Unrepairable design? - Samsung J7 Prime Screen Replacement

14 sep 2019
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Simply put, this phone was not designed to be repaired and that can make things not go to plan...
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  • Blurring the city does nothing Psievwri told us you live in Victoria

    Isau FelipeIsau Felipe18 dagar sedan
  • HAYYYY my phone is the samsung galexey 5 sorrey i can not spell im 7 jk im

    SaraLouise BlackhorseSaraLouise Blackhorse25 dagar sedan
  • I was triggered when you ripped the home button cable

    Isau FelipeIsau Felipe28 dagar sedan
  • I knew as soon as I saw how aggressive you were at the bottom the it was going to be home button or soft keys. Gotta be real careful at the bottom, otherwise this repair is very easy.

    Mike MillsMike MillsMånad sedan
  • Unlucky mate

    jibrhan khanjibrhan khanMånad sedan
  • I have a phone just like that but the back is black kind of like leather

    Lukas BrownLukas Brown2 månader sedan
  • Lol love the slight shaming at the beginning

    I dare you to pronounce HsudjeijebeirnnehhehshsI dare you to pronounce Hsudjeijebeirnnehhehshs2 månader sedan
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    simon wangsimon wang2 månader sedan
  • Meanwhile me chillin with the bad a5 2017

    Adam GAdam G3 månader sedan
  • Yo tengo el mismo teléfono pero es blanco con dorado uwu también es con flash frontal (SM-G610M/DS)

    Moises BatresMoises Batres3 månader sedan
  • I'm going to tell my sister to stop abusing her J7 Prime

    Sarp ErsoySarp Ersoy4 månader sedan
  • I actually found a J7 prime that was in the middle of the road. The screen was obliterated and fell off. I have no idea if it still works and I don't want to get a screen for it if it doesn't. I tried plugging it in without the screen and nothing happened.

    AlPalCAlPalC4 månader sedan
  • So that's why I need to change this phone I have the j7 Prime of the USA, it's so different to that model

    Tony FoxTony Fox4 månader sedan
  • I had one before Fall into water and never work again So I decided to take apart just for fun And GOD that battey won't come out XD The entire device was so hard to open And as you faced the mid frame is very hard to take out

    Red FireRed Fire5 månader sedan
  • Why does the Australian version of the J7 Prime look si different from the US version...

    PortaRock1985PortaRock19855 månader sedan
  • tbh it kinda sucks that the J7 prime has a led notification light, whereas my J5 pro doesn't even have one. I don't think any of the J pro series phones have a led notification light for that matter. And the J pro series is supposed to be a step up from the regular J series and J prime series phones /:

    Mona Lisa on WeedMona Lisa on Weed6 månader sedan
  • I used to own J7 Prime phone and i hate it i really hate it

    Anonymous _Anonymous _8 månader sedan
  • How much The LCD cost? And the Receiver Speaker.

    Team PhilippinesTeam Philippines9 månader sedan
  • Do you have a Samsung j7 prime LCD can I have when you had a LCD please because I needed because I have a Samsung j7 prime but the LCD is broken please can I have I'm poor please and I'm a kid please please please please

    tiktok tiktoktiktok tiktok9 månader sedan
  • who get nervous when hugh broke the home button because that phone is not his phone

    Daniel FerminDaniel Fermin10 månader sedan
  • Would a samsung j7 prime screen fit on a samsung j7 star?

    Federal 2000Federal 200010 månader sedan
  • Samsung j series just suck, they are bad and too expensive for what they are

    Dan3aDan3a10 månader sedan
  • I tried to fix my j7 prime I gave up halfway through

    Nels JonesNels Jones11 månader sedan
  • Unrepairable? If anything, this is actually the easiest samsung phone to replace the screen on because it comes out first!

    Aaron VeyAaron Vey11 månader sedan
  • that is the same as my brothers phone

    Shukri ConstatineShukri Constatine11 månader sedan
  • Another satisfying videos it's helpful for the Samsung users watching around the world who's trying to fixed their phone just like you did. So very well

  • Apple is shaking

    James CurtJames CurtÅr sedan
  • *indian tech support intensifies*

    ThracianDudeThracianDudeÅr sedan
  • There is no reason to unplug battery :/ the phone still works ಥ‿ಥ

  • Why is heee just THE GODDDDD of TECH like littrally he is just theeee BESTTTTTY

    ZaviyaarZaviyaarÅr sedan
  • Did the same thing on a J5 2015 while replacing its screen.

    George AntoniouGeorge AntoniouÅr sedan
  • Lol

    Jay JoJay JoÅr sedan
  • You think that’s hard? I did a successful s5 repair, lol

    Ilyas GIlyas GÅr sedan
  • What a nightmare!

