Diamond ManDiamond Man6 månader sedan
  • Oh my. You lost me at ‘open the ipod’. Lol.

    Sandy MarieSandy Marie7 månader sedan
  • My iPod classic gen 5 keeps flashing iPod logo

    Marcie RiceMarcie Rice7 månader sedan
  • Can damaged pins be fixed?

    King Of KingsKing Of Kings7 månader sedan
  • The 6th gen is the classic not the 5th gen

    JesseporkchopJesseporkchop7 månader sedan
  • The iPod 5th gen is not a classic the 6th gen is a classic

    RobloxFanNihalRobloxFanNihal7 månader sedan
  • What should I do if the only screen the ipod shows is the red encircled x promting me to visit apple support via the URL. How can I get it to download the driver softwear?

    Branden DeyselBranden Deysel7 månader sedan
  • used this video as a guide, uhh my sd card isnt working and also i cringed on how long it took you to open it up.

    asehome 25asehome 257 månader sedan
  • 3000 grit sand paper would've worked 100x better for polishing metal.

    Film CricketFilm Cricket7 månader sedan
  • I love ipods is the 5th gen released 2006 or 2007

    Alexgamer NokiaAlexgamer Nokia7 månader sedan
  • loved how you showe`d what did not work as planned, cheers bro

    Paulo Giraud RibeiroPaulo Giraud Ribeiro7 månader sedan
  • used and i flash in a 5g video ipod but still keep getting the sad face itunes wont recognize at all?? any idea hugh?

    James CitronJames Citron7 månader sedan
  • My ipod classic need repair, help,

    Pilar Agrelo ArtPilar Agrelo Art7 månader sedan
    • Please I live I ny,my ipod no start look dead y trying to connect and forget my password just go, please can you repair?

      Pilar Agrelo ArtPilar Agrelo Art7 månader sedan
  • Try using a 1000 or 2000 grit sandpaper before polishing to remove most of the scratches

    John PeraltaJohn Peralta7 månader sedan
  • Why does the disassembly easy but dankpod is going crazy about removing the back cover?🤔haha

    John PeraltaJohn Peralta7 månader sedan
  • I have an 80gb black 6th gen classic in near mint condition...& I have no idea where I got it from! Wont connect to my iTunes tho... 😔

    maladjustedtvmaladjustedtv7 månader sedan
  • I have one with 256 gig in it.

    Dana WDana W8 månader sedan
  • i have a classic ipod , 160 GB, please can you help me to fix it, i am a nigerian

    adekunle Adulojuadekunle Aduloju8 månader sedan
  • I wish they would make something like the iPod touch just with a lot better battery life etc. so you could have text and music on one device and everything else at Home etc. I mainly use my iPad at home and don’t need a huge phone to carry around with me all the time because I don’t use it for media consumption a lot but I know I’m a minority

    Inky uwuInky uwu8 månader sedan
  • @ 4:55- Making Sure Everything is Seated ‘Incorrectly’ Not helping my i📱

    Dhruv BhatDhruv Bhat8 månader sedan
  • I would so much love to have one of those. Your channel is addictive!

    Danny PlassDanny Plass8 månader sedan
  • Hi, where did you download the firmware from? I have an old ipod 120gb sitting in the drawer for too long and now I cannot get it restarted even after the ipod is charged. Thank you.

    Dar32Dr3am NDar32Dr3am N8 månader sedan
    • If that didn’t work join r/iPod on discord

      Zach HutchinsZach Hutchins8 månader sedan
    • Dar32Dr3am N disk mode then reset

      Zach HutchinsZach Hutchins8 månader sedan
  • My 5th gen is doing fine with 256 Gig.

    Almonzo WilderAlmonzo Wilder8 månader sedan
  • Hi i want to know about ipod battery because I am having 5th generation ipod classic, when I put on charging with my cell phone charger it doest not get charging but when I plugged in to my laptop it get charging what's the reason can you please tell me

    ajith kumarajith kumar8 månader sedan
  • Ended this video thinking how cool the iPods were, and how much I'd want one. Then I realized its 2020 and this technology only makes for a cool collectors pieces now. Kinda sad

    Tech SkywalkerTech Skywalker8 månader sedan
    • I can tell you they are GOOD at playing music. It has better sound than my 2019 phone.

      Dana WDana W8 månader sedan
  • use car polish for the scratches

    LearnLearn8 månader sedan
  • Great , simple video. For those (like me ) not having access to that JOSCO thing (which looks good) white stone polishing clay is great for cleaning and polishing the ipod. Just a question: I have noticed that my beloved 5.5th iPod Video external click wheel sound doesn´t work anymore (clicker settings in Yes, of course) I have googled it a lot but I cannot find where is the part producing that clicker sound. Click Wheel? Headphones jack? Motherboard? BIG mistery! Any idea? I have recently replaced the screen and I thinks it´s when I messed with something but I don´t know what. Thanks.

    Mig S.Mig S.8 månader sedan
  • I would love to buy. Will you sell it?

    siddharth sinhasiddharth sinha8 månader sedan
  • do you repair other people's IPODs? My classic ... the wheel doesn't scroll anymore and I can't keep it ON. I guess the battery is gone on it too. But can the wheel be repaired? It doesn't click or respond anymore.

    Delilah SalinasDelilah Salinas8 månader sedan
  • As shown by DankPods you can put up to 1 terabyte into a 7th generation 160gb version by flash storage but is runs terribly slow

    Nickbricks57Nickbricks579 månader sedan
  • S O M E O N E S B E E N I N H E R E!

