IOS 10.3.3 Downgrade for iPhone 5s, iPad Air + Mini 2

16 nov 2019
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Bring back the speed of your iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini 2 by downgrading back to IOS 10.3.3.
Downgrade Tool:

  • Great! I want to kown how many times u tried to succeed, and can this method be used on a virtual machine? Thanks!

    Tichy NewTichy New2 dagar sedan
  • Can you do this with 3utools on pc

    john john doejohn john doe11 dagar sedan
  • Just did that on an iPad Air (32gb cellular) , it worked on the second try. iOS 10 gives u about 50% boost in performance, it also doesnt have that weird keyboard glitch (iOS 12.5 if u split the keyboard and then rotate, it will glitch until u reopen it). It also offers 32+64bit support. And a better battery life. I used the Vieux tool on Mojave 10.14.6, with Python 3.8 and X Code 11.2.1

    Nikita ZaycevNikita Zaycev14 dagar sedan
  • Ipad Air fells:Crashes, cracked screens, reduces smooth performances. Ipad Mino: Fells: Hey who dropped me? It just scratched me!

    FiccusFiccusMånad sedan
  • how do i do these on windows

    Everything GoesEverything GoesMånad sedan
    • You cant

      DahcrazychickenDahcrazychicken8 dagar sedan
  • It work in Linux?

    Nicola GamerNicola GamerMånad sedan
    • No

      DahcrazychickenDahcrazychicken8 dagar sedan
  • Everyone, the newest tool for this downgrade is called LeetDown, made by a different person,it's a app so the chance of this to work is way higher, it worked for me in the first try:)

    RichieOn60fpsRichieOn60fpsMånad sedan
  • What about the iPad mini 4 :c?

    The SebâsThe SebâsMånad sedan
    • No

      DahcrazychickenDahcrazychicken8 dagar sedan
  • Not working, stuck at reboot after some waiting in DFU mode. iPad Air Cellular (1st gen) with 12.4.9. 1033-OTA-Downgrader-master/ line 143: ./igetnonce: No such file or directory Either unsupported device or no device found. Exiting..

    Alex NoxAlex NoxMånad sedan
  • can i technically install ios 10 for ipad mini2 on mini 1 ?? will it run on a 32 bit system?

    KAP IIKAP II2 månader sedan
    • No

      DahcrazychickenDahcrazychicken8 dagar sedan
  • It"s jailbreak?

    Steve MaricsSteve Marics2 månader sedan
    • No

      DahcrazychickenDahcrazychicken8 dagar sedan
  • Your iPhone there has a weird hole at the bottom, was it a side-effect of angering the gods by downgrading to 10.3.3?

    TerryssTerryss2 månader sedan
  • IT is stuck on "No Apple device in DFU Mode 0x1227 detected after 5.00 second timeout. Exiting." It is connected and even iTunes recognize my device. Any idea?

    Llorenç SotoLlorenç Soto2 månader sedan
  • anyway to downgrade by using win pc?

    Ooi Xi ZhongOoi Xi Zhong2 månader sedan
    • No

      DahcrazychickenDahcrazychicken8 dagar sedan
  • Hey, I keep getting a "Not Found on Accelerator Description: Your request on the host was not found. Check the location and try again." error when trying to download the ipsw for my iPhone 5S GSM. Has anyone been able to download it?

    Iván LernerIván Lerner2 månader sedan
  • We cant do it in windows?

    Navdeep LambaNavdeep Lamba2 månader sedan
    • No

      DahcrazychickenDahcrazychicken8 dagar sedan
  • I keep on getting (ERROR: Exploit failed. Device did not endear pwned DFU Mode.) I’ve tried it about 27 times and I get the same thing, does anyone know how to fix this?

    AdewsAdews2 månader sedan
  • Is it possible to use macOS High Sierra

    Tech HowdenTech Howden3 månader sedan
  • Can i downgrade ipad mini 3

    Hiếu PhạmHiếu Phạm3 månader sedan
  • Does it support macOS High Sierra? And Virtual Machine?

    Techno SuggestionsTechno Suggestions3 månader sedan
  • Is it safe for your devices to use the iOS script from anonymous?

    Flotery ExtadivesFlotery Extadives4 månader sedan
  • How can we open Terminal in widows 8.1 ??

    Yanchho AshishYanchho Ashish4 månader sedan
  • will this work on macOS Catalina Version 10.15.1?

    FrankyFranky4 månader sedan
  • So does everything delete?

    FrankyFranky4 månader sedan
  • can we also do it via 3utools?

