Custom Blue IOS 6 iPhone 5 Build & Restoration

7 sep 2019
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Restoring and customising this old iPhone 5 with a blue housing and some other new parts.
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  • Where can I get that blue housing??

    Lonergan FitnessLonergan Fitness29 dagar sedan
  • Where exactly did you get the housing? I want to change my iphone color.

    MasterCode3000MasterCode3000Månad sedan
  • Could you do this with an iPhone 5s

    Mr dirt GamerMr dirt GamerMånad sedan
  • Hi i want to know whats the problem of my iphone 5 it fell on the floor and first thing that happen is battery drained so fast 10 secs after it fell and it completely turned off and i tried to charge it and opens but it drains the battery while it was charging. Now when i charge it, the apple logo just keep showing on the screen it boot loops

    vhan benedick Bagovhan benedick BagoMånad sedan
  • Is it possible to get iPhone 5 style cosmic black back case for iPhone se first gen?

    study & observationstudy & observation2 månader sedan
  • I want that can i sale that

    Stephen DumaogStephen Dumaog2 månader sedan
    • Color blue

      Stephen DumaogStephen Dumaog2 månader sedan
    • I want that i phone can I buy that

      Stephen DumaogStephen Dumaog2 månader sedan
    • And a finale comment this

      Stephen DumaogStephen Dumaog2 månader sedan
    • Thats wrong

      Stephen DumaogStephen Dumaog2 månader sedan
  • I don't know why, iPhone 5 Series is the best iPhone models .. I love the models .. :v

    SwandikaTio_1931SwandikaTio_19313 månader sedan
  • No offence but why didn’t you put Touch ID on it so when it get the flat iOS’ it can use that

    Cat Boy CalCat Boy Cal3 månader sedan
    • Also did you also make a pink and red version???

      Cat Boy CalCat Boy Cal3 månader sedan
  • You are great man great job

    Haseeb SabHaseeb Sab4 månader sedan
  • I only this was green then...

    avraham cohen sabanavraham cohen saban6 månader sedan
  • Hugh is the guy u go to when you need a phone fixed.

    Phillip RhinehardtPhillip Rhinehardt7 månader sedan
  • Why couldn’t this be an official apple colour when the phone was released

    Curtis RiceCurtis Rice7 månader sedan
    • Yeah! Blue fits iOS 6 so well!

      Jake TaylorJake Taylor7 månader sedan
  • I have a white iPhone 5 on iOS 10.3.4

    Amploxo NintendoAmploxo Nintendo7 månader sedan
  • Do you sell all the product that you restored my friend?

    Nhược Tuyền PhạmNhược Tuyền Phạm8 månader sedan
  • enyone whaching dhis in 2020???!!!

    Albin AziziAlbin Azizi9 månader sedan
  • Boy I'm a boy tho

    stopbeingignorant1stopbeingignorant19 månader sedan
  • Or the blue one

    stopbeingignorant1stopbeingignorant19 månader sedan
  • The pink or purple one is dope can I get that one?

    stopbeingignorant1stopbeingignorant19 månader sedan
  • I'm only 9 so that means it will be my first phone and I wanted this phone since I was 7.

    stopbeingignorant1stopbeingignorant19 månader sedan
  • Bro can I get the iPhone 5 i really really like it good job to.

    stopbeingignorant1stopbeingignorant19 månader sedan
  • I have a broken iPhone 5, I will replace the lcd and I was considering to replace the housing but now that I watched this video I gave up

    Tiger HeTiger He9 månader sedan
  • Amazing

    יובל כהןיובל כהן10 månader sedan
  • Wow pretty :)

    VirusHVEVOVirusHVEVO10 månader sedan
  • Can I pls Have that phone i had same phone for years pls i do anything for it

    Itachi uchihaItachi uchiha11 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh, i own a iPhone 5s and At Some point My Friend dropped it and it Broke. Then it started getting Some issues like funny lines in Every Color You Can think of, and the touch didnt work sometimes. So ist wanted to Ask if that is even fixable?

    straitline senderstraitline sender11 månader sedan
  • The iphone 5 really is my fav design of all time !

