$101 Note8 Restoration

25 jan 2020
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  • "This display can not be used in this state" It ain't easy to use it like that, but I used my S6 Edge+ like that for months, every time it got over 80% brightness, the display turned off and the phone had to be locked and unlocked, but it certainly works like that

    Marwin TalensMarwin Talens2 dagar sedan
  • I aslo have samsung amoled device When brightness is minimun it screen starts to flicker as same in your video but when we increase brightness it gets solved display get to ita orignal you should aslo tey to increase brightness

    amar Jeet123amar Jeet1235 dagar sedan
  • You shouldn't have cleaned the camera 😔

    TechView28TechView285 dagar sedan
  • Can you give to me? For donation

    YUVARAJA JYUVARAJA J8 dagar sedan
  • it looks so beautiful on the inside

    Ragna BRagna B16 dagar sedan
  • Watching with my Note8

    Arief RakhmanArief Rakhman17 dagar sedan
  • Same thing happend to my samsung galaxy s7 edge

    CrystalizedCrystalized21 dag sedan
  • Who wants a iPad mini 2 ( not for sale)

    Gamer boy And gamer girlGamer boy And gamer girl22 dagar sedan
  • The remarkable nancy intringuingly blot because parsnip splenomegaly suck concerning a pathetic jury. rabid, royal vinyl

    LOUIZ AbdellatifLOUIZ Abdellatif24 dagar sedan
  • You forgot one battery glue strip

    Isau FelipeIsau Felipe28 dagar sedan
  • My dad has a Note 8, and he cracked the screen, so he wanted a replacement. Then I found this. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😅🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

    Starlight BlossomStarlight BlossomMånad sedan
  • this is why you never close things before you have tested it

    jans belertsjans belertsMånad sedan
  • Do you have a video on just replacing the touch glass?

    alex oroalex oroMånad sedan
  • I don’t trust eBay at all, but mercari or letgo is better.

    Tech WorldTech WorldMånad sedan
  • Patients and determination is i think the key well done mate

    jibrhan khanjibrhan khanMånad sedan
  • My note 8 was broken just like that

    robertinoo150robertinoo150Månad sedan
  • Watching this on a note 8 hurts

    HAFIXHAFIXMånad sedan
  • Great repair! In my opinion, android screens (apart from pixels) are much more difficult to repair because you are required to disassemble most of the phone.

    asd asasd as2 månader sedan
  • Have link for LCD samsung note 8 SM N950F ?????

    Operator 44Operator 442 månader sedan
  • How much screen bro

    MeditationMeditation2 månader sedan
  • Bro donate a phone

    Suraj DanuSuraj Danu2 månader sedan
  • The battery didn't charge at first because the wireless charging part wasn't attached to it. It has a temperature sensor that when not in place stops the battery from charging.

    bsocm tomsdcsbsocm tomsdcs2 månader sedan
  • I'm looking forward to the Note 7 restoration to see how you are going to make it safe to use.

    Dorcas GlennDorcas Glenn2 månader sedan
  • sooorrrrr

    MahuMahu2 månader sedan
  • About a year ago my Note 8 pancaked on to the side walk while getting out of my car as it was on my knee.. The damage was utterly catastrophic, the glass on both sides were totally destroyed and the display was really messed up.. I have had some experience with repairing phones and I did the exact same thing as done in this video, a simple transplant into a new housing with a used display, and of course I tore the finger print sensor ribbon cable and had to replace that as well. As it sits today, my phone still looks brand new, and will keep working until the day I decide to replace it..

    Robert WRobert W2 månader sedan
  • That "thing" is for removing the tip of the S-Pen. Kinda handy for other things as well though.

    Stoned HippyStoned Hippy2 månader sedan
  • I have a Note 8 of mine that is google locked. How do I fix this?

    Shady CharacterShady Character2 månader sedan
  • instead of saying first or second im just gonna say i am here earlier than most

    carlos sanchezcarlos sanchez2 månader sedan
  • why would you put your channel in the glitched screen? (thumbnail)

    Scripter ProviderScripter Provider2 månader sedan
  • where can i buy the note 8 display

    Reynier GonzalezReynier Gonzalez2 månader sedan
  • 11:06 Hugh Jeffrey’s about to get demonitized for having (and using) illegal weapons in a family friendly video

    Kendal MeldrumKendal Meldrum2 månader sedan
  • nice. that was easier than iphones... note 8's design was good.

