iPhone 11 Pro Max Restoration - Apples trying to stop DIY repair, again.

26 sep 2020
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It seams Apple really doesn't want you to repair your own phone. With the iPhone 11 introducing more paired components than ever before, its time i tried to fix mine which has a badly cracked screen and faulty cameras.
If a manufacture is successfully able to completely lock down 3rd party repairs, what happens after they drop support for the product? Are we supposed to throw it away and buy a new one? I refuse to support that business model and will try anything to stop it from happening.
I will be sticking with my current fruit phone, from Blackberry :)
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  • "what are we supposed to do? just throw it out and buy a new one" - Exactly what Apple wants us to do.

    AnthonyAnthony3 månader sedan
    • Even though I don’t like how apple makes their phones hard to fix there is one story of their technical support I will alway remember. So here it is summarized So my dad back in 2013 was using the iPhone 5, randomly, for some reason his phone wouldn’t boot, he took his broken phone to the Apple Store and the tech looked at it, told him it was toast, pulled out a new phone, and gave it to my dad. Free of cost.

      Matching UserMatching User12 dagar sedan
    • @Erdadler Lol 😂 irrelevant.

      AnthonyAnthony24 dagar sedan
    • You mean what EVERY company developing smartphones wants us to. Samsung, Huawai, Motorola, etc. ...all devices glued as hell, no chance to switch batteries easily. A little advice: Think first, then try tipping an trolling next time! 😄🤷🏻‍♂️

      ErdadlerErdadler24 dagar sedan
    • Orrrr.. send it to Apple for repair and spend half the price of the phone

      Gerald Hong洪启仁Gerald Hong洪启仁25 dagar sedan
    • @J IKR?? Absolute imbeciles

      August WalkerAugust WalkerMånad sedan
  • This is the main reason I will never get a new iPhone ever again. It is absolutely ridicules. The sad part is I was heavily considering buying one used, but the fact that I basically need to have it serviced by Apple is an absolute deal breaker.

    Jack Land-McGowenJack Land-McGowenTimme sedan
  • I know your not gonna answer but can’t you use a serial number swapper to fix te Face ID issue

    T-DrakeoT-Drakeo4 timmar sedan
  • I wouldn't be surprised if u replaced 1 screw and the phone would be disabled.

    FryingRonaldFryingRonald16 timmar sedan
  • Is there a method to change the battery anyway even if it is paired?

    BigStallion0BigStallion0Dag sedan
  • Why buy apple crap. Just get a samsung and be done with it.

    Venture ElectronicsVenture ElectronicsDag sedan
  • And this is why I got Rid of my iPhone and switched to Samsung I repair my own phones cause I used to do it for a living ill only buy a phone that the Manufacturer supports self repair from what I can recall Samsung is very fair

    David PDavid P3 dagar sedan
  • Apple Is Just An Piece Of Garbage

    Luca Barros CardosoLuca Barros Cardoso4 dagar sedan
  • Next thing the cameras are going to be paired

    MannyTheSavageMannyTheSavage5 dagar sedan
    • You might be joking but.. with the iPhone 12 they are lol

      Fruit Machine ArchivesFruit Machine ArchivesDag sedan
  • There is now a Face id Programmer available

    Apple XavierApple Xavier7 dagar sedan
  • Why wouldn't anyone give this company money? It's madness they are allowed to do this, considering monopoly and anti-trust laws

    lopwidthlopwidth7 dagar sedan
  • To hell with 🍏 and their devices. Now, that's the reason ASU has put Ban on Huawei coz they are much advanced in every aspect of the technology ⚙ but way too inexpensive and easy to be repaired.

    MR KhanMR Khan8 dagar sedan
  • Watch the screws be paired to the phone, or your fingerprints.

    I_Had_3_Pugs GamesI_Had_3_Pugs Games8 dagar sedan
  • You should have typed Apple's and not Apples

    Hardik RaoHardik Rao9 dagar sedan
  • Hugh says that the iPhone 11 is defensive. Those were his famous last words ll

    Milk DudMilk Dud10 dagar sedan
  • Stop to buy apple

    Leo LimaLeo Lima10 dagar sedan
  • Boycott apple

    zyrch vlogzyrch vlog10 dagar sedan
  • Describe Apple in one word.. Selfish

    Shenal FTWShenal FTW11 dagar sedan
  • I subbed man you’ve helped a lot and now I’m super interested in fixing iPhones

    Felix ReidFelix Reid11 dagar sedan
  • that's why I don't buy apple crap they charge you the earth then a few years down the line they stop your updates so they force you to buy a new one, so much for the ozone, all I can say is they scam you just wished people would see through the curtain of deceit.

    keiron astburykeiron astbury12 dagar sedan
  • Why do you keep buying apple products? Thy do this because they know you will buy anyway...

