iPhone 8 Worth it in 2019?

27 apr 2019
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With the costs of new flagship smartphones is the iPhone 8 still worth buying in 2019?
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  • I have the same sim problem, but, considering how long my phone has lasted thus far, I’m not too bothered or surprised that I’ve finally come across a problem. I’m hoping to get away from Apple devices the next time I get a new phone. :)

    Julianne ScottJulianne ScottMånad sedan
  • Can you fix my iPhone 8?

    CLAW & GOCLAW & GO4 månader sedan
  • Just got an used 8 Plus last month and I love it.

    mndmnd7 månader sedan
  • Hi, random question here, but where do you get your back glass protector?

    Cleve AnthonyCleve Anthony8 månader sedan
  • Now there is the new iPhone SE

    Mustafa AdanırMustafa Adanır9 månader sedan
  • I say that the iPhone 8 is worth it because my dad has a iPhone 8 and it's really good and it's faster than then iPhone XS a bit.

    stsweeifystsweeify9 månader sedan
  • got the iPhone 8 in 2020

    DumbDellRBLXDumbDellRBLX9 månader sedan
  • It is worth it ngl, probably gonna get 3-4 years of support im also getting one soon

    P o n k aP o n k a11 månader sedan
  • C'mon i've friends who still use iPhone 4 nowadays, of course this phone will be worth it.

    Daniel TorrealbaDaniel TorrealbaÅr sedan
  • what tempered glass did you apply to the back? im thinking about upgrading iphone but im on a budget and will get the iphone 8 space grey version.

    starryhalostarryhaloÅr sedan
  • I love my 8 😘

    Lekhaz SuvvariLekhaz SuvvariÅr sedan
  • i miss having a home button 🥺 i’ve had a full screen phone for basically 2 years and i really miss the feeling of the button

    Cat PurritoCat PurritoÅr sedan
  • I am between the red and black, can you recommend me which one buy?

    Chavelini MejiaChavelini MejiaÅr sedan
  • A testament of the 8's durability, in January I dropped mine in the snow while snowboarding. Since there was no reception and I had find my iPhone disabled it was lost. 2 weeks go by of me calling up to the resort every few days and at last they said they found it (after some snow melted a tad). Put it on charge and after about 30 minutes or so it booted and has still functioned flawless!

    Benjamin SmithBenjamin SmithÅr sedan
  • I saw a. $150 iPhone 8, is it fake?

    davedaveÅr sedan
    • dave EPISODES maybe or just scammed because I might be cracked up and stuff

      That 4th planet MarsThat 4th planet MarsÅr sedan
  • This or google pixel 3a. Which one should I get.

    Syqtho :PSyqtho :PÅr sedan
  • Have one now

    Carson CropperCarson CropperÅr sedan
    • Where you buy it?

      FrancyBeccoFrancyBeccoÅr sedan
  • I have an IPhone 8 plus and I reccomend the plus so much more tbh

    Evan OsoSavageEvan OsoSavageÅr sedan
  • Iphone 11 came out

    Carlos LindaoCarlos LindaoÅr sedan
  • Should i get the iphone 8 64gb or samsung galaxy s9? They are both on sale for 400euro. Opinions?

    Nicole ZNicole ZÅr sedan
  • I own it. Its still fast, reliable and no issues at all. Using it for 1 yr and a half

    Jay ar DoradoJay ar DoradoÅr sedan
  • How to get iPhone 8 red in 2019

    Flippin Hero PlaysFlippin Hero PlaysÅr sedan
  • Omg that phone looks so good

    Blankman !?!?!Blankman !?!?!År sedan
  • It is xs max but look a lot better (in my opinion)

    MihaiMihaiÅr sedan
  • The only problem I have is the battery life.

