Building a Stunning Gold Plated iPhone 7

26 nov 2019
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Its time to take this iPhone 7 to the next level!
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  • You could have gotten a gold plated display as in the sides, instead of black.

  • The thick tongue literally imagine because lake alternatively answer beyond a helpful ladybug. amusing, relieved brazil

    George CarlinGeorge Carlin7 dagar sedan
  • You should have put a special wallpaper for the iphone

    The Master Of TechThe Master Of Tech19 dagar sedan
  • Dank

    CapenovakCapenovak27 dagar sedan
  • Bond: "You expect me to talk?" Goldfinger: "No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!"

    Gplus sucks bigGplus sucks big29 dagar sedan
  • Where was this back in 2016?

    Switch BoySwitch BoyMånad sedan
  • That plating will rub off in about 2 weeks. So damn cheap.

    William MuffWilliam MuffMånad sedan
  • They could have made it cheaper if they didn’t gold plate the inside

    imightdoyoutubeimightdoyoutubeMånad sedan
  • Who else watching it step by step carefully but then realize you re not gonna do it😂

    Adam DanielAdam DanielMånad sedan
  • Hugh: if you like the blue and black tools I use Me: I’m colourblind idk what colour they are

    Jack ThatcherJack ThatcherMånad sedan
  • 1:48 this guy is literally Apple content! Apple should hire him lol

    aleksander Okonekaleksander OkonekMånad sedan
  • I’m curious as to how much money you could make by scrapping an iPhone 7 or 8 and selling it part by part on eBay. Walmart is selling iPhone 7 on Walmart family mobile/T-Mobile service for $199. Pretty sure I’ve seen on eBay a paired home button and logic board for like $260

    The177HunterThe177HunterMånad sedan
  • Wow the best channel in the world :D

    Christen WangChristen WangMånad sedan
  • With the year closing out, it seems like Roddy Ricch, Lil Baby and DaBaby dominated the charts. Who had the biggest song of the year in your opinion? Check out all of the number 1 songs from 2020 so far:

    Shira CremeansShira CremeansMånad sedan
  • Who needs Escobar phones when you have Hugh Jeffreys

    1994 Honda Civic GLi1994 Honda Civic GLiMånad sedan
  • i want this but i this is too complex

    BryanX21-_-BryanX21-_-Månad sedan
  • I wish one of those

    Ether JulesEther JulesMånad sedan
  • What do you do with all the iPhone you fixed are u selling it or your keeping it

    Rajavarman SRajavarman S2 månader sedan
  • Escobar triggered rn

    XxRose. GachaXxRose. Gacha2 månader sedan
  • where did you buy the housing from ?

    Ber fusBer fus2 månader sedan
  • Plot twist: Hugh Jeffreys worked at Apple Edit: i deleted the year and the word

    yeet eatyeet eat2 månader sedan
  • 1:48 this guy is literally Apple content! Apple should hire him lol

    DavidDavid2 månader sedan
  • Just for fun: if this was solid 9ct gold with a thickness of 0.7mm, then you would be looking at around £2500 just for the material.

    Bjoern AltmannBjoern Altmann2 månader sedan
  • Where can I buy custom housings like the gold one?

    Hank SchraderHank Schrader2 månader sedan
  • I know this is a bit older, but do you have a suggestion for a reliable vendor for custom housings like this? I've been wanting to get one but only see some with ugly logos on ebay and am sketched out buying one from China at their price

    somerandosomerando2 månader sedan
  • Pov your a kid in China

    Just Dead guyJust Dead guy2 månader sedan
  • You know more of apple products then their engineers

    GagiGagi2 månader sedan
  • Hugh janus

    G0DG0D2 månader sedan
  • What’s the difference between gold plated and brushed gold

    T KT K2 månader sedan
  • Damn this sexy a.f

    Josh PersaudJosh Persaud2 månader sedan
  • It looks even better than my Jet Black i7😂

    S VAS VA2 månader sedan
  • Imagine apple started pairing the phone and the actual shell