    GREEN SPLASHGREEN SPLASH11 månader sedan
    • Same :)

      SwandikaTio_1931SwandikaTio_19313 månader sedan
  • Nice one to tor ok

    Farhan ArfatFarhan Arfat11 månader sedan
  • #jaffreys great dude can u please give any iPhone which u have restored to me. really I love your restoration and the way you make it new.

    sonu kumarsonu kumar11 månader sedan
  • where does he buy this iPhone housing

    Vitor .:.Vitor .:.År sedan
  • Man a true blue iPhone would be killer No pastel , sky/bright blue , a true blue

    V RV RÅr sedan
  • If you find another iPhone 5 that’s broken and in need of repair try going for a green housing and if you get all the colors you could make a rainbow of iPhone fives

    Met Product33061Met Product33061År sedan
  • Dang, repairing a phone looks more difficult than a computer/laptop because of the small parts.

    Deckardd WizarddDeckardd WizarddÅr sedan
    • It is.

      VaiToW NeXuSVaiToW NeXuS11 månader sedan
  • Drop the link where you get these housings. I used to get them from ebay but thy dont sell the older phones ones now

    Urban exploration SquadUrban exploration SquadÅr sedan
  • Send phone pls😭

    Jhovenson RejanoJhovenson RejanoÅr sedan
  • where did u get the custom case

    K9INEK9INEÅr sedan
  • How thick is the iPhone 5 package ? 😆 0:23

    Asami SatoAsami SatoÅr sedan
  • I want to convert my iphone 5 CDMA to GSM. Please advise me.

    srajibssrajibsÅr sedan
    • impossible

      Caden YangCaden Yang6 månader sedan
  • Dark blue is sexy haha nice job

    SmartyP89SmartyP89År sedan
  • hey men how many iphones do u have

    Pomson MwololoPomson MwololoÅr sedan
  • Lol i have 3 of them

    C̷͊̈l̴͗͜i̷̲͑s̷̽̊e̸̔͝n̷̡̆C̷͊̈l̴͗͜i̷̲͑s̷̽̊e̸̔͝n̷̡̆År sedan
  • Nice job Hugh..Hugely informative

    s gas gaÅr sedan
  • i really imagine showing these to my kids after a few years and amaze them by this guys skill in repairing Apple needs to hire himmm!!!

    Murardeep Singh ToorMurardeep Singh ToorÅr sedan
  • With that color, this phone looks even better than new models!

    Jesus PortillaJesus PortillaÅr sedan
  • Whats your ebay account?

    Hannan AhmadHannan AhmadÅr sedan
  • i always love ios 6 it will always be in my heart

    Varix2006Varix2006År sedan
  • can the iphone 5 housing work for the iphone 5s

    T33JAYT33JAYÅr sedan
    • TJD LOLZ idk iam not an expert but the flashlight of the 5s is bigger

      Mitchell FNMitchell FNÅr sedan
  • no one: LITERALLY no one: hugh jeffreys: does a custom color iphone 5 apple: literally makes iphone 5c for other colors 7 years ago hugh jeffreys: im gonna end your whole career

    Artur KlemetsArtur KlemetsÅr sedan
  • Ip5 i think is the best iphone

    gavigaviÅr sedan
  • Please sir u have many iPhone Give me one please Love from India

    sundaram wadhwasundaram wadhwaÅr sedan
  • Anyone with the name of the first song in the background?

    Technology&ToysTechnology&ToysÅr sedan
  • Where can we order that custom iphone 5s back housing?

    James YanocJames YanocÅr sedan
  • I switched the memory on mine and did a 2 tone phone.

    Adam CarverAdam CarverÅr sedan
  • I have this iPhone 5 in mid condition I still used it like 4 months ago now I havE 6s.

    Gaming YorkGaming YorkÅr sedan
  • *crips have entered the chat*

    booby shmudabooby shmudaÅr sedan
    • booby shmuda *cheese and onion*

      Random CrapRandom CrapÅr sedan
  • Hello I have a question Where can i buy a replacement housing with the apple logo because i only find housing without the logo

    DivolexDivolexÅr sedan
    • Housing

      DivolexDivolexÅr sedan
  • Hugh: It is impossible to buy a custom iPhone housing with the parts already installed. China: I'm gonna end this man's whole career

    DjPansetas ZoulouDjPansetas ZoulouÅr sedan
  • I want to buy the phones u restored. Like the red apple iphone 8.

    Mel Tv Dota 2 - Cancer GamingMel Tv Dota 2 - Cancer GamingÅr sedan
  • Bro i need it please

    Rajendra Singh Assoc.Prof. Hort.Rajendra Singh Assoc.Prof. Hort.År sedan
  • Look like easy woow

    Piphat SawangyingPiphat SawangyingÅr sedan
  • are you selling any of the blue ones?

