Wrecked Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Restoration

29 feb 2020
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Its time for this Galaxy to get a complete overhaul.
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  • Somehow it was oddly satisfying

    Go Smart909Go Smart9094 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for this video! Helped me so much, you are great at explaining and showing what exactly your doing!

    Brotalian CanBrotalian Can5 dagar sedan
  • 2021 is it worth replacing the screen, I cracked my display.

    KNMK259KNMK2599 dagar sedan
  • Can you repaint the frame with out replacing the whole parts of the galaxy s9 plus?

    Elimar AbelardoElimar Abelardo10 dagar sedan
  • this is why I went from an iPhone to a Samsung device

    runforitmanrunforitman21 dag sedan
  • 👆🏼

    جواد المالكيجواد المالكي26 dagar sedan
  • More Samsung content when the oppurtunity presents itself please! Thumbs up.

    RyanRyan27 dagar sedan
  • why even bother reparing a phone that is broken in everything? hahaha

    chikpomchikpomMånad sedan
  • The snotty skirt indirectly notice because speedboat philly branch since a uneven fine. bent, groovy cd

    Lil KrauseLil KrauseMånad sedan
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    Lil KrauseLil KrauseMånad sedan
  • Hey my dude, my s9+ has a rattling sound in it and its not the sim card or the sim tray. What would it be?

    Noah LillieNoah LillieMånad sedan
  • Good job! Ur the best at repairing phones!!! Also I was watching this and I got an ifixit ad!

    FrozenBlackpinkFrozenBlackpinkMånad sedan
  • now only if the repair just change the glass on the lcd instead of buying a whole new $150 lcd lol

    John TuddJohn TuddMånad sedan
  • I did like what I saw lol

    jibrhan khanjibrhan khanMånad sedan
  • There is 2 tybe of screws when you dealing with Samsung the normal screw and the black board screw

    greasy jimgreasy jim2 månader sedan
  • This makes me feel weird since I don’t use a screen protector, but at the same time, I’ve never broken a phone.

    Blues Clues ChlöeBlues Clues Chlöe2 månader sedan
  • I wish you can fix my phone its name is samsung j7 pro cracked screen we repaired the screen but the new one is very weak its not oled and its far to go to your location

    ENVIS TV GamingENVIS TV Gaming2 månader sedan
    • And i got no money

      ENVIS TV GamingENVIS TV Gaming2 månader sedan
  • Is it only me or if you shake your phone on the “Hugh Jeffreys” intro screen itt seems like the text is staing in place but the background moves?

    László TankaLászló Tanka2 månader sedan
  • Thanks for does who recommended Deztoolz for me on Instagram,,,,,,, these dude ''''''''''deztoolz really help me with my unlock fixed successful in some few minutes thanks to deztoolz

    Mary SandraMary Sandra2 månader sedan
  • sebastians mof[oiwrg wqrg wrg qwrf qwf wer wqg

    Joshua VargheseJoshua Varghese2 månader sedan
  • Hugh, do you do videos on tablets?

    M GomezM Gomez2 månader sedan
  • The CPU on my s9 heats up a lot for small tasks. Is it possible to replace it or would I have to replace the whole motherboard?

    Anthony Del RosarioAnthony Del Rosario2 månader sedan
  • me sees the price of ifix it products rose right to amazon and orders it for wad cheaper.

    James CavataioJames Cavataio3 månader sedan
  • Was that a USB Type C lego?

    Cali QmCali Qm3 månader sedan
  • I just got a s9+ for around -$5 in a lot of iPhones, the phone turns on but everything glass on the phone is smashed and the screen is 100% dead. I'm wondering of fixing it is even worth it since the new screen and back glass will cost around $240 and its $300 to buy one with the box and everything.

    Zach PeckZach Peck3 månader sedan
  • Caninfix the touch id of my iphone 6s

    Abdullah ZakriaAbdullah Zakria3 månader sedan
  • My S9 looks exactly like this 😂

    Alec TolentinoAlec Tolentino3 månader sedan
  • 8:28 yes because I tried taking the charging coil and making the back glass transparent then I tried to charge it and it would not charge

    Cody McPhersonCody McPherson3 månader sedan
  • Is it economical to restore this kind of damaged phone ? Someone plz reply.

    Jahanzaib AhmedJahanzaib Ahmed3 månader sedan
  • I've got a black s9 plus 128gb but the screen is smashed and now has developed a big black mark on the screen brilliant phones when working but expensive to fix

    joshua schofieldjoshua schofield3 månader sedan
  • Do you have a how to for the S9? Thank you 🤓😸also, do you need to lightly heat up the midframe before putting the new seal in place? Also, can you use handwarmers to help warm up the screens to help remove them? Thanks 🤓🙄 also.. ahem... Does the new back cover come with the clear rear camera glass?

