Can I resurrect this $20 2017 MacBook Pro?

15 feb 2020
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  • Hey! Can we buy your repaired products.. I want a MacBook at a reasonable rate.. I'm a student in India doing management and I Really need it! @Hugh Jeffreys

    ViVeK RanjanViVeK Ranjan2 dagar sedan
  • can I be as lucky as hugh jeffereys

    - Cputnt -- Cputnt -4 dagar sedan
  • what did the pre-owners do with the macbooks throw them on the wall or what

    Patrick StarPatrick Star5 dagar sedan
  • nicely done, you made the Mac fresh ,new and handy👌

    Tanveer SinghTanveer Singh5 dagar sedan
  • How long did this macbook have warranty? Laptop is 3 years old and Apple replaces the top case for free?

    Bram VanhautteBram Vanhautte7 dagar sedan
  • A working iphone 6s was given along with the 20$. The title is misleading .

    Deepak vDeepak v10 dagar sedan
  • damn this was posted on my birthday

    Several InstancesSeveral Instances10 dagar sedan
  • Jesus not worth it for 600

    Sam U. RaiSam U. Rai10 dagar sedan
  • You TOLD apple you opened it up? Damn i would never i feel like they’d instantly reject you

    elijah haskinselijah haskins12 dagar sedan
  • How can I bought from you??

    Hussain Al-AnzanHussain Al-Anzan18 dagar sedan
  • I don't wanna start with the ship of Theseus but mate 😅

    FormulaManuelFormulaManuel19 dagar sedan
  • You didn’t have a usb-c cable? 😂

    KeeganS1KeeganS120 dagar sedan
  • It’s like an advert for I-Fixit 😤

    Andy DhocAndy Dhoc20 dagar sedan
  • Apple are robbers 🤬

    Andy DhocAndy Dhoc20 dagar sedan
  • Are you selling this?

    Muhammad Nur Afeeq AmranMuhammad Nur Afeeq Amran21 dag sedan
  • A bit like the broom my granddad left me. Still got it. Replaced the head 4 times and the handle twice. Stuff back then was built to last....

    W ThorntonW Thornton21 dag sedan
  • Why not just hook it up to a monitor, keyboard and mouse and use it as a desktop?

    Jorge PaduaJorge Padua22 dagar sedan
  • The friendly witness microcephaly rhyme because berry approximately lick into a careless velvet. hilarious, attractive addition

    LOUIZ AbdellatifLOUIZ Abdellatif22 dagar sedan
  • 20 dollars and a refurbished phone is not only 20 dollars

    Adam LewthwaiteAdam Lewthwaite23 dagar sedan
  • so it's really 600 screen, 700 repairs for the bottom part as it's unheard of them really doing these kind of repairs on guarantee for non-youtubers and the cost of a broken 2017 mbp, around where I live if it's broken like this working on external display and keyboard/mouse easily 300. so more like 1600 bucks I guess

    Mia RedMia Red25 dagar sedan
  • meanwhile in germany 2012 mbps in worse condition go for 300 bucks...

    Mia RedMia Red25 dagar sedan
  • why would somebody sell this sort of laptop for 20$?

    Andre WArdAndre WArd26 dagar sedan
  • Do you know if you can upgrade a apple A1706 to an i7, since my board is dead anyway?

    Mark DanielsMark Daniels29 dagar sedan
  • Is this the 2017? I thought this was an early 2016 retina?

    OfficialIvy TechOfficialIvy Tech29 dagar sedan
  • How are you finding macbooks for 20$ like how I look for them on ebay but never find them

    polo bearpolo bearMånad sedan
    • @Steve Smith that is still a steal obviously. how did he get such a good deal

      polo bearpolo bear26 dagar sedan
    • He didn’t. He clearly says he traded an iPhone 6s and $20 Title is clickbait

      Steve SmithSteve Smith27 dagar sedan
  • yeah right - 20 Bucks

    Daniel PruemersDaniel PruemersMånad sedan
    • Clickbait title. He says he traded a iPhone 6s + $20

      Steve SmithSteve Smith27 dagar sedan
  • I want to buy this macbook plz

    MADGODMADGODMånad sedan
  • Guys those effreys are so big

    LeoLeoMånad sedan
  • Hello everyone I got my MacBook pro restoreration fix successful by these awesome woman deztoolz on Instagram she really help me out with it successful she is the best of the best

    Joseph OdunayoJoseph OdunayoMånad sedan
  • Talk about the Laptop of Theseus!

