Building a Custom Transparent LED Xbox 360 Slim

11 apr 2020
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  • Awesome

    amar Jeet123amar Jeet1233 dagar sedan
  • Friend - Xbox 360 had so good graphics. I wonder what it has inside. Hugh - Plastic clips. It has plastic clips

    200 Subs With No Video Challenge200 Subs With No Video Challenge10 dagar sedan
  • rgh it

    ACgamesACgames17 dagar sedan
  • Who else have an old xbox 360 sitting in basement?

    M. Yiğit DumanM. Yiğit DumanMånad sedan
  • Sell me one ??

    Sosa BodiezSosa BodiezMånad sedan
  • Hi bud l have a xbox 360 with the hardwire on top can you get a case for this one?

    Bunny LoveBunny LoveMånad sedan
  • AHHHHH he was prying in the wrong direction to remove the clips from the side panel, that hurts to watch

    simple gamersimple gamerMånad sedan
  • i actually got a gloss xbox 360 s for the a little less than you got yours including shipping and it works perfectly and seems like it has barely ever been used, barely and dust and only a some light scratches with one patch of scratches ontop. edit: although i only got the console and the av cable, nothing else

    simple gamersimple gamerMånad sedan
  • My xbox has the red dot of death and got the 4421 error code which means in xbox 0021 error code and idk whats wrong with it

    Simon KerimovSimon KerimovMånad sedan
  • Anyone knows of a transparent housing for the ps4

    Dark033ProductionDark033ProductionMånad sedan
  • Shielding is there for a reason.

    Jose Da SilvaJose Da Silva2 månader sedan
  • You literally have no idea how to open an Xbox 360. Its not that hard. You take the front panel off AFTER you take out all the long black screws. Also I thought this was common knowledge but you do not ever let your sodering tip touch plastic. Plus you have to lift the tab to remove the power connector...... this hurt to watch.

    Tech TipsTech Tips2 månader sedan
  • Your channel definitely deserves my subs!

    Make Money NowMake Money Now2 månader sedan
  • She miss this super blue LED fan :

    Ed3n 4PFEd3n 4PF2 månader sedan
  • thats cool and some good games are skate 3 fallout new vegas and minecraft

    xRIOTxxRIOTx2 månader sedan
  • how is this a slim? There should be an option to sue content creators for misleading videos.

    Liridon666Liridon6662 månader sedan
  • Excelente the xbox 360

    Regiane Ferreira Santos FerrazRegiane Ferreira Santos Ferraz2 månader sedan
  • This is the sexiest piece of art I have ever seen.

    FreddyFighter06FreddyFighter062 månader sedan
  • u missed the dvd drive

  • If I sold these as finished ps5’s would anyone buy?

    DanielDaniel2 månader sedan
    • Like the clear casings with lights and upgrade even maybe

      DanielDaniel2 månader sedan
  • We’re can I buy a ghost case in 2020 people

    Azza EliteAzza Elite3 månader sedan
  • Jumento bruto

    Igor FerreiraIgor Ferreira3 månader sedan
  • Make the controller transparent too

    FgameCorpFgameCorp3 månader sedan
  • Ese Xbox esta muy limpio, no me la creo que te lo enviaron. Ya que al momento de usarla se llena de polvo y pelusa, y al momento de desmontarla note que estaba imaculada, sin nada de suviedad, unicamente el control se veia algo gastado...

    Sir.DaggothSir.Daggoth3 månader sedan
  • Bro - i just wanna know how you got your hands on a Clear GhostCase?

    Michael MaileMichael Maile3 månader sedan
  • Çok konuşuyon be aga..

    Forensic EvolutionForensic Evolution3 månader sedan
  • Cómo quisiera ablar inglés para poder entender todo lo que dice🥺😢

    Joel H.F.Joel H.F.3 månader sedan
  • corona......... virus

    Sceik DavidSceik David4 månader sedan
  • By far the coolest xbox 360 build I've seen from anyone build! Awesome job man! Awesome build great job!

