Can I fix someones botched repair on this Galaxy Note Fan Edition?

2 maj 2020
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  • I requested a refund of $100 for the screen. Of cause the seller proposed a refund of $0 but after escalating the dispute I received my refund. Maybe I should of requested more? Oh well it works with a slight defect and I now only paid about $40. Just happy to have received something back!

    Hugh JeffreysHugh Jeffreys8 månader sedan
    • Hmmm

      Luka AirGirlLuka AirGirl8 dagar sedan
    • @Hugh Jeffreys..... It is soooo hard do be a phone repair person.... His money is lots......

      Fun Vlogs Ayaan & AahilFun Vlogs Ayaan & AahilMånad sedan
    • So you broke the screen yourself then blame seller? Nice.

      Terry SongTerry Song3 månader sedan
    • Adrian Chiu swswz

      Adriana frcsAdriana frcs3 månader sedan
    • Adrian Chiu swswz

      Adriana frcsAdriana frcs3 månader sedan
  • well when he said low temperature i thought why didn't he just heat the phone for a little bit

    Slim KabeloSlim Kabelo2 dagar sedan
  • I hate botched things! including botched cars with 5 gallons of filler on body pannels

    Demetre JakhaiaDemetre Jakhaia3 dagar sedan
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    acgs1987acgs19874 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    amar Jeet123amar Jeet1235 dagar sedan
  • I recall that the Note 7 was a hit with reviewers, which now seems entirely forgotten. I'm glad someone is preserving a few of these great phones, minus the improperly made batteries, of course.

    Jozsef IzsakJozsef Izsak8 dagar sedan
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    Женя ПеняЖеня Пеня9 dagar sedan
  • This is What happens when you get phone repaired at 'Phone repair for $50

    200 Subs With No Video Challenge200 Subs With No Video Challenge10 dagar sedan
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    Salley MaliaSalley Malia18 dagar sedan
  • do how you wish, just saying that I'll lift the adhered charge port cable from the frame enough to pinch the connection to the board, someone get this man a heating pad that goes to 90 Celsius/Centigrade to easily separate everything adhered to frames up to the iPad Pro 12.9, I know the hot air station works but... it just scares the crap out of me. If you submerge the Samsung back glass from the S6, Note 5 and newer in Alcohol, you can peel off the "paint" layer on the inside to make it a clear see through back glass though if it gets broken there is a chance that there will be glass everywhere (maybe even in the battery O_O! )

    Robert FRobert F24 dagar sedan
  • You are fearless in you attacking these Samsung phones, a bit envious on my part. I own three LG V20 phones because they are easy to service, they use one size screw for the entire phone, and they have replaceable batteries. Also, I have all of the parts for them when they break, or I accidently run them through the washer and dryer.

    nomebearnomebearMånad sedan
  • China is a deliberate cheater country, the government, the people and the soil of China is hardcore corrupt. Unfortunately they are having control of most patents and are the monopoly source of supplies for electronic items.

    N BauaN BauaMånad sedan
    • how so? 90% of items made in China, you are not thankful AT ALL.

      Vulnerable SmartyVulnerable Smarty4 dagar sedan
  • why is this so satisfying?

    chikpomchikpomMånad sedan
  • Could u fix an iPod touch fifth generation there is an issue with overheating and the back camera caused by the overheating

    George fallGeorge fallMånad sedan
  • I love watching your video,, really nice and great video🙈🙈 Can u fix my phone,, it is glaxy note fan edition, I have it three years ago in Saudi arabia.

    mariam fawzymariam fawzyMånad sedan
  • you make a great job to fix a good Samsung galaxy phone

    corrival catcorrival catMånad sedan
  • Hey Hugh Jefferys I have an old iPad mini can I send it to you and I can fix it? IPad mini 1wifi

    AwesomeGamingAwesomeGamingMånad sedan
  • yup thats what happened when I bought a "new" replacement lcd display for my iPad Air 2. it was so glitchy and I lost Touch ID. Guess where it was from? China.

