$105 iPad 5th Generation Repair

8 feb 2020
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It's time to work on Apples 5th Generation iPad and repair a broken one, hopefully making it fully working once again.
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  • My screen is shattered and it likes to open random apps. Will I have to replace the LCD along with the screen or just the screen? The LCD works fine

    Ford 4 EverFord 4 Ever15 dagar sedan
  • Very Helpful.... clear instructions and good vocals too.

    Dr M Y JamroDr M Y Jamro20 dagar sedan
  • Lel i have an ipad 5 and it was bent i bent it back (beacuse of roblox raging) and now uts still a bit bent:/

    XxcludyerickskiesxXXxcludyerickskiesxX27 dagar sedan
  • Is anyone watching this on the exact same iPad he’s fixing because I am😜😜😜😜

    Lukas BrownLukas BrownMånad sedan
  • How to get the digitiser 1St go to wish 2 search iPad 2 digitiser

    Luka _hDx1Luka _hDx1Månad sedan
  • I like the iPad 5 because the glass is not GLUED to the digitizer. its so hard to fix the iPad when its like that. I've broken my iPad mini, and my air 2 trying to fix the screen. im only 14, so I can't afford to buy replacement screens. Worst part of all, I broke the home button cable on my iPad air 2. so now I have to pay apple $340 to reprogram a new home button. it will take me a very long time to repair my 2 iPads. but I like your videos!

    Okejay57Okejay57Månad sedan
  • Apple won’t repair an iPad 5th gen screen. They say it’s not possible.

    Cine ZoneCine ZoneMånad sedan
  • Dude I love your videos

    JOKER 24JOKER 24Månad sedan
  • i liked having a new recent ipad because my ipad 1st gen isn't working well now...

    Zacharion TabZacharion Tab2 månader sedan
  • @hughjeffreys I have a Lenovo chromebook that won’t work. Can you fix it if I send it to you? I would want it back but just asking

    blondin travisblondin travis2 månader sedan
  • i really need this ipad Hugh

    Muhammadh Bin Ismathur RahmanMuhammadh Bin Ismathur Rahman2 månader sedan
  • I have a 130dollar ipad 5th gen refurbished😭

    BTS ARMYBTS ARMY2 månader sedan
  • Funny how I'm watching how to fix an iPad 5th gen on an iPad 5th gen

    Joe BiondaniJoe Biondani2 månader sedan
  • I have 2 of these 5th generation ipads. The displays are broken just by hard looking.

    Topse CretTopse Cret2 månader sedan
  • iPad 5th Generation Gang where are you?

    Lxve Hxrts ClxssLxve Hxrts Clxss2 månader sedan
  • Me while watching on a iPad 5

    Ubrun 10Ubrun 102 månader sedan
  • Where do you get all of the tempered glass screen protectors?

    Christopher CrattyChristopher Cratty2 månader sedan
  • I’m watching on and iPad 5th gen. It’s not smashed.

    ZastronomerZastronomer2 månader sedan
  • Maybe try wearing some sort of protective gloves. Unless of course you have your hands insured (which I would recommend). Your hands are your income

    WozzaWozza2 månader sedan
  • Hey i have a question can a bent ipad with cracks be fixed

    Kinda SusKinda Sus2 månader sedan
  • whos watching this because they just broke their ipad ? nobody ? i guess its just me

    kitqqikitqqi2 månader sedan
  • Do you mean iPad flying Generation

    BlueCreeper1499BlueCreeper14992 månader sedan
  • ever wonder what he deos with all this new stuff?

    shelle garryoreillyshelle garryoreilly3 månader sedan
  • I think it’s a 8th gen cuz my mum has one and she said it’s a 8th il love your work as well

    Chris CavaneyChris Cavaney3 månader sedan
  • Ipad scratches at level 6 deeper grooves at level 7

    TriggeredgirlXD 85TriggeredgirlXD 853 månader sedan
  • On top of my logic board one of the three screws was stripped and using a rubber band and duct tape under the screw did not work. Now what am I supposed to do? I don't really want to use a dremel to cut a line into the screw cause that risks damaging the logic board.

    MMmaster123MMmaster1233 månader sedan
  • Hi mate, Fantastic video, Where can you buy the digitizer, and what to look for. Thanks mate 👍

    bhashitha ranathungabhashitha ranathunga3 månader sedan
  • I’d like my iPad Air 2 repaired please lol

    Okejay57Okejay573 månader sedan
  • You’ll have to take out the iPad very carefully

    gamer God 123gamer God 1233 månader sedan
  • Take the old Apple charger

    gamer God 123gamer God 1233 månader sedan
  • I don’t know if the second or third generation of iPad all I know for sure it doesn’t take a current Apple charger

    gamer God 123gamer God 1233 månader sedan
    • Go to The Setting app, and then from there go to General > About > Model Name. Hope this helps.