    PolarBear GamingPolarBear GamingÅr sedan
  • Does anyone else love that satisfying click of the old home buttons? 🤤🤗🤗

    M PotatoCabage98M PotatoCabage98År sedan
  • Me : iphone 5 in 2019🥰

    merry anitamerry anitaÅr sedan
    • merry anita me 2

      Stu LukeStu LukeÅr sedan
  • I own a plus

    Codey GibbsCodey GibbsÅr sedan
  • Do you recommend going case-less with the iPhone glass screen protector for the front and back?

    Mercedes GriderMercedes GriderÅr sedan
  • Bought one used few month ago. Thankfully it was in good condition, with minor scratches, battery at 95%. And it’s definitely worth it... it’s superfast , has a good lcd panel and will receive years of updates 👍

    iM4CH3T3 DimacheteiM4CH3T3 DimacheteÅr sedan
  • Such a good phone for the price

    patrickoregpatrickoregÅr sedan
  • I just bought an s8

    Ellis The DJEllis The DJÅr sedan
  • y

    UNITYUNITYÅr sedan
  • Its worth to 2050

    B BB BÅr sedan
  • Is the iPhone 8 worth it? I’m using a 6s

    SaxoSpeakSaxoSpeakÅr sedan
    • If you're fine with the speed of your phone it's not in my opinion

      EL ValeninEL ValeninÅr sedan
  • Watching this on my iPhone 8 plus😉

    YajC131988YajC131988År sedan
  • *CaMeRaS aT aN aCcEtAbLe QuAlItY* It’s literally 4K u want 8k resolution now

    Kaemon VKaemon VÅr sedan
  • I have an iPhone 7 Plus... kinda the same as the 8 plus.

    TheGreenGT86TheGreenGT86År sedan
  • What back protections and screen protections do you use

    Mellow TexanMellow TexanÅr sedan
  • I paid 400 for a iPhone 7 plus 256fb model

    TechShockTechShockÅr sedan
  • I'm hoping to get a iPhone 8 to replace my old flip phone

    NCR TrooperNCR TrooperÅr sedan
  • In Albania it costs 370$

    Aleksander KokaAleksander KokaÅr sedan
  • My mom wants to get me an 8 cause im bored of mine and im really pissed cause i wanted the xr

    bummer ఌbummer ఌÅr sedan
    • I like the 8+ better then xr

      Andrrr SmithAndrrr SmithÅr sedan
  • my mother is looking to upgrade from an iPhone 6 Gold 16GB Updated from iOS 8.3 to iOS 10.2.1 2 years ago. but i told her to not buy the iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Product red because she drops her phone a lot!. So he 1 month ago she got An iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Special Edition Product red running iOS 12.3.1. and also for my appinion the iPhone 8 is a great device without loop disease!

    DjPansetas ZoulouDjPansetas ZoulouÅr sedan
  • what about the 7?

    DVDEKDVDEKÅr sedan
  • Just bought an iPhone 8 today. my screen is vibrating while watching this video...lol

    frederikvrfrederikvrÅr sedan
  • i have a new (got it like 2-3? months ago) iPhone 8 Plus and just keep it in a sleeker otterbox commuter case, and it’s honestly pretty good. the dual cameras make it an amazing phone to take professional pictures with. honestly, i’ll wait another two or so years before i get an iPhone with the notch since the 8 Plus is quite suitable and nice

    Thomas BurkhartThomas BurkhartÅr sedan
  • Watching on my iPhone 8 Plus so yer, I would recommend it. But the plus model has more ram and an extra camera. Along with a great 1080p screen and will be updated for more than 2 years which is when some people get new ones on contract. Mine is second hand but I love it!!!!

    Ark01000Ark01000År sedan
  • The iphone 8 doesn't have 128 gbs

    Joe SmithJoe SmithÅr sedan
  • I’m positive that the 3g is the BEST iPhone out there right now!

    Artan McManusArtan McManusÅr sedan
    • No front facing camera, bulky design, plastic housing, the camera isn’t very good either

      Calvin NguyenCalvin NguyenÅr sedan
  • No.........

