$50 Boxed eMac! Unboxing and Repairs

20 jul 2019
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In this video I will we taking a look at my latest pick up, this boxed eMac (Education Mac) from 2003 which I purchased for $50 from Gumtree.
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  • who else thought the spider wasn't really dead???

    GDUTCHGDUTCH18 timmar sedan
  • When is the keyboard getting a seperate video? It's been more than a year....

    BoyzillaBoyzilla12 dagar sedan
  • That's not old. Apple IIE is old

    Lance MillwardLance Millward14 dagar sedan
  • uau!!!! that was a hela of a spider!

    Vika Ashton - 3DArtistVika Ashton - 3DArtist14 dagar sedan
  • CRT: **briefly extreme vibration noise** Hugh Jeffreys: *JUMP* Me: Jumpscare.exe has stopped working

    MCAlexis The TCF Fan est. 2020MCAlexis The TCF Fan est. 202015 dagar sedan
  • The e Mac looks funny on the back

    Cherian AbrahamCherian Abraham17 dagar sedan
  • When your modern pc has more ram than that thing has storage

    Austin EppersonAustin Epperson20 dagar sedan
  • How to discharge quickly. ----INGRIDIENTS---- -Alligator clips. -Flat-tip screwdriver -Grounded place(wire, case, etc.) Place one end of the clip on the ground, then other end on the screwdriver. Put the screwdriver under the suction cup, until it touches the metal clips. If sparks - CRT's discharged. If no spark, you can continue still, since no charge is present.

    inquisition-musicianinquisition-musician20 dagar sedan
  • If I remember correctly CRTs can still build up a charge inside them while unplugged. Whenever you take the case off one these the first thing should be to get a discharge tool on it. Be safe buddy.

    Simon HSimon H20 dagar sedan
  • POV: you are the spider

    Faraday1056Faraday105622 dagar sedan
  • Nathan siveright found a live lizard in his computer monitor. He found a huge spider in his emac. “Welcome to Australia mate”

    Thedingusmaster420Thedingusmaster42024 dagar sedan
  • make it run catelena lol

    xRIOTxxRIOTx29 dagar sedan
  • "Gets to the dead spider part". .......NOPE...... nope... so much nope..... you couldn't believe the amount of nope. This is why I will never go to Australia.......

    Willard FastoWillard Fasto29 dagar sedan
  • I had a spider in my pc but it was still alive

    Pollywaffle 07 techPollywaffle 07 techMånad sedan
  • 3:13 you made me jump

    rouxbouxrouxbouxMånad sedan
  • You really need a compressor with high pressure, as a pc owner it makes your cleaning so much easier, faster and efficient, all your cleaning looks very poorly preformed honestly.

    Orkin@toROrkin@toRMånad sedan
  • The fact that he talks about that giant spider like if its nothing amazes me, if i find that in one computer you can be sure that im gonna fkng burn that thing

    Gongal66Gongal66Månad sedan
  • RIP spider boi

    212 DAB212 DABMånad sedan
  • Wait, there are F13, F14, F15 and F16 keys on that keyboard?

    ChloekabanChloekabanMånad sedan
  • Нихуя не понял но очень интересно

    Bandit 228Bandit 228Månad sedan
  • If I heard the sounds from that computer every day at work I would smash it into a million pieces

    American Bald EagleAmerican Bald EagleMånad sedan
  • the nostalgia

    rockettime03rockettime03Månad sedan
  • On the mouse how about you use the end of a file on finger/toenail clippers

    Itz . NxllíItz . NxllíMånad sedan
  • 3:12 scared me out off my chair lmfao

    Classic Gamer KidClassic Gamer KidMånad sedan
  • Is no one going to talk about how big that fucking spider was? Only in Australia 🤮

    LoKi FXLoKi FXMånad sedan
  • I wanna see the keyboard and mouse restoration

    alan suvaalan suvaMånad sedan
  • Did you do the retro bright?

    Bully HomesteadBully HomesteadMånad sedan
  • What is Wolfoo doing with Lucy? Why wrap a towel around Lucy? 🤔🤔🤔 Click here for the answer 👉 www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASLW3...

    Reagan BuckleyReagan BuckleyMånad sedan
  • i was shock'd by a 15.000v crt it was not a good day

    Miles ProwerMiles ProwerMånad sedan
  • I'm not usually freaked out this much by spiders. How was that one so huge?! 😨

    Caden ChurchillCaden ChurchillMånad sedan
  • Looks like a huntsman spider Huntsman spiders can fit in tinnnnnny cracks so they is prob how it got in there

    Elements of OliverElements of OliverMånad sedan
  • that spider seen better times

    RobloxPlayer2RobloxPlayer2Månad sedan
  • I want to update my eMac 2003 computers but I have no CD plz reply brother🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Sankie GamingSankie GamingMånad sedan
  • Plz reply bro

    Sankie GamingSankie GamingMånad sedan
  • How I do update my emac without dvd

    Sankie GamingSankie GamingMånad sedan
  • "Of course you want to be extremely careful when doing this if it has a CRT monitor" I'd be more concerned about a gigantic *live* spider.