    PrantikPrantik4 månader sedan
  • i need downgrade ios10 iphone 6s

    Mohamed AhmedMohamed Ahmed4 månader sedan
  • I have a problem, my mom has a MacOS High Sierra V 10.13.6 MacBook pro. We Dont have Xcode installed, but it's trying to install when we run the script in terminal. When it gets to that point, it says "Error Downloading command line : The Network connection was lost Done. Error downloading updates." Then just brings us all the way back to the beginning. We have a stable internet connection (iPad mini 2)

    IceyyYTIceyyYT5 månader sedan
  • it ask for a password right after i drop the ipsw file after the "./restore" HELP

    Tök0nøBTök0nøB5 månader sedan
  • no longer being signed

    TheSwagGuy5000TheSwagGuy50005 månader sedan
  • Does it required internet if I already have downloaded all the things

    Sorrowful soulSorrowful soul5 månader sedan
  • I would downgrade the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini 2 to iOS 11.4.1 as the highest version of iOS as if I am downgrade

    4estyou4estyou5 månader sedan
  • Hi, can somebody help me i tried several times and it keep saying .Either unsupported device or no device found. please

    Eduard vdsEduard vds5 månader sedan
  • This is possibly a dumb question, do i need to do a backup?

    IceyyYTIceyyYT5 månader sedan
  • will this clear up the storage and remove the apps, photos, and all the files

    Jerry YJerry Y5 månader sedan
  • does it work on iOS 12.4.8 ?

    BlackMoonBlackMoon6 månader sedan
    • Yes, any iOS firmware, i do not know if it works on iOS 11, but a matter of fact, it works on iOS 12!

      Oliver FryOliver Fry3 månader sedan
  • 2:30 how do you get to the code screen

    That Crazy KidThat Crazy Kid6 månader sedan
  • I want ur mac wallpaper

    Jaiden's beginner techJaiden's beginner tech6 månader sedan

      Mir FaridMir Farid24 dagar sedan
  • How to do this in windows please help

    Kenneth LanceKenneth Lance6 månader sedan
  • Will this work on a VM? If not, then I’m considering taking drastic measures...

    Max _ TraumaMax _ Trauma6 månader sedan
  • i have tried for more than 10 device keep restart by it self for everytime.

    郑提米郑提米7 månader sedan
    • @LIKHITH GADDE but i finally downgrade my. device. HUhhhh...

      郑提米郑提米6 månader sedan
    • It took me 50 attempts fool

  • How to do this on window pc plz

    Mr TakMr Tak7 månader sedan
  • It isn’t working for me 😭😭😭

    Ok OkOk Ok7 månader sedan
  • Will I be able to upgrade back to ios 12 if I want to??

    Raviraj janakiramanRaviraj janakiraman7 månader sedan
  • The only things you need for this to work are: An iOS 10.3.3 ipsw A few braincells (VERY IMPORTANT) Commonsense (RARE BUT ALSO VERY IMPORTANT) Patience!!!

    pirate shoplifterpirate shoplifter7 månader sedan
  • I don't know why the terminal is stuck in the syslog part

    RichieOn60fpsRichieOn60fps8 månader sedan
  • "Either unsupported device or no device found" Any idea? iPad Mini 2.

    László DvorszkyLászló Dvorszky8 månader sedan
  • Is the 10.3.3 the older version that we can go ? I mean i need to do the 9.3.3 ... 😢

    Isaac BenMhidiIsaac BenMhidi8 månader sedan
  • Does it Work in macOS Catalina?

    RichieOn60fpsRichieOn60fps8 månader sedan
  • Does this still work May 2020?

    Mustafa KhalidMustafa Khalid8 månader sedan
    • yes

      Mir FaridMir Farid4 månader sedan
  • this command only for macbook???? not work on at Windows???

    Douglas NintakuDouglas Nintaku8 månader sedan
  • Is there any way I could do this without doing the whole process of turning the iPad off cause the buttons on my iPad are kind of messed up and can't pull that off?

    Stephen MarshallStephen Marshall8 månader sedan
  • I need this for iphone 6

    Ahmed ArapAhmed Arap8 månader sedan
  • i've tried and it's done. Thankyou!

    Cường TrịnhCường Trịnh8 månader sedan
    • And i use hackintosh

      Cường TrịnhCường Trịnh8 månader sedan
    • i'm on macos catalina 10.15.3

      Cường TrịnhCường Trịnh8 månader sedan
    • what would i do now?

