Two Destroyed iPhone XS for $8.50 - Can They Be Saved?

9 jan 2021
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$1000 for each phone? NA NA NA, $8.50 for two thanks.
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  • So that means I can get an upgraded capacity iPhone X battery and fit it into my XS?

    Tri NguyenTri Nguyen13 minuter sedan
  • A question: I have a 78-key "Apple Keyboard Dock A1359" (very cheap and plentiful on eBay) with a 30-pin pre-Lightning plug and it works fine on an old iPad A1416 with iOS 9.3.5. But if I connect it to even my oldest Lightning device (a iPod A1421 with the same iOS 9.3.5) with a 30pin/Lightning adaptor it charges the battery but the keyboard does nothing. I'm sure it worked with this configuration when I first bought it a few years ago. Is this an incompatibility of Lightning interfaces in general or do I need to get a better adaptor?

    SilverFishingSilverFishing3 dagar sedan
  • where do you buy the displays?

    sungani kasambarasungani kasambara3 dagar sedan
  • He really made a phone call, sincerely commend

    Phone SystemPhone System3 dagar sedan
  • When he's unsuccessful do I dislike?

    lasthumankindlasthumankind4 dagar sedan
  • Please start giving prices in total 🙏

    Ben McleanBen Mclean4 dagar sedan
  • I swear if hugh jeffreys was a surgeon, he could do miracles LMAO. he could literally replace every organ in my body with perfect precision and have the patient fully recover xD

    C98C985 dagar sedan
  • Sent these boards to china. They can repair anything. lol

    SinghSingh5 dagar sedan
  • How can i buy this types of broken phones? Please let me know😔

    SS creationsSS creations5 dagar sedan
  • I think "esc baig " youtube channel best for teardown..

    Mohhal TechMohhal Tech5 dagar sedan
  • if the touch is not work thats is the touch ic problem that need a new swader ball and it will work

    mahmood ziamahmood zia5 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist: it was a secret plainrock124’s bored smashing iPhone

    Happy GamerHappy Gamer6 dagar sedan
  • Also, l am watching on my iPad 2 16GB

    Ahmed AbdulhabebAhmed Abdulhabeb6 dagar sedan
  • I have a iPod touch 5th generation water damaged. Maybe have iCloud on it

    Ahmed AbdulhabebAhmed Abdulhabeb6 dagar sedan
  • I watched some of your older videos. I've noticed the amount of improvement of your production value and your skill as a technician. You're pretty good at what you do Hugh and I appreciate your sentiments for lessening e-waste by repairing damaged phones. Keep it up!

    smol.asian.potatosmol.asian.potato7 dagar sedan
  • Hi Hugh, love your work. I have been wathcing you for quite a long time and I have decided to start repair my devices. I want to buy some tools from iFixit and I want to use you code for the discount but I cant is that because I live in Romania? Is it your code only applies in Australia? Keep up the good work👍🏽!

    Ionut TrandafiropolIonut Trandafiropol7 dagar sedan
  • Restore more iMacs please!! We need it to yo restore an iMac

    Erick RodriguezErick Rodriguez7 dagar sedan

      LuiisLuiis3 dagar sedan
  • Lol just watched a video from 7 years ago and was actually helpful

    Thomas R.CThomas R.C7 dagar sedan
  • Now he is just making videos for videos sake .. nothing novel or intersting to see here ... the unique factor is fading away ...

    ꧁The Master꧂꧁The Master꧂8 dagar sedan
  • I found an iPhone xs max that's icloud locked. What can I sell it for? I assume it can be used for parts? Or are they locked down like the ip12?

    kenmastersmasterkenmastersmaster8 dagar sedan
  • i replaced the battery in an iphone x and accidentaly cut the face id cable in half ;(

    Jeff JeffJeff Jeff8 dagar sedan
  • These phones are sell by Jerry rig everything on ebay

  • Somedays are diamonds...some days are stones....lets hope you enjoy a lifetime of curiosity Hugh.

