Make a profit restoring an old beaten up iPhone 5s?

28 mar 2020
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  • Thanks to this video i just got my iphone 5s opened (for training purposes) which is a first time for me. Real interesting. And now i hope i will get it back together without breaking it....

    GxGamerGxGamer3 dagar sedan
  • Great video

    Chad EricksonChad Erickson7 dagar sedan
  • Unfortunately 5s are worth next to nothing in the uk now, around £30. I’ve stopped repairing the 5 series and SE, and 6.

    Fruit Machine ArchivesFruit Machine Archives11 dagar sedan
  • Just bought my first phone to flip I got it for $30 it’s a iPhone 5 Silver with unlocked carrier and unlocked iCloud

    Yairs GutierrezYairs Gutierrez13 dagar sedan
  • Hi Hugh, I was inspired to have a go at restoring an iPhone 5s for the first time after watching this video, how many different screws!! Could you help me with an "Unexpected error occurred (error 40)" when trying to re-install software on an eBay purchased iPhone 5S It will connect to iTunes, then says needs restoring then error 40 Any advise would be appreciated thank you in advance kind regards

    Doug JowleDoug JowleMånad sedan
  • My dad had the exact same crack on the back glass!

    Super ShifterSuper Shifter2 månader sedan
  • Jajaja 😂 never before seen design in iPhone hey look it’s the iPhone 12

    Zeke the freakZeke the freak2 månader sedan
  • 2:17 look at that headphone 🎧 jack on 2020..... Missing it 🙂

    Piyush SinghPiyush Singh2 månader sedan
  • Loving your vids bro... Westin Question, can I swap an original iphone se internals into an iphone 5 housing?

    beard gawdbeard gawd2 månader sedan
  • I would think yes

    Offical OPOffical OP3 månader sedan
  • Used as it was suposed to be

    CarperCarper3 månader sedan
  • hi, where you buy a body with imei number?

    Человек ЧеловековЧеловек Человеков3 månader sedan
  • Damn I wish he could replace my iPhone 5s housing because it is scratched and a bit dented :(

    SuperAviation 001SuperAviation 0014 månader sedan
  • hi sir are you bay it.

    Zohaib KhanZohaib Khan4 månader sedan
  • Where do you buy your parts from?

    David WalkerDavid Walker4 månader sedan
  • Dam dude you are very good at what you do very impressed 👍

    Kean Van Der WesthuizenKean Van Der Westhuizen4 månader sedan
  • 👍🏼

    SS_ Cookie25SS_ Cookie254 månader sedan
  • I remembered dropping my iPhone 5s twice and when ever I dropped it, I was pretty upset & I had to wait at least a month for my phone to get replaced since the guy that I took it to didn’t ask for 2 day shipping and I don’t really trust people to repair my phone if they are NOT asking for a faster shipping and that was the first time my phone broke but the second time, he refused to fix my phone and even if this guy fixes my stuff for a good deal, I can’t really trust him that much because he is so unskilled

    Omar ZowilaOmar Zowila4 månader sedan
  • I'm surprised people are still paying this much for a iphone 5s. Only benefit is the size, and you can get the first gen iphone se really cheaply nowadays.

    JollyJolly4 månader sedan
  • Its 8 years old isn’t it ?

    MrscrysalotMrscrysalot4 månader sedan
    • انجب

      GAMER HDGAMER HD4 månader sedan
    • أنجب

      GAMER HDGAMER HD4 månader sedan
  • I have a 5s but I’m using an iPad to watch this

    SuperAviation 001SuperAviation 0014 månader sedan
  • I wonder how good is that aftermarket housing, it even has mill marks so it looks like a true 1:1 replica

    Satsuma GTSatsuma GT4 månader sedan
  • It’s an iPhone 5 cus it’s doesn’t have the S at the bottom

    Sophie CozensSophie Cozens4 månader sedan
  • “And we’re done. So this it it” luv when he say that after a magnificent job 👌🏼

    SergioSergio5 månader sedan
  • And I’m watching it on my 5s.

    Fancy BearFancy Bear5 månader sedan
  • Where you buyed the housing with the serial number and IMEI printed? Thanks in advance!

    Aitor Moreno FarreAitor Moreno Farre5 månader sedan
  • The housing is more expensive than the phone

    Both GamingBoth Gaming5 månader sedan
  • I swear this guy totally works at apple

    GachaMommaGachaMomma5 månader sedan
  • Hello Huge Jeffreys

    AlfredoRiel MoloAlfredoRiel Molo5 månader sedan
  • Me watching on iphone 5s: _I n t e r e s t i n g_

    I am MeI am Me5 månader sedan
  • Hlo sir. Can u restore my honor 7x both screen and body in rose gold colour please reply me

    Sazid SaifiSazid Saifi5 månader sedan
  • I love iphone 5s...are you selling this .?

    Shafay RajputShafay Rajput6 månader sedan
  • Where did you bought this housing from ? With all screw and holder !

    Manav 18-7065Manav 18-70656 månader sedan
    • Holder I mean bracket and how much it will cost ?

