Newer model iPhone battery in older iPhone | Will it work?

25 maj 2019
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I receive the question on wether newer iPhone parts would work in an older iPhone.
So watch as I attempt to install an iPhone 7 battery in an iPhone 6s.
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  • I Wonder If You Can Use An IPhone 6 Battery In An IPhone 6s

    Jeffrey BokhariJeffrey BokhariMånad sedan
  • can you see if newer selfie and back cameras will work in 6s

    A glass Of waterA glass Of waterMånad sedan
  • I pulled apart a dolphin 9 volt torch battery and rewired the cell to 5.5 volt and drilled a hole through case of iPhone 4 and direct wired it . Ran for over a month lol 😂

    Richard OdgersRichard Odgers2 månader sedan
  • it does work. what I did was remove the battery bus from the 6s battery and the 7 battery. then I swapped the bus from the 6s to the 7 and placed it back in the phone. as it recognises the chip as the original, it works perfect. replaced for only $8

    Bilal NeezamBilal Neezam2 månader sedan
  • Can you please put an old battery into a newer iPhone?

    Sumaya AbdihabibSumaya Abdihabib2 månader sedan
  • You should take connected bored off iPhone 6s battery and and do same with the iPhone 7 connected board and soder iPhone 6s connecter board to iPhone 7 battery

    NicVandEmZNicVandEmZ2 månader sedan
  • Hiii sir I am in India the battery changing eny problem for the. I phone board yes or no

    Gokul RajGokul Raj3 månader sedan
  • Just buy a supercharged battery with 2250-3000mAH for the 6s 😭

    Cardenas BlackCardenas Black3 månader sedan
  • Link to that battery charger board?

    samantha farmersamantha farmer3 månader sedan
  • 4:00 good one

    Oliwier 000BOliwier 000B4 månader sedan
  • didnt really need to watch the vid when u actually know 7's battery volt are lower than other 4,7 inch touch id series

    Google Pixel TestGoogle Pixel Test4 månader sedan
  • Was searching for this

    Aniket Ghosh EverythingAniket Ghosh Everything5 månader sedan
  • Those battery capacities are still pathetic compared to Samsung's of the same gen

    Redneck PyromaniaRedneck Pyromania5 månader sedan
  • I hate how i phone business. Thats why i hate i phone

    Tanvir Hassan 04Tanvir Hassan 045 månader sedan
  • I can confirm it works! It's been over a year now that I replaced my partners iphone 6s battery with an iphone 7 battery because she used to complained about how her battery will simply drain withint few hours. Actually with the extra juice from the iphone 7 battery, her phone lasts longer than my iphone 7!

    iWatch YutubiWatch Yutub5 månader sedan
  • Kinda weird. I used an original apple battery on my 6s but nothing unusual happened. I did bent the connector to fit the battery

    Morty.Morty.6 månader sedan
  • It was possible I've done it myself.

    Morty.Morty.6 månader sedan
  • Cery informative , keep up the good work sir .

    Junaid RahmanJunaid Rahman6 månader sedan
  • The battery percentage jumping like that isn’t caused by having a 7 battery in a 6s. The problem is actually on the logic board, called the IC charging chip. The abnormal battery percentage jumping all around is caused by this. It’s not the battery.

    Mkr BrandonMkr Brandon7 månader sedan
  • will work a iphone 7 battery on a iphone 6?

    Renato KaempfferRenato Kaempffer7 månader sedan
  • How are watch in iPhone 😄😄

    ARUNARUN7 månader sedan
  • You left the screen plugged in while changing the battery multiple times

    Jorgen Von StrangleJorgen Von Strangle7 månader sedan
    • @Tech Genius XP oh maybe I misunderstood

      Jorgen Von StrangleJorgen Von Strangle6 månader sedan
    • @Jorgen Von Strangle No, you remove the battery while changing the screen not the other way around.

      Tech Genius XPTech Genius XP6 månader sedan
    • @Tech Genius XP he says not to do that because you can short it out

      Jorgen Von StrangleJorgen Von Strangle6 månader sedan
    • So?