    Jake WagnerJake WagnerÅr sedan
  • While installing the display for the second time you didn’t applied any adhesive

    Official candy ManOfficial candy ManÅr sedan
  • I hate non flagship samsung phones their so badly put together and but they are budget freindly🤦‍♀️🤣

    Joey IshamJoey IshamÅr sedan
  • I'm using this phone with a broken display and camera for 3 years

    Karthik MKarthik MÅr sedan
  • You know if you have a long nail you can just slide your nail under the back cover of the phone and it's easier

    Peanut plays gamesPeanut plays gamesÅr sedan
  • nice vid. im fixing the screen on my j7 refine tomorrow

    AlbinoGolira GDAlbinoGolira GDÅr sedan
  • The most beautiful Samsung imho

    Yaroslaw JaroslavYaroslaw JaroslavÅr sedan
  • Please make the Samsung Galaxy J6+ restoration Jeffrey.

    Julio CastilloJulio CastilloÅr sedan
  • The j7 prime is a good budget phone. I am using one and i have had it for 4 years and it is 5 years old

    Kinghamster 1447Kinghamster 1447År sedan
  • worst repairable devices ever

    Andres AenimaAndres AenimaÅr sedan
  • That's why I love apple or Samsung's S-Series

    VeryYoungGamerVeryYoungGamerÅr sedan
  • Which J7 Prime verison was this? My old 2017 one had a removable battery and the internals easy to access

    Ax ElAx ElÅr sedan
  • I want to courier you my iPhone 6S with cracked glass and back panel for the repair.

  • i dont buy mid tier phones expecting it to be repairable. i run them untill they are dead. for what i do for a living i tend to break phones every year or so anyways

  • I lost respect for you after watching this video. Any professional tech knows to see a how to before even accepting a repair if they have never touch that phone.

    Edward SandovalEdward SandovalÅr sedan
  • looks like my j7 prime is the best in the world, my j7 prime falled a lot of times, even went under a door and the screen is like new, i dont have screen protector xD (bad english sorry i talk spanish)

    Pato DesingsPato DesingsÅr sedan
  • @4:22 Nope, that is the downside with rocking an uncommon cheap entry level smartphone that is pretty much outdated and only relying on the domestic market for parts.

    Red PhoenixRed PhoenixÅr sedan
  • Plais my frend meizu m5s affecheur

    Mohamed Mohamed1975Mohamed Mohamed1975År sedan
  • I work in phone repair industry, this is the worst repair I've seen lol Enjoy your China LCD copy (not amoled) with no brightness adjustment :)

    ApplecakeApplecakeÅr sedan
    • Hello, the J7 Prime comes with a TFT LCD from the factory, and never came with an OLED. Every screen i've used when repairing these had a working brightness adjustment.

      Aaron VeyAaron Vey11 månader sedan
  • damn, so many troubles for a J phone. i would gave up and say "fuck it, i'll get her an S7/S7 Edge and transfer the data" most probably

    RapierRapierÅr sedan
  • Better question, why would you want to repair this phone? It sucks. But I suppose letting it go to waste is a bad idea.

    Lasky LabsLasky LabsÅr sedan
  • In what universe is it MORE worth repairing a j7 prime instead of just buying a new one‽ lmaoooo

    Jonathan WeissJonathan WeissÅr sedan
  • This was the best selling phone in my city It was a really good phone

    abdullah abdulazizabdullah abdulazizÅr sedan
  • I'm a repair tech by trade, I work on these all the time. These phones are far easier to work on than the majority of flagships on the market, and the parts are readily available (at least in the US). If you want an unrepairable design, look at a pixel 3... I dread working on those. Bottom line, anything can be repaired if you try hard enough. There isn't a phone on the market that can't be fixed.

    Minipianoman TepvepMinipianoman TepvepÅr sedan
  • you know apple clicked on this as soon as they saw "unrepareable"

    zestysausaugezestysausaugeÅr sedan
  • this phone use to give me the shits glad i upgraded

    Yung VoidYung VoidÅr sedan
  • The back comes off my J7 prime

    Sam BurnsSam BurnsÅr sedan
    • Welp, you've probably got the crappy J727 version (G610 is the good one, shown in the video and the one i have.)

      Aaron VeyAaron Vey11 månader sedan
  • You do know that the battery is removed from the back end, right?

    Alexandru CarjanAlexandru CarjanÅr sedan
    • No, it isn't. That's for the J7 V, Which is sold as "J7 Prime" on T-Mobile and AT&T in the US. The one shown in this video is the G610, the real J7 Prime, and also the phone I have.

      Aaron VeyAaron Vey11 månader sedan
  • I have a j7 prime, and it has a removable battery?

    YuskuYuskuÅr sedan
  • 00:35 my Siri went of

    Chosen GodChosen GodÅr sedan
  • Why is that crack the same as mine

    _army_of_27_ Brooks_army_of_27_ BrooksÅr sedan
  • Why don't you repair one plus phone

    ADMINADMINÅr sedan
  • JeffreyRigEverything

    Official Bass Head VibesOfficial Bass Head VibesÅr sedan
  • Never seen a j7 that you couldn't take the battery out of the back of.

    Otto TOtto TÅr sedan
  • Easier than the iPhone.

