Samsung Galaxy S8 Worth it in 2019?

9 mar 2019
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With the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S10, should you consider buying the older Galaxy S8?

  • i love my galaxy s8+

    Charlie BakerCharlie BakerMånad sedan
  • i love it

    Just a UserJust a User2 månader sedan
  • The Galaxy S8 is basically the underdog. Great performance for very few bucks.

    ThosePixelsThoThosePixelsTho3 månader sedan
  • i bought a s8 from ebay last week and its a great phone much better than my s5 mini i had before :)

    CondoCondo11 månader sedan
  • Can you sell that phone?

    josh mwanikijosh mwanikiÅr sedan
  • I'll still be rocking my Note 8 for another year or two. Runs like a champ

    Garrett ReymanGarrett ReymanÅr sedan
  • My dad was thinking about getting this for me... Just wanted to do some research before actually getting it thanks!

    himarihimariÅr sedan
  • I’m getting an s8 for 400 Australian dollars and it says it’s used as demo and 100% genuine Is that a good price for it

    Zynx_auZynx_auÅr sedan
  • i upgraded my phone from s8 to s9plus then i have some issues in it i had pixel on my s9plus and my fingerprint skin had removed from use and its back glass crack when i was talking that i have case still it break and then i sell it and brought a s8

    ottoman Osmanlıottoman OsmanlıÅr sedan
  • also good for pubg ??

    FL farFL farÅr sedan
    • Yes it has 4gb of ram it can most definitely handle it .

      Riverdale talesRiverdale talesÅr sedan
    • Yeah

      Nicolas 0406Nicolas 0406År sedan
  • My s8+ has all issue you mentioned

  • There are actually better screen protectors for s8 example screen protectors using uv light glue screen protector example dome glass

    tang jing youtang jing youÅr sedan
  • I have a 5c in my wishlist because I'm broke. I once had some type of Samsumg, but it too FOREVER to charge and ran out of charge very quickly. I was very glitchy ang had a tendency to get very hot. I moved back to my Iphone 5 in less than 6 months. Edit: It's ordered! It should arrive within a month! 😊😊

    Wolfgang 847Wolfgang 847År sedan
    • Riverdale tales But the Iphones in that price range are better sooo

      Wolfgang 847Wolfgang 847År sedan
    • @Wolfgang 847 damn well you can't buy any good phone for 100 dollars bro

      Riverdale talesRiverdale talesÅr sedan
    • Riverdale tales Moto also sucks. BTW, my budget was less than $100

      Wolfgang 847Wolfgang 847År sedan
    • iPhone 5 ? Bro you should get literally any other phone then a iPhone 5 maybe a iPhone 6s or a moto Android phone

      Riverdale talesRiverdale talesÅr sedan
    • Random :3 If you need to go for 400$ minimum to get a performance just slightly better than an Iphone 5 it's not really practical. If I wanted I could just get an Iphone 6 for under 200$ but those give a ton of hardware issues, the least of them being heating issues.

      Wolfgang 847Wolfgang 847År sedan
  • I paid 30 Euros for my broken s8 , i might repair it this month

    AlchoAlchoÅr sedan
  • Watching this with the best device, the Nintendo 2ds...

    PiraxPiraxÅr sedan
  • Someone help. My battery drains fast.

    SafySafyÅr sedan
    • Go to a 3rd party shop and tell them you want only a new battery.

      Riverdale talesRiverdale talesÅr sedan
  • I'm a happy Samsung GS8 user 👍

    OscarOscarÅr sedan
  • *buys note 8 instead*

    Dakota5488Dakota5488År sedan
  • I have the s8 and it is a great phone but it definately doesn t have a 2 day battery life

    • Really? I was thinking on buying this

      Riverdale talesRiverdale talesÅr sedan
  • I own an S8 and just saying, there are some full adhesive screen protectors that really work nicely

    Ben SilashiBen SilashiÅr sedan
  • Please check this kit for glass repair without changing the screen Can you demo it

    real4everhreal4everhÅr sedan
  • Or u can get a s9 for like 510 bucks

    E_Lewis 7E_Lewis 7År sedan
    • That's too much

      Riverdale talesRiverdale talesÅr sedan
  • iPhone user why ???