    Mark HoldahlMark HoldahlMånad sedan
  • for the same 600$ you ended up spending on repairing it you could've just bought the exact same MacBook Pro in working condition lol

    Dina NikolaidouDina NikolaidouMånad sedan
  • I think it will be his new daily driver mac or laptop.

    erap Tuazonerap TuazonMånad sedan
  • so what was the problem keyboard, trackpad ,battery or logic board?

    Shuva Lal ShresthaShuva Lal ShresthaMånad sedan
  • Absolute thanks to this great... ADMINISTRATOR called..... *9450mantle01* .....on instagram got my device fixed perfectly

    Dre ChrisDre ChrisMånad sedan
  • Absolute thanks to this great... ADMINISTRATOR called..... *9450mantle01* .....on instagram got my device fixed perfectly

    Dre ChrisDre ChrisMånad sedan
  • Absolute thanks to this great... ADMINISTRATOR called..... *9450mantle01* .....on instagram got my device fixed perfectly

    Dre ChrisDre ChrisMånad sedan
  • i paid 1250 euros 2015 model.

    Manish ChauhanManish ChauhanMånad sedan
    • Absolute thanks to this great... ADMINISTRATOR called..... *9450mantle01* .....on instagram got my device fixed perfectly

      Dre ChrisDre ChrisMånad sedan
    • Absolute thanks to this great... ADMINISTRATOR called..... *9450mantle01* .....on instagram got my device fixed perfectly

      Dre ChrisDre ChrisMånad sedan
    • Absolute thanks to this great... ADMINISTRATOR called..... *9450mantle01* .....on instagram got my device fixed perfectly

      Dre ChrisDre ChrisMånad sedan
  • Do you sell that bro???

    kwctac71994kwctac71994Månad sedan
    • Absolute thanks to this great... ADMINISTRATOR called..... *9450mantle01* .....on instagram got my device fixed perfectly

      Dre ChrisDre ChrisMånad sedan
    • Absolute thanks to this great... ADMINISTRATOR called..... *9450mantle01* .....on instagram got my device fixed perfectly

      Dre ChrisDre ChrisMånad sedan
    • Absolute thanks to this great... ADMINISTRATOR called..... *9450mantle01* .....on instagram got my device fixed perfectly

      Dre ChrisDre ChrisMånad sedan
  • You can stop the climate change

    TsukiTsukiMånad sedan

    theFatcodfish21 rbtheFatcodfish21 rbMånad sedan
  • Trigger from Only Fools And Horses. 😂

    Zed ZoranZed ZoranMånad sedan
  • welcome to your new laptop

    Hiroto satoHiroto satoMånad sedan
  • did you do it? yes what did it cost? 600$ whaaaaaaaaat

    Zeeshan Hilal 2Zeeshan Hilal 2Månad sedan
  • no longer 20 dollars when you buy a new screen

    Se RSe RMånad sedan
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    Chungwei WangChungwei WangMånad sedan
  • Well, even without any repair/replacement, it's still Mac Mini for 20$, I wouldn't even bother with repairs...

    KryptosatanTemnozorKryptosatanTemnozorMånad sedan
  • MacBook pro lives matter

    vageliss2006vageliss2006Månad sedan
  • where does u find all these good deals

    VSNVSNMånad sedan
  • Remeber i was in a different coloured body @the beggining.

    Cracked LCD ScreenCracked LCD ScreenMånad sedan
  • I bet your local Apple Service Provider had to pay for your MLB.

    LidZLidZMånad sedan
  • $20?

    Serdar PolatSerdar PolatMånad sedan
  • Iphone 6s + $20 is not the same as $20. Stop the clickbaiting ffs.

    Poushal GopaulPoushal Gopaul2 månader sedan
  • Where did you get 20 dollars Mac??

