Most Common iPhone Repair Mistake - True Tone Recovery without original LCD - JC Pro1000s

19 okt 2019
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I was unable to find any instructions on how to recover True Tone without the original screen, so with a few hours of trial and error and my JC Pro1000s I found a way and thought I would make a video to help others!
JC Pro1000s & Add on cards:
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  • Bhai true-tone bhi or waterproof bhi rahy or pata bhi na chaly k cell open hua battery 🔋 change karwani hai... kya esa mumkin hai...??

    M Hafeez Ullah khanM Hafeez Ullah khan43 minuter sedan
  • Can it work in case of 11 pro max please reply

    188WIA0I07 Gautham Damera188WIA0I07 Gautham DameraDag sedan
  • Good

    amar Jeet123amar Jeet123Dag sedan
  • Hi. Is the original front camera required that was originally paired to the motherboard or can it be any front camera but be OEM to restore True Tone function? Thanks.

    uszyuszy5 dagar sedan
  • Do they still make that first module?

    Jay BurnhamJay Burnham9 dagar sedan
  • I just restore True Tone using same device you are using. Does it keep privacy ? We share our display information with that device.

    Hariram gurungHariram gurung9 dagar sedan
  • hiddentoolz on lg just helped in recovering my device, thanks to those who recommended them👌,👍🙏

    Trisha GoffeyTrisha Goffey13 dagar sedan
  • but did i lost my true tone feature on my original screen???why Apple whyyy

    Nimra RaoNimra Rao17 dagar sedan
  • Never noticed True Tone on 11.... Never had it.

    No U TurnNo U Turn21 dag sedan
  • its been found that the charge port itself can also cause the vibration to misbehave

    Robert FRobert F21 dag sedan
  • hello I have iphone 6s set which has problem during call reject from other side or disconnect due to any reason my phone screen touch freeze after screen off and on touch work again but that's not happen when call on speaker phone. will you please help me out for this trouble

    Fakhar NaqviFakhar Naqvi22 dagar sedan
  • Jc pro: ummm bro this screen is dead Screen: who the hell are you calling dead still plugged in to jc pro Jc pro: bye powers off the screen Screen:...

    cyan crewmatecyan crewmate27 dagar sedan
  • IPhones are for people with more money than sense!

    note isnote isMånad sedan
  • My iPhone has never been repaired. I have True Tone turned off but the display still dims based on lighting regardless. What’s going on?

    DudeNamedDanDudeNamedDanMånad sedan
  • I recently purchased a JC V1S as my cousin requested a repair of his cracked iPhone X display. I replaced it with an LCD rather than OLED screen, but the repair went smoothly and True Tone was restored. His father-in-law also had a touchscreen failure on his iPhone 8 the same week that I received my V1S programmer. Both phones were purchased at a local electronics store that buys and sells used phones. It appears that the iPhone 8 may have had its screen replaced before. Could that be the reason that I kept having write failures to the new iPhone 8 display, or could there have been a different problem with the quality of the aftermarket display? Otherwise, the screen looks fine and the touch functionality was restored. The only issue that I saw was the lack of the True Tone option. Since I couldn't interact with the previous touchscreen to open the settings, I don't know if that feature was working to begin with.

    Todd NicholsonTodd NicholsonMånad sedan
  • I got my se 2020 for free that's the only reason why I'm using it as a backup phone... CrApple is so corrupt, I dunno how people even keep buying CrApple products. Android kills CrApple in every aspect.💯👍

    FlyByNyte2O2OFlyByNyte2O2OMånad sedan
  • I am so glad I moved away from iPhones when I changed my phone, I put 2 batteries in my old iPhone 4s, had an old ipod classic 160gb and that wouldn't play some mp3s even though it would through iTunes, moved to a Sony Walkman mp3 player and that plays every thing, also had an ipad that wouldn't play SEworld on high quality despite being connected to 72mbps fibre, Samsung tablet no problem, I am done with apple products

    Dwrowley .youtubeDwrowley .youtubeMånad sedan
  • True Tone is for the 8 or later only

    aleksander Okonekaleksander OkonekMånad sedan
  • or you can change the force touch panel from the original screen and put it in the replacment screen. I have done that before.