    Delta mtbDelta mtbÅr sedan
  • Thoughts on taking a chance and buying this refurbished for $225 from Sprint or buying it new from Best Buy for $399? Can't decide if it's worth spending extra for a 2 year old phone.

    0o0oo0o0o0oo0oÅr sedan
    • @0o0oo0o hell yeah its worth it this phone is perfect

      PsychedelicRenegadePsychedelicRenegadeÅr sedan
    • @PsychedelicRenegade Are you happy with it? $325 is good for brand new but just not sure if its worth shelling out the extra money for it.

      0o0oo0o0o0oo0oÅr sedan
    • I paid 325$ for mine on ebay brand new

      PsychedelicRenegadePsychedelicRenegadeÅr sedan
  • I use galaxy s7 in 2019

    jalu ariasatyajalu ariasatyaÅr sedan
  • Me, still having a Galaxy S8+: ???????

    The 64th ShadowThe 64th ShadowÅr sedan
  • Phone has cancer

    riley hallriley hallÅr sedan
  • It's still great even if it's almost 3 years since I bought it. Speed is still fast and battery is still great. I use it a lot and I can't remember any difference b/n now and when I got it brand new. There are a few scratches but I believe it would still survive in the next couple of years without any repairs needed.

    jaytee T.jaytee T.År sedan
  • I receive notifications just fine on my galaxy s8. Maybe its your phone carrier

    Too Much MelaninToo Much MelaninÅr sedan
  • 2 to 2.5 days with one charge?!? Absolute rubbish battery life in my experience i am sorry to say. With heavy use...lucky to get 4 hours

    Zahid KhanZahid KhanÅr sedan
  • I just bought one of these for $165 USD with slight screen burn I think its a good phone but I definitely need a case and an OEM charger

    CarGuy WithOutACarCarGuy WithOutACarÅr sedan
  • Look at the video by clicking on the link below on Samsung Galaxy S8 Review.....

    saqib ijazsaqib ijazÅr sedan
  • Very nicely described, narrated and presented..... Good job done...

    saqib ijazsaqib ijazÅr sedan
  • Planing to buy and repair one. All under $100. I'll edit when done.

    Damion GistDamion GistÅr sedan
    • @Ghost rider solid. As long as you're comfortable doing it. Very solid experience. Also the tools they give you are good for other phones.

      Damion GistDamion GistÅr sedan
    • And??

      Ghost riderGhost riderÅr sedan
  • They still make samsung s8

    New Routemaster FanNew Routemaster FanÅr sedan
  • Buy S10 *_AND_* S8.

    DanieldoesDanieldoesÅr sedan
  • READ THE WHOLE COMMENT. While the hardware of Samsung phones is great, even with one ui, the software isn’t great. One ui made things cleaner and easier to use with one hand but it’s way behind iOS in my opinion. First off Samsung only gives 2 years of software updates to its phones. So if you bought an s8 right now it would have one ui on it and while that’s the latest software right now, when buying a phone you have to think of how it will fare in the long term, this phone will not receive anymore software updates and so it will be missing out on the great features of newer updates but it will also be vulnerable to hacks and glitches more than a newer phone. One ui is still a very heavy skin on top of android even if it’s lighter than Samsung expierience so, it bogs the phone down considerably and adds bloatware. There are duplicate apps on Samsung phones that often confuse users about what app they should use. Do you really need a Samsung email app and a gmail? On the other hand buying an iPhone 7 or later now is a better buy because iPhones get 4 years of software updates and they have a lighter more optimized and simple to use os. That alone makes their phones a lot faster than android phones. The iPhone has iMessage which allows you to see when someone is typing or wether someone has read your message or not. It allows you to play games in the app with someone, you can pay eachother, you get better emojis, and cool onscreen effects like fireworks!!