      Cường TrịnhCường Trịnh8 månader sedan
    • my iphone 5s restart and still ios 12.4.5

      Cường TrịnhCường Trịnh8 månader sedan
    • wait. i have failed to read SEP and fail code=-15 Please help...

      Cường TrịnhCường Trịnh8 månader sedan
  • This didn't work for me but I used Vieux and it worked.

    WindowsBetaWindowsBeta8 månader sedan
  • zaebis, spasibo 👍

    EliteriumEliterium8 månader sedan
  • Is fake!

    Siritho17Siritho179 månader sedan
    • FAKEEEE!!

      Siritho17Siritho178 månader sedan
    • No

      Михаил ЧураковМихаил Чураков8 månader sedan
  • I missed my iPhone 5s so much

    Omar ZowilaOmar Zowila9 månader sedan
  • do you have tutotrial using windows os sir? i want to downgrade my ipad 6th gen, from ios 13.4 to 13.2

    Kaido TVKaido TV9 månader sedan
  • SE는 안되나보네....ㅠㅠ 아깝다

    Dennis SormDennis Sorm9 månader sedan
  • ios 12.4.4 support?

    zooloo 01zooloo 019 månader sedan
  • doesnt work, keeps saying no such file or directories

    Exploring The unknownExploring The unknown9 månader sedan
  • It appears "No such file or directory"!

    Filip GrigorescuFilip Grigorescu9 månader sedan
  • Ios 10 or ios 12...which one is better for ipad mini 2 in 2020?? am really confused...😅

    Sayantansapple EcosystemSayantansapple Ecosystem9 månader sedan
  • My iPad mini 2 keeps on kicking itself out of dfu mode. I have tried over 20 times to get the tool to work. Any help?

    Ethan HalpinEthan Halpin9 månader sedan
  • does it support ipod touch 6 ?

    devil gamer3000devil gamer30009 månader sedan
  • We need this on iphone 7 & 7+

    Arash AmorzeshArash Amorzesh9 månader sedan
  • First time didn't work. When I try it for the second time, it says sth. like "error... already installed... will continue to count down from 10 until dfu mode is entered again...". What can I do to circumvent this error? Thx anyway for the tutorial. Will continue trying. : )

    Matthias KoebrichMatthias Koebrich9 månader sedan
  • No matching processes belonging to you were found Waiting 10 seconds to allow you to enter DFU mode , stuck

    Fit DoctorFit Doctor9 månader sedan
    • But if stuck there try re-entering dfu in the 10 secs

      Windows XP Professional SP3Windows XP Professional SP39 månader sedan
    • Anupam Mahato i cant get mine to work either :/

      Windows XP Professional SP3Windows XP Professional SP39 månader sedan
  • Is it possible to downgrade right now ? And is it possible to do this on windows ? Please respond guys huhu

    Hariz IrfanHariz Irfan9 månader sedan
  • What gets worse if I update my iPad air 2 10.3.3 to iOS 13?

    derbederderbeder9 månader sedan
  • I should try this downgrade, i need ios 10 battery life for my iphone 5s and mobile legends keep force closing on ios 12

    Rizky YuliantoRizky Yulianto9 månader sedan
    • We are in same page bro🤣🤣😂

      melvin acostamelvin acosta3 månader sedan
  • I got an iphone and Windows 10 🙈😢

    Jhin Clarisse RoqueJhin Clarisse Roque9 månader sedan
    • It's for Linux now, you can boot it off usb now!

      [Anon] the Gamer[Anon] the Gamer5 månader sedan
  • Windows?

    Gabriel MillerGabriel Miller9 månader sedan
  • Can i downgrade to ios 9.3.5

    hemant sonihemant soni9 månader sedan
  • Iphone 6 plus ? Ok

    shady alexshady alex9 månader sedan
  • Hey ! My iPhone 5s with ID 6,2 exits DFU mode once its recognized and it’s not getting flashed. I’m on high Sierra and I don’t know what to do! Someone please help me!

    Anirudh MuraleAnirudh Murale10 månader sedan
  • worked on catalina

    Milo 618Milo 61810 månader sedan
  • Lo voy a intentar con el iphone SE a ver si se puede

    VenelaoVenelao10 månader sedan
    • Ya me respondo yo...NI LO INTENTEIS...por que da error, device no soport en un iphone SE, esta prueba la he echo yo por mi propia cuenta, para el iphone 5s y para el ipad 2 si es compatible este metodo

      VenelaoVenelao10 månader sedan
  • can you do it in linux?