      Tech Genius XPTech Genius XP6 månader sedan
  • is that 'crazy' named battery is a better after market one? I want to replace my iphone se battery

    Sai YasaswiSai Yasaswi7 månader sedan
  • Don’t meme me on this but you should switch a iPhone XR A12 Bionic chip with an A13 Bionic chip

    Phant0mPhant0m7 månader sedan
  • This is an aftermarket battery. So I would expect a higher chance on it working. How about trying an official iPhone 7 battery? Edit: I didn’t watch the entire video. Sorry

    aTentaTent7 månader sedan
  • I really think I should say that you are wrong. First sorry about my English, second read with attention I have done this modification in about 4 6s, i still have two of them and they work Really fine. I know what was the problem in your video: the mod only work when you put the metal bracket up in the battery conector, they don’t share the “exact” conector (6s battery is a liiiiitle bigger and don’t work on 7) The problem that ti I have is with the middle pin of the conector, it shares data with cellphone and it was just a little loose.. I actuali had this problem with an original 6s battery. I think you should make other video trying in the way I just said since it make a big diference In my experience with 6s. Oh, is valid to say that the pins are the exactly the same and the battery has the exactly the same little bord in it, the 0.2V aren’t enough to implicate with the voltage regulators (it acts only counts when the battery is charged at 100%.. when it passes 99 that voltage don’t even count anymore) and you just need to bend the battery cable a little bit.. don’t make any difference in space inside the fone, the 7 battery it’s just a bit fat but not enough to touch in the back of the display assembly. Continue with the awesome job and keep taking care about your nice collection. A big thumb up from a fan in Brazil :)

    Alzemiro BorgesAlzemiro Borges7 månader sedan
  • could you tell if I it is possible to put iPhone 11 Pro battery in iPhone X ? I saw a couple of videos which have shown it..

    Akhil ShahAkhil Shah8 månader sedan
  • Hey you should put the phone on charger for about 8 hours this recalibrates the battery so that it will display the good percentage

    SupermotoslideSupermotoslide9 månader sedan
  • What about a iphone 8 battery in a phone 6s?

    Mr BubzMr Bubz9 månader sedan
  • You should do a collection video

    Joshua FischerJoshua Fischer10 månader sedan
  • hey, how can i contact you i wanna ask you a question

    Scott KearleyScott Kearley10 månader sedan
  • Great video! I’m looking for a replacement battery for my iPhone 6s. Does anyone have recommendations on a high quality battery?

    Bret RingBret Ring10 månader sedan
  • What if you use strips of iPhone 6s with iPhone 7 battery

    Ish SIsh S11 månader sedan
  • Iphone 6s battery is optimized for iphone 6s but iphone 7 battery is optimized for iphone 7

    UserUser11 månader sedan
  • Try adding a A13 chip into a older iphone

    GodGod11 månader sedan
  • Damnnn that would have been cool. I just changed my battery and was almost disappointed I didn’t do this.

    J AnthonyJ Anthony11 månader sedan
  • Gee, I would never have expected such incompatibility between said batteries, useful to know..

    David PriceDavid Price11 månader sedan
  • Bruh it could explode because of voltage and stuff I think

    Nav SanghaNav Sangha11 månader sedan
  • Will a iPhone 6S with a iPhone 8 battery work

    Mr. DonutMr. Donut11 månader sedan
  • Im using aftermarket high capacity battery brand Remax for my ip6. From 1810mAh(original) to 2245mAh(high capacity). Its still 100% battery health after 1year im using it.

    mohd joharimohd johari11 månader sedan
  • Who remember xxtention in 2020

    Chaminda JayasingheChaminda Jayasinghe11 månader sedan
  • hiii please tell me why when press battery health nothing inside just loading iphone xs ios 12 4 mounth old or when install battery apps show 0 % 🤔🤔🤔how to fix this 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

    Marijo NikolicMarijo NikolicÅr sedan
  • 2:25 Him: the phone displays the Apple logo. Me: *OR WOULD IT DISPLAY THE “ANDROID” LOGO DUMBO* 😂

    BeedslOlkUntusBeedslOlkUntusÅr sedan
  • If you want a fried board, go ahead LoL

    Random 3800 Class PhotographyRandom 3800 Class PhotographyÅr sedan
  • Would we be able to send our ipods or iPhone to you for a battery replacement?

    SmartyP89SmartyP89År sedan
  • if what is the exact MAh battery capacity for a unit is applicable for unit only and it cant be Upgrade

    Jhay LeneJhay LeneÅr sedan
  • They Say If you Install a Higher maH capacity battery on your divice it will be damage your unit.

