Building a Custom Transparent Nintendo Switch - "Retro Gameboy Style"

13 jun 2020
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Stock is boring, transparent is beautiful!
Tools I use:
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  • That’s awesome Hugh Jeffreys

    Jose MartinezJose Martinez8 dagar sedan
  • You need to change the color of the joy on via a app on a computer

    VOLTRONVOLTRON23 dagar sedan
  • 1:50 who else thought he was gonna say “there’s a piece of shi-“ 🤣🤣🤣

    Gabriel RomeroGabriel RomeroMånad sedan
  • I want those coloured buttons so bad! Not to mention the transparent casing! Nintendo has got to bring back that design from the GameBoy Advance era.

    Caden ChurchillCaden ChurchillMånad sedan
  • $70??? They're £20 now

    Ree PlayRee PlayMånad sedan
  • Would love to see a battery replacement video for the Switch someday!

    Mr. DMr. D2 månader sedan
  • i mean i get why nintendo stuck to the basic colors. but they already have different colored joycons, something like this would have sold like hotcakes to all the people like me who had or still have their seethrough N64 and Gameboys

    TurtleIsNotAngryTurtleIsNotAngry2 månader sedan
  • You left out the home button gasket.

    Efreim Jude PinedaEfreim Jude Pineda2 månader sedan
  • Jerry Rig Everything joined the chat.

    Đorđe B.Đorđe B.3 månader sedan
  • Hi Hugh, I would love to discuss business opportunities with you at an available time. Email me at and we can connect at a convenient time for you!

    Guy De LorenzoGuy De Lorenzo3 månader sedan
  • Do a repair video on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

    Autism Radio DX in GeorgiaAutism Radio DX in Georgia4 månader sedan
  • One of the most underrated SEworld channel. I don't know why this channel didn't get million subscribers. Your videos are very interesting mate. Keep it up

    Andrew De SilvaAndrew De Silva4 månader sedan
  • dankpods

    Ly NguenLy Nguen4 månader sedan
  • You know what? You can buy a Tear-Down skin it's even cheeper 😂

    B0TI J.B0TI J.4 månader sedan
  • Better option Go buy a Jerry Rig Everything DBrand skin

    Arnav SahuArnav Sahu4 månader sedan
  • You sound British.

    bPANASLAPdbPANASLAPd5 månader sedan
  • 👍

    E FE F5 månader sedan
  • Use skin from Dbrand since it easily scatches.

    N NN N5 månader sedan
  • Great job.

    The ABC Jug BandThe ABC Jug Band6 månader sedan
  • Did you know that NFC in the right Joy-Con is used for amiibo transferring?

    Hubert UrbańskiHubert Urbański6 månader sedan
  • 70 bucks for a scratched housing. that sucks

    DeathPup124DeathPup1246 månader sedan
  • This guy is always worrying about fingerprints. Why doesn’t he just wear gloves while he repairs????

    Bee ButlerBee Butler6 månader sedan
  • Thanks, I have to repair my controller and now I know how.

    Mirko ManciniMirko Mancini6 månader sedan
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    Otter_aiOtter_ai7 månader sedan
  • I could only imagine how cool a PS4 would look with a transparent housing for the unit.

    Elson CorreaElson Correa7 månader sedan
  • That holder is a joy-con grip,not a charger for them. And the "case "(how you've called it) it's a dock,for connecting the switch to the TV

    Octavian EpureOctavian Epure7 månader sedan
  • it looks SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it

    pennypenny7 månader sedan
  • Attempt a glass only repair

    Paras ChavanParas Chavan7 månader sedan
  • hey man! i was wondering if you could fix my iphone x for me, entire back glass is very badly damaged, my top call speaker is broken and doesnt work, cause i got some toothpaste in it, email me, thanks man! willing to pay how much is required

    verinqsverinqs7 månader sedan
  • What do u do with all the stuff you fix?

    ninj nateninj nate7 månader sedan
  • I have seen all of your videos and 2017 was my favourite year of your SEworld channel I Just want iPhone restorations and iPhone comparisons Please?

