Restoring Apple's Most Upgradable Laptop - PowerBook G3 Pismo - The M1 Mac I Wanted To See...

12 dec 2020
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Things are becoming harder to repair as we progress further into a throwaway society. This laptop is a good reminder on how things used to be and they should still be.
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  • Watching a repair I would never care or perform. Loving it

    Cem DönmezCem DönmezDag sedan
  • Seems like Steve Jobs had a different view for apple

    Petya RizovaPetya RizovaDag sedan
  • Upgrade it until it can run big sur

    CoolKobi457CoolKobi4573 dagar sedan
  • jack? you ryhmed oml- Jack, Back, FR??

    Ash The WolfdogAsh The Wolfdog5 dagar sedan
  • New. Pismo. 2022

    Will MalibuWill Malibu6 dagar sedan
  • Please make a video how to unlock iCloud lock for free

    Tandra RahmanTandra Rahman7 dagar sedan
  • The like colony chemically stare because tune comparatively fade plus a reflective basin. caring, lying scarecrow

    LOUIZ AbdellatifLOUIZ Abdellatif7 dagar sedan
  • I think it's spelled Pizmo? Not sure.

    leonstmleonstm11 dagar sedan
  • What do you do after you fix them

    Retro GamerRetro Gamer14 dagar sedan
  • Install an SSD

    blue dabedeeblue dabedee15 dagar sedan
  • The red display reminds me of a CRT display I used to have which would would wake from sleep red. So I set the desktop picture to a nice nature scene so waking up made it look like dawn rising. :)

    SludgedragonSludgedragon15 dagar sedan
  • Play GTA 5 on it

    endgamestarkendgamestark17 dagar sedan
  • The joint from Sex And The City.

    Mr Sosha Da baad ManMr Sosha Da baad Man18 dagar sedan
  • Excellent effort Hugh. It’s a beautiful machine in usual Apple fashion.

    s gas ga18 dagar sedan
  • Good God those transparent brown keys looks disgusting, who the hell thought that was a good idea?

    zZiL341yRj736zZiL341yRj73618 dagar sedan
  • While I don't recommend soldering batteries because of safety. If you must, use a low power soldering iron, and wear safety goggles, and face and hand shielding, when soldering batteries as they might explode. You have to sand the battery, in order for the solder to flow it needs a rough surface some batteries don't work even if you do sand them. It is better to get the proper spot welder and read the directions.

    Janet MernerJanet Merner18 dagar sedan
  • U

    Trevor PhilipsTrevor Philips19 dagar sedan
  • The solder doesn't stick to the battery because the surface is too smooth. You need to abrade the surface with sandpaper, clean with alcohol, and apply flux prior to soldering. And the backlight is reddish before becoming white because the CCFL tube is worn from use, not age. You may continue to use it that way but, sooner or later, it will stop working once the florescent tube in the panel wears out.

    Watcher3223Watcher322320 dagar sedan
  • That headphone jack was designed to fail. Apple, huh?

    Philip CooperPhilip Cooper22 dagar sedan
  • This was a nice video for the end of 2020

    Can BillyCan Billy22 dagar sedan
  • Good video.

    Hellscream GamesHellscream Games24 dagar sedan
  • I had a similar PRAM battery problem with a Macintosh Performa 600. But removing it did not help, even replacing it did not work. When I was checking things over the next day, I was using a multimeter to check the voltages of the keyboard connector, because I thought the power supply was dead. When I was checking the voltages. It was hard to do because there was not a lot of room. But I suddenly heard the chime and I got a picture on the screen! I believe I shorted out 2 pins in the keyboard connector. Which causes the computer to turn on,, but when I left it for a while, then it stopped turning on! I thought it was the capacitors. They looked fine! But I thought they where going bad, then someone suggested me to reset the PRAM. Which fixed it right away! Now the computer is fully functional! Pretty cool for a $30 eBay find! I believe that some settings in the PRAM got corrupted when the (original) the battery went dead a long time ago considering the computer is from 1992. Amazingly the original battery (which was indeed dead per its voltage reading from my multimeter.) had not leaked in all that time!

    TheTechChannel 1TheTechChannel 126 dagar sedan
  • Panasonic Toughbook: am i a joke to you?

    Maxwell LuMaxwell Lu26 dagar sedan
  • very satisfying!

