Hugh Jeffreys' New YouTube Studio Tour 2020!

22 feb 2020
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Behold a whole room entirely dedicated to making my SEworld videos.
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    Botting ManBotting Man9 dagar sedan
  • Those rams are gold plated. I think you have a gold mine.

    SpawnSpawnMånad sedan
  • Outstanding very neat nice job

    Richard MyersRichard MyersMånad sedan
  • Pretty clean setup

    Samuel ČernýSamuel ČernýMånad sedan
  • It is so tidy and organized that is getting on my nerves LOL

    38911bytefree38911bytefreeMånad sedan
  • Amazing!!!!!

    Gurjas Singh SehmbeyGurjas Singh Sehmbey2 månader sedan
  • I just watched the 2018 one earlier today 😂

    Fred ProductsFred Products2 månader sedan
  • Imagine the police storm your house and see all of your tech. They go what the heck.

    Pollywaffle 07 techPollywaffle 07 tech2 månader sedan
  • Hey I watch your videos and I want to ask you if I can transform my laptop Dell Inspiron 15 5000 into a desktop I already have the casing is it possible to do it I have to mention that I don’t have any experience with laptops or DiskTop device

    KAS TrendKAS Trend3 månader sedan
  • How can i buy it

    Franklin ClintonFranklin Clinton4 månader sedan
  • Monica Geller 2020 😅

    Deepan PadmanabanDeepan Padmanaban4 månader sedan
  • Awesome setup bro

    Manoj KaleManoj Kale4 månader sedan
  • Awesome!!!

    Dimitri CooperDimitri Cooper5 månader sedan
  • so like... tryna sell me some ram ;) lmfao

    NovaNova5 månader sedan
  • What do you do after repairing the devices ?

    rajul dedhiarajul dedhia5 månader sedan
  • sir you are really hard worker..... am your big fan sir..

  • I still cant believe you're 18. I thought you're like 26

    dokii dokiidokii dokii5 månader sedan
  • Where is Ariana???

    Flavius TanasaFlavius Tanasa6 månader sedan
  • Looks good mate from the UK !

    Edward StevensEdward Stevens6 månader sedan
  • Do you think a girl could be repairing macbooks too? I'm teen and going to technical college rn..

    Kira AkaneKira Akane6 månader sedan
  • nice studio

    Thomas MeijerThomas Meijer7 månader sedan
  • Your Desk Setup is Sooooo Awesome

    Nayan SharmaNayan Sharma7 månader sedan
  • Do you sell some of your MacBook Pro laptop fixes?

    Brian ColeBrian Cole7 månader sedan
  • If that room was mine it would look um... yeah like there was a bomb exploded... hehe

    jrss08 _jrss08 _7 månader sedan
  • 5:36 that a note 7 I see?

    TechGeekTechGeek7 månader sedan
  • Interesting

    Reina AranaReina Arana7 månader sedan
  • Very impressive Hugh. Watched a few of your videos. Did you go to electronic school to learn all these?

    Ian OngIan Ong7 månader sedan
  • can't edit 4k video ???

    Nissan ChowdhuryNissan Chowdhury7 månader sedan
  • you need to get rid of those and get a 49in lol

    How I madeHow I made8 månader sedan
  • Dream room 😍

    Abdullah NasserAbdullah Nasser8 månader sedan
  • As he doesnt yet have a boomer, BOOMER=OLD PERSON

    Alexander TAlexander T8 månader sedan
  • with all the phone part you could build your own custom phone

    Ellis The DJEllis The DJ8 månader sedan
  • Very nice setup.

    dragonballjiujitsudragonballjiujitsu8 månader sedan
  • can u give me a lightning charger since u have alot of iphone charger im too cheap too buy 1

    Kenji LeeKenji Lee8 månader sedan
  • How is he not at 1 mil subscribers

    lil_pv69lil_pv698 månader sedan
  • Thanks for you too for knowledge you've shared to us! ☺

    Himawan AgustiawanHimawan Agustiawan8 månader sedan
  • Of course you have a Mac... because windows is just too “complicated” or some dumb explanation.

    TikaTika8 månader sedan
  • Very good communicator!

