iPhone 7 Plus LCD replacement

23 mar 2019
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Fixing up a 128GB iPhone 7 Plus with a new LCD and water proof seal.
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  • do you get any annoying messages about the display not been geunine??

    Kayena ArellanoKayena ArellanoMånad sedan
  • how much does it cost to fix a iPhone 7 plus screen repair????

    Ashlee GarciaAshlee Garcia6 månader sedan
  • Watching this video in lockdown

    Khawaja Zouhair AsifKhawaja Zouhair Asif6 månader sedan
  • Anyone know an easy way to un-stick a volume button on a iphone 7 ?

    EyerexEyerex6 månader sedan
  • If you own the phone pls comment it

    Splat2GlitcherSplat2Glitcher7 månader sedan
  • A friend gave me an iPhone 7 plus that has a completely shattered screen and LCD and doesn't show any signs of life except for getting warm. iTunes doesn't recognize it either. Any ideas why? Mother board problem? charging port? I have only fixed a few devices so I don't know what could be wrong with it.

    Kyle MoyerKyle Moyer11 månader sedan
  • How do you fix a disabled iPhone 7

    Stacey VillarrealStacey Villarreal11 månader sedan
  • where do you by the new screen and adhesive.

    NicjGossNicjGoss11 månader sedan
  • Where did you bought the Display?

    Sascha Artus KönigSascha Artus König11 månader sedan
  • hello, just want to ask a question, is it okay to test the screen first if working? before transferring the parts?

    iamgeneboiiTViamgeneboiiTV11 månader sedan
  • Where to get the water proofing thing in USA

    Innocent angel 69Innocent angel 69År sedan
  • I have an option to buy an iPhone 7 with the broken screen. The seller said iPhone 7 is iCloud unlocked. Also he states that he got that phone as a gift. When I check the IMEI I can see that iCloud is ´clean´ but the FMI is ON. Should I buy this iPhone if FMI is on and can I do factory reset to that iPhone without being locked? I am not much familiar with this as I haven´t own any Apple phone device.

    SomeRandomGuySomeRandomGuyÅr sedan
  • where can i buy used apple screens?

    SheWant CloutSheWant CloutÅr sedan
  • What kind of replacement screen did you use?

    Kevin ShabastariKevin ShabastariÅr sedan
  • LCD and waterproof buying link please

    RoashanRoashanÅr sedan
  • I need mine LCD fix

    Rockqbye 2Rockqbye 2År sedan
  • Where do you get refurbished iPhone parts?

    Pablo VillanuevaPablo VillanuevaÅr sedan
  • Song?

    Antonio MoroAntonio MoroÅr sedan
  • where do you order your replacement screens ?

    Shoot MasterShoot MasterÅr sedan
  • Where is the best place to get parts?

    Da MexicanDa MexicanÅr sedan
  • Hi sir hugh! May i ask where do you order your refurbished lcd from? I have a 7 plus with a broken lcd and im looking for a quality lcd replacement. I live in the philippines. Thank you and nice vids sir!

    Mark Lester CastroMark Lester CastroÅr sedan
  • You replaced Apples non replaceable homebutton 5 Times and sucesfully. I replaced it once at iPhone 8 and Now the Taptic Engine Goes Crazy When i Touch the homebutton.

    Benutzer _7Benutzer _7År sedan
  • I was looking to do a replacement and was wondering if you could provide me with links to parts in this video.

    Dominic RizzoDominic RizzoÅr sedan
  • I have like 20 phones not working.. should i sell in ebay

    ismini vermek istemeyen aliismini vermek istemeyen aliÅr sedan
  • Can you please link where you buy everything

    ingvildenmingvildenmÅr sedan
  • You teech me all about iphone so i can help my mum and dad with them.:)

  • You teech me all about iphone so i can help my mum and dad with them.:)

  • I’m watching on a rose gold iPhone 7 Plus

    ZeszaZeszaÅr sedan
  • I have the same exact phone 😭😭

    ExorompaExorompaÅr sedan
  • Where do you get the screen replacement from?

    r81365r81365År sedan
  • I tried replacing an LCD on iPhone 7 but there are two stripped screws on the home button. I really don't know how to get them out. If anyone has any ideas, I'll be listening.

    PakkiNakkiPakkiNakkiÅr sedan
  • Does anyone know where can I buy an original display like the ones Hugh uses on his iPhones ?? Thanks !!

    ChrissfrkChrissfrkÅr sedan
  • I have the same exact phone

    CherryUnicornDash RainbowVomitCherryUnicornDash RainbowVomitÅr sedan
  • Where do you buy your iPhones original screens at?

    John VasquezJohn VasquezÅr sedan
  • Wish you could fix mine

    kyle louwkyle louwÅr sedan
  • Early!!!

    FireRejackFireRejackÅr sedan
  • Hi Jeffreys I got a question. I have this glue B 7000 if this is good to attach the screen to the iPhone's?

  • this video would be helpfull if it wasnt at 300x speed lol

    Squilliam FancysonSquilliam FancysonÅr sedan
  • Hey you can fix my iPhone 4? Back is shattered! And please not update it has old apps!

    Charizard FansCharizard FansÅr sedan
  • Can u make an iPhone all screen?....u know..customize ; - ;

    Can I get an UwUCan I get an UwUÅr sedan
  • Hi my friends cracked her phone to peices . She has a hole in her screen and her camera has cracks all over . Any tips ????