    JJ27 dagar sedan
  • from me

    Ayaan NaeemAyaan Naeem27 dagar sedan
  • bro this guy is crazy deseves a sub

    Ayaan NaeemAyaan Naeem27 dagar sedan
  • Can you try to wrap or paint the restored Laptops to make it look even better?

    Hariharaa N SHariharaa N S27 dagar sedan
  • imagine putting an intel core i5 in the cpu😂

    Mafia BøTMafia BøT27 dagar sedan
    • You can't.

      ValeninFPVValeninFPV23 dagar sedan
  • Card slot's not ExpressCard- it's Cardbus.

    skonkfactoryskonkfactory28 dagar sedan
  • How the hell is this guy doesnt have 1M subs Wtf are u guys doing

    john benedict bationjohn benedict bation28 dagar sedan
  • Take it to the apple shop for a software upgrade. I want to see the genius bar reaction :)))

    Alex NIAAlex NIA29 dagar sedan
  • Thinkpads still to this day are in my opinion the best laptops because you can still upgrade them. Such as ram, network card, and ssd.

    Geovanni RamosGeovanni Ramos29 dagar sedan
  • I like how you pronounce "solder". I didn't realize not pronouncing the "L" in the word wasn't universal.

    JoeCensoredJoeCensoredMånad sedan
  • 11:11 sounds like ps3

    Twixy PixieTwixy PixieMånad sedan
  • You can use Brassol metal polish for the scratchers on the plastics

    MattoMattoMånad sedan
  • I like that coding lofi music you chose for this video lol

    gaurav shindegaurav shindeMånad sedan
  • What CPU does it have?

    Game 5000Game 5000Månad sedan
  • Yes, best notebook Apple ever has made. Not only from construction side but also from outer design. The only complaint that I have is the wrong orientation of the Apple logo when lid is open 😀 Thank you for that nice video. Never disassembled mine that way. Only upgraded ram and hard drive.

    soliver68soliver68Månad sedan
  • Fix the mac mini in the tech lot

    Mikka Wicaksono SuryaputraMikka Wicaksono SuryaputraMånad sedan
  • I love your videos huge F. Reese

    AykAykMånad sedan
  • Try sanding the battery surface slightly before soghterung

    Knocking EngineKnocking EngineMånad sedan
  • You barely cleaned the machine, and didn't bother to upgrade any internals... Why not wait to do this video until you're better prepared? Smfh

    TJSlinkerton69TJSlinkerton69Månad sedan
  • Wow, you have excellent vintage computer repair skills. Of all the vintage Apple laptops in my collection this is the only one that, I call "My Baby". I picked up my used Power Book G3 (Fire-wire) Pismo around 2003. Also, because spare parts have become harder to find, I obtained a second one on Ebay about 8-years ago. In my opinion this model is the best designed laptop Apple ever made for several reasons which include: 1) A great selection of ports two USB, two Fire-wire 400, Ethernet, 56K modem, IR, PCMA, S-video, headphone, and Sound in, port; 2) Right and Left side "hot swapable" bays (for things like an extra battery, extra memory, floppy drive, 120 MB super-disk drive, 100 MB Zip drive, DVD player, etc.); and 3) Easy to upgrade and repair. During the 2010's thought that, I would have to retire this model but with the expanded use of USB thumb drives my Power Book G3 has continued to have life running both classic OS 9.2 and OS X 10.4 Tiger.

    transitengineertransitengineerMånad sedan
  • I have quite a few spare ram modules you can have if you want them

    Glados AiGlados AiMånad sedan
  • But can it run Crysis??

    John JosephJohn JosephMånad sedan
  • 11:08 sounds like the Skyrim inventory sound effect

    SV_ APEX07SV_ APEX07Månad sedan
  • Modern day apple: *Wait, that's illegal.*

    Jahn DoughJahn DoughMånad sedan
  • Hey! There is a website that sells PRAM Battries!

    Moonlight WolfieMoonlight WolfieMånad sedan
  • John is so nice he bought my PowerBook G4 and made it into glitch art Did you not notice a red water damage indicator?