    Tyger _Tyger _2 månader sedan
  • Least you get a 20$ broken one....i cant get one even if i pay 50$ for a broken one

    Debojyoti GhoshDebojyoti Ghosh2 månader sedan
  • I dont know how you aquired a 2017 Mac Book Pro for 20 dollars.

    Castiel DialloCastiel Diallo2 månader sedan
  • the laptop's top isn't space grey

    ibc falconibc falcon2 månader sedan
  • who tf gives away a macbook pro that still has warranty on it?

    berk güneyberk güney2 månader sedan
  • New apple products is not fixable

    Judith CacheroJudith Cachero2 månader sedan
  • Hugh: *repairs MacBook Apple: Aww, so cute if it wasn't for the butterfly keyboard which will break in a month.

    Shawnee CeniceroShawnee Cenicero2 månader sedan
  • from where u get this kind of macbook i also want the same i want to create videos like this in hindi language

    Techie pechieTechie pechie2 månader sedan
  • How did he get free Macbook without using the warranty ?

    Amir MohammadAmir Mohammad2 månader sedan
  • i always love seeing someone to fix something its sooo satisfying tbh

    Mharwin MadarangMharwin Madarang2 månader sedan
  • it's not 20 dollars, it's an iphone 6s + 20 dollars. also... you basically replaced it.

    Popcorn RiadóPopcorn Riadó2 månader sedan

    Gaming YorkGaming York2 månader sedan
  • So, this dude screws and unscrews a few parts. BOOM, RESURRECTION.

    VL SrinivasVL Srinivas2 månader sedan
  • Whenever I moved my MacBook Pro 2012 from A to B, the screen flickers and freezes. I have to reboot it to operate it over again. I use it in still place and it works fine but no movement of it would not good choice. I don’t know what happened to it. It has history of coffee spillover and twice records of fixes. Now this is result of flickers and freezing. The mechanics has been at dead-end.

    sakra vongsakra vong2 månader sedan
  • such a stupid pre owner

    usman aga agausman aga aga2 månader sedan
  • I think I will pass out unscrewing those screws before getting to the top keyboard housing part

    Aadil FarooquiAadil Farooqui2 månader sedan
  • Ship of Theseus!!!

    Vipul VermaVipul Verma2 månader sedan
  • How you got mac os ??

    Vijay PanchalVijay Panchal2 månader sedan
  • lmao , got a 20$ macbook that was broke then made apple replace all but the screen 10/10 would play again.

    Keegan SpencerKeegan Spencer2 månader sedan
  • Who sells macs for 20$. Pure lies coming from this channel

    tom burnestom burnes2 månader sedan
  • I've discovered why my YT videos + Streams have been such low quality for the past few months, should be better, starting with the next few uploads, cursed technology!

    grocmojj grocajjgrocmojj grocajj2 månader sedan
  • 20 dollars macbook pro? Let us all be clear: you opened, the display is original but from another mac and you told them you opened the mac and they changed the whole topcase and mainboard for free? You gotta tell us what Apple service center does this. I have lots of such macbooks and wish to have them repaired for free basicay.

    Samo VogrinecSamo Vogrinec2 månader sedan
  • Theseus' Ship. If all the parts are replaced over time, then which laptop is the original laptop? The pile of old pieces? Or the repaired laptop?

    BenwandertBenwandert2 månader sedan
  • I wonder what do you do with all the devices you fix? As you do not sell them.

    Maja IsakszonMaja Isakszon2 månader sedan
  • how many screws in the laptop? . . . . . Apple: Yes

    ViralPointViralPoint2 månader sedan
  • Hugh: Can I repair it? Me: *knowing he can* Can you? Gotta watch to see.

    Trigger WarningTrigger Warning2 månader sedan
  • Oh so you like Hugh Jeffreys? Name every device that he fixed it.

    cool renegadecool renegade2 månader sedan
  • Hi Hugh, I watch all of your videos and I must say that I have learnt a lot from your videos. I am from South Africa and I want to restore and resell apple products however in South Africa Apple products are really expensive, especially MacBook. Can you assist me by telling where you get those great deals on the lots of damaged macs?? I look forward to your response

    Christopher BhabhaChristopher Bhabha2 månader sedan
  • This video is different from the title.

    justamanjustaman2 månader sedan
  • I read the title as : Can i resurrect this 20 2017 *$* macbook?