    J. LietkaJ. Lietka4 månader sedan
  • sooooo basicly.. a new phone

    TheFruitsClanTheFruitsClan4 månader sedan
  • The last good-looking phonr from samsung was Note9/Note10

    Pomidor TVPomidor TV4 månader sedan
  • excellent video, I have an S9 but they told me that it had a phantom screen, in videos the colors like black or red look different, rare and sometimes they are not distinguished either. You as an expert, what do you recommend I do?

    Dayan BerdugoDayan Berdugo4 månader sedan
  • why couldnt you fix my s9+ the guy who fixedd mine broke my speakers and head phone jack and my phone wont boot

    aidenaiden4 månader sedan
  • Hugh jackman brother

    Magic BlinkMagic Blink4 månader sedan
  • Hi mr jeffrey I need your opinion Im having a snapdragon variant Do you think that i can replace the charging pin of snapdragon to exynos model? Tnx in advance ☺

    jeff 03jeff 034 månader sedan

    LunAticLunAtic4 månader sedan
  • So you only had a working board? 😆😆😆

    Ali NawazAli Nawaz5 månader sedan
  • need sponsor for my chanell... is it possible?

    G ProductionG Production5 månader sedan
  • Hugh: I have every tool in the world Also Hugh: *I have no spare tape laying around, **1:39*

    CaseyPlayzCaseyPlayz5 månader sedan
  • In the removal of small components on the old frame ,, you can use falcon. It reduce the damages of removable parts.

    Saravana PandiSaravana Pandi5 månader sedan
  • That's such a gorgeous colour 😍

    Restore TechniqueRestore Technique5 månader sedan
  • Where do you sell these units?

    Leatherkid 02Leatherkid 025 månader sedan
  • The next Steve Jobs

    Falcon GamerFalcon Gamer5 månader sedan
  • The oldschool pcb wastes so much space, for that reason I like apple's motherboards better

    Keeping ModernKeeping Modern5 månader sedan
  • How can phone be so badly damaged is beyond me. Including a frame bend. Goddd

    charancharan5 månader sedan
  • Very satisfying video until he installed the hydrogel screen protector wrong.

    Chonna Mae PascualChonna Mae Pascual6 månader sedan
  • Can you repair my iPhone 11pro?

    Neshan KoiralaNeshan Koirala6 månader sedan
  • This is not restoration, this is how to rebuild the phone by yourshelf

    Teodor TodorovTeodor Todorov6 månader sedan
  • Watching this video on my exynos version S9+😻

    • +MUHAMMED AJMAL Copy this title into your YT search box and watch it. It's interesting: "Have we found the Original Muhammad? Mel thinks so!"

      IslamisthecultofsinIslamisthecultofsin4 månader sedan
  • Hi, Hugh Jefferts, all the restore phone are u selling them? Seeing the restore of video which lead me to confident to purchase the item from u since going to look 2nd hand for my kinds as financial very limited.

    David LimDavid Lim6 månader sedan
    • @bigmaxcc yes noted is not free.. after restore are the item for sell?

      David LimDavid Lim5 månader sedan
    • No it's not free

      bigmaxccbigmaxcc5 månader sedan
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    CPBatman2007CPBatman20076 månader sedan
  • Haha xd

    Daniel Sch.Daniel Sch.6 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/tv/HPv5iZroL8j5ugvnm9kmJw.html

    Shaheer SialviShaheer Sialvi6 månader sedan
  • Just out of curiosity How long does it take you to make a normal restoration???

    Nigel FortesNigel Fortes6 månader sedan
  • Dude u always used a heat gun loll

    Shiv SaiShiv Sai7 månader sedan
  • alternative title: BUILDING NEW CELL PHONE

    ozofiaozofia7 månader sedan
  • were did you get the phone

    Christyna JohnsonChristyna Johnson7 månader sedan
  • i really dont know why im so fascinated with this kind of videos❤️

    App LicationApp Lication7 månader sedan
  • Hey could you sell me the restored one's pls

    Lord RohanLord Rohan7 månader sedan
  • Galaxy S and Note devices with a totally destroyed screen are still useful and good for... ... Dex devices. I scooped up a ravaged s8 for $65 and saved hundreds on a laptop.

    Dalo BucaramDalo Bucaram7 månader sedan
  • This is amazing work Hugh.

