Restoring Apple's strangest iPhone Model - iPhone 4 CDMA

10 aug 2019
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    Eyüp YörükEyüp Yörük16 dagar sedan
  • So this is the type of phone that it is when you see a iPhone called a 4/4s on eBay!

    The Master Of TechThe Master Of Tech17 dagar sedan
  • It’s strange to see someone so confused by this phone. Verizon was the largest cell carrier at the time and operates on CDMA. Up to this point it was normal to have company specific phones.

    Joel MartinJoel MartinMånad sedan
  • I got a 4s cdma sadly it has no difference to a different 4s

  • If I remember it correctly, AT&T was the launch network in the US for the iPhone. I was bummed because I was a Verizon customer back then... So this was my first iPhone model when it finally became available to Verizon.

    fizzys26fizzys262 månader sedan
  • This was my first phone. I broke the screen and at the time I couldn’t find a repair guide. I was about 14 or 15. I wasn’t THAT into repair yet. I had a few left over screws, I had a white spot in the display, and for some reason the phone wouldn’t stay powered on without being constantly plugged in. I wrote that off as a loss since I didn’t know what I was doing. (4-5 years ago)

    Shawn WitcheyShawn Witchey2 månader sedan
  • My iPhone 4 CDMA brackets were black, not gold... maybe it varies on manufacture date/location

    Alpha's PhoenixAlpha's Phoenix2 månader sedan
  • I do still have my iPhone 4 CDMA

    Foxy The PirateFoxy The Pirate5 månader sedan
  • I have like 20 units of these things when i got a huge iPhone lot from eBay for a decent price. I’m going to have a rough time trying to get that money back, considering that these things are obsolete

    Juan JimenezJuan Jimenez5 månader sedan
    • lol like a year ago i bought a lot of 24 iphone 4/4s'es for like 70 bucks

      NickArchiver52NickArchiver525 månader sedan
  • IPhone locked to Verizon 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Verizon phones are unlocked in the states AT&T are the only one who lock their phones I've been with Verizon 8 years my grandfather been since 1998 all his phones and mine have been unlocked

    Sin ShiestySin Shiesty5 månader sedan
  • How to connect to cellular with cdma iPhones does it use a e-sim like iPhone 11 Pro ?

    Oliver LauritsenOliver Lauritsen6 månader sedan
  • Apple responds to the demands of Verizon (and a few other companies) and their customers (currently over 150 million people, not sure what it was at the time) by releasing a version of the iPhone compatible with the network that the company is using. Many years later: Hugh Jeffreys says "I don't understand why they did this". LOL Current population of Australia = 25 million people (1/6th of Verizon's current user base in the US).

    Matt ElderMatt Elder7 månader sedan
  • No service? In the UK, my data would have service but it would say that buying add-ons will be more expensive.

    aTentaTent7 månader sedan
  • I would love a bigger updated iphone 4

    Rusty McgruffRusty Mcgruff7 månader sedan
  • i wish i could buy it from you at what cost

    Claude CharlandClaude Charland8 månader sedan
  • BEST...

    AlexanderMinecraftAnimationAlexanderMinecraftAnimation8 månader sedan
  • It is an Iphone SE in reverse😂. „New“ Design, old hardware😂

    Grade_ 8Grade_ 88 månader sedan
  • 5:09 8gb unit phone: 6.2gb

    Chrystal OrourkeChrystal Orourke9 månader sedan
  • The CDMA 4 is so weird, it has completely different parts than the 4s and GSM 4. Not worth anyone's time

    Ilyas GIlyas G9 månader sedan
  • Hey can you restore my iphone it’s cracked and is disabled

    Sora SosukeyaSora Sosukeya9 månader sedan
  • I remember having one of these on sprint (USA), I currently also have one on Verizon (also USA)

    joey serenkojoey serenko9 månader sedan
  • There is a even stranger iPhone model, the Chinese version of the iPhone 3Gs has no WiFi built in. Top that.

    Patrick LamPatrick Lam10 månader sedan
    • What’s the model name called? i’m interested to know more about that

      Juan JimenezJuan Jimenez4 månader sedan
  • Jack, how many times do i have to tell you, iPhones aren't androids! They're different! You can't just rip off the screen like that!