    JawadJawad2 månader sedan
  • watching this on the iPhone 3GS

    Jenna JacobsonJenna Jacobson2 månader sedan
  • Make iphone 12 also

    ANTHEMANTHEM2 månader sedan
  • Imagine doing all that then just putting on a case

    Biz GriffBiz Griff2 månader sedan
  • Jeez man how do you organize everything you take out of the phone, and how do you know the order of everything so well??? I’d get lost within a second

    darek klichdarek klich2 månader sedan
  • Nomames esta bien perro ese cel

    Luis Zaid LMLuis Zaid LM2 månader sedan
  • Imagine if the housing was solid gold

    Fayth AngFayth Ang3 månader sedan
  • Even better than the original gold color of iPhone 7. Apple should take a clue from your video. Awesome 👏 😎

    Angel PraramadhaniAngel Praramadhani3 månader sedan
  • make sure you put a clear case on that before it gets smudged, dented, scratched or Cracked. just a suggestion

    TheFant YTTheFant YT3 månader sedan
  • I miss my home button 😭

    Baby YodaBaby Yoda3 månader sedan
  • This is actually the iPhone 7 gold!!!

    R SR S3 månader sedan
  • Where did you buy it?

    RecklessReckless3 månader sedan
  • Where can I buy it?

    Md. Dobir HossainMd. Dobir Hossain3 månader sedan
  • Iphone gold lol

    Fayth AngFayth Ang3 månader sedan
  • Samsung Z fold 2, LG wing and Huawei Mate X would be EXTREMELY salty lol

    Fayth AngFayth Ang3 månader sedan
  • Where can i get the housing?

    Riza RamadhanRiza Ramadhan3 månader sedan
  • How to order this housing??

    Uresh RuchikaUresh Ruchika3 månader sedan
  • where did you get the gold housing from ?

    Ber fusBer fus4 månader sedan
  • I subscribed, love your content! Keep up the great work!

    TheColumbusofNintendoTheColumbusofNintendo4 månader sedan
  • Having a gold plated iPhone 7 is the ultimate flex

    Foxy The PirateFoxy The Pirate5 månader sedan
  • Reminds me of the gold iPhone 4

    Jake PJake P5 månader sedan
  • I want

    Trần Đình DuyTrần Đình Duy5 månader sedan
  • Where i can buy this Gold housing on iPhone 7???

    Adamove šitné videáAdamove šitné videá5 månader sedan
  • When you swapping the housing and with a non original. Did the signal performance degrade?

    Ani KrisafiAni Krisafi5 månader sedan
  • I read this as "Building a Samsung Gold Plated iPhone 7" Don't @ me

    Corn 567Corn 5676 månader sedan
  • Waw

    Red isSusRed isSus6 månader sedan
  • Can you put please the link for the housing I’m looking for that from a while but can’t find the correct one

    Stefan MirchevStefan Mirchev6 månader sedan
  • i think these gold housings make it look cheap and i wouldnt want one

    DJJumpdancerDJJumpdancer6 månader sedan
  • I got a scuffed up iphone 7 with no camera lens. And broken touch screen. But for doing allmthose,steps by i,cant do all thos but just amscreem i can do

    jbl flex ytツjbl flex ytツ6 månader sedan
  • I need mine much?

    Major KeyMajor Key6 månader sedan
  • Jeffrey Fix Everything 💯

    Jafer ChalilJafer Chalil6 månader sedan
  • You could just got a gold iPhone 7 and put it in the gold housing and it will have a stock gold ring around the home button.

    Ahmed AkramAhmed Akram6 månader sedan
  • I’m literally watching this from my iPhone 7 gold color😂

    Shreyas PotdarShreyas Potdar6 månader sedan
    • Bhsdk,😂😅😅

      bad boibad boi6 månader sedan
  • have you ever fry a phone cuzz u forgot that u put the baterry then conect the screen???

    XxcludyerickskiesxXXxcludyerickskiesxX6 månader sedan
  • You just made "True" Escobar Phone (not the scam one)

    Ernest JayErnest Jay6 månader sedan
  • And we are done!!