    Tina HuntTina Hunt12 dagar sedan

    IanDannyBIanDannyB12 dagar sedan
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    Gill ChanGill Chan15 dagar sedan
  • And people still go crazy about new iphond, they are good phones but little too excpencivs and i dont get it whyyy. What makes them so excpensive.... Asking that money they should allowed people to repaire it :/

    Sellu KSellu K15 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist: *Apple will make and adding freature to their products that can self-destruct their products so nobody can repair it again, forever*

    CYBER MECH [ID]CYBER MECH [ID]17 dagar sedan
  • i really like the old intro with the white hugh Jeffreys cause looks fresh and bitchin

    dont judge medont judge me17 dagar sedan
  • Sir just to ask if its already replacement screen is it possible that the tap no turn on will not function anymore.??? I hope you reply.m thanks

    Adrian gabriel NadalAdrian gabriel Nadal20 dagar sedan
  • luckily i dont buy iphone..haha...shame..expensive item that cant be replace without the only company.

    first angelfirst angel21 dag sedan
  • Unfortunately I think once you factor in labor costs in Australia/USA/Western Europe is is not worth repairing many phones/tablets. If you are in Asia different story.

    sdnalyamsdnalyam21 dag sedan
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    Mandy PrestonMandy Preston21 dag sedan
  • Shame on you Apple. You do not have enough profits already?

    Izrael servant of Almighty GODIzrael servant of Almighty GOD22 dagar sedan
  • It's amazing how professional you are at your age... Anyway, what's shocking with Apple, is the fact that people keep buying that expensive e-waste junk.

    Luca BlightLuca Blight23 dagar sedan
  • apple: how DARE you fix the phone that YOU paid for???😡😡😡😡

    Thomas B GamingThomas B Gaming23 dagar sedan
  • consumer laws need to be changed, to stop companies from doing this, YOU have the RIGHT to repair your own property!

    S DewS Dew24 dagar sedan
  • Everyones jumping on the RIGHT TO REPAIR Train I can repiar Coxial cable why not this? I can repair the main board in all my TVS and appliances BUT NOT THIS WHY? Iphone cables i cant repair WHAT A JOKE.............. seworld.info/will/qqTDr7q2j2V6q6c/video

    TermitesRGood1TermitesRGood126 dagar sedan
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    Fsuuwhd GsuwjheFsuuwhd Gsuwjhe26 dagar sedan
  • we must have right to repair

    Nitish kr. SharmaNitish kr. Sharma26 dagar sedan
  • How much did you get it for

    The Master Of TechThe Master Of Tech27 dagar sedan
  • Its because you dont ever own the device. You rent / license it.

    Lee DLee D29 dagar sedan
  • I wonder how much of the cost for these things is from these anti-repairability features. It has got to cost a lot for them to do this both in the engineering as well as the manufacturing.

    Jackson GunnerJackson GunnerMånad sedan
  • Repair lockdowns can be bypassed using modification.

    Aaa 2Aaa 2Månad sedan
  • Apple be greedy

    Charles ChavezCharles ChavezMånad sedan
  • apple -the slave master of apple users. -smh

    Kris JonsonKris JonsonMånad sedan
  • Shame iPhone

    umar umairumar umairMånad sedan
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    simon wangsimon wangMånad sedan
  • Boycott Apple. I haven't bought ANY of their products since 2014 and I don't plan to in the future.

    Age of ReasonAge of ReasonMånad sedan
  • Pairing the home button is the only thing preventing thief’s from stealing your phone opening it up and changing the home button so they can unlock it

    Midas' Touch ReportsMidas' Touch ReportsMånad sedan
    • @Hugh Jeffreys also the thief doesn’t rlly have to shutdown the phone or restart it

      Midas' Touch ReportsMidas' Touch ReportsMånad sedan
    • @Hugh Jeffreys btw I’m a huge fan

      Midas' Touch ReportsMidas' Touch ReportsMånad sedan

      Midas' Touch ReportsMidas' Touch ReportsMånad sedan
    • Fingerprint unlock is disabled after a restart, you have to use the password first

      Hugh JeffreysHugh JeffreysMånad sedan
  • Me. Why do apple do these horrible things?? Apple inc. "THIS IT THE WAY"

    Chimera07Chimera07Månad sedan
  • Honestly, I think that Apple should let people do DIY repairs. I understand that they would want professionals to repair it for the best results, but some people cannot afford hundreds of pounds to repair a display for a phone through Apple (or anything else that may be damaged). They really should make it so that users can repair their own phones after a certain amount of time.