    Corz IllaCorz IllaÅr sedan
  • where did you get the blue part from ?

    Corz IllaCorz IllaÅr sedan
  • Now just make a yellow pink green violet indigo orange iPhone 🌈🌈

    Paras ChavanParas ChavanÅr sedan
  • I have the same IPhone 5s Gold model A1429. His problem it stucks on the apple it can't turn on... Can you help me how to solve this problem please

    Chris BrownChris BrownÅr sedan
  • i lovee blue

  • Can I get one phone

    Deepash RabhaDeepash RabhaÅr sedan
  • i wish to buy the iphone 7 in the new housing after you finish it :D

    DocTakDocTakÅr sedan
  • Please sir give me any iPhone Please sir please😫🙏🙏💓

    Dikshay BhagatDikshay BhagatÅr sedan
  • You make it look so simple

    ZycklaconZycklaconÅr sedan
  • iCloud locked, some of them could be stolen devices... Very nice Video btw.

    giovi727giovi727År sedan
  • So now restore a Mac book air

    Plaid PenguinPlaid PenguinÅr sedan
  • How much do you lot think a custom blue iPhone 6 with a light up apple logo and light up speaker grill would be worth?

    R 7R 7År sedan
  • Hi can you add a link to where you purchase the blue housing.

    Ian HarveyIan HarveyÅr sedan
  • Why doesn’t he link any of the parts he buy 😡😡😡😡. Anyone having the same opinion? Especially the batteries he use. Im starting to hate this guy. Like and comment untill he realises 👆🏻.

    Avinash KAvinash KÅr sedan
  • 👌🏻👍🏻

    Suhas SundarSuhas SundarÅr sedan
  • Cake

    Snipersboy14Snipersboy14År sedan
  • Where did u get the housing at

    skeptic YTskeptic YTÅr sedan
    • China

      I play fortnite lolI play fortnite lolÅr sedan
  • Omg love this custom phone u made and love yr videos keep up the good work

    tang jing youtang jing youÅr sedan
  • Hello Dear You send me one mobile phone pleace

    jgftu lbftyu7jgftu lbftyu7År sedan
  • Can i get this iPhone for free.

    Haroon kashmiriHaroon kashmiriÅr sedan
  • Love u

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  • Does anyone have the iphone 5 if do can I have it

    Sensation-469 GamingSensation-469 GamingÅr sedan
    • Ok

      Sensation-469 GamingSensation-469 GamingÅr sedan
    • no

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  • Can you give me that blue one..pls..

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  • giveaway?

    JujuPangPang BreadJujuPangPang BreadÅr sedan
  • salut hugh je veux achete un ipone 5s pour mon petit frere ou je peux trouve un comment ca

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  • You’re actually a calm repair channel

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  • Not nice at all

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  • The blue iPhone just looks great nice job

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  • May I get that purple one? How much you charge for that If I need it?

  • Белые полоски антенн все портят

    Илья БыковИлья БыковÅr sedan
  • I was looking on ebay and you can get 24kt gold housings. Maybe make a 24kt gold iphone for your next project?

    Tech SavvyTech SavvyÅr sedan
  • Ios 6 very good

    YTB. CôngYTB. CôngÅr sedan
  • Can i get iphone 4s battery.i hv a 7 plus but i miss my 4s a lot so can u plz suggest me if i can get a 4s battery

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  • Give this phone to me

    AkifAkifÅr sedan
  • Great video mate and can't wait for next one! 👍

    Iam MeenaIam MeenaÅr sedan
  • Where did you buy those custom replacement housings?

    Ale YTAle YTÅr sedan
    • Ale YT online

      Bored AmericanBored American11 månader sedan
  • Link, please

    [E]nerg[Y][E]nerg[Y]År sedan
  • Can you fix my iPhone 6 it won’t turn on

    Ruben OfficialRuben OfficialÅr sedan
  • Your getting all the good deals from eBay

    Stopmotion MadnessStopmotion MadnessÅr sedan
    • Stopmotion Madness he gets good deal because he knows how to deal with the situations of the phones whereas as us we dont 😂😂🤦‍♂️

      PrabhavPrabhavÅr sedan
  • can you make home button led light ?

    Phong Giang ThanhPhong Giang ThanhÅr sedan