    Federal 2000Federal 200010 månader sedan
  • The only reason they made it was because of Verizon

    D-man747D-man74710 månader sedan
  • Speaking of gold-plated why don’t you make this phone fully gold plated since it has some gold plated parts

    TheMCveteranTheMCveteran10 månader sedan
  • You should go to this website :

    GussrandomstuffGussrandomstuff10 månader sedan
  • Why strangest

    Luka WeixlerLuka Weixler11 månader sedan
  • There’s a lot of these on eBay from what I can see

    RatRat11 månader sedan
  • Strange....

    Fred ScratchetFred Scratchet11 månader sedan
  • "Strangest iPhone model" LOL, iPhone 11 Pro wasn't released when this video was posted, I think most people would agree it is the strangest iPhone model .

    UserUser11 månader sedan
  • I had this iPhone, I live in the us.

    Logan Thee StallionLogan Thee StallionÅr sedan
  • This model can no longer be activated on Verizon, and those that are still working will no longer work on 1/1/2021 due to the CDMA shutdown.

    Michael HorganMichael HorganÅr sedan
  • How do you reset an iPhone with out a password? Specifically an iPhone 4? I can’t seem to successfully do so...

    TwistedELoTwistedELoÅr sedan
  • Could of called it iPhone 4 kid edition 🤣

    imightdoyoutubeimightdoyoutubeÅr sedan
  • Telstra ditched their CDMA network around ~2-3 years before this phone come out, if they kept it live we may have gotten them here for a short period of time

    flipflipÅr sedan
  • I wish my iPhone 4s was not throttled by apple because other than that it is still quite useable

    Robbie's Incoherent thoughtsRobbie's Incoherent thoughtsÅr sedan
  • That's why people send you phones, you're good!!! Nice job!!!

    Robin KeigerRobin KeigerÅr sedan
  • I havent seen a CDMA phone in 15 years

    manystarmanystarÅr sedan
  • We had CDMA for years here in Canada, its not that odd to me... Bell was our national carrier and they only had CDMA for a long time

    Matteo PascoliniMatteo PascoliniÅr sedan
  • Never seen this iPhone 4 variant

    Araiguma Alice KirunoAraiguma Alice KirunoÅr sedan
  • Why would you pry up the battery like this if you have a pull tab available?!

    Lukas RohrmoserLukas RohrmoserÅr sedan
  • All Verizon phones are unlocked ...

    Omg BackstabberOmg BackstabberÅr sedan
    • I believe that the LTE ones do but not the CDMA ones, as they had no SIM slot. I'm in Australia so I can't 100% confirm.

      UserUser9 månader sedan
  • Display not original Apple,this china fake

    Asia RegionAsia RegionÅr sedan
  • Sell it to me dawg!

    Arturo WarehamArturo WarehamÅr sedan
  • I don't understand why we need sim cards the cellular watch doesn't

    WozzleWozzleÅr sedan
  • Please sir give me any iPhone Please Please sir

    Dikshay BhagatDikshay BhagatÅr sedan
  • Where I am buy this iphone

  • 4:59 Hour suddenly chaged

    LuminumLXLuminumLXÅr sedan
    • @Metra force No the time changed as soon as a WiFi network connection was established.

      Computer UserComputer UserMånad sedan
    • LuminumYT ツ when iPhones are shut down for awhile they usually show the previous time before shutting down or battery dead. Once they boot up from a long off state they glitched you the previous time it remembers to the current time.

      Metra forceMetra force8 månader sedan
  • Great job again like always

    Donnie RobertsonDonnie RobertsonÅr sedan
  • is there a way for it to work in australlia? i have a iphone 4s 8 gig.

  • _ wants to know your location_

    ᴇɴᴛʀᴏᴘʏᴇɴᴛʀᴏᴘʏÅr sedan
  • Verizon order them from apple Verizon cdma long time ago

    gesha1974gesha1974År sedan
  • It will only work with Verizon USA I so plant of them.

    gesha1974gesha1974År sedan
  • You repeatedly called it a strange decision. But that phone was made for Verizon, a single carrier larger than EVERY carrier in Australia. Do you also think it's weird that Apple sold products in Australia??