    Sammy SpanSammy Span7 månader sedan
  • One silly question, but will this void the warranty? Since there’s no water resistant rubbers inside switch

    PD hobbiesPD hobbies7 månader sedan
  • I didn’t find any videos that you fix AirPods I have one that is the problem my right AirPod keep disconnecting after one minute I tried everything and I can’t fix it

    DO7 XDDO7 XD7 månader sedan
  • Hi Hugh. Another great video! I want to ask why manufacturers choose to emplace battery or other parts with adhesive rather than clips or other mechanisms?

    Yağız Alp HoşYağız Alp Hoş7 månader sedan
  • Thanks for this video, I will try this when I get a screen protector ❤️

    Kill ErzzKill Erzz7 månader sedan
  • This is very the first video that I have seen showing the internals of the Joycon. That is a really complex piece of engineering!

    William HarrisWilliam Harris7 månader sedan
  • How did you learn to fix electronics?

    Douglas ParkerDouglas Parker7 månader sedan
  • Look he doesn't even get any views Jerry rig everything copyer

    Sam YEETSSam YEETS7 månader sedan
  • Hugh Jeffreys the perfect person that customizes and repairs technology

    Kimberly GuzmanKimberly Guzman7 månader sedan
  • who's gonna tell em this aint a gameboy style its a super famicom style

    GeekyTGeekyT7 månader sedan
  • Nintendo would like to know your location

    Koolio PersonKoolio Person7 månader sedan
  • Is it possible for you to fix an iPhone 7 I have. It’s stuck on the apple logo and I’ve tried everything

    Intensity.Intensity.7 månader sedan
  • I really want to see another unboxing of a huge tech lot from ebay; those are my favorite videos; or you could do an old ipod touch restoration such as the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd gen

    Sterling StaufferSterling Stauffer7 månader sedan
  • 😁 Great Job!!!

    Jesse EnriquezJesse Enriquez7 månader sedan
  • Yeah

    AndreiAndrei7 månader sedan
  • 😁

    AndreiAndrei7 månader sedan
  • Wow what a repair Hugh❤️

    Pro8ball 8ballPro8ball 8ball7 månader sedan
  • I don't want to damage the console so I'll stick with dbrand's teardown skins.

    WOJ3 PLWOJ3 PL7 månader sedan
  • Can you please link the adhesive tape that you use ? I need to repair my phone on my own.

    Lakshay TyagiLakshay Tyagi7 månader sedan
  • Hugh can you make a guide to fix joycon drift?

    Jonathan KingJonathan King7 månader sedan
  • The only complaint I have is the amount of ads you've placed into the video. Other than that, good job fun to watch as normal.

    Gage StewartGage Stewart7 månader sedan
    • Ok it appears it put two mid roll ads so i removed one. :)

      Hugh JeffreysHugh Jeffreys7 månader sedan
    • I just clicked auto placement, how many did you receive? I only want one mid roll ad for videos over 10min.

      Hugh JeffreysHugh Jeffreys7 månader sedan
  • I would like more of these clear builds, really get to appreciate the build from the inside

    iTech EverythingiTech Everything7 månader sedan
  • Hi Hugh if you don’t mind to do a video on your tech collection, is just form me incredible how much stuff you have and I really hope you do that because not only a love your videos you have helped me in some cases so thank you

  • Awesome video! I do have a question- do you ever get bored fixing things? Edit: I bet you wont pin me

    AceCraftAceCraft7 månader sedan
  • Nice video keep up the good work , just to add a question wouldn't the transparent Cases get yellow with time.? In my opinion I would of left it Matte Black or went with another Color .

    Alejandro MaldonadoAlejandro Maldonado7 månader sedan
  • I want to video with transparent Samsung s9 plus. Hello from Russia 🇷🇺😁👍

    One UIOne UI7 månader sedan
  • hi hugh jeffreys i have a macbook pro 2010 do you know to install mac os on it if you know replay form this comment thanks.

    dash Gamedash Game7 månader sedan
  • Me: I'm so glad that the shoulder buttons and triggers dont use the membrane thing, a cannot do tho- Hugh: **mentions springs** Me: *- screams -*

    Finnybin animatesFinnybin animates7 månader sedan
  • Jeffrey is someone if he finds an old toothbrush he is going to make a video about a toothbrush restoration

    ZtrexZtrex7 månader sedan
  • can you give another chance to the ipod 4G please?