    Nic WNic WÅr sedan
  • I just purchased the s8 on Thursday for £355 brand new of amazon loved it best phone I've used so far

    Ellis The DJEllis The DJÅr sedan
  • I want to buy one refurbished but I don't know where to buy one refurbished in my country

    Kebab Remover 69Kebab Remover 69År sedan
  • get the lg v30

    Vhsss TvVhsss TvÅr sedan
  • 1:56 Just reflash the phone using Odin and a .pit file.

    ExtremeGriefExtremeGriefÅr sedan
    • I've flashed and abused my s8+ numerous times, about to do it again because fucking Verizon wifi calling don't work with my unlocked variant ~smh~

      Shawn BrookinsShawn BrookinsÅr sedan
  • Got one for free :) just need to find a suitable screen now

    Thomas HugginsThomas HugginsÅr sedan
  • 2.5 days is great.. Mine was always 1 max if i am lucky.

    Elijah PElijah PÅr sedan
  • Its expensive to replace tho it cost me 280 pounds for the back and front

    VeraithyVeraithyÅr sedan
    • Brand new S8 on ebay for £230

      Don FadesDon FadesÅr sedan
  • I have a s9, upgradeded from the Galaxy a8! Big difference, the a8 is like S9e or S9 lite! -Mid range processor -Lower quality camera -bigger bezels -no Bixby button (that was the only good thing about that phone)

    FadeFRFadeFRÅr sedan
    • Yeah i used A8 2018 before , then i changed it to other phone , keep changing and until now ended up with S10. 6 months ago i was using S9 , fantastic phone just the battery isn't that impressive , if the battery last all day i'll use it without changing , i switched to S9 plus because of the battery on S9 suck

      OwenOwenÅr sedan
  • lol

  • Just ordered mines

    DJ PoohPaJayDJ PoohPaJayÅr sedan
  • Was that 2 to 2.5 days of standby time? and it looked like you had the 8 plus not the regular 8. I had the galaxy S8 and my biggest gripe about it was the battery life. Full charge would still require me to bring my charger to work with me. Now I have the XR and it pry has the best battery ive ever used. But I miss my galaxy screen. Also miss android so my next phone will pry be the S10.

    pinky1900'spinky1900'sÅr sedan
  • I have s8 and sucks..battery no last 1 day..too much heat for nothing. Display get burn shadow..

    Fatjon HariziFatjon HariziÅr sedan
  • The Galaxy S8 Plus is the same price as a 2019 mid ranger, so this might be worth it.

    AdamAdamÅr sedan
  • I want s9 but s8 is cheaper

    Chae YongsunChae YongsunÅr sedan
  • It's like holding a bar of soap. Cracks easy when dropped. Had it 3weeks before it slipped out of my hand.

    CCÅr sedan
    • Lemme guess, you didn't use a case ?

      Nightmare PotatoNightmare PotatoÅr sedan
  • Own this and an iphone SE, cannot stand it, went back to using my iphone after the latest android update, still use the s8 for youtube but rely on ios for everything else

    doomslayyyterdoomslayyyterÅr sedan
    • My first Android was some type of Samsumg that took FOREVER to charge and discharged quickly. It was also very glitchy and tended to get very hot. Needless to say, I went back to my Iphone 5.

      Wolfgang 847Wolfgang 847År sedan
  • Hugh do a Xiaomi y2 repair

    beeju hijambeeju hijamÅr sedan
  • I also like the small bezels better than other choices.

    LateNiteLateNiteÅr sedan
  • I'm happy with my s7 edge I just purchased

    erkan yuniserkan yunisÅr sedan
  • cna you please tell us what screen protector you are using?

  • I still use my s8 and I'll be honest it isn't that bad I freaking love it sure it has a little burn in on it but honestly that doesn't bother me that much

    Mr.kevin not homeMr.kevin not homeÅr sedan
  • Given the bend, it was in someone's pocket

    darkchrismadarkchrismaÅr sedan
  • Very nice. I noticed that online they sell it with 41% dicounted

    manu fermanu ferÅr sedan
  • My Galaxy s9 doesn’t turn on or apps wouldn’t keep stopping glad I went back to apple I love my new iPhone 8!!!

