Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Restoration

8 jun 2019
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Time to restore a Galaxy S7 edge.
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  • Great video, thx. The S7Edge is an IP68 phone....after this repair is it still IP68? Anyone?

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  • I love phone 📱

    Alfonso vazquezAlfonso vazquez16 dagar sedan
  • Phone is that

    Alfonso vazquezAlfonso vazquez16 dagar sedan
  • I like how im watching this on a s7 edge

    a clone troopera clone trooper17 dagar sedan
  • Wait a did you power off the phone without the passcode?

    Im TrashIm Trash23 dagar sedan
  • Where do you buy the screen with the frame? All i see on ifixit is the screen

    AutumnOnFireAutumnOnFire24 dagar sedan
  • Teacher: I cracked my phone. Him: I hear you you need a housing swap . Teacher: no I don't Him: bye bye

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    I dare you to pronounce HsudjeijebeirnnehhehshsI dare you to pronounce HsudjeijebeirnnehhehshsMånad sedan
  • Is it door connector or dock connector?

    olympic202020olympic202020Månad sedan
  • Tot

    AiekAiekMånad sedan
  • It's the LCD is new?

    jhnlrmz rcojhnlrmz rcoMånad sedan
  • Can you restore mine?

    Cédric DuchesneCédric Duchesne2 månader sedan
  • "Although there is a chance of higher risk of cutting your fingers while on use of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge" Logic Error!! What does that mean!? there is no way lol

    Starlight ArtemisStarlight Artemis2 månader sedan
  • You math teacher? How old are you?

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    Udley CumaioUdley Cumaio3 månader sedan
  • You should have just replaced the glass instead of the whole panel.

    Jahanzaib AhmedJahanzaib Ahmed3 månader sedan
  • Restorasi Samsung J7 plus

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  • The is no way you can make profit selling the phone after replacing the display with a purshased brand new one

    Meraouna MohammedMeraouna Mohammed4 månader sedan
  • too expensive for a repair

    Tomi IgoTomi Igo4 månader sedan
  • How much will this cost?

    Tomi IgoTomi Igo4 månader sedan
  • Can you repair my phone I'm from India My device is Oppo A37f

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  • A+ for maths no doubt! You deserve it!

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  • Wish you could repare my s7's charging port and back is cracked

    Jakov TarnaiJakov Tarnai4 månader sedan
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  • So what I got from this vid is that he passed his math class with an A

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  • But why your teacher?

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  • Can i change the colour of the phone please tell

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  • He has to make serious money he makes videos and gets money he fixes it for money and he could sell them

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  • Why does everyone say maths? Where I live it isn't plural

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  • How do you find your tech lots on ebay?

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  • Replacement back glass? Missing screws? Yea. That replacement wireless charging coil is likely a copy and the sketchy repair shop that did the first one probably took the original along with the screws. "for parts" or to sell the original wireless charging coil at a higher price than the replacement

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  • Please restore a Samsung m20 phone

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  • Bet he got an A on math

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  • You should have more subscribers

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  • i need my S7 edge glass fixed. I am from India... what do i do? here in India they charge 15000INR(290 AUD) for the screen replacement!

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  • Wish I could just send mine too you this looks hard

    David Metal HeadDavid Metal Head7 månader sedan
  • I am now watching this on my cracked screen of the galaxy s7 edge. It was given by a friend. I dont repair it because I cant afford to buy a glass replacement. Just hoping that one day the screen will be able to be repaired. It is my dream phone, I love it.

    Not DJ FatweeNot DJ Fatwee7 månader sedan
  • 1:43 "hero2" I wonder why they only put part of the code name inside the phone because I can confirm the real code name has "lte" at the end.

    4TechGuns4TechGuns7 månader sedan
  • Thanks to watching this video i managed to copy your handy work and now i have a phone like new . So happy, iv had a flashing screen for months. Thanks hugh 👍

    mikermiker7 månader sedan
  • Hi Hugh just fixed my old s7 edge with a bust lcd. Looks like new now thanks for the videos

    william taylorwilliam taylor7 månader sedan
  • Already replaced panel she is going to break this new one too..

    Kunal PKunal P7 månader sedan
  • Dude you dopped out dummy 😂😂😂😂😂😭🙋⚡the best

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  • You can restore my s7 edge? Did not open. If you restore birth day gift mo na sa akin 😞

    Junaidah MadaleJunaidah Madale7 månader sedan
    • Beacause. No money to restore. Gift my father s7 edge.

      Junaidah MadaleJunaidah Madale7 månader sedan
  • I found a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in my neighbors trashcan yesterday! It works and even had the box! Some people are so wasteful

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  • Why did you don't say where you buy the screen?

    LEXxTALIONSLEXxTALIONS8 månader sedan
  • I literally just switched from a s7 a few days ago

    Sebo Abram-PavlovSebo Abram-Pavlov8 månader sedan
  • Mew

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  • The satisfaction I get when I see these devices restored to good as new condition.