    Gonzalo Rivas MtzGonzalo Rivas Mtz7 månader sedan
  • This thumbnail is damn.

    Mene ManMene Man7 månader sedan
  • What happened to the front casing?

    Allan C-BAllan C-B7 månader sedan
  • Which replacement adhesive tape you used?

    Akshay KothariAkshay Kothari7 månader sedan
  • You should try this with nentendo switch lite

    Everything GamingEverything Gaming7 månader sedan
  • sexy

    mcleanmclean7 månader sedan
  • Breaks my heart seeing this :( I bought a switch from a scam website and lost my money

    jay_wyns11jay_wyns117 månader sedan
  • Hi

    Patato TimePatato Time7 månader sedan
  • You can connect the Joy-Cons to a PC and use Joy Con Toolkit to change the colours

    Adam BAdam B7 månader sedan
  • Hey nice vid do you think you can fix a Samsung galaxy s7 please respond

    connor Rosenwaldconnor Rosenwald7 månader sedan
  • 10:05 I was waiting for 'And We are Done' 😄😂

    AmanAman7 månader sedan
  • Zack says hi

    Malik WajahatMalik Wajahat7 månader sedan
  • I did a pretty cool Pastel green/purple switch with mine. I love to work with switches

    BxelABxelA7 månader sedan
  • I like the Switch itself, but the multicolored buttons look kinda cheap, I can barely even see the letters on them.

    Its OucciIts Oucci7 månader sedan
  • adhesion is the author’s favorite word)

    bizonis4e11bizonis4e117 månader sedan
  • I used this housing and it broke 3 months in. The holes were too tight for the first party screws so white lines were visible all over the joycon. Worst of all was the stand that broke the same week. I recently replaced it with a translucent shell. Those are more durable from my experience

    The Nerd LogThe Nerd Log7 månader sedan
  • Its easier to connect the right trigger ribbon before screwing it to the housing

    GenericalityGenericality7 månader sedan
  • Can you convert the dock itself into a transparent one..huh?

    Riaz KhanRiaz Khan7 månader sedan
  • I really missed *and we're done* ,😢

    _Nomnom_888__Nomnom_888_7 månader sedan
  • Loving that retro gameboy style :D Reminds me a lot of my gameboy colour and looks great on the switch!

    Andi PalmerAndi Palmer7 månader sedan
    • Wesley Benjamin Thank you! :D

      Andi PalmerAndi Palmer7 månader sedan
    • @Andi Palmer Okay. I'm subscribing : )

      Wesley BenjaminWesley Benjamin7 månader sedan
    • Wesley Benjamin Haha you don’t have to but I plan to make more videos about mechanical keyboards soon if that’s something you’re interested in :D

      Andi PalmerAndi Palmer7 månader sedan
    • Ooh you have a check mark. Tell me one reason for me to subscribe to your channel and I'll do it.

      Wesley BenjaminWesley Benjamin7 månader sedan
  • Just asking, but Hugh will you and Nathan ( psivewri) every do a featuring or Collab in the future ? *If yes that would be marvellous*

    _Nomnom_888__Nomnom_888_7 månader sedan
    • Check his new video, its a partial collab 😉

      TIMETECHTIMETECH4 månader sedan
  • Zach Nelson (aka JerrRigEverything) has done this too... But yours is sexyyyyyy

    Harsha Vardhan NHarsha Vardhan N7 månader sedan
  • You are just awesome (btw.: Can you tell me what's wrong with your eyes)

    Jakob KasererJakob Kaserer7 månader sedan
  • Next video; I turned my house transparent and I love it

    R Ξ ΙR Ξ Ι7 månader sedan
  • Of course it was a straightforward rebuild. Not every company is Apple, who spends millions of dollars on engineering specifically designed to discourage people from repairing their property.

    edafadeedafade7 månader sedan
  • I personally think that the switch would look better with the back of the switch stock, whilst the joy-cons have that conversion kit installed.