    Okejay57Okejay57Månad sedan
  • What happened to your black verizon note 7?

    Gonçalo JaneiroGonçalo JaneiroMånad sedan
  • The thumbnail looked like jerryrigeverything.. lol

    aleksander Okonekaleksander OkonekMånad sedan
  • Where else do you got phone parts if there not from China

    Alec MulconrayAlec MulconrayMånad sedan
  • I want the Note 7

    gamesfan 25gamesfan 252 månader sedan
  • Don t charge because sensor it s broken that sensor it s in coil with charging wirless

    Sil k2Sil k22 månader sedan
  • my dad used to repair iphones, (and occasionally samsungs, but he hated repairing them, at the time iphones were easier to repair, maybe not now, but then they were I think, or atleast he was used to them) he got the screens and parts from china, but too often would he have to return a part (like screens) that simply didn't work. he quit around the iphone 6-7 (maybe later)when replacement screens were like half the price of the device, and almost impossible to find. edit: just to clarify I believe he brought the parts from chinese ebay sellers, and I believe he would also check reviews. generally most parts worked, even if that is shocking.

    XX2 månader sedan
  • Thanks because my note 7 is repared

    RajveerSingh AroraRajveerSingh Arora2 månader sedan
  • I think You should repair more android phones and less iOS phones. I am from Bangladesh and I learn from your videos. But in our country we cant find parts online. We need to go to market to get it.

    Md. Mahabubul QuddusMd. Mahabubul Quddus2 månader sedan
  • What do you do with all these phones do you sell them cuz no way somone needs this many phones

    NKNK2 månader sedan
  • I hear Philippines.

    K-CEDK-CED2 månader sedan
  • considering what i remember of the unfortunate tragic history of the Note 7... would you ever possibly considering selling one of yours? although I understand if you hold on to your phones for educational and teaching purposes in your videos. yes, I'm new to your channel and videos.

    Ryan TruntenRyan Trunten2 månader sedan
  • "and on that note"... i see what you did there

    Ryan TruntenRyan Trunten2 månader sedan
  • Im glad that how he and his channel is getting matured

    Thaief AhmedThaief Ahmed2 månader sedan
  • 5:33 I sourced out "SOME" Galaxy note 7 adhesive. Yeah, "some"...

    James GrosspietschJames Grosspietsch2 månader sedan
  • Can you fix my dead phone please 😢

    Tyo DafirenzeTyo Dafirenze2 månader sedan
  • So don’t buy anything from China, got it

    Cory M.M.Cory M.M.2 månader sedan
  • Fvck chinna!

    Ratzel BlackStarRatzel BlackStar2 månader sedan
  • damn.. the guy before fucked up the phone so bad.. jeez

    Jeremy C.Jeremy C.2 månader sedan
  • Love all of your videos! Keep on rocking! 👍

    White CoffeeWhite Coffee2 månader sedan
  • Chinese folks are pretty shady when it comes to business. It's a part of their culture.

    Billy BoyBilly Boy2 månader sedan
  • It actually baffles me how many picks and tools people use to open Samsung’s. If you have enough heat, all you need is super thin metal and insert it about a mm or 2 just to get it started. Then use one blue pick. I’ve never damaged the paint or cracked the glass.

    Roland KollerRoland Koller2 månader sedan
  • wallpaper at 13:28? with the text too please

    TC TekMeisterTC TekMeister2 månader sedan
  • God of Doctor

    Song Tube OrgSong Tube Org2 månader sedan
  • Quite a hassle to fix and still not get a properly-working handset. The Note FE was underwhelming for me, coming from a note 4. Mostly with the way it felt in the hand (felt smaller), so I traded it in for a note 8 2 months later. In hindsight i should've gotten the 8.