    YUD0NSAY 111YUD0NSAY 1118 dagar sedan
  • I’ll give you $10 for them

    Joel LopezJoel Lopez8 dagar sedan
    • @Joel Lopez You are gay that wants get cheap phones.

      DavidDavid8 dagar sedan
    • @David thanks bro, no homo

      Joel LopezJoel Lopez8 dagar sedan
    • @Joel Lopez Clearly you are gay guy that wants apple products for cheap.

      DavidDavid8 dagar sedan
    • And I’ll pay shipping to US

      Joel LopezJoel Lopez8 dagar sedan
  • Louis rossman

    Sourav 69Sourav 698 dagar sedan
  • Where do you purchase your projects?

    Torero TigreenTorero Tigreen8 dagar sedan
  • Hey Hugh can you put parts from this xs to a 12 pro housing? It would be interesting

    Syed ZidaneSyed Zidane8 dagar sedan
  • I agree. If Lucy Heart Filia did not destroy her phone in Fairy Tail world. Welp she can spend her time vlogging in Japanese and Korean along with English

    Luka AirGirlLuka AirGirl8 dagar sedan
  • What the hell happened here

    Super NovaSuper Nova9 dagar sedan
  • Can i take it ?!

    Mohmed MoustfaMohmed Moustfa9 dagar sedan
    • Get lost foreigner and get a job.

      DavidDavid8 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for mason3_tech on IG, i won't ever stop praising mason3

    Johnson TimJohnson Tim9 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for mason3_tech on IG, i won't ever stop praising mason3

    Johnson TimJohnson Tim9 dagar sedan
  • Send them to Louis Rossman

    expert20valvehlxexpert20valvehlx9 dagar sedan
  • I have iPhone 4 locked with pin code (no icloud). How I can remove lockscreen lock?

    Rafal GajekRafal Gajek9 dagar sedan
  • You should team up with Tech Rax and fix the phones he breaks

    The Savage 19The Savage 199 dagar sedan
  • Put the boards in the oven

    Pedro ZambonePedro Zambone9 dagar sedan
  • Another ifixit uneconomical repair along with apple lockdown , great skills but not viable for 99% of people

    GG9 dagar sedan
  • Can you fix a samsung galaxy note 2

    raidraid9 dagar sedan
  • What is your daily driver?

    Syam PrasadSyam Prasad9 dagar sedan
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G

      DavidDavid8 dagar sedan
  • Hugh should build a Frankenstein of a phone using salvaged parts from many of his unrepairable phones :)

    Max FuMax Fu9 dagar sedan
  • AMAZING !!! Great video very thanks friend. Super like +1 from japan

    工房コボ工房コボ10 dagar sedan
  • Howwwwww can these phones be this destroyed

    xtximxon xtximxonxtximxon xtximxon10 dagar sedan
  • love this channel even more

    Alci JrAlci Jr10 dagar sedan
  • Hugh: ...what happened to this? Well, that remains a mystery. Community: Jerry did this 😆

    Mithu MirzaMithu Mirza10 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Chase JohnsonChase Johnson10 dagar sedan
  • i wonder how this phones even get damaged like this

    GamingBigFilippGamingBigFilipp10 dagar sedan
  • I notice this type of bending. It could very much be put into the watching Machine.

    Mario MikschovskyMario Mikschovsky10 dagar sedan
  • Can I pay you to replace parts in my phone?

    Caden CaffeyCaden Caffey10 dagar sedan
  • Hi Hugh, I watched your old video about not upgrading your iPhone if it is on an old software version because it will be slowed down. I have a 2017 MacBook Air running the Mac OS it came with (High Sierra) should I upgrade to Big Sur or Catalina or should I keep it on High Sierra?