    陳鵬陳鵬Månad sedan
  • Who is watching this for 100000000 time

    Primitive biulding and PrimitivePrimitive biulding and PrimitiveMånad sedan
  • I got one for €20, in much better shape with all accessories and discs. But without the box, also better spec at a 1.25 GHz G4 cpu and DDR1 ram, upgraded to 2 GB

    Cody KammingaCody KammingaMånad sedan
  • you could probably adjust the shutter speed in your camera to remove the flicker

    DBADBAMånad sedan
  • eMac: * exists * Spider: It's free re- eMac voltage: NO U! 🔀

    NXX99NXX99Månad sedan
  • Lol

    Hannah GouldHannah GouldMånad sedan
  • the "clunk" maybe the degauss circuit

    Aussie BastardAussie BastardMånad sedan
  • ehhhhhhh I should have looked at the comments because that dead spider triggered my phobia of dead bugs

    EmoGospelEmoGospelMånad sedan
  • retrobrite please

    Rhys PlayszRhys Playsz2 månader sedan
  • spider: apple estate agency wow! nvm i thought it was a big apple spider commits suicide

    CyberCatSlayerCyberCatSlayer2 månader sedan

    Vincent HernandezVincent Hernandez2 månader sedan
  • 3:09 he got scared by the loud sound even me with headphones

    yeet eatyeet eat2 månader sedan
  • i use eucalyptus oil to clean up yellow keyboards lol. it works xD

    Christine TrefaltChristine Trefalt2 månader sedan
  • No! Bad spiker! No living in the computer!!

    Mr. DMr. D2 månader sedan
  • Try a tooth brush to remove the dust on the back

    MC CHEFSMC CHEFS2 månader sedan
  • Yellow apple pro keyboards are better

    como tucomo tu2 månader sedan
  • Why is this so much better than my 2014 macbook air

    Ateeq SyedAteeq Syed2 månader sedan
  • I had to do a double look when he was panning the inside and casually there’s a dead spider. Not cool lol.

    eosbuddyeosbuddy2 månader sedan
  • god this was my first pc i 2nd grade

  • Damn that spider was so big. Never going to Australia lol

    bigsmoke27bigsmoke272 månader sedan
  • old apple cables: *Survives after being stored bent for years* apple cables now: *Will crumble like a cookie after a week of use*

    Mother HorsMother Hors2 månader sedan
  • dead spider !! that is monster dead there not a spider!!

    yoo jin janyoo jin jan2 månader sedan
  • Well, it was a little spider

    yazmat96yazmat962 månader sedan
  • I’m sorry. How big was that spider?!?!?!!!!

    Alena ConradAlena Conrad2 månader sedan
  • What a beautiful piece of technology. Man, I miss the old days.

    Marcello MarMarcello Mar2 månader sedan

    dance _atdance _at2 månader sedan
  • I have a mouse like that I don’t use

    NicVandEmZNicVandEmZ2 månader sedan
  • I remember using one of these between 2010 and 2012 when I was in primary school! :)

    Techno UniversalTechno Universal2 månader sedan
  • Any adult getting nostalgia?

  • I remember using these in school

    Super TuneSuper Tune2 månader sedan
  • Bro who else was dying when they saw that spider in the computer 😂😂

    carlos sanchezcarlos sanchez2 månader sedan
  • I've seen a few videos where you point out screens flickering as a camera problem. you're correct, and you can fix it. it's the framerate of your camera and the refresh rate of the screen not meshing well.

    Apollo the SnepApollo the Snep2 månader sedan
  • RIP Spider

    Entite90Entite902 månader sedan
  • We have another city build coming up Tomorrow! what could it be?

    Jones FamilyJones Family2 månader sedan
  • Buy the new eMac Australian Edition. Spiders included. Keyboard and mouse sold separately

    YMCooperYMCooper2 månader sedan
  • 6:30 that dead spider is older then me lol

    R_ IhebR_ Iheb2 månader sedan
  • What is a eMac?

    Glow wwGlow ww2 månader sedan
  • I'm amazed the CRT runs at 29,000v. For comparison, many trains - yes, entire TRAINS - run on 750v.

    DoomotronDoomotron2 månader sedan
  • That spider would do it for me,

    Asif BAsif B2 månader sedan
  • Yellowed Keys: Hydrogen Peroxide + UV Leds + Foil Wrapped Plastic Tub They'll look brand new in a few hours.