  • Ps5

    CenkayOynarCsCenkayOynarCs4 månader sedan
  • This is GOOD! Please add BETTER COOLING 😎

    Timothy R. CyphersTimothy R. Cyphers4 månader sedan
  • You forgot the disc drive tranprarent

    DragxnDragxn4 månader sedan
  • The ipod 7 gen of game consoles

    eugesteugest4 månader sedan
  • f

    Tolled DataTolled Data4 månader sedan
  • no entiendo nada :v f por que no se ingles

    Tolled DataTolled Data4 månader sedan
  • You should do the disc reader mod, so that you can see the disc spinning.

    ZenZen4 månader sedan
  • In so upset he didn't replace the dvd drive cover

    United Gamers 537United Gamers 5374 månader sedan
  • This brings back memories of the time I had to fix my xbox 360 and I found a dead white tail spider inside lmao.

    Tune Me InTune Me In4 månader sedan
  • I have a question can you transfer pictures from your Xbox 360 to your Sony PsP Portable?

    djknight23djknight234 månader sedan
  • Can u make one for ps4 slim id buy 1 take

    kdotkkdotk4 månader sedan
  • Yo aún tengo la Xbox 360

    Games of actionGames of action5 månader sedan
  • Shouldve been purple transparent case

    isiah veneracionisiah veneracion5 månader sedan
  • It looks cool

    Heber MendozaHeber Mendoza5 månader sedan
  • Look awesome 👏👏👏

    E FE F5 månader sedan
  • Will the Insides of an xbox 360 E fit I to a slim shell? Becasue I csnt find any 360 E shells. Anywhere. Someone help.

    Trey HaynesTrey Haynes5 månader sedan
  • xbox 360 for prisoners

    Trinitron XDTrinitron XD5 månader sedan
  • nao sabe nem abrir direito quase quebra tudo

    Andre FerreiraAndre Ferreira5 månader sedan
  • Donde compro la carcasa trasparente

    manuel josemanuel jose5 månader sedan
  • Dove si vende il case trasparente?

    Gianni GamerGianni Gamer6 månader sedan
  • Why didn't you install an SSD?

    ossydogossydog6 månader sedan
  • I will never complain that the Fat Xbox 360 is hard to dissasemble again

    Cristian Ibarra PalaciosCristian Ibarra Palacios6 månader sedan
  • 60 bucks? wow. my xbox was cheaper than that

    John MyersJohn Myers6 månader sedan
  • I can sell you mine

    Speed DemonSpeed Demon6 månader sedan
  • links to where you got the transparent casing?

    Cameron PerezCameron Perez6 månader sedan
    • @random person it's the best console

      Cameron PerezCameron Perez4 månader sedan
  • U could turn it on with disc button

    HelloHello6 månader sedan
  • case haha

    Braden MullaneyBraden Mullaney6 månader sedan
  • Wa

    Braden MullaneyBraden Mullaney6 månader sedan
  • 🤩

    Braden MullaneyBraden Mullaney6 månader sedan
  • It kolik iˇlike ps (55

    David JuříkDavid Juřík6 månader sedan
  • 0:06 Now we know wrom where it is

    Pomidor TVPomidor TV7 månader sedan
  • Ou trouver la coque transparente ????

    AroufgangstaZOO 77AroufgangstaZOO 777 månader sedan
  • As An Xbox 360 owner this scared me.

    CoreyCorey7 månader sedan
  • I could only imagine how cool a PS4 would look with a transparent housing for the unit.

    Elson CorreaElson Correa7 månader sedan
  • Take a shot every time hugh says clips. Enjoy a smashing night.

    OsceeOscee7 månader sedan
  • There is a 2 dollar key for taking those appart

    0ldsc4ool0ldsc4ool7 månader sedan
  • Bro where did you buy the case from?