    Såmø awēsømëSåmø awēsømë6 månader sedan
  • That’s beautiful

    Jesse KauffmanJesse Kauffman7 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh Jeffreys can u gift me a phone i am badly in a need of phone if you do that you are a god thank you and love from your fan......!!!!

    Chetanya SharmaChetanya Sharma7 månader sedan
  • I currently own an iPhone XS Max 512GB in white, and I've always wanted a chrome blue model. Do you reckon it would be hard to do?

    Mr XR6Mr XR67 månader sedan
  • Queren que yo romper mi teléfono no puedo yo boy a subastar un dia que no tenga dinero para poder subastar un teléfono de mucho dinero amigo yo boy a guardar porque este teléfono mi esposa me lo regalo porque mi teléfono se cayo en el toyler ok

    Tomas BarandaTomas Baranda7 månader sedan
  • God, can you imagine a solid gold phone case? I'd hate it on account of it's weight alone! Gold isn't light by any means.

    KroneYTKroneYT7 månader sedan
  • I trying to search Damaged MacBook on ebay , cant find one

    Yazawa Nico25252Yazawa Nico252527 månader sedan
  • Amazing ... I hope someday i can do it my self alone ..

    Oliver CarOliver Car7 månader sedan
  • you are so amazing how did you get to know allthis stuff

    Samuel MugoSamuel Mugo7 månader sedan
  • If you read this your channel is the best tech channel and I subbed keep up the good work

    MelmanwinnerMelmanwinner8 månader sedan
  • Beautiful, but pricey, and it certainly is a 'pie in the window'. You don't want to get loaded and leave that sit on the bar for any length of time.

    FryingPanHeadFryingPanHead8 månader sedan
  • After watching your many vedios, I wonder why your subscribers are this low?

    Ravi VermaRavi Verma8 månader sedan
  • You're the best good jop...

    Hussam adigaHussam adiga8 månader sedan
  • Wow I would love to own one. 🔥

  • This is awesome 😎

    Tylor GangTylor Gang8 månader sedan
  • Jeffreys I'm whiching your all vedio I like your vedio

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  • How to Order that housing please tell me

    Noor BhagojikoppaNoor Bhagojikoppa8 månader sedan
  • where i can buy this cover? i am in montreal canada :(

    angel garciaangel garcia8 månader sedan
  • 10:05 the two things i am afraid to screw of😂and than i see this guy

    leandro kwasieleandro kwasie9 månader sedan
  • you have no ideahow much i want this

    NebbulaNebbula9 månader sedan
  • Jeez man how do you organize everything you take out of the phone, and how do you know the order of everything so well??? I’d get lost within a second

    James BielerJames Bieler9 månader sedan
  • * _laughs in case_ *

    Khang VõKhang Võ9 månader sedan
  • do you know were to buy reliable lithium battery for iphone 7 with the pandemic happening right now?

    SpeedForceXSpeedForceX9 månader sedan
  • Can we do this with iPhone 8

    میاں محمد حسنین سہیل شیخمیاں محمد حسنین سہیل شیخ9 månader sedan
  • I love this video, the gold plated housing is impressive.

    computadora 10computadora 109 månader sedan
  • this is like the best thing that could happen to an iPhone 7.

    HarrisonHarrison9 månader sedan
    • How much apple would charge for this: At 43 sec,

      HarrisonHarrison9 månader sedan
  • You tollking to much in videos

    Mustafa Al AliMustafa Al Ali9 månader sedan
  • I think the front should be gold too, from the front it looks messy

    Adam HaniAdam Hani9 månader sedan
  • One of a kind .? A lot of custom stores like Neucase and many more do this for years......

    Yakir ZagronYakir Zagron9 månader sedan
  • How much gold do you think is in the shell? I read somewhere that gold plating is less than a millionth of an inch thick

    Wi-Fi TVWi-Fi TV9 månader sedan
  • Or can you made this for me

    Rahul JainRahul Jain9 månader sedan
  • Can i buy this i am in india

    Rahul JainRahul Jain9 månader sedan
  • that was coooooooool :)'

  • Nobody got time for all that lol

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