      Project CwenSpaceProject CwenSpace3 månader sedan
  • Do you know how to fix the screen cracked and the charger port bent iPad

    gamer God 123gamer God 1233 månader sedan
  • This looks exactly like how my old ipad looks ahah

    Ella HuxtableElla Huxtable3 månader sedan
  • I've never seen iPad's interior before

    ttt tttttt ttt3 månader sedan
  • It’s A$105 dollars

    Istvan KomparIstvan Kompar3 månader sedan
  • Gimme that

    ChicoTheGamer YT20ChicoTheGamer YT204 månader sedan
  • Lol im watching this on the ipad u fixed

    MeMe4 månader sedan
  • I like it how he just destroyed the screen even more while talking off the screen

    JustOrdinaryLucasJustOrdinaryLucas4 månader sedan
  • Imagine if you fixed it but it was activation locked :O

    Vulnerable SmartyVulnerable Smarty4 månader sedan
  • I have a question... how can someone manage to break an iPad?

    Santiago ColpasSantiago Colpas4 månader sedan
  • Me with my iPad Mini that has digitizer damage and sudden app crashes or lag : . v .

    Funny MannFunny Mann4 månader sedan
  • I am watching this on a 5th gen. But it is newer

    ImposterImposter4 månader sedan
  • Let’s go to 1M

    ZigloZiglo4 månader sedan
  • I I I I I I I

    turd 67turd 674 månader sedan
  • .

    turd 67turd 674 månader sedan
  • I got a refurbished iPad Air 2 for $92 and it is great 👍🏻

    Thomas LowdonThomas Lowdon5 månader sedan
  • Can we change the motherboard of i phone 5s

    Anup SharmaAnup Sharma5 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh, big fan. One question where did you but the two apple watches lot? Please share with us so that we can also get on repairing.

    charancharan5 månader sedan
  • i don't know how apple managed to go from *T H I C C B O I* (ipad 4) to *S K I N N Y B O I* (ipad 5)

    J'DJ'D5 månader sedan
  • Sir, How can I contact you, I am interested in buying products refurbished by you. 🙂

    WinteredWintered5 månader sedan
  • *_Huge Jeffreys_*

    RooneyRooney5 månader sedan
  • This type of repair is easy. Make videos of the phones u bought by lot. Those looks tough.

    Rayhan JRayhan J5 månader sedan
  • IPad 5 bood

    DIPTO KHANDIPTO KHAN6 månader sedan
  • Hey Jeffreys can you help me how to unlock ipad mini 1st gen from iCloud activation. I bought in second hand i cant get password or apple id from owner. Help me make a video if possible.

    Joshi VjJoshi Vj6 månader sedan
  • Yeah, my iPad 4 digitiser is not functioning properly.

    Pocket EditionPocket Edition6 månader sedan
  • this iPad could be one from my school :)

    _Unbekannt__Unbekannt_6 månader sedan
  • Can you fix my ipad

    Frostbite GamingFrostbite Gaming6 månader sedan
  • How much would it cost for you to repair an iPhone 7 with a unresponsive screen and also cracks

    the newb gaming kidthe newb gaming kid6 månader sedan
  • Looks like my iPad except it had no home button just off no top when I got it fixed brand new lol

    YetchYetch6 månader sedan
  • I had a iPad 5th gen sadly my iPad couldn’t have a Apple ID anymore :(

    William lolzWilliam lolz6 månader sedan
  • I like the way he says spudger....Very soothing

    hamskyxxxhamskyxxx6 månader sedan
  • i’m watching this on the same model of ipad and damn, this hurts (my ipad doesn’t have any cracks or anything, just minor scratches that don’t aren’t that visible)

    MonShoeMonShoe6 månader sedan
  • You sneaky bitch is that the song that uses the ipod clickwheel as the high traps?

    ph4nt0mph4nt0m6 månader sedan
  • You can buy a replacement screen with a new button on it

    Adam WalshAdam Walsh6 månader sedan
  • Pro tip, the alcohol you used, dissolves the adhesive. If you drip it on your picks, it's super easy. Also use a heat gun on the home button.