    Ivanurban 2348Ivanurban 2348Månad sedan
  • My 8 screen has never been replaced and it doesn’t have true tone

    Kap AnimationsKap AnimationsMånad sedan
  • Probably abit out of the reach of most iphone owners , probably better to buy a phone thats not locked away from repairs as apple dont like it as every new phone has a new anti repair feature

    Jeremy CushJeremy CushMånad sedan
  • Hugh, we’re you able to get the Touch ID working with those JC replacements?

    mike peeblesmike peeblesMånad sedan
  • Will this also work on iPhone X and later displays that don’t have the original screen?

    mike peeblesmike peeblesMånad sedan
  • It's not your phone, it's Apple's, ALWAYS... They just let you rent it for a period of time under the delusion that it's actually yours, but you never own Apple's intellectual property and therefore the right to repair it is at their discretion. At least that's Apple's position, you may physically have possession of it but the OWN it. I'm sure that's in that lawyer speak that everyone signs and not knows what it really means.

    Ally SAlly SMånad sedan
  • Im looking on JC Pro1000’s website, but I dont see any where to buy it. Any suggestions?

    Tim SalentineTim SalentineMånad sedan
  • I love True Tone.

    Mark MooreMark Moore2 månader sedan
  • I have broke front facing camera and i buy original camera and truetone no work how can fix it?

    Pohodicek WoTPohodicek WoT2 månader sedan
  • before replace the LCD, the true tone was work, but when i replaced the front camera the true tone isn't working.... how can i fix it??

    박동희박동희2 månader sedan
  • You can just use the JC software to automatically get these numbers for you and put them in your programmer

    Mattf14Mattf142 månader sedan

    Tyler MG / Tyler mega gamesTyler MG / Tyler mega games2 månader sedan
  • So that explains why my screen isn’t perfectly closed off and it also explains why I don’t have the True Tone function 😢

    Gwen AlysiaGwen Alysia2 månader sedan
  • i just got my iphone account recovered after so many stress by astro__hacker_hq on Instagram💯💯

    williams scottwilliams scott3 månader sedan
  • But night shift is still there

    AcsentityAcsentity3 månader sedan
  • Did anyone know, did true tone modul to jcpro1000s its still available for sale?

    Na 5 CieNa 5 Cie3 månader sedan
  • how to know if will buy used iphone how to know if the device that i will buy has original lcd not repaired??

    Elmo DionisioElmo Dionisio3 månader sedan
  • hiddentoolz on lg just helped in recovering my device thanks to those who recommended them 😘 📱

    Sandra DashmondSandra Dashmond3 månader sedan
  • 0:16 god, check your SEworld Notifications

    BeccaBear124BeccaBear1243 månader sedan
  • True Tone sucks anyway. I don’t want my screen to shift warm during the day in any situation.

    Ed UrmEd Urm3 månader sedan
  • From Kenya 🇰🇪...great fan of your work 🔥🔥💪🏽💪🏽

    alvin otienoalvin otieno3 månader sedan
  • Make a collab with dankpods please he lives in australia too

    How to,sHow to,s3 månader sedan
  • Where do u but the tools at ?

    DJ WilliamsDJ Williams4 månader sedan
  • so how to remove ture tone?

    Mnafiat010Mnafiat0104 månader sedan
  • @6:55, I initially misunderstood what you said... I thought you were saying warranty was no longer recognized because of you tampering with the device. But alas, it was because it’s expired I’m assuming..? Anyhow, my reason for messaging is this, those warranty stickers that say “void if broken” don’t hold up in the US. OEM’s throw those on to get people to throw stuff away to buy new stuff. Well, that was challenged in a court of law and the diy enthusiasts won.