    Isau FelipeIsau FelipeMånad sedan
  • It is wrong to credit Apple with the design of this laptop in my mind since it was designed entirely by IBM on commission from Apple. (If memory serves. There exists an identical laptop for Windows usage powered by an Intel processor)

    peter obermullerpeter obermullerMånad sedan
  • I found this SEworldr who restore phones... check this video

    Yogender KumarYogender KumarMånad sedan
  • Used one of these beasts back in the day when I was a kid lol

    Trillest DCCXIIITrillest DCCXIIIMånad sedan
  • Nice restoration, If you have not sell the computer yet you could restore the plastic like this for instance, , but there are other ways as well. It is good that you put older computers back into circulation again.

    nightrazer85nightrazer85Månad sedan
  • I had one of these and loved the translucent keys haha. I thought it was so cool.

    kangsterizerkangsterizerMånad sedan
  • I would totally use this thing with modern internals if it were possible.

    That One Dude 30That One Dude 30Månad sedan
  • I remember fixing these. We called them powerbook bronze. This was the last model ro have the apple logo appear upside down when it was opened.

    Jr HeliosJr HeliosMånad sedan
  • Got a new account but I'm back to support

    XxMidnightixX 'XxMidnightixX 'Månad sedan
  • Hi! I have a question, where i can find some used iPhone to buy for learn to repair iPhones? I tried ebay but it’s not the safest Place 😅

    Federico De VincentiFederico De VincentiMånad sedan
  • You can polish it with a automotive polishing device

    Type 251 df wbxType 251 df wbxMånad sedan
  • Dang apple was amazing back then, they had so many ports. Now they just have 1 usb-c port and makes us buy a dongle.

    toongoontoongoonMånad sedan
  • Hey, hugh i hope you can read my comment can you please make a video about the earpiece speaker of iphone 7 plus mines are not working😅 i tried to replace my earpiece speaker but still it didn't work would be much appreciated❤️ and you're the only tech guy i know that experts on iphone series

    Mello PlaysMello PlaysMånad sedan
  • there is an adapter msata to IDE case (pata). for extra hardisk performance. checkout on aliexpress.

    saifulazrinfotosaifulazrinfotoMånad sedan
  • Gr8 thanks to youtube for giving me notification after 5 days. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    HarryHarryMånad sedan
  • What do you do with the computers you restore?

    Callum ClarkCallum ClarkMånad sedan
  • Weird to see apple logo upside down

    Peregar4ikPeregar4ikMånad sedan
  • Wow can you imagine that this was made by Apple? And look now, you can´t even change the Backcover on Iphone. When the company becomes Money hungry

    cakone mickecakone mickeMånad sedan
  • Please subtitle your videos to Brazilian Portuguese, your content is incredible and I’ll follow you from here! 🇧🇷

    Alexandre ValeAlexandre ValeMånad sedan
  • I think it would be ace if Apple released one of these with one of their latest M1 chips and of course the design language and the ability to upgrade components easily just like this one from 2000.

    AEP-WorldAEP-WorldMånad sedan
  • Basically a Toughbook

    SuperSilver301SuperSilver301Månad sedan
  • This reminds me of the good old times when Apple products were upgradable. With M1 you can't even upgrade the RAM anymore, which is especially bad considering that it only ships with up to 16GB. Nice video as always.

    stupid nerd ?stupid nerd ?Månad sedan
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    Johnathan AllenJohnathan AllenMånad sedan
  • When Apple almost reinvented Thinkpad

    ooMånad sedan
  • You should make this into a high end gaming laptop

    Reuben JacksonReuben JacksonMånad sedan
  • make a gaming chanle

    me so i do not know wassupme so i do not know wassupMånad sedan
  • One heck of a laptop! Does the screen use CCFL for the backlight? I sm surprised it still runs!

    J. LietkaJ. LietkaMånad sedan
  • Hi sir can u upgrade my lappy as it's a crap. It's hp 245g6.

    Bikramjeet SarmahBikramjeet SarmahMånad sedan
  • This was the 2nd Apple laptop I ever owned or worked on. Repairability was as high as I have ever seen on any laptop of any company and the thing was built like a tank. Had its predecessor (PB Wallstreet) and it felt like carrying a 6 lb piece of rock...Pismo is much lighter and thinner plus it had the light up Apple logo that the newer iBooks and Powerbooks of the 2000s era had. Found em both in a basement in pieces and resurrected them to give to my SO at the time for her first laptop. At that time, there was a recall on the original chargers (black, rectangular) and Apple sent me the newer puck style that you have FOR FREE!!! Wallstreet lasted a year, Pismo about 2.5 years until it was too slow running Mac OSX. I think it was donated and may still be running today. Apple of today would not even recognize this machine!