    TB TechTB TechÅr sedan
  • i’ve been contemplating to get this before but, finally decided to go for the xr instead. maybe because of the a12 chip. would be great if you could find an xr to repair, i’m more intrigued due to its lcd screen

    Sib NasibSib NasibÅr sedan
  • Just bought one. The last good iPhone 😌

    daylee08daylee08År sedan
  • I have a iPhone 8 I just got it last week and from what I can see it is the best phone I have ever had and the camera quality to me is really good so I think it’s worth it and for the glass back just be careful and get a case

    Bigmanop shockBigmanop shockÅr sedan
  • Rip trackball,trackpad, and home button

    Marco GultomMarco GultomÅr sedan
  • why did you do a phone review on a USED phone... if you were going to do one get a brand new phone

    keenan walkerkeenan walkerÅr sedan
  • I already know this xmas season this phone will be sold for $360 BUT with $210 cash back.... It's gonna be a sweeeet deal for like $150

    MARCMARCÅr sedan
  • Is Ariana Grande Worth it?

    Jayden D.Jayden D.År sedan
  • Lmao I just bought an 6s

    Mike StrozierMike StrozierÅr sedan
  • I’m saving up for one

    ツevelynツevelynÅr sedan
  • Who’s watching with a iPhone 8 like or iPhone 8 Plus comment

    c o z z i 123c o z z i 123År sedan
  • I sold mine 5 weeks ago because i found out it wasnt on contract anymore

    YegoLodaYegoLodaÅr sedan
  • Bruh I have a 6s

    Joseph HansenJoseph HansenÅr sedan
  • I need your suggestion please . I’m looking at changing my iphone 6s+ ( because I don’t trust repair shops in my country too much) with a new iphone . I don’t know if I should get the 8+ or the XR there is about a $500 Aud difference.

    Arnaud BretonArnaud BretonÅr sedan
    • SOUND LOGIC well thats the problem I don’t live in the USA, I’m in asia and here the telecommunications support more samsung than iphone. But I’ll find a cheap one

      Arnaud BretonArnaud BretonÅr sedan
    • Arnaud Breton AT&T has iPhone 8 for $10 a month

      XxTryHardxX2019 _YTXxTryHardxX2019 _YTÅr sedan
    • SOUND LOGIC ok thanks for your advice , now I need to find one .

      Arnaud BretonArnaud BretonÅr sedan
    • Arnaud Breton get the iPhone 8+ because the only thing you getting on the XR is Face ID and a few more features I love my 8!!!

      XxTryHardxX2019 _YTXxTryHardxX2019 _YTÅr sedan
  • I have the 8 plus and it’s honestly one of the best phones that I’ve ever had.

    SarahSarahÅr sedan
  • Love my iPhone 8

    SorcerousCanineSorcerousCanineÅr sedan
  • Yes. it. is.

    Andrew FinneyAndrew FinneyÅr sedan
  • I hate the size

    OllyOllyÅr sedan
  • Now the iPhone 7 and 8 are cheap because of iPhone XS and XR

    DanisDanisÅr sedan
  • i just ordered one from ebay today! I think i will enjoy it.

    Kyle LingKyle LingÅr sedan
  • With the iPhones having so much trouble with ic chips going bad it’s a risk to buy a used one.

    Stephen HStephen HÅr sedan
  • I have a feeling this will be the longest supported iPhone. That A11 chip with a 750p screen equals crazy fast speed.

    kakadotskakadotsÅr sedan
    • With only 2gb of ram. It is very disappointing to see so little ram inside this beast

      ManegarManegarÅr sedan
  • I have the iPhone XR I did also had an iPhone 8 but mine was having lagging problems so I trade it for an iPhone XR and my favorite iPhone is the XR now

    Curtis ChestleyCurtis ChestleyÅr sedan
  • Idk what to do the contract on my s8+ is about to run out and I am wondering if Its worth it to get an iPhone x because they aren't that expensive here in Germany or if I should get an iPhone 8 or save a little and get the iPhone xs I don't what to do could u help?

    applepiemaster5839applepiemaster5839År sedan
  • Were do you buy the brand new housing and also were do you biy the refurbished authentic apple screen

    Emile HerbertEmile HerbertÅr sedan
  • Yes it’s a great phone but the battery is unacceptable so it’s better to consider buying an iPhone X at least imo For the battery or the OLED screen (I have an iphone8)

    NaakssattNaakssattÅr sedan
  • This is still the best iPhone. The notch is trash !