    Divine_SwineDivine_Swine4 månader sedan
  • How about loosing battery health on battery replacement for iPhone xs and later

    MaverickMaverick4 månader sedan
  • "clone boy" does the job smoothly>

    srkhansrkhan4 månader sedan
  • iPhones aren’t worth repairing as the repairs cost as much as a new phone

    Thomas WaltonThomas Walton4 månader sedan
  • Does this enable 3D Touch and p3 wide color gamut too? Anybody who knows, PLEASE REPLY!!!

    Fortimus PrimeFortimus Prime4 månader sedan
  • How did this guy Find the code to program it?

    William 20William 204 månader sedan
  • Is the Xr have True Tone? I’m using beta 14 btw to thx

    Sushil RamdoyalSushil Ramdoyal4 månader sedan
  • Can you reprogram a touch id button with it? Notice me please

    Mark Kenth BMark Kenth B4 månader sedan
  • The jc v1 does the same and it's cheaper

    Dman BloomDman Bloom5 månader sedan
  • 1 much do I have to pay for you to repair?

    disis Barzydisis Barzy5 månader sedan
  • With iCopy, it only takes 2 press to copy serial numbers

    dokii dokiidokii dokii5 månader sedan
  • Wear polarized glasses to check the display 😉 That’s our trick

    ChristianChristian5 månader sedan
  • I have this phone there is no true tone and my screen edges are a little black if u look hard enough will this cause a problem over time

    NethanielNethaniel5 månader sedan
    • And also when u rotate the screen in some apps like half a quarter display isnt there

      NethanielNethaniel5 månader sedan
  • 3:35 I have the jc v1s and its basically the pro 100s but smaller

    Jeremy OcampoJeremy Ocampo5 månader sedan
  • Did you sell the phone and shipe of us if someone interested to buy from you in cheap price

    Mk ZfMk Zf5 månader sedan
  • hell yea mate.

    Black diamond Cell phone repairBlack diamond Cell phone repair5 månader sedan
  • The iPhone 7 doesn’t has True Tone

    GeoByJustinGeoByJustin5 månader sedan
  • however... dadadada... however... dadadada... however... thank you for watching...

    The Amazon ShopperThe Amazon Shopper5 månader sedan
  • Can You Show How To Unlock iCloud Activation lock

    Pudi Shanmukha Sri SaiPudi Shanmukha Sri Sai6 månader sedan
  • At 4:11 you say there’s an app that can do those for you. What’s the name of the app? And what can the app do. Thnx

    S SS S6 månader sedan
  • I am surprised how Chinese companies make such devices. May be these devices are used in Apple factory to program displays from manufacturers. So some Chinese company must have copied the original design.

    Anil KinikarAnil Kinikar6 månader sedan
  • i followed the link but no price came up?

    Black diamond Cell phone repairBlack diamond Cell phone repair6 månader sedan
  • Will this work with third party display

    Fck offFck off6 månader sedan
  • How do you buy it the jc 1000s pro I can’t seem to find the add to cart or purchase button (I live in the US)

    Michael De RezaMichael De Reza6 månader sedan
  • Do you have to use the same front camera that’s paired to the same logic board?

    Bruno Fornaroli #23Bruno Fornaroli #237 månader sedan
  • I changed front camera on iphone 8 thats why I dont have true tone? Please help

    colt1998colt19987 månader sedan
  • iphone X: screen serial number N/A in U3 tool

    Erik DretsErik Drets7 månader sedan
  • Does this means that my screen is not the original by apple after i replace a new one a few days ago?

    Haslerr JacksonHaslerr Jackson7 månader sedan

  • How did you open this phone in the first place? I have also stuck screw and I am unable to open it...

    Martin JurekMartin Jurek7 månader sedan
  • What's the app you need to copy serial numbers and cover board on computer, would rather do that then type in.