    Jeremy C.Jeremy C.2 månader sedan
  • This happened to my note 8 but it took 5 months fot the crack to come to this stage and ı got a noyte 10 a week ago and the sameexaxt thing happened wyh is this happening

    Mustafa KayhanMustafa Kayhan2 månader sedan
  • Great skills but the 8 series is really not worth restoring xD

    ALYX GALYX G3 månader sedan
  • Why do u never laugh in ur vids

    Muhammad Umer gamingMuhammad Umer gaming3 månader sedan
  • I think that's my dad's phone

    Muhammad Umer gamingMuhammad Umer gaming3 månader sedan
  • glorified logic board salvage

    TangentialTangential3 månader sedan
  • All this work to put on a "lightly" scratched used display from iFix, wow...

    EmanueleEmanuele3 månader sedan
  • Watching this on a broken note8 😔

    Claire HufstetlerClaire Hufstetler3 månader sedan
  • Where can i buy an original note8 screen? My phone has the exact problem as the one you just fixed. Please. Thank you

    SULA KAYSULA KAY3 månader sedan
  • this is what happend to my moms phone but she had worse cracks and it was a note 9

    ZiolifiZiolifi3 månader sedan
  • Hey I have the same Note8 Lol

    Bentley Steven-Lee DolzadelliBentley Steven-Lee Dolzadelli3 månader sedan
  • Im watching this on a note 8 that has oled/lcd damage

    IAMANBEAST 2002IAMANBEAST 20024 månader sedan
  • My mobile have the same issue can u help me pls I have Galaxy note 8

    TOMA SKULLTOMA SKULL4 månader sedan
  • The last piece of phones gear is not for headphones, it is a tool for replacing a needle of the S pen :)

    Matic KozarMatic Kozar4 månader sedan
  • I saw a note 9 with smashed back and front for still 500

    Jackson CampbellJackson Campbell4 månader sedan
  • I would love to get my note 8 restored

    Isaiah WilliamsIsaiah Williams4 månader sedan
  • Your not getting $100 parts to fix your note 8 on ifixit letting you know now

    Jordan JankJordan Jank4 månader sedan
  • Hi (sorry for bad englush

    NovalistYTNovalistYT4 månader sedan
  • Vauu

    Joonas NaskiJoonas Naski4 månader sedan
  • hello! how did you fixed the charging problem? I have that error on my s10 too.

    Mitza MihaitzuMitza Mihaitzu4 månader sedan
  • What oled? Its amoled!

    MrFilmerMrFilmer4 månader sedan
  • Some advice to clean up your script in the beginning: Instead of "The screen has suffered a large impact on the right hand side of the screen, causing the OLED screen to flicker and glitch out," you could write, "The OLED screen has suffered a large impact on its right hand side, causing it to glitch out." I hope that helps and doesn't sound too nitpicky.

    PlazTMPlazTM5 månader sedan
  • I have this problem I was given the phone for free the owner got it for £130 GBP I turned down the brightness the problem stopped the top half of my screen does not work and I do not have an S pen I borrow my Mums as she has a Note 9 But even if I did it would get damaged If I put in into my phone

    Midtown Hyperz GamingMidtown Hyperz Gaming5 månader sedan
  • I loved my blue note 8 but now im getting a note20 ultra :D

    Adam GrahamAdam Graham5 månader sedan
  • I watched the video with my new note 8 and my old one i could of fixed R.I.P samsung note 8 (my old one) f in the comments (of this comment)

    Clinkerdude 2.0Clinkerdude 2.05 månader sedan
  • Hugh you are an absolute GOAT

    Phone Repair GuruPhone Repair Guru5 månader sedan
    • @Gearツ Greatest Of All Time

      XDXD8 dagar sedan
    • What do you mean

      GearツGearツ10 dagar sedan
    • Lol

      Callum CresswellCallum Cresswell23 dagar sedan
  • Hey love from India ... Can you please help me to restore my blackberry z30. It was a gift from my elder brother who died few years back 😭😢😥 Thanks in advance

  • Samsung for life

    Cannon PickCannon Pick5 månader sedan
  • Me wondering how he knows all dis Also me:is he a unknown person Then me again:*gets scared

    HELLOW OofHELLOW Oof5 månader sedan
  • I watched your video and I was able to repair an old Galaxy Note 8 and gave it to my nephew as his first cell phone. It was hard because it was my first time but watching this video help. Honestly I watched 100s of times during the process. I just ordered a used Galaxy S9 and I plan on fixing that a giving it to my mom to replace her damaged old LG phone. Keep up the good work and awesome videos...

    NuyoRican 1985NuyoRican 19855 månader sedan
  • That thing you assumed is for the headphones is actually to change the nibs on the S Pen

    Akin TurhanAkin Turhan5 månader sedan
  • 1:17 did he said that is for headphones?! Bro thats for S Pen

    BSBS6 månader sedan
  • In Indian currency how much price

    Kollu JayendraKollu Jayendra6 månader sedan
  • how do you know all about these phones?