    Ryan SerranoRyan Serrano10 dagar sedan
  • can yoou really call tis iphone xs

    Rudy MagoRudy Mago10 dagar sedan
  • What do you do with all of the fixed phones

    Pokémongo AddictPokémongo Addict10 dagar sedan
  • Oof

    rizwan usmanirizwan usmani10 dagar sedan
  • board issues are sad, its like its got brain damage

    kneditknedit10 dagar sedan
  • The motherboards can still be sold for at least 150$. The touchscreen issue is solvable and rebending the two mainboard layers can be done

    Amro HendawiAmro Hendawi10 dagar sedan
  • The first xs is like dankpods shrekpod

    Tech_RTech_R10 dagar sedan
  • Search North Ridge Fix here on SEworld, He can Fix that phones.

    Yvan Official YoutubeYvan Official Youtube10 dagar sedan
  • When I saw Hugh my mind thought of jass so it’d be Hugh jass

    Juuunior05Juuunior0510 dagar sedan
  • Send the boards to NorthridgeFix.

    Sagar PaulSagar Paul10 dagar sedan
  • Jeff, Pls reply. I have an unpleasant situation with data on my Iphone. In short, my little son typed wrong password for my device. As a result, this caused my device to lock. Soon after I contacted Apple office and was advised to update the firmware of this device, after which my phone requested the password, I entered it, it accepted. Phone started to recover, but close to the end of that process it reported a data recovery failure and again requested a password for the next attempt, and so all these attempts passed, and then the device was locked again! This device wasn't backed up in icloud, so I bought a new phone so that I recover data with iTunes and not to lose data. iTunes gave me an error that the backup was corrupted and data recovery was impossible. That phone has all my son's photos and videos, from his birth to the present time! Can I somehow recover data!? Please help me or advice what to do.

    Илья ФедоровИлья Федоров11 dagar sedan
  • Bet the touch would work if apple did the repair,just another way to stop people repairing their own stuff no doubt.

    Tess TickleTess Tickle11 dagar sedan
  • they can it’s a chip on the mother board I saw a guy with the same problem and he changed it and it worked hope this helps

    Oli PaulOli Paul11 dagar sedan
  • Well, then.

    Luigi OlivaLuigi Oliva11 dagar sedan
  • At own risk

    t ht h11 dagar sedan
  • Honestly I don’t know where the touch ic is at, most likely underneath of the board. So my best bet is to heat the whole thing just the main board. I think a oven is the way to go. Maybe go outside with gloves on the pavement and try to heat one side up evenly as possible like 20 to 30 seconds at the heat gun at 320 to maybe 400 degrees Fahrenheit. So do one side for 30 seconds then the other, and try to test it after it cools down to room temperature. Do it OUTSIDE if you do this and on the concrete or something that is not around dry grass. Or around flammable items. I don’t want to be one that is on the news for suggesting this. DO AT OWN RISK.

    t ht h11 dagar sedan
  • Great Work Apple! They made a One Time Use Phones in Future

    Abid AshharAbid Ashhar11 dagar sedan
  • Hugh - Your videos are extremely well done and greatly appreciated. Is it possible to transplant a motherboard from one iPhone 8 to another iPhone 8? Would it show the stored contacts, calendar, etc? Also, I have an iPhone 8 that is only showing a logo screen when the charger is plugged in even though I just installed a new battery. What does that mean? Many thanks!

    gscottfullergscottfuller11 dagar sedan
  • Where do you get your phones,

    Sir VincentSir Vincent11 dagar sedan
  • just wondering Hugh, have there been any phones you couldn't fix besides these ones?

    vankyrevankyre11 dagar sedan
  • maybe heating the board will reconnect the undone connection between the boards?

    Mohamad WaliyuddinMohamad Waliyuddin11 dagar sedan
  • can it happen with iphone xr bcs i have one

    Haza the gamerHaza the gamer11 dagar sedan
  • jerryrigeverything may have had these phones for way too long

    Navtej SinghNavtej Singh11 dagar sedan
  • how do you find these phones?