    Jhay LeneJhay LeneÅr sedan
  • Good review❗️👍

    mike milesmike milesÅr sedan
  • Where do you get those specific aftermarket batteries from?

    jaden mcteerjaden mcteerÅr sedan
  • I want to know if I can replace a iPhone 8 Plus battery with a iPhone 8 battery

    Chicken Nuggets • 50 years agoChicken Nuggets • 50 years agoÅr sedan
  • Thank you dude. Finally found someone who says truth as is it rather than a bunch of BS.

    thisal abeysekerethisal abeysekereÅr sedan
  • How about the displays? Would you experiment that for us?

    NoneNoneÅr sedan
  • You should do a video about switching the processors like outting an A11 on an iPhone 6

    Hasni RayaneHasni RayaneÅr sedan
  • If You Change the battery You have to charge it fully and then draining it complettely because the phone has to monitor the HEALT to determine it! 0.1V is not a difference. The batteries are empty at 2.7V 600mAh output and are charged at 4.2-4.4V and the maximum output should be around 1500mAh while discharging! ... Also the Phone can run on 5V because the USB port has to deliver 4.9-5.1V (on PC 500mAh min.). Also some phones can ouput 5V by some coils that can convert the 3.7V(this is the average, not minimum) 1500mAh to 5V 1100mAh! Please dont upload stupid videos what YOU THINK is correct. Next time just proove Your knowledge....

    2K18ban Valaki2K18ban ValakiÅr sedan
  • Idk will it work?

    DankBong420DankBong420År sedan
  • I was wondering if someone could install a new A series chip on an older device

    Mr.EMr.EÅr sedan
  • The way it’s going you can just get all the best bits from all phones and build your own init. With a replaceable update chip for when apple stop supporting it.

    Ged WoodsGed WoodsÅr sedan
  • On the “CHAWJAW”

    RoccoDaKidRoccoDaKidÅr sedan
  • Hugh jeffreys can u plz fix my iphone 5s

    CC 19CC 19År sedan
  • Your changing port looks cool, can you link the website you brought it from....please.

    Ian HarveyIan HarveyÅr sedan
  • Just solder more cells into the connection where the cell connects to the BMS Boom, longer battery life (it works with laptops and android phones)

    MWB GamingMWB GamingÅr sedan
  • The battery life of modern phones is just silly how they could easily double what they give the user just by making the phone a bit thicker and they won't do it because they have no motivation to do so when the smaller batteries make people more likely to upgrade.

    Matthew LemmersMatthew LemmersÅr sedan
  • I did this with a Note 5 and S7 non edge battery little while ago. The battery was physically larger but they were the same capacity and voltage iirc.

    R AR AÅr sedan
  • I mean I would imagine so

    barrelbarrelÅr sedan
  • Surprised it works but it will throw errors and over time it will fry your logic board

    Code # 404Code # 404År sedan
  • Short answer: yes

    Coco康納Coco康納År sedan
  • Try using new mother board in a old ios device plzzz

    Galaxy Da2Galaxy Da2År sedan
  • I did it before And it works just fine without any issues

    ДββДṦДββДṦÅr sedan
    • AM AK The same as video I put 7 on 6s and worked

      ДββДṦДββДṦ8 månader sedan
    • Abbas Mousavi You said you did it before, what models did you do on it?

      AM AKAM AK8 månader sedan
    • Abbas Mousavi But that guy in the video used an iPhone 7 on 6S

      AM AKAM AK8 månader sedan
    • AM AK So it means you can't use 6s on 6. I suggest using a KF battery or any battery with higher capacity than original one.

      ДββДṦДββДṦ8 månader sedan
    • Abbas Mousavi I compared between iPhone 6 and 6S battery connectors, I found that the 6S has very little bit different.

      AM AKAM AK8 månader sedan
  • But what if you desolder the flex of a 6s battery and solder it to an iPhone 7 battery? 🤔 shit I’ll have to try that

    Math PltschMath PltschÅr sedan
  • This thing happened to me yesterday

    Imran KhanImran KhanÅr sedan
  • What about camera🤔

    Krys XYZKrys XYZÅr sedan
  • Can you put an iphone 7 motherboard into a iphone 6s?

    P&S ProductionzP&S ProductionzÅr sedan
  • 4gb ram in iPhone 6

    KaptainKaptainÅr sedan
  • The real question is- can you fit iphone’s 11 pro max battrry

    skipijs 5skipijs 5År sedan
  • Wait a minute 🤔 You took a third party battery from an iPhone 7 and put it into a 6S? Why don’t you put in a stock iPhone 7 battery into the 6s and check the results for a more authentic result?