    Black diamond Cell phone repairBlack diamond Cell phone repair6 månader sedan
  • Cursed (phone)

    Kira AkaneKira Akane6 månader sedan
  • H U G E J E F E R E Y S video

    Chocolate Pie1819Chocolate Pie18196 månader sedan
  • What to do after restoring this all

    Azhar MdAzhar Md7 månader sedan
  • Me looking to Samsung note 8 teardown, laughing how materials and peaces are so cheap, comparing to iphone , shame on you Samsung bought this fragile and ship technology for 1000 $ dollar

    Såmø awēsømëSåmø awēsømë7 månader sedan
  • How much can you sell that note 7 and note 8 to us?

    Mharcky EscarioMharcky Escario7 månader sedan
  • makes no sense to install a scratched screen

    GREG JGREG J7 månader sedan
  • Another excellent video.

    Phillip RhinehardtPhillip Rhinehardt7 månader sedan
  • mine is the same

    Sign inSign in7 månader sedan
  • using the adhesive on the back glass panel like that, does it keep it's ip68 rating?

    alord3757alord37577 månader sedan
    • not

      tt hhtt hh7 månader sedan
  • Samsung Copied My Infinix NOTE 5!!!!!

    Arkan Naraditya SherkoArkan Naraditya Sherko7 månader sedan
  • You always repair in your vlog. Why you dont give your subscribers phone you.. Hello??

    Joffrey Z CondoyJoffrey Z Condoy7 månader sedan
  • I got a working s9+ with only slight cracking, very useable, and pretty easy to look over, for $110 on craigslist

    theboard 1theboard 17 månader sedan
  • whit all the phones you fix... do you sell then some where ???

    Mike DalhusMike Dalhus7 månader sedan
  • The other item in the package is to allow you to replace the tip of the stylus, it's not for the headphones.

    Colin LColin L7 månader sedan
  • That's my screen right now

    H20 FearlessH20 Fearless7 månader sedan
  • Always satisfying to watch your video. You are so diligent and patient. As an electronic engineer, You got my highest salute

    ferry155ferry1558 månader sedan
  • my phone looks way and way worse and i stil use it

    R3TR0 H3NTA1R3TR0 H3NTA18 månader sedan
  • That clip with pin kind of things are not for headphones they are s pen tips

    Vikas vikasVikas vikas8 månader sedan
  • Method A : Method B: Buy a new phone

    Ridi0nRidi0n8 månader sedan
  • Thing that looks like nail clipper is for s pen - tip

    iErikonaツiErikonaツ8 månader sedan
  • The pin thing that you said it's for the headphones you are wrong that's for the S pen

    xxBonnie09xxxxBonnie09xx8 månader sedan
  • Your are doing a good job, it can be repaired and perhaps bring back in use. I have a I-PHONE but what I don't understand is why I got a grey display, shouldn't it had to be black ? like to hear a respond, thanks and kind regards.

    Saskia van HoutertSaskia van Houtert8 månader sedan
  • After restoring, do you sell these devices.?

    shrikant sardashrikant sarda8 månader sedan
  • How much does it cost in total?

    NONAMENONAME8 månader sedan
  • Can you make video about Sony phones restoration, please?

    Pouria SalehiKatoziPouria SalehiKatozi8 månader sedan
  • I wonder, how many phones or laptops do you have?

    SerumSerum8 månader sedan
  • please can someone address me links to buy THESE 101$ BROKEN PHONES ?

    Edon ShushkuEdon Shushku8 månader sedan
  • I paid 100 for a working note 8 and all it needs is a back

    Anthony UnderwoodAnthony Underwood8 månader sedan
  • In future please list your budgets

    Sean James PageSean James Page8 månader sedan
  • This exact thing happened to me with my Samsung galaxy note 10.

    Jake VandellJake Vandell8 månader sedan
  • Your speech is normal but the video is speeded up, strange.

    kjm 1955kjm 19558 månader sedan
  • 👍👍👍

    Freak CrFreak Cr9 månader sedan
  • I feel like the Samsung's housing is a little more complex than the iPhone.

    207 Nichakun Kit-a-nant 207207 Nichakun Kit-a-nant 2079 månader sedan
  • people selling cracked phone for $200. here Amazon and Samsung giving less than $200 for my 2019 Note 8.

    ZeeCZeeC9 månader sedan
  • You said this is a newer video the reason it was charging is because the temp sensor was cold because you did not have the back piece on

    Random Gaming StuffRandom Gaming Stuff9 månader sedan