    Johnny lorJohnny lorÅr sedan
  • Would not be difficult for Zack though

    Dhruv KansalDhruv KansalÅr sedan
  • Who is watching this on galaxy j7 prime black color

    mohamad alimohamad aliÅr sedan
  • Jerryrigeverything wanna find your location

    New EraNew EraÅr sedan
  • Hey i also have a j7 prime wassuuuup duude

    Zaharia MariusZaharia MariusÅr sedan
  • I have a J3 2016

    Dean_LPDean_LPÅr sedan
  • Jeffrey just shits on phones before fixing them XD..... WELL ITS AN UGLY PHONE BUTS ITS NOT MINE XD

    Th3 ProBLeMTh3 ProBLeMÅr sedan
  • in indonesia its so easy to fix all j series from lcd and touchscreen and emmc ic power broken slot for battery flexible cable it was so eazy because 90% all people in here use j series especially j2 2016

    Lord MemeLord MemeÅr sedan
  • Thank god im not using these phone otherwise hw to contact you😉

    Rahul K muralidharanRahul K muralidharanÅr sedan
  • When I put my Cellphone for fix it, the Display it came with a broken homebutton, so in this video I can finally understand what's happend (and be mad)

    Marinnea • 5 years agoMarinnea • 5 years agoÅr sedan
  • My phone is having the same problem, my screen is cracked and I want to fix it, did you change everything like LCD , touch, digitaliser or only the front glass?

    Shriram p iyerShriram p iyerÅr sedan
  • I had a similar experience with both the battery and home button on my old Samsung S6.

    SuperEvenStevenSuperEvenStevenÅr sedan
  • interesting video (all your videos are interesting and entertaining) as I have a Samsung galaxy J7 2018 phone.

    Matt HalpainMatt HalpainÅr sedan
  • For anyone that had this happen to them theres an that can use the fingerprint reader as a touch home button

    The Geeky GentlemanThe Geeky GentlemanÅr sedan
  • I've done screen placements on both the A3 (first gen) and J3 2017, and they are the same layout as the one in this video. Disappointing as it makes battery replacements unnecessarily difficult.

    RummidgeManRummidgeManÅr sedan
  • I just got my Samsung Galaxy on NXT repaired, Which is similar to j7 prime

  • even my display is broken same as in thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣

    bechirag YTbechirag YTÅr sedan
  • 👍🏻

    Suhas SundarSuhas SundarÅr sedan
  • Samsung makes rework kits for all of their phones. They're basically like an exact cut out of adhesive that you need for the phone model you're working on. I'm not sure if you'll be able to get them from Samsung or even third party either, but if you can the repair is a lot better and is water resistant.

    Joseph AsadJoseph AsadÅr sedan
  • Unrepairable design? Isn't it a little unfair to suggest that in the title of a video that clearly proves otherwise? Is it not common to run into small issues when working on mobile devices like this? Additionally, the adhesive isn't there for the lols, it's to keep the glass/screen from popping out of place. This is all fairly common for mobile phones and similar products. And finally, why on Earth would you go through the trouble of repairing a Galaxy J7 Prime anyways, considering the screen still accepted input even after some damage occurred. It's not like the J7 Prime costa the same as a flagship and thus worth spending the time and money on to fix something that's purely cosmetic.

    Devan BrooksDevan BrooksÅr sedan
  • i thought for a second at 5:03, you were causing damage to the battery with that metal pry tool. good thing it was only the adhesive being exposed.

    Micky-kunMicky-kunÅr sedan
  • Thumbs down for Samsung of making unrepairable phones, specially the battery just to encourage customers to buy a new one instead.

    Mini tomateMini tomateÅr sedan
    • Every iPhone ever?

      KevinKevinÅr sedan
  • Why did they even want it repaired is the real question

    Brendan TBrendan TÅr sedan
    • Ikr. It's like a 80 dollar phone. It's not even worth repairing

      Grigori rasputin.Grigori rasputin.År sedan
  • OMG, this man is so fast with the phone, tell him to slow down!

    zenzenÅr sedan
  • I have repaired that phone 10 times and have never Brock any flex cable.

    Benjamin MilimoBenjamin MilimoÅr sedan
  • Transfer the data to another one and throw it away, they won’t notice xD

    Im OrkanIm OrkanÅr sedan
  • Is a j7 with repairing?

    Isaac ElisaldezIsaac ElisaldezÅr sedan
  • Lol j7 prime 2016 vibes

    run me over with your carrun me over with your carÅr sedan
  • I have replaced the lcd of my j7 prime too but it only shows the j7 prime logo then blackscreen any idea how to fix it?

    AlbedoAlbedoÅr sedan
    • Hold Volume down and power for a while, if that doesn't work, you either have a j727 and ordered a g610 screen, or have a g610 and ordered a j727 screen.

      Aaron VeyAaron Vey11 månader sedan
  • Some who gave me j7+ w/cracked LCD I just want to fix it but some I search is not thesame ...can u help me to identify what j7 its I'm not familiar ..fogive my English I'm pure Tagalog e ..hehe

    juncy Reyesjuncy ReyesÅr sedan
  • Phone giveaway pls : (

    John Vencent TioJohn Vencent TioÅr sedan
  • Can you repair my blackberry classic

  • 17 diffrent sizors?

    Chris de BruinChris de BruinÅr sedan