    Tyler PorchTyler Porch2 månader sedan
    • I instantly had to think of Odd Tinkering :D

      Marcel AMarcel A2 månader sedan
  • Unused EMac? Spider: hmmm should I buy this? NAHH ITS FINEEE **gets killed by heat, electricity, and fan** Spider: welp horrible mistake :/

    AdvancedWigglePlayzAdvancedWigglePlayz2 månader sedan
  • my idea is : h e a t g u n

    alex moggeralex mogger2 månader sedan
  • lol spidy spidy

    alex moggeralex mogger2 månader sedan
  • lol

    alex moggeralex mogger2 månader sedan
  • Read the comments. Still was not ready for that fuckin spider. Jeeeeeezus.

    Leah HumphriesLeah Humphries2 månader sedan
  • Hugh: Spider in eMac Me: ¡SPIDER!

    Gabriel JimenezGabriel Jimenez2 månader sedan
  • Might use some break cleaner to clean up the keyboard it's very oily but it usually will clean things that most other things wont.

    Jonathon MecklenburgJonathon Mecklenburg2 månader sedan
  • Two questions. Can you put an ssd in this computer, not an HDD ? I have wondered about all of these older G3, G4, G5 computers. Is there a way to put a modern LED monitor in one ? I know at one time Apple put Sony monitors in some Macs but I can't recall which now. I wonder if you could connect an Apple external monitor to one or a cinema display. I used to have 4 G3 Imacs, an Imac DV and always wanted an Emac but it weighs a ton. It was bad enough to lug around the old G3's with the built in handles at around 40 lbs. The Catholic school rectory next to my building used to have about 20 Emacs for the students to use and I could never get to talk to their IT guy so I could try to buy one. Went in there one day and they were all gone and not replaced by newer Imacs.

    George SendaGeorge Senda2 månader sedan
  • Spider died because it believed Jobs when he said " Apple 2 Forever. " & it starved to death waiting for a ][C upgrade.

    George SendaGeorge Senda2 månader sedan
  • I dont know why but I loved and miss when TVs, computers, and many other electronics were fat, and boxed shaped.

    Amelia R. WilderAmelia R. Wilder2 månader sedan
  • You may solve the flickering on video by adjusting the shutter speed of your camera (on Sony cameras it's "S" in Video mode, manual shutter speed with automatic aperture), most CRTs got 50 (PAL) or 60 Hz (NTSC) so try 1/50s, 1/60s, slower like 1/30s or faster ones like 1/100s.

    Marcel PapeMarcel Pape2 månader sedan
  • Perhaps you can somehow install an wireless mouse, just a suggestion. I don't think that it is possible, but just a remark. Thanks for showing and kind regards.

    Saskia van HoutertSaskia van Houtert3 månader sedan
  • If have jumped at the massive spider

    MarioMario3 månader sedan
  • That spider is HUGE

    annabel eilishannabel eilish3 månader sedan
  • You shoulda used condensed air

    Ian BeechamIan Beecham3 månader sedan
  • It’s not the time 8 30 1

    qaushiqaushi3 månader sedan
    • Don’t chat

      qaushiqaushi3 månader sedan
    • Ok

      qaushiqaushi3 månader sedan
    • Ok

      qaushiqaushi3 månader sedan
    • Ok

      qaushiqaushi3 månader sedan
  • The dead spider 🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️ may be as old as the machine, epic Unboxing and epic spider 🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️...😂

    Swaroop D.Swaroop D.3 månader sedan
  • How on earth does a spider that big get inside of it?

    E ScottE Scott3 månader sedan
  • I got scared by the boot sownd

    Andrei James ColesAndrei James Coles3 månader sedan
  • pro tip: to get rid of the screen flickering on camera, change your shutter speed on your camera:)

    Steven CappSteven Capp3 månader sedan
  • Hi, Hugh I have a ipod 5th gen if I send it to you could you repair it I would reimburse you for your time and parts .

    Edgar MendozaEdgar Mendoza3 månader sedan
  • Use your nail to clean it 😂😂

    LinuxHacker101LinuxHacker1013 månader sedan
  • Baby wipe

    Sami WilmotSami Wilmot3 månader sedan
  • you max the frame rate and it will gone ,I mean the flicker .

    SUPER TUBESUPER TUBE3 månader sedan
  • Used to love these things. For CRT "flicker" you can sometimes adjust the refresh rate the camera is capturing at to synch with the refresh rate that the screen is updating on. The Flicker is sometimes just a case of the camera capturing a frame halfway through a screen refresh.

    JP 85JP 853 månader sedan