    WatlingjWatlingj6 månader sedan
  • I need please my ipad

    Caleb GrantCaleb Grant6 månader sedan
  • :15 Who else thought it look like a laptop

    Boss at SnipeBoss at Snipe7 månader sedan
    • 0:15

      pixeley87pixeley877 månader sedan
  • Now I hate you so much cause you don't need it and I need drawing device... I hate everything...

    muchanymuchany7 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh, question: I have an ipad that’s iCloud locked. How do I get rid of that? Msg me please

    KevinGalabayKevinGalabay7 månader sedan
    • KevinGalabay so does that mean that you do not know ur I cloud password? If so,u can’t really fix it and have to replace the motherboard but Apple doesn’t replace it,idk why that’s why my mother threw away a I pad air 2

      Kerwin YeoKerwin Yeo7 månader sedan
  • Do you sell the repaired phones?

    Farhan Masud ShuvoFarhan Masud Shuvo7 månader sedan
  • I have the same ipad

    raimundo bosmanraimundo bosman7 månader sedan
  • Is that available for sale? If yes, please tell me the price.

    SC BramhalSC Bramhal7 månader sedan
  • Wow you gotta fix my old iPad mini 1 😂

    starqiiastarqiia7 månader sedan
  • Im watching this on a 32 gig iPad 5th generation

    Daniel TDaniel T7 månader sedan
  • I'll sell you a iPad 5th gen for 104 because I broke the battery and lcd during repair

    TheSwagGuy5000TheSwagGuy50007 månader sedan
  • Hi I’m AKKI My iPhone 5 Apple ID and password forget How to unlock and setup new ID I was restore phone activation lock not working old iD how I setup iPhone Help.::

    akki prajapatiakki prajapati7 månader sedan
  • That’s my old iPad 🙀 man I screwed it up badly

    Ajay RandolphAjay Randolph7 månader sedan
  • Me watching with my perfectly fine iPad 5th Generation: 👁👄👁

    Rynad A. G.Rynad A. G.7 månader sedan
  • I have 5th generation ipad some scuffs but still working 😁 (bought 2017)

    The WatcherThe Watcher7 månader sedan
  • Me watching on my iPad 5th generation:

    Gemma’s Gacha & More!Gemma’s Gacha & More!7 månader sedan
  • I fear no man. But that thing 2:15 It scares me

    TheTechChannel 1TheTechChannel 17 månader sedan
  • Damn my ipad air 2 is in better shape than this

    bo nnbo nn7 månader sedan
  • How much did you resale it

    CrazyAfricanbinaryscalper BinaryoptionsCrazyAfricanbinaryscalper Binaryoptions7 månader sedan
  • May I ask if there are anywhere fpc connector so I can bay ( the LCD for the screen and to the board) I got one myself and its missing this 2 components.

    kostas magalioskostas magalios7 månader sedan
  • I would recommend using b7000 and run a thing bead around the chassis and leave for 1/2mins and that seal the digitiser and then clamp for around 1 hour for a tight seal. The tape you are using will cause the screen to lift back up. Ultimately you are supposed to heat the screen to soften the tape and clamp it all around to seal. The b7000 is a great all round adhesive for a phone and tablet lcd/dig adhesion.

    darren strathdeedarren strathdee7 månader sedan
  • Love Your Videos! (i would play 1k dollars for u to fix my Custom iphone X PLSSS)

    Nathan GrenzNathan Grenz7 månader sedan
  • 113 dislikes from the Genius Bar cos they wanted to charge twice as much and say its unrepairable

    Mikey WestMikey West7 månader sedan
  • I like the way you say "Spajaa"

    SovereignSovereign7 månader sedan
  • Apple wouldn’t give me that much money back on an unbroken iPad Air and you bought one for $100 ish.

    Anonymous AnonAnonymous Anon7 månader sedan
  • Should have put tape on the glass before removing

    BlankEssenceBlankEssence7 månader sedan
  • very cool

    Anika Joy H.Anika Joy H.7 månader sedan
  • :D

    AndreiAndrei7 månader sedan
  • Hi hugh would you sell it to me ?

    Dr. Rishabh MittalDr. Rishabh Mittal7 månader sedan
  • Why is the iPhone more durable than the iPad?

    Joey NunesJoey Nunes7 månader sedan
  • Where does he order his screens?

    Inky uwuInky uwu7 månader sedan
  • I have that same iPad but it’s in gold and it’s a 128 gigabyte iPad

    mousymousy7 månader sedan
  • This is a 6th generation iPad (Air 2), the 5th gen is the original Air and did not have TouchID.

    Egemen BostanEgemen Bostan8 månader sedan
  • So where can I buy the repaired devices? Do you have a page or a shop of some sort?

    Clorox BleachClorox Bleach8 månader sedan
  • I watched the 1st generation one as well lol

    MR ROLEX 136MR ROLEX 1368 månader sedan
  • grsat job mr. jeffrey's

    Claude CharlandClaude Charland8 månader sedan