    Christopher StoneChristopher StoneÅr sedan
  • It wasn't Apple's decision, it was because of the issues between CDMA Carriers like Verizon not wanting to adapt to SIM card use. This was when they still controlled how some parts of the phone were made. AT&T GSM always used SIM's so it wasn't an issue, thus making Apple have to design two different models, we just called this in the USA, iPhone 4 (verizon), it was just know as the iPhone that works on the CDMA network.

    MTI PhotographyMTI PhotographyÅr sedan
  • “This iPhone 4 looks like an iPhone 4s but has the hardware of an iPhone 4” really? No shit Sherlock

    iHack ProiHack ProÅr sedan
  • verizon didnt offer the 3g so it was a big deal when they had it availible. they probably designed it after the 4

    dave slicedave sliceÅr sedan
  • When I phone 4 finally came to verizon, it was pretty huge.

    Rudy De LeonRudy De LeonÅr sedan
  • That was my very 1st iPhone, :D

    Ray CalderonRay CalderonÅr sedan
  • OK, here's the explanation from the American side (Puerto Rico, anyway)... Until the iP4 Apple would only sell the phone through an EXCLUSIVE CARRIER (AT&T, a GSM carrier, was the one for all US jurisdictions) and was LOCKED to that carrier. Once US customers were wowed by the iPhone they demanded that somehow they could be able to have it on THEIR FAVORITE CARRIER. Apple was then forced to negotiate with at least another carrier before the 5 year EXCLUSIVITY CLAUSE expired, which happened to be Verizon Wireless, then the 2nd largest US carrier. Even though VzW was 45% owned by UK's Vodafone they operated exclusively on CDMA while Vodafone was on GSM. Back then Apple wasn't on schedule to make any CDMA version of the iPhone, so they had to rush out a new version just in case the VzW negotiations went through and Apple was already developing the 4s, so they might've included elements from the not-yet-released phone. Later on (probably by iP 7) Apple solved the problem by giving all iPhones capabilities to be used on BOTH CDMA and GSM carrier networks.

    syxepopsyxepopÅr sedan
    • No the 4S was the first one to be compatible with both CDMA and GSM networks (at least in the US), however newer iPhones (even unlocked) sold in certain countries (including here in Australia) only support GSM.

      UserUser9 månader sedan
  • 😂 I still have this phone

  • Wow! I have this same phone! Nice to see something about it lol

    Retro RiderRetro RiderÅr sedan
  • I have an iPhone 4 CDMA. I made an re-unboxing of it on my SEworld channel. My dad gave it to me in 2014.

    Grand Theft Auto VideosGrand Theft Auto VideosÅr sedan
  • Strangest iPhone?!? This phone is from 2010. Back then, the majority US phone market used CDMA networks (using CDMA with Sprint, Verizon, U.S. Cellular and small networks - total of 164 million CDMA subscribers!) and not GSM. Also CDMA was used by 302 million CDMA phone subscribers in the Asia-Pacific area back then! Apple, before everything else is an is an american company and of course they will manufacture phones for their market in 2010. So this is not strange at all (and Sprint and Verizon still use CDMA technology and not GSM - at least for now..).

    dan foxdan foxÅr sedan
  • Why can it not work? All verizon phones are internationally unlocked. At least they have been for the longest times. I never have a problem going overseas with my device.

    Tony ChopperTony ChopperÅr sedan
  • You should do a giveaway

    60FPS60FPSÅr sedan
  • This really just is a fancy iPod touch

    AkkariAkkariÅr sedan
  • Maybe the first try of eSIM...

    azertyazertyÅr sedan
    • No its a US only thing. Verizon and sprint only used the 4 that didnt have sim cards

      1FireyPhoenix1FireyPhoenixÅr sedan
  • I have one of these phones I mean I also have a 4s but I also have one like this...but I don’t know were it is

    Lilcoolcat ALilcoolcat AÅr sedan
  • We Indonesian used to have one of these. Its was only sold by cdma providers like smartfren or esia but not long after that the cheaper unlocked version from US was sold in online marketplace. sadly now these iPhone 4's are basically a glorified iPod because the providers are either went down or changed to 4g completely.