      Manav 18-7065Manav 18-70656 månader sedan
  • where do you buy this parts ? On ebay ?

    _Unbekannt__Unbekannt_6 månader sedan
  • I have an old iPhone 5s that has its screen cracked and it's adhesive is becoming so weak so the digitizer is coming off, and part of the screen is irresponsive and I accidentally dropped off a bed and I did not mean to.

    rudra sarkarrudra sarkar6 månader sedan
  • when your home button doesnt work you need to buy new motherboard with home button it should work

    Robert NoobRobert Noob7 månader sedan
  • you can also use double sided tape to hold down the battery

    Wild ExplorationWild Exploration7 månader sedan
  • Many people still love the 5s

    Hamza BlackHamza Black7 månader sedan
  • ভাইফোনকিনেদেন

    md azraf bhuyianmd azraf bhuyian7 månader sedan
  • Over a 100 for a 5s you can get a used iPhone 7 for that.

    PlaydustPlaydust7 månader sedan
  • brother i need a iphone se 2nd low price send me please 🙏🇮🇳

    Gaming TG SparkGaming TG Spark7 månader sedan
  • I want to buy these products From india

    Fun FactsFun Facts7 månader sedan
  • Apple inc will file a case against you for fixing an iphone.

    Gayan SameraGayan Samera7 månader sedan
  • Brother how to unlock activation lock without I'd

    Standed PUBGStanded PUBG7 månader sedan
  • 5s was one of the BEST looking iPhones in my opinion.... nice choice.

    Jackie TreehornJackie Treehorn7 månader sedan
  • Can you add a bezel less display on iphone 5s or se?

    BestchannelBestchannel7 månader sedan
  • Sir please show how to remove unlock activation lock of apple iphone. Big fan of you sir☺️👍👍👍

    Ilaf SolkarIlaf Solkar7 månader sedan
    • Pay

      I will eat youI will eat you4 månader sedan
    • Ilaf Solkar just don’t steal iPhones, that’s it

      Salvo quello con l’ape biancaSalvo quello con l’ape bianca7 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh, are you able to get back to me please. I’m trying to fix an iPhone on a budget I would really appreciate the help looking for good parts. This phone is for my little brother as he messages us instead of talking to us because of his hearing. He can hear us and talk to us but I think he’s in pain when he tries. Thank you

    sabian khansabian khan7 månader sedan
  • 800 commet

    Loser Play3Loser Play37 månader sedan
  • do more of these video please

    BrianBrian7 månader sedan
  • One of my cousin sister gave me her iPhone 5s and it have been sitting is a box for 5 or so years and I'm fixing it up. I got a battery and a new screen. Is there any tips on how I can do the best job like you do?

    KillerKid 545KillerKid 5458 månader sedan
  • I would love to get Into this, whatbdo I do if I have a icloud locked phone, is there a point in even buying them, is it a lost cost before I waist money on these phones. There is so much crap out there

    Gino McGreevyGino McGreevy8 månader sedan
  • How can I get iphone 5s gasket

    Shubham PandharpoteShubham Pandharpote8 månader sedan
  • Hi Hugh I attempted a screen replacement on a iPhone 6s and it all went well thanks to your video . Well until I went to plug the screen in. The connector connecting the home button fell off the ribbon cable and now I have no home button THIS HAS HAPPENED TWICE. So I’ve spent more on screens than I have on the phone. Is there a way I can fix it or do I have to spend yet another £20 on a new display?

    keenobeastkeenobeast8 månader sedan
  • In your some of previous video, you said i m using iphone 5s battery adhesive which is easy to remove. And know look some one who is saying “traditional 5s battery adhesive is hard to remove”. ALAS

    Hassan DastgeerHassan Dastgeer8 månader sedan
  • howww can i have it pleasee

    meme du netmeme du net8 månader sedan
  • Could you send me a phone that you have restored cause my 6 is severely damaged 😢

    EditingTingzEditingTingz8 månader sedan
  • Link to get a frame with the same imei number please

  • not related question. can I put an iphone 11 battery in my xr? thx

    JimmyJimmy8 månader sedan
  • I’d like you to restore my very beat up iPhone 5s

    Mercy JMercy J8 månader sedan
  • Can you please try to restore a dead iPod touch 6th gen?

    Gaming YorkGaming York9 månader sedan
  • Hello, Hugh I have an iPod touch 6th gen, and it seems to be water demaged, can I do something to fix it by myself? Thanks, huge fan

    Gaming YorkGaming York9 månader sedan
  • How come you don’t retrofit a water/dust resistant seal to devices that didn’t originally have one?

    Jordan BrownJordan Brown9 månader sedan
  • I’m still using the iPhone 5s and currently it is in great condition, except when I press down on the top right hand side of the screen it pushes inward as if there is a gap. Any recommendations on how to fix this. Other than my ocd it’s causing no real problems.