    James II RaveloJames II Ravelo3 månader sedan
  • there's nothing repair happen in this video only replacement and reassemble the parts..but i enjoy to watch this video

    MAYAPOGSMAYAPOGS3 månader sedan
  • Him: oled display are delicate Me: silent with my cracked s7

    I dare you to pronounce HsudjeijebeirnnehhehshsI dare you to pronounce Hsudjeijebeirnnehhehshs3 månader sedan
  • china parts is mostly refurbished but original parts are hard to find so i only pay for refurbished Chinese products that have good reviews

    real4everhreal4everh3 månader sedan
  • Where can we find the parts? I have a FE and need to fix it...

    PicBoyPicBoy3 månader sedan
  • Where would you recommend to buy phone parts

    Godly destroyerGodly destroyer4 månader sedan
  • 11:52 huh, that's interesting to know.

    rafisofyanrafisofyan4 månader sedan
  • superb

    Tharuk MinrukaTharuk Minruka4 månader sedan
  • The displays are the hardest to get out. it’s fragile.

    Shehron PatwaryShehron Patwary4 månader sedan
  • Had it not been for Samsung's massive fuck up, the Note7 would have been one the prettiest phones of all time, imo.

    LittyCarBoiLittyCarBoi4 månader sedan
  • Why do u like Ariana granda so much

    Jett HarveyJett Harvey4 månader sedan
  • I got tis phone in 2017 note fan version Malaysia

    Magic BlinkMagic Blink4 månader sedan
  • The developer of the Note 7 should’ve been thinking about the battery before selling the Note 7 since that is how the Note 7 exploded

    Omar ZowilaOmar Zowila4 månader sedan
  • Goodwill wod sell as Brand new

    Alex WeltAlex Welt4 månader sedan
  • This was super satisfying to watch. thanks Hugh.

    AnthonyAnthony4 månader sedan
  • Hi Good job Bro style 👍❤️❤️❤️

    Gustavo RodriguesGustavo Rodrigues4 månader sedan
  • The "what could've been factor" of having the Note 7 recalled twice led me to the Note 20 ultra and to stumble on to here to watch Note 7 videos for some reason

    Erick MoralesErick Morales4 månader sedan
  • where you get this stuffs?

    Aabthaf MathaniAabthaf Mathani4 månader sedan
  • O come on guys some one is doing somthing good and you are making fun of him. Well done Hugh Jeffreys keep up the good work

    mohsin khanmohsin khan4 månader sedan
  • Love from Philippines

    SASHA SENPAI!SASHA SENPAI!4 månader sedan
  • Ur just too picky to be honest when it came to the screen. It’s a refurbished original screen which is why it has the owls burn but of course I have done many lcd replacements with this pled burns on them

    Ali_M GamingAli_M Gaming5 månader sedan
  • Including South Korea, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Filipinos: Wait, what?

    Francis Gabriel L AbordoFrancis Gabriel L Abordo5 månader sedan
  • When he said "and we're done" I felt that

    Nizar HermawanNizar Hermawan5 månader sedan
  • Ya FYI that test mode via the phone dialer will NOT work on unlocked phones with verizon.

    beaker15 Tylerbeaker15 Tyler5 månader sedan
  • What's the name of the song used?

    Dinesh VutukuruDinesh Vutukuru5 månader sedan
  • Do you ever watch JerryRigeverything

    james turnerjames turner5 månader sedan
  • If you get a full refund, i wouldnt care if the screen is slightly blemished or have the wrong boot up color screen.... But good job. You have some patience. Would you recommend a Note FE tho? Not thatim buying one currently on a galaxy S8+

    Leatherkid 02Leatherkid 025 månader sedan
  • Dodgy "brand new" "original" "oem" parts from China is the main reason I got out of the phone repair business. China is the source of nearly all these parts, so you often can't get them elsewhere.

    JoshR GamingJoshR Gaming5 månader sedan
  • 5:35 Where'd you bring it from?