    XxTropicGamerxD IdkXxTropicGamerxD IdkMånad sedan
  • As of today, the home buttons somehow can be replaced, there are programmable aftermarket home buttons and a device to copy the Serial of the fingerprint reader. But they are quite expensive.

    Julius ZietlowJulius ZietlowMånad sedan
  • Can you by chance start doing this with Samsung phones? I get a feeling they do this stuff too.

    Phenom MenonPhenom MenonMånad sedan
  • Can you please do a battery replacement for the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

    HAYCHHAYCHMånad sedan
  • Whats next? The iphone 13 initiating a self brick/self destruct sequence?

    clayton0127clayton0127Månad sedan
  • The Apple sure looks like an annoying grandma, who don't want you to have junk food. If you want to have a burger she's the only one who can get it for you and ofcourse the recipe is a secret.

    N BauaN BauaMånad sedan
  • They do this so u buy another new iphone

    Kevin AbdelnourKevin AbdelnourMånad sedan
  • i think the iphone 13's slogan is "pair everything." there gunna pair the buttons and adhesive. and each atom.

    Cracked LCD ScreenCracked LCD ScreenMånad sedan
  • Imagine apple pairs the phone with the owner

    Roman CastroRoman CastroMånad sedan
    • Icloud lock

      Fruit Machine ArchivesFruit Machine ArchivesDag sedan
    • They already done it halfway through..if you're using face I'd you're.

      N BauaN BauaMånad sedan
  • Apple Inc should rethink about repairbility and DIY repair. I wish Apple rethinked on repairbility and DIY

    Luka AirGirlLuka AirGirlMånad sedan
  • Apple will make mistaik just like Black Berry time to switch to new phone like Motorola :)

    Petar'sFinalCutPetar'sFinalCutMånad sedan
  • Do you do giveaways?

    Eijiro KirishimaEijiro KirishimaMånad sedan
  • Hi, I have a question about Apple Pay. I have replaced the housing of an iPhone 11 and the Apple Pay is not working, I ripped the cable in the top right of the phone, by the camera, and have replaced it, but this has still not solved the problem. Do you have any ideas? Thanks

    Tom MccormackTom MccormackMånad sedan
  • Apple: where no longer including any wires with your new IPhone product as its producing too much e waste. Also Apple: hehe wanna repair your phone by yourself with our own parts? nope gotta spend money to send to a repair man or either throw it away!

    Howdy Howdy HowdyHowdy Howdy HowdyMånad sedan
  • Can you repair the Samsung Galaxy Buds? (No audio/power on one side. Its a common problem.)

    joseperez1551joseperez1551Månad sedan
  • Hugh: repairs iphone 11pro max successfully Apple be like: NO! Thats Impossible!

  • Biggest scam that everyone likes. Unavoidable evil😇

    Arjun RavindranArjun RavindranMånad sedan
  • Does anyone know if we could also transfer the serial number on the batteries?

    Luqman BaharinLuqman BaharinMånad sedan
  • I think this new culture is bad news..... What else can we do about this?

    freshginofreshginoMånad sedan
  • Didn’t realise you were in Australia Hugh. Subbed 👌👌

    Ash ClarkAsh ClarkMånad sedan
  • how we buy a 550$ pair of headphones

    Aaryan PatelAaryan PatelMånad sedan
  • it's a shame to even consider buying apples garbages products

    3oHe13oHe1Månad sedan
  • Exactly why I don't like apple at all, steve jobs u suck :P rest in peace though.

    Zeeshan HaiderZeeshan HaiderMånad sedan
  • It’s a matter of time before a work around is obtained

    Jason BrooksJason BrooksMånad sedan
  • That's why I don't like iphone

    Anthony RubioAnthony RubioMånad sedan
  • Good luck doing that on the IPhone the 12

    Mason WyattMason WyattMånad sedan
  • 0:55 - A little Mistake in the Video that you said "iOS 13.1.5" & that's not what the iPhone 11 Pro Max is running on, as it was running iOS 13.5.1 in the Video. So, basically your Mistake was that you swapped the last 2 Numbers around in your saying of the iOS Version it was currently running on.