    Phillip RhinehardtPhillip Rhinehardt7 månader sedan
  • can guide me on how to repair my jbl flip 3 it doesnt charge the charging port,battery good but it just beeps thanks

    LILCHICO DerrickLILCHICO Derrick7 månader sedan
  • Jeff do you sell those gadgets after repair?

    LILCHICO DerrickLILCHICO Derrick7 månader sedan
  • I have S9 plus but won't turn on ;-;

    Valdir Cristiano RibeiroValdir Cristiano Ribeiro7 månader sedan
  • I love how he talks like we are actually going to be doing this 😂

    Manta -.-Manta -.-8 månader sedan
    • Manta -.- Talks or teaches? What do you want him to do? Put wanking sounds as hes fixing the phone?

      SwiftifiedSwiftified5 månader sedan
  • I hope you do a Galaxy Note9 repair in the future. Thanks! 😊

    Franny P.Franny P.8 månader sedan
  • No in this case because of ifixt. But in other videos why you don't put the link to the parts?

    LEXxTALIONSLEXxTALIONS8 månader sedan
  • what do you with phones you manage to repair? could do a give away perhaps I can win one!!! Just saying you know..

    laird eirlardlaird eirlard8 månader sedan
  • What was that black dot the fingerprint scanner

    best Pellebest Pelle8 månader sedan
  • you sell the cell phones that you repair?

    KrsKrs8 månader sedan
    • He said no in previous vidz

      bigmaxccbigmaxcc5 månader sedan
  • Please any body can say that what is the name that used for stick the touch 🤔 please please please

  • Just buy a new one if the phone terribly damaged 👌

    3'4 Obama3'4 Obama8 månader sedan
  • I the screen wasn’t so hard to replace Samsung will get a 10/10 for easy repairs.

    R -R -8 månader sedan
  • It's very enjoyable to watch you repair these but if I had to replace as many components as you're doing here, I'd rather just get a new phone. I imagine the cost of this repair won't be too far off from that of a new phone.

    AndreiAndrei8 månader sedan
  • I feel like you have a shelf with almost every smart phone on it.

    phantom nova14phantom nova148 månader sedan
  • Vacuum Chamber for bubbles

    Jewel FornillasJewel Fornillas8 månader sedan
  • Just wondering, why there is no 1+ repair Video on your channel ?

    Sumit Kumar SisondiaSumit Kumar Sisondia8 månader sedan
  • i have that exact same wear on my fingerprint scanner, looks like crap

    Adrian AnzanoAdrian Anzano8 månader sedan
  • I want to buy a used s8 or s9 what should I be searching for? S8 - s9 go for a plus model?? Thanks for the help

    LoudLexusLoudLexus9 månader sedan
  • Wow i watch for s9+

    Top8ik GamingTop8ik Gaming9 månader sedan
  • That my dream phone right there. It's even my favorite color

    Jonathan MillerJonathan Miller9 månader sedan
  • hi hugh jeffreys! why do you do not try to fix a playstation 3!?

    Albin AziziAlbin Azizi9 månader sedan
  • notice that since the device is from USA its running a snapdragon 855 whereas everywhere else it would have been exynos 9810

    sumith juggaisumith juggai9 månader sedan
  • Are you selling this phone?

    Vitthal BhemalVitthal Bhemal9 månader sedan
  • Can we actually upgrade the battery of a phone. Just a doubt???

    Karthik SGKarthik SG9 månader sedan
  • brother please phone number

    Noyan MdNoyan Md9 månader sedan
  • Hi

    Noyan MdNoyan Md9 månader sedan
  • Oh I get it I fix it IFixit

    Mankarn SinghMankarn Singh9 månader sedan
  • You basically have a new phone. Wow

    Marcus RondoMarcus Rondo9 månader sedan
  • a refurbished S9+ on ebay is 219 dollars

    sean msean m9 månader sedan
  • Please do a clear version

    FREEZINGTEA3821FREEZINGTEA38219 månader sedan
    • That's biting boring

      bigmaxccbigmaxcc5 månader sedan
  • I have a question ??

    be yourselfbe yourself9 månader sedan
  • What about the finger print sensor

    DarshanDarshan9 månader sedan
  • So you basically just built a new phone?

    The Real RacerThe Real Racer9 månader sedan
  • i can also do restoration

    Hamza YousafHamza Yousaf9 månader sedan
  • Makes me really miss my s9..omg

    Kween jadeKween jade9 månader sedan
  • The parts cost more than the phone but it's worth to repair for the video I guess

    DoniStuntsDoniStunts9 månader sedan
  • @ hugh Jefferys do you know how to remove the verizon startup?

    gamer 24gamer 249 månader sedan