    JoshR GamingJoshR Gaming5 månader sedan
  • Insert 'China is asshoe' meme.

    JopieHaargelJopieHaargel5 månader sedan
  • Why no one removes sim card tray at the start

  • dont try to fix a phone if you dont know what you are doing. COMMON SENSE...............

    Ayden2352Ayden23525 månader sedan
    • And you here just sitting and making fun of people...

      Creative AnnCreative Ann5 månader sedan
  • Beautiful fhinsh

    Rohit RebortRohit Rebort5 månader sedan
  • You should start a business about fixing phones

    Apple SiriApple Siri6 månader sedan
  • "picks" Davie504 fans: I'm calling the police

  • That's a beautiful phone

    Ayden ReeseAyden Reese6 månader sedan
  • Can I buy one of your phones?

    Ichigo shippuden #JesusIsKingIchigo shippuden #JesusIsKing6 månader sedan
  • The thumbinal looks like JerryRigEverything...

    Miki200_Miki200_6 månader sedan
  • Question for you. I know we’re in July so hopefully you reply to this. So I have an original Verizon Note 7. Literally untouched brand new and I only used it once before the whole battery explosion craze happened. As it turns out my phone updated to the newest firmware that I think bricks the Note 7. Is there a way to reverse the process to make the phone useable again. Also since the phone is the original it also has the original battery to it. No explosions though lol

    Giancarlo VillanuevaGiancarlo Villanueva6 månader sedan
  • Why did they make the fan edition? Because the note 7 didn’t have any

    Colby SproulColby Sproul6 månader sedan
  • seriously it is sold in malaysia? I just know that this phone is sold in malaysia after watching this video😂😂...btw I'm Malaysian

    H4R1SH4R1S6 månader sedan
  • When I heard the name, I thought it actually had a fan in it 😅

    EdgyShooterEdgyShooter6 månader sedan
  • Hey hi hugh Jeffreys.. can u pls help me fix my samsung galaxy s5..

    Saldy CarmeloSaldy Carmelo6 månader sedan
  • What do you do with all the phones that you repaired afterwards?

    Ku LimKu Lim6 månader sedan
  • Most of the Galaxy Note FE’s I have seen don’t have the Samsung logo at the top.

    Windows 7Pro2009Windows 7Pro20096 månader sedan
  • i love the close videos, great repair

    El mundo de DamiánEl mundo de Damián6 månader sedan
  • Can I fix the screen burning problem in my phone that is Samsung s8 pluse without disassembling the phone

    Shanu AhmedShanu Ahmed6 månader sedan
  • I miss that design minus the curved screen! That phone looks much better than the Samsung phones of today!

    james macyjames macy6 månader sedan
  • My parents see this, when I turn on my computer and put the password in

    ShookbangShookbang6 månader sedan
  • Note fan tf is that

    reaction podsreaction pods6 månader sedan
  • China trying to gaslight all of the Western economies with dodgy electronic parts they exclusively build

    Rusty GoldRusty Gold6 månader sedan
  • True that good screens are better else but hey upside... at least the phone didn’t explode 🤷🏽

    lilroxie therichwoodkidlilroxie therichwoodkid6 månader sedan
  • I'm your Filipino fan 🥰

    Mr. LabitanMr. Labitan7 månader sedan
  • so where do you get your iphone screens? they are from US??

    Franco RFranco R7 månader sedan
  • In China , there are so many cheaters and liars . I shame on them .

    guan sunguan sun7 månader sedan
    • How so? 90% of itmes made in China, you are not thankful AT ALL.

      Vulnerable SmartyVulnerable Smarty4 dagar sedan
  • Wow it looks so dated

    Jack TylerJack Tyler7 månader sedan
  • I now want this phone now

    UrchinPlayzUrchinPlayz7 månader sedan
  • Just curious but where would you source your parts from if possible?

    Austin MichaelAustin Michael7 månader sedan
  • I have a samsung s7

    DripDrip7 månader sedan