    Video LoverVideo LoverMånad sedan
  • Why buy any iproducts when the company is squeezing your balls. I will never ever buy any apple product. They will not help restore your data incase of water damage. they blackmail you to buy apple cloud storage space and now with the iphone 12 they do not even give you a charger and they claim it is to reduce the weight and say there are over one billion mobile charges in the word. yet with the change in the charging cable, none of those chargers can be used and one is forced to buy a charger. I don't care if its the best mobile or laptop or pad or watch in the world. My balls are my balls and i don't like rice (he's gay) squeezing them for money. or free

    George RegoGeorge RegoMånad sedan
  • But no one make products like Apple does without their downsides. When they do we will buy them.

    Sriraam P - ArchitectSriraam P - ArchitectMånad sedan
  • It looks like Apple are making scamming legal I suppose at least by taking out the chargers you only have to throw the phone away

    heli-man-2007heli-man-2007Månad sedan
  • The 10 will probably be the last iPhones repairable As Apple the largest Ewaist culprit has just made the problem worse as all their new products are locked down not repairable by third party as you know if you take it to them the price will be so extortionate it won’t make sense having them fix it they will force you into getting a new item each time therefore more perfectly fixable phones and iPads in the bin

    heli-man-2007heli-man-2007Månad sedan
  • How much did the jcid cost? Neat device! Is that for iphones or will it work on android? Thanks

    J. LietkaJ. LietkaMånad sedan
  • Its kinda ironic that Apples reasoning for not putting a charger box in the new iPhone 12 is e waste but when it's less expensive to just throw away your old phone and get a new one than it is to fix it I'm sure the real problem isn't e waste.

    Veronica ThrockmortonVeronica ThrockmortonMånad sedan
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    darek klichdarek klichMånad sedan
  • Luckily the EU goverment just accepted the new law about electric device repairability, so the manufacturers will be forced to manufacture devices, that are easily repairable. Even the warranty laws are changing across the memeber countrys on the 1st January 2021.

    talos86talos86Månad sedan
    • I kinda wish that law applied to my country.

      JDM Virgins MediaJDM Virgins MediaMånad sedan
  • Apple: we care about the enviroment! Also Apple: let’s make the phones unfixable!

    VF28WWEVF28WWEMånad sedan
  • No wonder if iPhone 13 would come with no screen and sell it seperatly 😂😂

    VF28WWEVF28WWEMånad sedan
  • I think I’ll just use an iPhone 8 for the rest of my life

    Akotski1338Akotski1338Månad sedan
  • It’s funny you should say that the iPhone 7’s home button is irreplaceable because mine actually had a short circuit inside. It was eating up my battery life. Now I have it replaced but it barely works. At least my battery life is normal

    Akotski1338Akotski1338Månad sedan
  • don't worry guys! next iphone 13 will have no phone in the box to repair! just the box! and that is how you by another one!

    Monta HDMonta HDMånad sedan
  • This Apple suckers don't have repair option in india and they ask to pay 80% of the purchase value to replace the phone and no service option Apple India sucks to the core...............!

    Mohammed WasimMohammed WasimMånad sedan
  • "what are we supposed to do? just throw it out and buy a new one" - Exactly what Apple wants us to do.

    Christen WangChristen WangMånad sedan
  • They are trying to provide security around their devices so people don’t end up using/ having parts that may have backdoors or “Huawei situation”.

    Aseem DuggalAseem DuggalMånad sedan
  • If you ask me I love how Apple doesn’t compare and is in there own universe and how they keep all they’re parts within themselves

    Emad2003Emad2003Månad sedan
  • 🇦🇺

    ZinxarZinxarMånad sedan
  • the only way a phone ends up this way if you dont take care of it. DONT DROP YOUR PHONES TO STUPID KIDS also put screen shields n cases on em

    Don DraperDon DraperMånad sedan
  • Screw time soon

  • Awesome! This video is very helpful! You can visit my channel to see awesome stuff, too!

    Make Money NowMake Money NowMånad sedan
  • The solution is incredibly simple: Stop poruchasing their products. This would be the only way they would rethink their bussines model. If people kees bying, they will keep doing that and it will get even worse. Fianlly you phone is like a mortage, were the bank is the real owner. Who is the owner of an Iphone 11 .... the persona who have pruchased it or Apple ?. It is the consumer way ?. Or the manufacturer's way ?. They are big coporations and until they dont see their sales hurt, they wont stop.

    38911bytefree38911bytefreeMånad sedan
  • And this is why I will not be buying anything Apple

    Lucifer666Lucifer666Månad sedan
  • thanks for repairing me!

    Cracked LCD ScreenCracked LCD ScreenMånad sedan
  • Where can we get that device pairing tool? I'm about to replace the screen on my 8 plus and I would like it to still work fully

    PJ SparksPJ SparksMånad sedan