    Death Rex619Death Rex6199 månader sedan
  • S O M E O N E S B E E N I N H E R E!

    Death Rex619Death Rex6199 månader sedan
  • 'Someone's been in there' DankPods

    Lorenzo GoldoniLorenzo Goldoni9 månader sedan
  • Hello Hugh, I have mine in the best condition you can imagine. It had the original plastic protecting the screen and since new I bought a silicon cover it's in perfect shape, the battery doesn't last long, but still works, but even that I have taken so much care of it... I lost the audio. I have no audio at all. While ago it started sounding weird until one day it finally lost the audio. Have you seen this failure before? if so, do you know what could be wrong and how to fix it?

    Luis GonzalezLuis Gonzalez9 månader sedan
  • I can see dankpods watching this

    Jackson TrostleJackson Trostle9 månader sedan
  • if i have a gen 6th ipod, can i use the 5th gen screens?

    D CD C9 månader sedan
  • Some things I learned from DankPods 1. Brasso actually works wonders on the front plastic. It really cleans up and polishes effectively, even though it is a metal polisher. 2. If you want to remove the scratches from the back metal cover... you need to replace it. Most other things just make it look worse 3. When opening the iPod, don't push up with your tool to avoid any damage. You need to slide the tool in, push a little down and inwards. The plastic clips should open up. 4. If you don't want the CF adapter to be that loosely inside, put a small piece of foam on it. 5. If you do the flash mod (SD card) and it doesn't work with the cheapo CF adapter, make sure the SD card really is in there. If it still doesn't want to work, get an iFlash CF adapter.

    MineClashTVMineClashTV9 månader sedan
  • Nice video, Hugh. I replaced the battery for my 5th gen 80 gig iPod a few months ago. The old battery was not holding a charge. Although the hard drive is starting to slow down on me. I'm thinking of replacing the hard drive or do you think a flash adapter & SD card would be better?

    JuanJuan10 månader sedan
  • Try polishing whit 1 GRIT

    Lorenzo GoldoniLorenzo Goldoni10 månader sedan
  • If you wanna learn better how to repair iPods, I think you should check out DankPods

    Lorenzo GoldoniLorenzo Goldoni10 månader sedan
  • You should look at DankPods, his channel is great for iPods, he’s also in the same country as you

    my boymy boy10 månader sedan
  • oh no he used the infamous dankpod hated sd to cf adapter

    Ethan DEthan D10 månader sedan
  • I have an iPod classic from 2007 and the only issues I have is it dies a lot faster and now one side of the sound doesn’t work. So like the left headphone has no sound but the right does. Even in the car or multiple headphones. How do you fix that?

    SoulPhoenixFireSoulPhoenixFire10 månader sedan
  • I didn't realise by polishing the iPod, will make it work again...I did this with mine and a Genie came out and granted me three wishes...I wished for a new

  • My iPod Classic 5th generation still has its original hard drive in it and it works fine don't ask me how it still works

    Wesley FogeWesley Foge10 månader sedan
  • And yes I have 3 old iPods

    Wesley FogeWesley Foge10 månader sedan
  • 1:45 that battery is swollen

    Wesley FogeWesley Foge10 månader sedan
  • If I change the battery on mine will I also have to update it? I don’t have an apple laptop so I’d rather not

    Izzy LozadaIzzy Lozada11 månader sedan
  • could you please send a link where you bought the battery?

    Rian martinsRian martins11 månader sedan
  • i got a ipod not sure witch version but its not the original one and its not very new all i know is the drive is broke and the on and off swich dosent work no matter what i do it dosent turn off also the model number is: A1040 and has 40GB aslo pretty sure its a launch day ipod because it says "EMC no:1961"

    Peter TropoliPeter Tropoli11 månader sedan
  • Watching your videos is making me want to buy loads of old apple tech and fix it! 😂 Keep making great content!

    Michael PhelanMichael Phelan11 månader sedan
  • Yo I just got one! 30 gig too thinking bout moddin it

    f.a.y.a .af.a.y.a .a11 månader sedan
  • My 120GB iPod Classic is still in perfect condition, having been in a brilliant case from day one, God knows how many years ago. Sadly, it's sitting in a Charging Dock, not charging, but not holding the charge and is not recognized by iTunes anymore, although it still plays the stuff via the headphones, that was already synced to it. Having abandoned my iPhone last year, I was hoping to carry on using the Classic in the car. But, the Car Stereo is not recognizing it either. It is, so far as I can see........defunct! 😉 Pity, because it was great to use in the car and at music gigs to play songs between sets.

    Wild HeartWild Heart11 månader sedan
  • Bro! I’m not very tech savvy, but I’m very motivated to try what you just did! I just bought 2 broken iPods and I want to do everything you just did! Can you please provide a list of tools and parts you had in this video? Thank you so much!

    Jeremiah TJeremiah T11 månader sedan
  • that black bar you warmed up is meant to be used with a powered buffing wheel, like pro's use for polishing.

    aly nichollsaly nicholls11 månader sedan
  • Are you secretly singularity computers? You sound just like him

    Cozmik PcsCozmik Pcs11 månader sedan
  • Broken iPod

    Gabriela JimenezGabriela Jimenez11 månader sedan
  • Brighto!

    Paul BaloghPaul Balogh11 månader sedan