    XplodingMoJoXplodingMoJo7 månader sedan
  • I bought an Animal Crossing back shell and housings for both joysons, replaced the original and sold the switch only for the price of 2 used switches in Bulgaria

    battyroshkobattyroshko7 månader sedan
  • Why does Nintendo or any kind of company make translucent consoles

    imightdoyoutubeimightdoyoutube7 månader sedan
  • I did this myself as well. Had massive issues with the right joycon. It could only connect wirelessly and not while attached. I think the ribbon cable was just.. too tight between 2 compartments. After installing a new rail and opening the thing up 20 times it just works like normal again. Really weird. Anyone has any idea on what was going on?

    SvenGamingNetworkSvenGamingNetwork7 månader sedan
  • Things are very expensive in Australia.

    heather woodheather wood7 månader sedan
  • The infrared sensor hasn't been much used a lot, just Brain Training uses it a little. Yes, Brain Training for Switch has been released on Jan 3rd

    Gabriele V.Gabriele V.7 månader sedan
  • for all of you guys saying its today for you, well yesterday was 12:36pm for me when he put the post up lmao so its technically tomorrow today :)

    AppleLife4123AppleLife41237 månader sedan
  • hey huge! the work is great! thanks for the awesome content, you inspired me and my channel is growing pretty good! my goal is to hit 1k asap and i dont really care when i do hit it as long as i have some active subscribers, if you are interested in my content please subscribe :) it will make my day! i have an iphone 5s space grey with a fried screen that i will restore soon! i restored an iphone4, 4s that i fully housing and screen swapped :) even might be restoring my ipad 2 soon! replacing the digitizer and restoring some broken parts inside, and replacing an iphone 5's camera and might even housing swap it!

    AppleLife4123AppleLife41237 månader sedan
  • Nowadays, I don’t like much Hugh’s videos, I liked all the other videos but not the latest ones, only Samsung and this video, why Hugh won’t do iPhone videos anymore?

    Salvo quello con l’ape biancaSalvo quello con l’ape bianca7 månader sedan
    • He once said that hes just taking a break from iPhones. They just got boring after a while, which I understand.

      Max ZMax Z7 månader sedan
  • 3:30 wtf kind of sorcery is this? where did this thing came flying from?

    Snoop DogeSnoop Doge7 månader sedan
  • Whatsup

    Subscribe To newboy13Subscribe To newboy137 månader sedan
  • I have Old Samsung Champ Device it's look like a dead it's my mom gifted to me can you restoration again pls

    New Place Visitors vistiorsNew Place Visitors vistiors7 månader sedan
    • Pls it's more than value for me

      New Place Visitors vistiorsNew Place Visitors vistiors7 månader sedan
  • The right joycon is just difficult to put back together, if you dont have the right tools.

    DragunDragun7 månader sedan
  • Also another trick is to unscrew the zl/zr button before removing the midframe, also plug the button and route it through the midframe and install the mid frame before you screw the zl/zr board into place

    Jake DJake D7 månader sedan
  • Note to anyone doing this. On the right joycon you need to be *very* carful. The r button can be *EXTREMELY* fragile. It will likely break off. If you are lucky the pads will be fine and you only need to solder a very tiny new switch which requires a lot of skill. If you aren't lucky the pads will rip and you will need to do extremely difficult bodges. I learned this the hard way trying to swap a shell. It will be more likely to break and may already be broken if it was ever dropped. This can also happen on the left joycon but the l button is on a ribbon cable

    Jake DJake D7 månader sedan
  • I am facing a wierd problem in my iPhone 6 it keeps pushing SEworld and other videos 10-20 seconds forward and it also scrolls itself up and down itself in all the app as well as it doesn’t respond to touch on keyboard and on screen it also sends unfinished messages while I am writting it can you help me with the problem

    Dev WattamwarDev Wattamwar7 månader sedan
    • That is the problem my phone does not have a broken display or any sine of damage

      Dev WattamwarDev Wattamwar7 månader sedan
    • Broken touchscreen. It's called ghost touch. There are some solutions, but those are only temporary. Look it up if you want to try it, but in the long run you'll likely need a new screen.

      Max ZMax Z7 månader sedan