    Ryan FriesenRyan Friesen11 dagar sedan
  • *it is not mystery what happened to them - I've worked for smartphone insurance company - people just break back glass or something else (nothing major) they go to Apple shop ask for repair price and they find out it is CRAZY HIGH so...... they claim insurance - and because it does NOT matter in what condition you provide it to insurance company - you get an ideas - and TRUST ME - people have very interesting ideas how to do this - like............ BLEND smartphone in blender - you ask why?! Because you blend ie. $5 android smartphone and you claim it was....... iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB......... long story*

    BartBart11 dagar sedan
  • The touch screens aren’t working because the phone rejects it because it isn’t the one it came with

    Super CalSuper Cal11 dagar sedan
  • By the way, I have 3 laptops and only 2 of them don't turn on while 1 of them turns on but has a WiFi issue and instead of just throwing these laptops away or taking them to the E-Waste Bin or even the recycling center, I plan on making them work and doing something useful and creative with them since I just want to keep them around for a long time and I just hate getting rid of these old laptops because these old laptops have so much sentimental value's to me

    Omar ZowilaOmar Zowila11 dagar sedan
  • the phone which was "ran over" is the same look as my iphone 4s when i lost my jailbreak due to a broken tweak. that's why i have an android and an iphone 8 plus.

    leonstmleonstm11 dagar sedan
  • My iPhone 6 got run over by a bus, I took it apart and it works fine, it's just the screen and housing that need replacing. Apple might be a bad company in terms of customer service and repair, but their products are durable.

    WarriorGeckoWarriorGecko11 dagar sedan
  • I wouldn’t say 2 iPhone XS I would say I got 3/4 of 2 iPhones XS

    Anthony MercantiAnthony Mercanti11 dagar sedan
  • I cant find any broken phone that ships to my country :(

    Erik PetanErik Petan11 dagar sedan

    Rodlof AlvinRodlof Alvin11 dagar sedan

    ObiektywObiektyw11 dagar sedan
  • Does remind me of the broom that's had 10 new handles and 50 new heads...

    james0807james080711 dagar sedan
  • You should try out baking the boards to reseat the chips solder

    modcolockomodcolocko11 dagar sedan
  • Hi, Hugh, I've wondered is there a someway that I can contact you for one phone?

    ItzTinoItzTino11 dagar sedan
  • No

    Omar AdawyOmar Adawy11 dagar sedan
  • federico will fix these boards

    Jerry MirJerry Mir11 dagar sedan
  • Damn how does someone Break a phone that Bad

    DråkéDråké11 dagar sedan
  • here is what you should do with tis phone

    Ron levinRon levin11 dagar sedan
  • Fix it hugh Try board repair please

    Yves RamosYves Ramos11 dagar sedan
  • Hugh try to fix it You can do it im sure you can i want to see it get fixed by you

    Yves RamosYves Ramos11 dagar sedan
  • Probably techrax owned this😂😂

    Yves RamosYves Ramos11 dagar sedan
  • where to buy broken phone like this?

    ADSpntrADSpntr11 dagar sedan
  • try to read software from old display and read it on new

    Luka RadomirovicLuka Radomirovic11 dagar sedan
  • If Hugh can't fix it which means no one can do it.

    Tasin Al FarabiTasin Al Farabi11 dagar sedan
  • Damn you know how to sew this iPhones very well congratulations

  • Im glad these devices cant be saved, eventually making repair channel dead.

    Akhyar RayhkaAkhyar Rayhka11 dagar sedan
  • I think NorthRidgeFix could save these. The 256GB was worth to repair tho.

    OK OKOK OK11 dagar sedan
  • Hello Hugh It is literally impossible for mortal humans to remove iCloud lock, but there are literally people in asia which have custom hardware they wont sell with which they are able to do it You can't trust videos which claim to do it but when you see it demonstrated in reality it's like magic If you ever get hands on something like this, I would be more than interested to see how it works

    Fabian T.Fabian T.11 dagar sedan
  • Hey Hugh I Had an Iphone 6 With Dead Touch I Thought It Was a Bad Display All it need is a Touch Ic. I Got It Fixed For 25$..

  • 来华强北,js教你修手机

    Yi YangYi Yang11 dagar sedan