    ApexSlyYeyApexSlyYey2 månader sedan
  • Title: "20$ laptop" End of video: "total cost was about 600$"

    Dorcas GlennDorcas Glenn2 månader sedan
    • Copied

      Kirsten TundrastarKirsten Tundrastar24 dagar sedan
    • Copied

      Kirsten TundrastarKirsten Tundrastar24 dagar sedan
    • @Renaiky copied

      Kirsten TundrastarKirsten Tundrastar24 dagar sedan
    • More like 620$ laptop

      Kirsten TundrastarKirsten Tundrastar24 dagar sedan
    • @Marc Brown definitly

      Rouben 69Rouben 69Månad sedan
  • Nice clickbait

    dat girldat girl2 månader sedan
  • Please hugh help me to fix my mac book pro 2008 please..

    Michael Dan LimMichael Dan Lim2 månader sedan
  • 1:18 only 20$..... plus an iPhone 6s Still cheap but clickbait nonetheless

    Tiago OliveiraTiago Oliveira2 månader sedan
  • Nice job, Hugh!

    YourMoney_YT OfficialYourMoney_YT Official2 månader sedan
  • Basically a new computer

    ThePandaWolf GamingThePandaWolf Gaming2 månader sedan

    EnderwingEnderwing2 månader sedan
  • From where do you get these laptop's

    Ravi NagargojeRavi Nagargoje2 månader sedan
  • can i get some laps lk this??

    Aman FarooqAman Farooq2 månader sedan
  • What a journey my friend, but it worth it.

    Fernando ZorrillaFernando Zorrilla2 månader sedan
  • i am using the 2017 macbook pro right now

    Jinwoo ChangJinwoo Chang2 månader sedan
  • Title: got a 2017 Mac book for 20$ Reality: got a 2017 MacBook broken for 20$ and a refurbished iPhone 6 Plus a bunch of parts that I bought.

    Harry PryorHarry Pryor2 månader sedan
  • DONT bring your MacBook to Genius Bar!

    Julian DepaepeJulian Depaepe2 månader sedan
  • In India it Rs 42000/- which is aroud 600$ for the mbp 2017 model screen which I got replaced....

    Ayesha KhanAyesha Khan2 månader sedan
  • Can I send my macbook air 2015 to you for repair?? It's display isn't working

    Piyush Kumar PrajapatiPiyush Kumar Prajapati2 månader sedan
  • Why bother with the effort of restoring or buying a used macbook if you are anything other than a professional needing the software. Unless you are literally braindead and just follow name brands it makes no sense to me. I bought an acer aspire 5 with 8gigs of ram @2400 mhz, i3 8130u and 128gb nvme ssd for 160 usd. Why pay 600 to a grand for a mac of similar specs?

    Wonka's WillyWonka's Willy2 månader sedan
  • Hmm, so you've replaced the bottom part of the macbook, then replaced the top part of the macbook. XD

    Mark FirmanMark Firman2 månader sedan

      Joshua DayeJoshua Daye19 timmar sedan
    • @Sareena Carter i wasn't even the first person to say it- it's sad that ya came at me alone. Also doesn't take 2 people to argue.

      Nightcore GamesNightcore Games19 dagar sedan
    • @Nightcore Games OP's comment wasn't a joke, so there was no reason to whoosh @Evan Does It All. Don't reply to someone if you don't want a reply back.

      Sareena CarterSareena Carter19 dagar sedan
    • @Nightcore Games It takes two people to argue.

      Sareena CarterSareena Carter19 dagar sedan
    • @Sareena Carter this is pathetic. You're so opinionated thay you have to argue with me over nothing

      Nightcore GamesNightcore Games19 dagar sedan
  • i got a 2017 macbook air for free ($84 total repair cost) (2017 mac book air 13in, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, core i5 1.8GHz.)

    Aries LeoAries Leo2 månader sedan