    Betty JaneBetty Jane8 månader sedan
  • Who are you living with?

    battyroshkobattyroshko8 månader sedan
  • Very neat

    John DiesselJohn Diessel9 månader sedan
  • I don't know but, I found this video cute....btw, peace from Malaysia 👋

    Shepherd SteveShepherd Steve9 månader sedan
  • 2:19 ok boomer

    minigadgeminigadge9 månader sedan
  • do you sell your spare devices?

    jan joostenjan joosten10 månader sedan
    • jan joosten No.

      apersonexistsapersonexists9 månader sedan
  • I love your studio, and your beautiful design setup, great collection of pure parts of tech. Keep it up the marvelous work on your videos. Hello from California, United States.

    UnspokenUnspoken10 månader sedan
  • Do you have a video on where you get all these projects? I would love to hear more about finding the right place to purchase IPhone and iPod lots, what to look for in these lots and what to stay away from. I would like to build a parts bin but also get some projects going. Thanks for your great informative content!

    DerekDerek10 månader sedan
  • Mannn vacuum that god dam floor that thing is dirtier than my butt crack and I’ll tell ya that’s disgusting

    Clone Pilot OddballClone Pilot Oddball10 månader sedan
  • Love the channel bro been watching you for about 3yrs. Keep up the good content 1 million coming soon!

    Ismael ChicasIsmael Chicas10 månader sedan
  • wish i had that place. it looks nice great job

    AgentpaperAgentpaper10 månader sedan
  • Nice Mac Pro setup there. I also use a 2010 5,1 with an RX 580 8GB and two 30" Cinema Displays. I run Catalina on mine. I also have a bunch of SSDs and NVMe cards in mine, as well as a USB 3 card and an 802.11ac wi-fi card.

    Screen SaversScreen Savers10 månader sedan
  • I like your SEworld Studio. Thanks for the video.

    Daniel K RauschDaniel K Rausch10 månader sedan
  • 2:16 "as I don't yet have a boomer" lololololololol I'm dying

    Jack MarstonJack Marston10 månader sedan
    • he said "boom arm"

      imThinkimThink9 månader sedan
    • Dylan Hickey lmao Yuri

      RayyanRayyan10 månader sedan
  • Wanna try to fix a free blackberry z10?

    Not AdnanNot Adnan10 månader sedan
  • Can you plz buy my phone lot on ebay? Ive been trying to sell it but no one buys. It has an Xr motherboard, a samsung galaxy s7 edge, and two iphone 6’s. amaw-79 is my ebay user. One of the people I tried to sell the motherboard to said face id did not work and returned it. He gave me a bad review and now i cant really sell anything. I am 13 and I am trying to fix phones. I want to sell the parts because they are just too expensive for me to fix. I really hope you can buy the parts and make a video on them.

    Amir AwadAmir Awad10 månader sedan
  • In a vid a year ago there was a broken ps4 controller wish I could buy it

    Zack TedderZack Tedder10 månader sedan
  • Nice pad Dude. What’s the black box with the battle switches under the desk? It’s quite Bond villain-esque!

    Emperor MingEmperor Ming10 månader sedan
  • Nice lab Hugh. Have learned a lot from your videos. Please create a video that discusses the claims that others have about iCloud lock. Are there any viable methods to circumvent this?

    dogwood7dogwood710 månader sedan
  • Here For ur accent

    ahsan khanahsan khan10 månader sedan
  • Could you do a video on iphone 6 backlight fix please

    raymond martinjohnraymond martinjohn10 månader sedan
  • Me: *”Can’t even afford a half iMac”* Him: *”Has more then 3 iMac’s.”*

    Kay’shotsKay’shots10 månader sedan
    • AMT Productions oh, alright. Thanks.

      Kay’shotsKay’shots10 månader sedan
    • @Kay’shots No, those are Apple Cinema Displays connected to a single Mac Pro

      AMT ProductionsAMT Productions10 månader sedan
    • Hugh Jeffreys btw i love your repair videos!

      Kay’shotsKay’shots10 månader sedan
    • Hugh Jeffreys on the thumbnail and start of video, Those are imac’s right?? (Sorry if im wrong)

      Kay’shotsKay’shots10 månader sedan
    • Where are these iMacs?

      Hugh JeffreysHugh Jeffreys10 månader sedan
  • Hey, Hugh, my iPhone x charges slow and die kinda fast. what would the problem be

    Exitus MCExitus MC10 månader sedan
  • Digging that computer setup with the triple monitors! Nice!

    DMRubioTVDMRubioTV10 månader sedan
  • Why do you use trackpad and mouse?