    IlijaIlija10 månader sedan
    • @3ody smoke that will be great

      IlijaIlija10 månader sedan
    • no

      The TraderThe Trader10 månader sedan
  • Works perfectly on Catalina

    11111110 månader sedan
  • Hello you can correct me this error tnk Error: libplist 2.1.0 is already installed To install HEAD, first run `brew unlink libplist`. FOR IPAD Air A1474 (Wi-Fi) 4.1

    Kays AutoKays Auto10 månader sedan
  • can someone tell me if i can do that on my iphone 6 please the battery life on ios 12 it's so bad and i have 100% battery life i changed the battery on my iphone 6 like 3 days ago, please can someone tell me fast if i can do it on iphone 6 cuz i wanna try this quick, i really apreciate.

    ChedvesChedves10 månader sedan
  • I'm successfully downgraded to ios 10.3.3 at first try, now my iPhone 5s is back to life. It works like a charm. Many thanks. :)

    PSG - PlayStationGangPSG - PlayStationGang10 månader sedan
    • Same for me, It worked

      Mir FaridMir Farid23 dagar sedan
  • no MacOS how do that

    Sora TakanashiSora Takanashi10 månader sedan
  • is it a necessity to instal xcode?

    Fit DoctorFit Doctor10 månader sedan
  • How to do it on a windows PC????????

    DIGI-WORLD-GENDIGI-WORLD-GEN10 månader sedan
  • Good Job!!! Work for me, iPad mini2

    Evgeny FEvgeny F10 månader sedan
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    • Ragimov• Ragimov10 månader sedan
    • Robin Williams no

      • Ragimov• Ragimov10 månader sedan
  • hey,hugh. every step is successful except the last step. my screen always display"No matching processes belonging to you were found"what do i need to do to solve this problem?thanks a lot

    Kevin zKevin z10 månader sedan
  • I have a iOS 10.0 5s an iOS 8 5s and a iOS 12 5s None were downgraded

    Isaacs Random VideosIsaacs Random Videos11 månader sedan
  • Is it usable on iphone se

    Ayush NainAyush Nain11 månader sedan
    • no

      Jays Vintage RecordsJays Vintage Records7 månader sedan
  • i talk faaar to fast

    Marcin PietrzakMarcin Pietrzak11 månader sedan
  • Why not windows 😒

    Pateh KhanPateh Khan11 månader sedan
  • Exploit Fail Fix: If you got error ERROR:Exploit failed. Device did not enter pwned DFU Mode. 1-Reboot Device Into Normal Mode, and Do not Connect to Mac. 2-Delete FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext and FakePCIID.kext from /L/E/ 3-Rebuild KextCache and Repair Permission. 4-Install USBInjectAll.kext then Reboot. 5-Open Clover Configurator, then Mount EFI Partition. 6-open Config.plist with Clover Configurator. 7-Klik Tab Kernel and Kext Patches. Then Add (if Empty) : 8- a. Name = 9- Find = 83FB3F0F 10- Replace = 83FB3F0F 11- b. Name = 12- Find = 83F93F0F 13- Replace = 83F93F0F 14- Then Save and Reboot 15- Enter Device in DFU Mode and Connect to Mac. 16- Repeat Point 5, 6. 17- Klik Tab Boot on Colver Configurator Then add Boot Arguments -uia_ignore_rmcf 18- Reboot Mac Keep Device Connected. 19- Try Vieux again, and BOOOMMM!!! 😃 😃

    Elcros GraphicElcros Graphic11 månader sedan
  • Would love to try this but my 5s won't even boot up, stuck in boot loop when connected to wall socket, occasionally flashing a red screen, won't even connect to laptop, think a fresh battery is in order

    phillip virgophillip virgo11 månader sedan
    • dude i think that is the red screen bootloop

      WindowsBetaWindowsBeta10 månader sedan
  • Fucking macOS Windows tool why Not

    Qqkkk ShjfsdQqkkk Shjfsd11 månader sedan
  • Untuk sya jo ipad airmu bro

    hendra febriansyahhendra febriansyah11 månader sedan
  • It doesn't work !

  • does it still work with ipad air 1st gen? I have the air 1st gen running IOS 7.1.2 and I wanna update as too apps are incompatible but I read it was very slow.. so I want to be able to rollback/downgrade if necessary

    root8bleroot8ble11 månader sedan
    • It will be much slower and NO you CAN NOT go back. Thats the Apple way......

      Hugh JeffreysHugh Jeffreys11 månader sedan
  • Can you restore for iphone 6s or no ?? 😭😭

    Mohamed AhmedMohamed Ahmed11 månader sedan