    Son GokuSon GokuÅr sedan
  • What about iPhone 8 Plus camera in an iPhone 7 plus?

    AronneAronneÅr sedan
  • I want to see iPhone se battery in iPhone 5s

    Bukow_Bukow_År sedan
  • That’s extremely interesting

    SimplyStimulatingSimplyStimulatingÅr sedan
  • I have a IPad 4th Gen that has the same problem

    Wet P L A N TWet P L A N TÅr sedan
  • I love you man, i watch all of your videos and they are awesome

    Official candy ManOfficial candy ManÅr sedan
  • Will it matter anyway if it can still be smashed?

    TheTechCguyTheTechCguyÅr sedan
  • Where do you get these batteries? Im considering replacing the battery in my iphone se but dont know what to trust, i see you trust the batteries you use

    over9000713over9000713År sedan
    • over9000713 he gets them from a Australian store online

      ShoSho11 månader sedan
  • Can you try it the other way around with 6s battery in iPhone 7

    NicVandEmZNicVandEmZÅr sedan
  • Where u get those bettery

    Chikengamer 84Chikengamer 84År sedan
  • do you sell restored iphone ??

    ACHEI 57ACHEI 57År sedan
  • These problem happen just like mine...maybe the previous owner change fake battery ip7

    Iqbal DayahIqbal DayahÅr sedan
  • I have to share my experience with my 6s. I did it about 4 months ago using a higher capacity baseus battery from aliexpress for iPhone 7 (2200 mah+-). At first, it was kinda scary banding the cable as it is longer and must be done, but I managed to do it without damaging the battery. So far so good, everything works great and battery life is really excellent, (settings still show 100%). Can't really recommend it to everyone as you might damage your phone, but for me, it was well worth the risk :)

    Dominik MášaDominik MášaÅr sedan
    • It really guives yo more use of screen time?

      Biel Mèlich ArtésBiel Mèlich Artés7 månader sedan
    • @Angel Castillo It is quite easy really, you just change the battery like you normally would, but you bend the battery connection cable a little bit since it is longer. I would suggest to look at some video on youtube how to change the battery. Here is the one I got. 2250mAh for iPhone 7.,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

      Dominik MášaDominik Máša8 månader sedan
    • Can u help me ? I want to do that

      Angel CastilloAngel Castillo8 månader sedan
    • how many hours u get?

      erizerizÅr sedan
  • Prying a problem? I used my 2 foot Snap On pry bar too remove the battery once went without a hitch lol

    SpaceCassetteSpaceCassetteÅr sedan
  • will a iphone 6s battery work on a iphone 7?

    YusukeYusukeÅr sedan
  • My 75dollar phone has a 3000mah battery xD

    Chikanso K.Chikanso K.År sedan
    • @Purrune90 xD

      Chikanso K.Chikanso K.År sedan
    • My old android (lg fiesta 2) had a 4400mah lmao

      Purrune90Purrune90År sedan
  • Hey you spelled never wrong

    Ismael nakkarIsmael nakkarÅr sedan
  • A lot of high capacity of battery are sell in China like iPhone 6s, it got 2200mAh battery, and work well with my iPhone 6s for pass 2 years

    Keith PehKeith PehÅr sedan
  • Hi Hugh put an iPhone 6s battery in a iPhone 7

    sneha s iyersneha s iyerÅr sedan
  • Do an iPhone XR battery on another old phone.

    Chanzo TechChanzo TechÅr sedan
  • I put an iphone 7 battery in a 7 plus and it worked lmao, it displayed the perfect health also

    IonutIonutÅr sedan
    • More of a downgrade

      NoMxrcyNoMxrcyÅr sedan
  • You can also use Remax Super Capacity Battery (2245mAh) for ip6s.

    Wayne SWayne SÅr sedan
  • Theoretically it's possible to use any other battery but first it would need to have a compatible interface connector. Other factors such as impedance, power rating, c rating, voltage and what not will only affect the performance of each components depending on the specific design of the phone. Yeah

    Aldiver AlcorizaAldiver AlcorizaÅr sedan
  • i have some issues with my Iphone 7 , when i want to check my battery health , it's just loading endlessly , may somebody help me ?

    TryCarnageTryCarnageÅr sedan
  • PSA the battery reading problem might go Away after multiple recharges and discharges due to the way the battery read out works

    Matthew McCrearyMatthew McCrearyÅr sedan
  • Can you show me the whole process to buy iPhone part online?

    eden wooeden wooÅr sedan