    Samvidh NalinSamvidh Nalin8 månader sedan
  • I recently got a huawei p30 lite with 6gb of ram n 128gb of storage for just £179.99 so I'm probably gonna strip my s7 edge down n sell for parts aha

    callum houghcallum hough8 månader sedan
  • My friends dad accidentally ran over his s7 edge, display was shattered like this but it still worked , screen and touch.

    mevin babumevin babu8 månader sedan
  • *That math teacher will f***ing pay for this....* Just like any teachers that break tech like phones, headphones etc.

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  • Looks like mine

    Cameron HallCameron Hall8 månader sedan
  • Dude you scam the customer! Because that's the price of a oem screen from Samsung!!! The screen you use I can buy for 50 € !!! The 180€ screen is a brand new screen screen whit frame from Samsung whit guarantee!!! I fix Samsung phones and I'm the owner of various Samsung phones! S7 edge I have 2, and both where broken. More the battery is hard to pull out if the phone wasn't fix before! Sometimes people destroy the screen pulling out the battery! So search better the price of refurbished screens, but I'm guessing that you already know that!!👎 this comment is for the video of the s7 edge repair! I was watching a list of videos made by you and only after I notice that my comment isn't in the right video, but you know and anyone can see the video of the s7 edge repair.

    LEXxTALIONSLEXxTALIONS8 månader sedan
  • Wanna restore mine?😂😭

    EdgarrrEdgarrr9 månader sedan
  • How much would you charge to replace the screen of an s10 5g?

    ManFrom RomeManFrom Rome9 månader sedan
  • 2020 enyone?!!!!

    Albin AziziAlbin Azizi9 månader sedan
  • Well done brother

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  • Might try this on my old phone... nothing to lose 😅

    Zakk KayeZakk Kaye9 månader sedan
  • I have a regular galaxy S7

    Tech WorldTech World9 månader sedan
  • Or he did it for extra credit

    Tech WorldTech World9 månader sedan
  • That's more expensive than the whole phone

    Elie LahoudElie Lahoud9 månader sedan
    • Yeah thats what i thought as well. The an S7 edge screen is around 150USD. The back panelis around 10 USD if you buy it from some chinese seller and its around 30USD if you buy an original. I can just buy a refurbished or used one for less money. I have an S9 if i broke my screen i would just sell it and buy a new one, its just too damn expensive to replace it even if you do it yourself.

      KolTonyKolTony9 månader sedan
  • how much did it cost to repplace the screen

    irtisham alamirtisham alam9 månader sedan
  • I think 0.01% of your viewers actually want to know how to do this. The rest of us just want to see the cool electronic stuff.

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  • He had to pass you after this

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  • Lol! My bro still have a s7 edge!

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  • Someone’s getting an A

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  • Did you take money from your teacher?? #hughjeffreys #AskHugh

  • I don't know but i found this satisfying

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  • Which company sells refurbished screens?

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  • That is what I have

    Mr GamingMr Gaming10 månader sedan

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  • hi...i got one s7edge need to chance lcd much for repair that one..need cheap price😅

    Harvey R.vHarvey R.v10 månader sedan
  • give aways sir Jeffrey

    val vinval vin10 månader sedan
  • You said even though the cracked LCD underneath still worked....I didn't think an OLED display had any LCD parts to it...? What gives??

    Snug BreezySnug Breezy10 månader sedan
  • Did you get an a + for this?

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  • Can you fix my galaxy S7 edge plus pls and thank yo

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  • the led notification isnot working😒😡

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  • He is the jerryrepaireverything

    Hassan AhmedHassan Ahmed10 månader sedan
  • You can still use the screen by replace the glass, its better value than just buy a new screen with new screen

    dedik mahendradedik mahendra10 månader sedan
  • Great restore! Do you have to heat up the back glass cover in order for the adhesive to hold? Thanx

    J. LietkaJ. Lietka10 månader sedan
  • Looks like my S8, but mine is way more cracked and works for 90%

    R3TR0 H3NTA1R3TR0 H3NTA110 månader sedan
  • I have this same phone and I want to upgrade, but they don't let me upgrade to a new phone because it's too expensive, even though I have the money...

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  • than man better have given you and A for the rest of the semester

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  • Can you send me a screen bcause i have a s7 edge but doesnt work

    flashlight dubsflashlight dubs10 månader sedan
  • Is it possible to open the phone without damaging the back cover? I've noticed the glass of the back panel breaking while trying to open it. Mine is fine, I only need to change the screen.

    thanosAIASthanosAIAS10 månader sedan
  • Нихрена не понял! Но очень интересно!!!

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  • Oh god it’s gonna explode

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  • This one isn’t worth it lol

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  • @5:29 why didn’t you use rubbing alcohol

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  • Yeah, screens that have been used that are OLED ALWAYS have burn in. People are really dumb and use manual max brightness all the time. Or dont adjust the phone when it's in direct sunlight a lot. I've seen it in almost every used OLED phone.

    nexxustynexxusty11 månader sedan
  • 2020?

    Hunter Fairhall KirkmanHunter Fairhall Kirkman11 månader sedan
  • Don't buy parts from ifixit buy from AliExpress all oringal save you more money 👌💯

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