    Benjamin JonesBenjamin Jones9 månader sedan
  • I'm watching this on my iPhone 5 🙄😅

    Jonny SinnsJonny Sinns9 månader sedan
  • Where is a safe place to buy these iphone housings online that have custom imei numbers printed on them

    Nick CrateNick Crate9 månader sedan
  • This is actually what I've been doing to make money during these times lol

    hihellhihihellhi9 månader sedan
  • So where do you get your housing unit?

    Justice KoesterJustice Koester9 månader sedan
  • from where do you get this devices

    Pranav yadavPranav yadav9 månader sedan
  • This comment was written by an iPhone 5s Touch ID is broken. The battery also terrible (used till 55%, the next day is 0%)

    Insane DemonInsane Demon9 månader sedan
  • Nice video Hugh, used it as a guideline to open up my 5S and check the internals after a battery replacement done by a local shop. However, in this specific video, you have missed a very important detail. The infamous screw size difference of the lcd plate... Ended up with a permament 'error 9' situation :( I dont blame u at all, the decision was mine alone but if I were u, I would add a text in the video to highlight the issue and help other people avoid similar problems in the future. Big fan of your other videos as well, keep up the good work.

    Nick HiotisNick Hiotis9 månader sedan
  • The 5S is such a timeless looking phone

    ヘラーHellerヘラーHeller9 månader sedan
  • Where do you get the housing with imei from?

    Bowser 2X10Bowser 2X109 månader sedan
  • Leave the gel case on, great idea.

    David WoodDavid Wood9 månader sedan
  • Good job, kid....good job

    SungodvSungodv9 månader sedan
  • Wow great job not an apple fan but this interesting

    andrewszombieandrewszombie9 månader sedan
  • Hugh are you able to fix a water damaged iPhone 6S?

    Scope-KodakScope-Kodak9 månader sedan
  • Apple hates this guy

  • Sir I'm Indian please repair my iPhone

    ROYAL KARANROYAL KARAN9 månader sedan
  • Bring back the old intro

    Peyton KeimerPeyton Keimer9 månader sedan
  • i need a phone cant afford a new one can you plz give that or any other to me whatever the condition is of the phone. i will be so thankful to you

    shoaib manzoorshoaib manzoor9 månader sedan
  • Brilliant, well worth fixing

    Peter RoyPeter Roy9 månader sedan
  • Hi. I bought an iphone SE with a broken screen and the owner had forgot the passcode ( he is looking after the code) so i dont know what to do with it. I want to repair it but i dont know how to bypass the code. Do you know how?? ( i put a 5S screen on it so i dont have working home button)

    gokartganggokartgang9 månader sedan
  • Hi Hugh I'm new to repairing Iphones does the iPhone 6 /plus/s /s plus or 5s have true tone?

    Danny AbrahamDanny Abraham9 månader sedan
  • This was my old phone

    mycemiemycemie9 månader sedan
  • may i buy it?

    Untitled_NightsUntitled_Nights9 månader sedan
  • what do u mean by housing?

    PraniketPraniket9 månader sedan
  • I have a Space Grey 32 GB iPhone SE. Needs a new housing, a new battery and a new display. It's my own device and will remove the device from my iCloud account. The housing is beaten up, the display is scratched and needs a new battery. How do i send it to you? Please repair my device. I am from India.

    Kushal RoyKushal Roy9 månader sedan
  • Does MacBook is required for repairing or refurbished?

    Musang Ei.Musang Ei.9 månader sedan
  • Of coruse you can

    CrepspinbossCrepspinboss9 månader sedan
  • I really really want this phone.

    stopbeingignorant1stopbeingignorant19 månader sedan
  • How about my I phone 6 , it doesn't have signal at my sim card. It says (Searching / No service) at the top of my phone . What should i do to fix my phone ?

    Dj Ian Digital Audio Lights & SoundDj Ian Digital Audio Lights & Sound9 månader sedan
  • How about my I phone 6 , it doesn't have signal at my sim card. It says (Searching / No service) at the top of my phone . What should i do to fix my phone ?

    Dj Ian Digital Audio Lights & SoundDj Ian Digital Audio Lights & Sound9 månader sedan
  • How about my I phone 6 , it doesn't have signal at my sim card. It says (Searching / No service) at the top of my phone . What should i do to fix my phone ?

    Dj Ian Digital Audio Lights & SoundDj Ian Digital Audio Lights & Sound9 månader sedan
  • Would you recommend I get into this buy cheap iPhones with broken lcds and that and fix them up and sell them off to make a profit?

    SpakerzSpakerz9 månader sedan
  • From where do you buy you replacement housing because my iPhone 5se fell, it slammed into a corner and the camera burst. And I want to replace the housing. Thank you

    Danail TatarovDanail Tatarov9 månader sedan
  • Hugh could you help me my iPhone 6s is in icloud lock because i reset it and forgot to logout the apple id

    Jessie BJessie B9 månader sedan
  • Where do you buy batteries(crazy battery)?? I really want to start my buisness

    iErikonaツiErikonaツ9 månader sedan
  • Hi I have a iphone 5s here in the Philippines if you want to buy this its only 15$

    France YuFrance Yu9 månader sedan
  • Love you and your work

    Umd ImtiazUmd Imtiaz9 månader sedan