    Aaron TurnerAaron TurnerMånad sedan
  • One plastic clip on my keyboard on laptop got out and it was soooooo hard to put it back

    Erik PetanErik PetanMånad sedan
  • Shiny metal needs to be sanded or scuffed for solder to stick.

    domdecosadomdecosaMånad sedan
  • tim cook should be ashamed. he was there when it all started. how could ppl change like this

    Calamity86Calamity86Månad sedan

    narwhalnarwhalMånad sedan
  • Nowadays macs are shit

    Rustam KarimovRustam KarimovMånad sedan
  • Amazing restoration as always Hugh ! But you should really deep clean/retrobrite the plastic components separately on those old devices, it'll make the restoration so much better. Happy holidays !

    William BechWilliam BechMånad sedan
  • Just got one free !

    StruwexStruwexMånad sedan
  • thermal throttling is the modern way - apple probably

    Irfan KhanIrfan KhanMånad sedan
  • *When I see all those parts inside - not surprised those laptops been so expensive - just see recent MacBook Pro M1 - just motherboard - battery and nothing else special*

    BartBartMånad sedan
  • The M1 is so fast BECAUSE it is not upgradable.

    Doctor CatnipDoctor CatnipMånad sedan
  • I had this exact laptop. Loved it. The modular battery/drive bays were awesome. Could put in two batteries, Zip drives, etc. Could pop off the keyboard in seconds. When the power plug eventually broke, the power card was a separate small board and I changed it myself. Same thing when one of the screen hinges cracked. For all the BS that Apple, and other companies, say they "care for the environment", in reality, it's all about selling product. If they truly cared about the environment, they would make their products repairable, including by third parties, and keep them useful as long as possible. Sad state of affairs.

    iarpakiarpakMånad sedan
  • I had one long time ago. I miss it. One of the greatest Mac laptop out there.

    wawonaswawonasMånad sedan
  • Hello friend, can you please tell me some pages to get pieces to make my own phone from parts. Thanks

    Samuel Contreras :vSamuel Contreras :vMånad sedan
  • Apple laptops were insanely expensive in the 1990’s and 2000’s. A 400 MHz PowerBook G3 went for 3500 dollars, which, corrected for inflation, is about 5400 dollars in today’s money. And yes, they were repairable, but nowadays we want a very flat, extremely fast laptop with loads of memory, a massive SSD, and it needs to be reliable, with long battery life, and cheap as chips. So something’s gotta give. In the 2000’s, all laptops were clunky, big, heavy. And don’t forget that 20-25 years ago, most people bought a modular PC, or a modular Mac. They wanted to be able to upgrade their hard drive, add memory, upgrade the processor, but nowadays we just want to use the device and know that it works. It’s the same with cars, houses, clothes. It needs to be “plug-and-play”; hardly anyone knows how to maintain their car, let alone their laptop or desktop. So, you can blame Apple (or any other manufacturer) all you want, but we (consumers) are to blame. If we demand more repairable tools, companies will build them.

    Hans CHans CMånad sedan
  • Well Its ubusable now.

    XIndependent77XIndependent77Månad sedan
  • 1:15 It has OIS

    Latvian VideoLatvian VideoMånad sedan
  • Did I enter the twilight zone? Is this really Apple? This laptop is amazing, I've never seen anything like it. I love that CPU board, that's baffling. I bet Apple don't acknowledge its existence now.

    AyelaAyelaMånad sedan
  • I am curious home much faster it would be with a ssd

    TomTomMånad sedan
  • did you really start to clean after putting it back together? come on!

    dercncplanerdercncplanerMånad sedan
  • This Laptop is way more powerful than my new M1 Macbook Pro.

    Grach2020Grach2020Månad sedan
  • Just like Old Yeller, apple put down the upgradable idea.

    Ketsueki KumoriKetsueki KumoriMånad sedan
  • Can this run Crysis ?

    Piyush BPiyush BMånad sedan
  • It's just a shame that you can't use that laptop for anything useful now.

    Handsome_HeroHandsome_HeroMånad sedan