    _BaniraAisu67_BaniraAisu67År sedan
  • Where do you get your screens? I replaced the one on my 4s and it’s horrible. I want to get one that better reflects the quality of the origional

    mrblond750mrblond750År sedan
  • Can u restore my iPhone 4

    srikanth gopisrikanth gopiÅr sedan
  • this is the iphone version of creepypastas

    hibiskushibiskusÅr sedan
  • I still have this iPhone 4 for Verizon. Still in perfect condition. I had some fun with it the other week.

    elchamberelchamberÅr sedan
  • I live in the United States and Verizon no longer activates CDMA 3G phones.

    CyberGriffin297CyberGriffin297År sedan
  • I had one in black!

    R3d N3cKR3d N3cKÅr sedan
  • Every single video off you is great to look and listen..👏✌️

    Grab the PhoneGrab the PhoneÅr sedan
  • They made this model because in the US, iPhone was exclusively on AT&T in the states using GSM (Sim cards). This was the first iPhone that was allowed on other carriers. Sprint & Verizon used CDMA and didn't require Sim cards. That's why this model was made. Later Verizon & Sprint adapted to Sim cards.

    El Señor de Los CielosEl Señor de Los CielosÅr sedan
  • Try nokia 3310

  • It means that the IPhone is an IPod Touch!

    sora sugimotosora sugimotoÅr sedan
  • They're phones. You can easily break them.

    TheTechCguyTheTechCguyÅr sedan
  • I miss my iPhone 4 SO BAD!

    Alexander MartinAlexander MartinÅr sedan
  • I barely see CDMA phones nowadays, with the exception of carrier exclusives like the S6 active (and a few other "actives")

    Dakota5488Dakota5488År sedan
  • Question is; why did they make this in the first place

    JStyxxJStyxxÅr sedan
  • wish if somebody unlocked an ipod and gave it the ability to call, sms, and cellular. oh wait that's basically an iPhone. still would give my iPod touch 4th generation with all iPhone features enabled in N18AP.plist functioning cellular service, sms, and calling.

    Shawn MurphyShawn MurphyÅr sedan
  • Not true... available in Canada also

    Crown ClownCrown ClownÅr sedan
  • Hmmm very interesting

    SimplyStimulatingSimplyStimulatingÅr sedan
  • Yeah, strangest phone. Coughs iPhone 11

    Dyson MarronDyson MarronÅr sedan
  • Where do you get all these iPhone parts from??

    LuKrasLuKrasÅr sedan
  • Cool, I never heard of the iPhone 4 CDMA

    Triadii OfficialTriadii OfficialÅr sedan
  • 00:51 why not just use the convenient plastic tab it has there lmao 🤣

    Nicholas ANicholas AÅr sedan
  • Why is CDMA so strange? I guess coming from the US, it doesn't seem all that out of place. Plenty of phones were CDMA only without a SIM card.

    Parker ReedParker ReedÅr sedan
  • CDMA will be gone come Jan 2020. woot.

    erik61801erik61801År sedan
  • I think is a clone iPhone 4

    xxBonnie09xxxxBonnie09xxÅr sedan
  • I’ve had 2 of those before, I replaced those screens way too many times

    Sauce ///M3Sauce ///M3År sedan
  • Now that T-mobile merging with Sprint in the USA, Sprint will be changing over to GSM over the next couple years. When T-mobile bought Metro PCS they converted the customers over from CDMA to GSM in 2 years. Only one major carrier will be left that will be able to handle CDMA, Verizon, but I believe they are starting to convert as well. They are kind of a hybrid like Sprint is now.

    Andrew SepAndrew SepÅr sedan
  • I need help, so basically I have this exact model and I wanted to replace the screen as well as the power button, though idk what's causing this problem but the power button won't click, as I've teared down the whole phone apart and the power button won't click at all. I've adjusted the button and cable together but the click isn't there, Is it missing a part there or do I have to buy a replacement part? I don't know what else is wrong with it

    Juan JimenezJuan JimenezÅr sedan
    • Replace the actual button (the thing that connects to the logic board)

      NickArchiver52NickArchiver525 månader sedan
  • The reason why this phone is a CDMA it is because at that time Verizon wireless only used CDMA cellular towers all of Verizon wireless phone back in 2000 to I want to say 2007 there phones where all CDMA at the time.

  • I have one of these, the cursed no Sim iPhone

    Swervo The GodSwervo The GodÅr sedan
  • I wonder if anyone’s actually tried to use these videos as a tutorial

    Aiden LopezAiden LopezÅr sedan