    Teigan MendhamTeigan MendhamÅr sedan
  • Hi Hugh, Where do U get Ur replacement screens please reply if U can. Love Ur vids keep up the good work

    Ashleigh SaundersAshleigh SaundersÅr sedan
  • Hello, where do you find your ”new”, restored iPhone screens? And the rest of your spareparts

    Maximiliam BroströmMaximiliam BroströmÅr sedan
  • Iphone 7 plus is such a nice looking phone

    TikTokAMVTikTokAMVÅr sedan
  • Hey Hugh I need some advice about a recent purchase of an iPhone 7 I bought of eBay the phone is in excellent condition battery health at 90% still as Touch ID problem is when scrolling either webpage or settings menu if you leave your finger on the page shakes up and down 🤕any ideas cheers 👍

    ChrisChrisÅr sedan
  • I don't fix phones and don't have an iPhone. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Baby GirlBaby GirlÅr sedan
  • Watching these videos on my S10+

    Baby GirlBaby GirlÅr sedan
  • I just restored an Lg L70 I got at a swap meet I replaced the screen and the camera lens I got from a phone that didn’t work at all.

  • Even though I don't have any idea on how to fix an iPhone, I get really interested in these kind of videos.😍

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    • Me to

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  • Next I want to see a 6 plus restoration

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  • Gift me this phone please..;!!

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  • Where do you get the pieces ?

    tans cullentans cullenÅr sedan
  • Where do you get the parts ??

    tans cullentans cullenÅr sedan
  • Can you place link for display Ebay Or Ali express

    Rageeb PathanRageeb PathanÅr sedan
    • crazyparts.com.au

      noah wolfmannoah wolfmanÅr sedan
  • What’s the wires called that sticks on to the lcd, and can you replace it? I pulled my 7 plus screen off and cut the wire in half.

    Clout DilynClout DilynÅr sedan
  • What’s his daily phone he uses?

    No. CA52No. CA52År sedan
  • Can someone please explain to me why these are sooo entertaining?

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  • gg nice

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  • I gotta iPad Air that has half of the screen non functioning. Can you help me please?

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  • hello please speaking russia 🇷🇺 learning my english learning no good :)

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  • Does anyone know exactly where he buys his refurbished screens?

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  • Hi Hugh, from which websites do you get good quality screens? Thanks! (more of us want to know, haha)

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  • Aye send me a phone or I'll give apple your location

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  • Beautiful💖

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  • I literally don’t know a single thing about the insides of iPhones but these videos are just so satisfying to watch. It drives me crazy when people throw away phones with perfectly functional pieces. Keep up the great work!

    Delaney HDelaney HÅr sedan
  • Do you have a link to the replacement screen and battery?

    Lucien NelsonLucien NelsonÅr sedan
  • Man.. I could watch your videos all day and I don’t even know why

    Elena P.Elena P.År sedan
  • Can anyone here help me with how you can find such cheap broken devices online? I can never find them like this.

    Martin Soendergaard-JensenMartin Soendergaard-JensenÅr sedan
  • Does anyone know where he buys the home replacements??

    Jammy JamJammy JamÅr sedan
    • @Jammy Jam what is home replacment?

      ElectrogyElectrogyÅr sedan
    • Electro Discover that’s the home button, not the home replacement

      Jammy JamJammy JamÅr sedan
    • 1:56 he says its ireplaceable

      ElectrogyElectrogyÅr sedan
  • What was the song in the video called

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  • You are awesome

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  • You go to school

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  • Hes a pro you know what can you expect he is an iphone sensei

  • If only I was smart enough to understand his smart talking

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  • I got 2 iphones i could send you if you want, both are destroyed so it whould give you a little challenge

    Mememaster3000Mememaster3000År sedan
    • You will nerd at least new desplays for both as i lost them

      Mememaster3000Mememaster3000År sedan
  • Hey ! What is 3Utools ?

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  • Good job for 100k subs 😁

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  • Can you do a video for newer iphone? X and Xr/s

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  • Hey man nice videos keep it up, ive been wanting to fix a iphone 6 but dont know what i need and where to start .

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    • What tool kit would you recommend me i would appreciate it

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  • Where is the Ipod Classic refurbishment? @HughJeffreys

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  • Want to fix my phone😬?

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  • BR ?

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  • @Huge Jeffreys U can regain homebutton function from one of the bluetooth controller buttons, but not the scan function.

    Casper RoskærCasper RoskærÅr sedan
  • Can you fix an iPhone 6s that doesn’t turn on if you can tag me on Instagram jawad_1567

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  • Do an Iphone 6s plus video

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  • i wish u could fix my phone battery lol

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  • How much were you payed for just doing the screen replacement? Just so that in the future I have something to base it off of

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  • Love ur vids

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  • Hi there, I’m learning a lot watching your videos, very professional and well explained, I’m wondering if you can gimme a tip, got an iPhone 6s (second hand) with battery and display problem, the battery drains very fast, like from 100% to 10% in 1 hour, and the display and touch sometimes stop working, I need to reboot it, sometimes several times until it works again... any idea what could be?

    Jair Martínez PérezJair Martínez PérezÅr sedan
  • Thank You Hugh! I tried To repair my iphone 7 plus gold But i failed but now i know it i tried the way you do and my iphone 7 plus is perfectly working! Huge Thank To you!!!!

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  • I would like to have a iPhone 7 body replace

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  • What if you buy an iPhone fix it so it turns on but it’s iCloud activation locked and you can’t get a hold on the seller anymore

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  • This is really educational for me

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  • I can by this divas

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  • The glass of my phone (note8) was broken and the touch was working properly. When I got the lcd (just the glass) repaired for me the camera was not working🤦🏻‍♂️ with the message "camera failed" it didn't respond. The person who repaired it didn't take the responsibility and after giving it to different repairmans they can't spot the detailed problem. It is disappointing🙁

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  • I wish you went to my school...

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  • Hugh I need my iphone 7 repairing

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