    A Friendly ReminderA Friendly Reminder7 månader sedan
  • Will the truetone gone again after IOS update?

    Ricky KurniawanRicky Kurniawan8 månader sedan
  • Oof he is useing win 7

    Mr CyborgMr Cyborg8 månader sedan
  • Lololol 3 u tools is for jailbreaking too

    Mr CyborgMr Cyborg8 månader sedan
  • This is not where the tech world is heading. This is just Apple being super greedy

    T RexT Rex8 månader sedan
  • Can we enable touch id after home button replacement with JC pro?

    Pouria SalehiKatoziPouria SalehiKatozi8 månader sedan
  • yeah ima just sell my iphone 8 plus and upgrade to samsung way easyer to fix

    BearGangBearGang8 månader sedan
  • Iphone 7 dosent have true tone

    Asheel SaqibAsheel Saqib8 månader sedan
  • Can it reprogram the touch ID?

    Patcharapon NuimarkPatcharapon Nuimark8 månader sedan
    • Patcharapon Nuimark think so

      ZH mediaZH media8 månader sedan
  • Ye I let a cheap repair shop fix my iPhone X... Lost my Face ID, gutted. They're screen was totally rubbish. I dropped it so I did the repair myself only to find they left screws out. which I knew was there, when doing diagnostic to why my phone was in a boot loop (ear piece cable) would 100% recommend doing it yourself.

    LeArYLeArY8 månader sedan
  • #SoTrue!

    Robbie SteelRobbie Steel8 månader sedan
  • Shady Apple another locking down feature. Fucking scumbags.

    One CosmicOne Cosmic8 månader sedan
  • Idk why I’m watching this, I don’t mind not having True Tone, I didn’t like it

    MenxdessMenxdess8 månader sedan
  • what screen protector were you using on this iphone 8?

    johar ahmedjohar ahmed8 månader sedan
  • This is the first time I heard this I’ve been trying repair iPhones since the first one iPhone 2g never seen this problem with replacing the screen before

    Dead_Nation 95Dead_Nation 958 månader sedan
  • Why do you go out of your way to remove the waterproof sealing in the phone?

    Typical 90s GamerTypical 90s Gamer8 månader sedan
  • Hello i justy found out about this true tone thing in iphone 7.. and i went to settings and i dont have it under the brightness tab.. my software is up to date and i purchased this phone brand new and the screen was never replaced.. is there any other factors that might make this thing missing from my device ? i would appreciate any reply thanks

    Elie SabaElie Saba8 månader sedan
  • Pro tip: don't buy apple phones at all!

    neo geoneo geo8 månader sedan
  • Does this work with Touch ID? That would be funny

    Han Sol JinHan Sol Jin8 månader sedan
  • Have You ever made a video, about loop desease on a Iphone 5 and 5S?

    Joao JaneiroJoao Janeiro8 månader sedan
    • What’s that?

      georgina gibbsgeorgina gibbs5 månader sedan
  • I have an iPhone SE 2020 i used to have an iPhone 6

    VacMaster 2020VacMaster 20208 månader sedan
  • iPhone 7 doesn’t have True Tone...

    NODA5NODA58 månader sedan
  • Its not pro btw. Its pr0

    Alper SemerciAlper Semerci8 månader sedan
  • Will this also program a home button

    Juan GonzalezJuan Gonzalez8 månader sedan
  • Can’t find the cards

    Michael De RezaMichael De Reza8 månader sedan
  • you are boss..i like all of your work..where are u from hugh jeffreys

    Multi UserMulti User8 månader sedan
  • stick to android. make apple suffer

    Nuke MeccaNuke Mecca8 månader sedan
  • Hi Jeff, I got two black dot at the top right corner and one at below left corner of my Galaxy S8 screen; Any idea please how to get rid of them? I can't afford to get a new screen.

    Hairan VlogsHairan Vlogs8 månader sedan