    Joshua JeffordJoshua Jefford10 månader sedan
  • do you still like Arianna grande

    Troy ShenTroy Shen10 månader sedan
  • Hey, if you can respond to this I wanna know can I send my old iPhone 5 out to you and get it repaired I mean it’s shattered there’s parts of the glass missing the whole screen is lines and there’s important things on there which I can’t get back bc my computer doesnt support iTunes or any other things to get stuff of of iPhones

    Austin SmithAustin Smith10 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh, would you be able to permanently remove activation icloud lock on iPhone xs max 512 gb. Clean imei

    Hitesh BardewaHitesh Bardewa10 månader sedan
  • Hello I recently discovered your channel. How did you learn to fix apple products?

    Daniel SheffieldDaniel Sheffield10 månader sedan
  • Try restoring a OnePlus

    Gurudhi ge AccountGurudhi ge Account10 månader sedan
  • Where did you get that amount of iphones 4s and 5s? I can't find them anywhere...

    rivalutionrivalution10 månader sedan
  • Wow.... you have thousands of rams!!!!!!! awesome! ANd a lot of phone mainboards and parts and even some ipads and laptops.. amazing,,

    Archive VEGAArchive VEGA10 månader sedan
  • Missing the Ariana Grande desktop wallpapers.

    chullschulls10 månader sedan
  • When is the device collection video coming out?

    Alex LaglinAlex Laglin10 månader sedan
  • Can you make a video for activation locked devices and how to unlock them

    Giannis GabGiannis Gab10 månader sedan
  • Beautiful. Congrats from East Africa.

    Patrick KiariePatrick Kiarie10 månader sedan
  • Can u make videos about icloud bypass ?

    G MNG MN10 månader sedan
  • Can you show all of the phones that you have fixed

    伊马波塔伊马波塔10 månader sedan
  • With the help of my dad... Bud its only two screws This video is gay as f

    MarcinMarcin11 månader sedan
  • boxes full of memories. hm

    Arif kArif k11 månader sedan
  • Can you repair Apple Ear buds 😅

  • You didn't mention camera or lens you use.

    B. JevtovicB. Jevtovic11 månader sedan
  • hugh jeffreys: here my room Dankpods: here another angle of my green ipad

    Takauchi NishikaTakauchi Nishika11 månader sedan
  • mack Is the worst computer

    real cartoon girlreal cartoon girl11 månader sedan
  • Im so excited for your upcoming videos now 😁

    Almalea M.Lat-TeaAlmalea M.Lat-Tea11 månader sedan
  • Metric is better in every way. But NO ONE knows/can relate to screen sizes in cm. That needs to be in inches.

    EcoEco11 månader sedan
  • Oh man good thing you posted this a few days ago! I can’t imagine what having to follow mkbhd’s would be like 😅

    High Tech With GrumpoHigh Tech With Grumpo11 månader sedan
  • This is so bad lol

    heyimdoingoodheyimdoingood11 månader sedan

    Kevin D-House GaylesKevin D-House Gayles11 månader sedan
  • Studio tour or else tool review?

    Its _MewanIts _Mewan11 månader sedan
  • glad you have your own place for repairing dude, seems very nice :) keep it up

    guitarFAILguitarFAIL11 månader sedan
  • I've learned a lot from you

    Marc Nel EmnaceMarc Nel Emnace11 månader sedan
  • Bro live stream game please 💜💜💜💜💜

    MY TECH VLOGSMY TECH VLOGS11 månader sedan
  • Where do u buy all your broken devices from

    Nicholas HumbertNicholas Humbert11 månader sedan
  • this guy should start a cell phone repair business.

    howtobebasic 2howtobebasic 211 månader sedan
  • How to unlock my id locked iPhone

    Sajeel NellisseriSajeel Nellisseri11 månader sedan
  • He sounds like stampy longnose

    VixenVixen11 månader sedan
  • I have a question. Do you sell them after you repair them?

    kamuirsxkamuirsx11 månader sedan
  • Good job my dude, wish you all the best. Side note, what is that black box of switches and buttons under the top of the desk. I clicked hoping to know and you didn't mention it.

    Farid Nicolas WakimFarid Nicolas Wakim11 månader sedan
    • Thanks. That box is an AMP, I build it myself, its used to hooked up to my mac (3 aux inputs) and amplifiers the sound to my speakers. Since I have moved it's way to loud, I would keep the neighborhood up all night, so it's not hooked up at the moment.

      Hugh JeffreysHugh Jeffreys10 månader sedan
  • Damn how's it so clean

    Death kDeath k11 månader sedan
  • Congratulations!!!

    soksereytaosoksereytao11 månader sedan
  • Nice digs

    James TurnerJames Turner11 månader sedan