    TechWireTechWireÅr sedan
  • The 8 is the best to me because I use it every day

    The derpy SlurpeeThe derpy SlurpeeÅr sedan
  • Well that's my first phone... So tell me if it's good so I can decide

    notjacknotjackÅr sedan
    • NotJack it’s awesome definitely pick this!!!

      XxTryHardxX2019 _YTXxTryHardxX2019 _YTÅr sedan
    • It's good

      习近平习近平År sedan
  • Red ip8 is just Beautiful

    V PV PÅr sedan
  • I have an iPhone 8 and I’m not replacing it anytime soon.

    Palvinder MahalPalvinder MahalÅr sedan
  • I have the 8 in gold I love it

    Famously_GiftedFamously_GiftedÅr sedan
  • Good job

    Hicham GouchidaHicham GouchidaÅr sedan
  • iPhone 8 don’t have 128gb storage

    Carlos CostaCarlos CostaÅr sedan
  • When you finish sentences, your voice is supposed to go down to indicate the end, not up. It's beyond me why you'd speak like this. Very tiring to listen to.

    Blaž BohincBlaž BohincÅr sedan
  • Containing a home button isn't a selling point. Nothing on this phone qualifies as a selling point. It was dead on arrival. I don't know who would invest in this outdated technology in 2019. I hope nobody.

    Blaž BohincBlaž BohincÅr sedan
  • i haven’t watched it yet but It better be cause I just bought one

    Alexander GoodwinAlexander GoodwinÅr sedan
  • I really love my 8. I have the 256gb ver. Really fast, clean, but the battery life it’s just crap. Guess I should buy the XR next year, but so far this one is good. Also, a recommendation: do not buy 64gb ver. Apps are getting so much heavier and not even that capacity is capable of perdure over the years (obviously if you’re a long term user as me). Buuuuut, I really recommend it!.

    SereSereÅr sedan
  • I own an iPhone 8 Plus and its awesome

    William ZalewskiWilliam ZalewskiÅr sedan
  • does iPhone XR not exist for you

    joeyjoeyÅr sedan
  • I still have an 8 plus and super happy

    Liam04Liam04År sedan
  • Red 8plus =fire in 2019

    Colonel SandersColonel SandersÅr sedan
  • Of course god damnit

    viliminkoaarniviliminkoaarniÅr sedan
  • Whos using iphone4 in 2019

    DanielDanielÅr sedan
  • Pls do is iphone xs max plus sinus cosinus good in 2019

    T U L ET U L EÅr sedan
  • Watching this on a 6s

    wld alphawld alphaÅr sedan
  • How much would it cost to repair the bottom of the phone that is dented Hugh?

    Aston Villa FC ForeverAston Villa FC ForeverÅr sedan
  • I’ve had an iPhone 8 since April of 2018 and I’ve loved it although I do have a cracked back. It just happened about a week ago. I have AppleCare but even $100 is hella pricey so I might stick with a solid case and hope for the best 😂😂

    kickin_it_ with_hunter_kickin_it_ with_hunter_År sedan
  • I got the 7 and it’s still amazing (I actually just got it around 6 months ago)

    Brandon MBrandon MÅr sedan
  • YES any phone is worth it in any year according to one's need. these "is this phone worth it in this year" videos need to stop!!!

    Reetwick TungaReetwick TungaÅr sedan