    Garage BuiledGarage Builed7 månader sedan
  • I will do this to the series x. I hope they make one that's slightly translucent and grey instead of full clear.

    MekaMeka7 månader sedan
  • why am i even watching this i dont have an xbox

    ֆֆ7 månader sedan
  • you forget the sticker tho :(

    omdenixomdenix7 månader sedan
  • or why not use an acrylic pc case on a powerful pc

    x35gamingx35gaming7 månader sedan
  • Can u mod my xbox

    sorn45 56sorn45 567 månader sedan
  • now all you have to do is mod it

    Darkwolf 80014Darkwolf 800147 månader sedan
  • Xbox is held up by clips

    SAINT PEPSISAINT PEPSI7 månader sedan
  • CliCk HeRe FoR YoUr sPeiciEl SuPrIse

    dead memedead meme7 månader sedan
  • My Xbox 360 looks better than that one

    danielgartin6993danielgartin69937 månader sedan
  • hi, ghostcase website dosent work where did you ordered it?

    BaD BulleTBaD BulleT7 månader sedan
  • Wats yo watch

    YRN GAMINGYRN GAMING7 månader sedan
  • Custom built clear xbox case then brings out a bow with case already made lmaoo not really custom

    Dylan McqueenDylan Mcqueen7 månader sedan
  • Why wouldn't you put a hard drive in while it was already open?

    Jorgen Von StrangleJorgen Von Strangle7 månader sedan
  • The top and bottom panels come off as one piece after removing the vents. You do NOT remove the plastic first and then pop the clips...

    Josh DavidsonJosh Davidson8 månader sedan
  • That's crazy now you can sell it to the federal department of corrections for use in a prison

    Ion ForceIon Force8 månader sedan
  • It's like doing surgery on the xbox

    The orange catThe orange cat8 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one that thinks the background music sounds like the ps4 music?

    Emmanuel LopezEmmanuel Lopez8 månader sedan
  • Can you do mine ?

    Levi KLevi K8 månader sedan
  • if only the lights were green!

    woof woofwoof woof8 månader sedan
  • thats sick i still play xbox 360

    Brodie BlakemoreBrodie Blakemore8 månader sedan
  • I have had a Xbox 360 for 6 or 7 years and it still works amazing I still use it every so often.

    The Legend of TravisThe Legend of Travis8 månader sedan
  • I was gonna but one but then I realized that the mod costs more than I bought it for

    Adrian CabreraAdrian Cabrera8 månader sedan
    • The Xbox

      Adrian CabreraAdrian Cabrera8 månader sedan
  • prison xbox

    Kidd KoolaidKidd Koolaid8 månader sedan
  • Why didn’t you chose Xbox original green?

    Dominic WilsonDominic Wilson8 månader sedan

    QxjnxQxjnx8 månader sedan
  • Sell this to the prison system

    StrAye 13StrAye 138 månader sedan
  • probably u should buy a xbox360 opening tool. It's a piece of metal and easy for disassembly.

    QK _QK _8 månader sedan
  • Help mi ❤️

    Rafał JurysRafał Jurys8 månader sedan
  • try to update the build to an rgb lights instead of simple led ;)

    DenisDenis8 månader sedan
  • Case is gonna look great once it gets yellowed

    Cap'N. CCap'N. C8 månader sedan
  • So. You built a prison compliant Xbox 36 Slim.

    Enrique TorresEnrique Torres8 månader sedan
  • Having this back this lol u would have been the goat

    Hindu 3Hindu 38 månader sedan
  • You should softmodit

    OSCAROSCAR8 månader sedan
  • no offense but I just hate absolutely hate see throughs. I had a after glow... they are really terrible. I thought it would be unique but it's dumb. I've seen a better customization. it was really cool honestly compared to something that is see through with leds.

    Jorge LozanoJorge Lozano8 månader sedan