    XxTryHardxX2019 _YTXxTryHardxX2019 _YTÅr sedan
    • I have a 5c in my wishlist because I'm broke. Currently tolerating two crappy LGs.

      Wolfgang 847Wolfgang 847År sedan
  • I have an iphone xs but i had an s8 for more than a year i thing this is the best android phone still today

    Gergő PéterGergő PéterÅr sedan
  • Iphone xs max cost 549$ for repairing display

    DonaldDonaldÅr sedan
    • 500€=2yers😒😒😒😒🤔

      örénkÿörénkÿÅr sedan
  • Ive Buyed the pione today😊👏

    PlleysPlleysÅr sedan
  • I'm sure the notifications thing is part of android Doze my phone does it too for select apps android has a hard time with battery management unlike iphones

    VentilateVentilateÅr sedan
  • That screen protector looks like trash.

    Spungo FlexSpungo FlexÅr sedan
    • The screen protectors never fit the curve of the phone and up close they have weird dot pattern that looks stupid

      jaden pjaden pÅr sedan
  • My s7 at times wont show new emails for few hours late or even a day and half late. Anybody know whats wrong with it??

    chillin909090chillin909090År sedan
  • Samsung A50 or Samsung S8?

    Ionuț David ScrionețIonuț David ScrionețÅr sedan
  • Bought me to Galaxy S8 for me and my lady about 4 days ago and we both are still loving it. But in a couple months from now we'll be getting the Galaxy S10

    Supreme king JesusSupreme king JesusÅr sedan
  • Bought one two weeks ago, brand new. Really good but fragile as hell cracked the back even with a case on. Not even sure how it happened

    nikc888nikc888År sedan
  • late but still, how much did you pay for your battery replacement? and where did you get it? cuz I cant seem to find a legit one.

    blinkiqtetablinkiqtetaÅr sedan
  • Watching this on the S8 ,still runs snappy as ever , camera still beastly

    AnthonyAnthonyÅr sedan
  • I just upgraded from the S8 to the S10

    Pj MackeyPj MackeyÅr sedan
    • Worth the upgrade?

      Ibnul AhmedIbnul AhmedÅr sedan
  • i’ve got a 7+. i’m thinking of trading an old iphone 6 for one of these. sound like a decent idea?

    PkexPkexÅr sedan
    • Not sure if it was device especific but mine got very hot when in use. Hot to the point my hands sweated. I'd probaly get a 5s or SE, or go up if you want

      Wolfgang 847Wolfgang 847År sedan
  • The vibration motor on the s8 is wayyyyy to strong I would have it on a table and it would vibrate like hell and sometimes scare me which is why I turned it down

    Portal MasterPortal MasterÅr sedan
  • Hi I'm using skinomi's screen protector since 2017 and a spigen liquid air case which makes it feel like a tank. Never had any issue with them and the screen protector is barely noticable

    Amanpreet SinghAmanpreet SinghÅr sedan
  • Watching it on my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

    Aamir AhmadAamir AhmadÅr sedan
  • there is a gel screen protector doesent lose quality

    Mind Of VirtuosoMind Of VirtuosoÅr sedan
  • I have s7 with one ui port blackdiamond

    Pomidor TVPomidor TVÅr sedan
  • My s6 still working in vanilla Android, the display is incredible and still possible for me to unofficially update, but I'm fine with nougat for now.

    The VERDE ChannelThe VERDE ChannelÅr sedan
  • A few years back, I would have said no, however now Samsung is ahead of Apple.

    sydjaguarsydjaguarÅr sedan
  • Watched on a galaxy s8+. Maybe 2 years old now. Fantastic product. And-subscribed

    I'm Just JeffI'm Just JeffÅr sedan
  • i have a s9+

    FatboygetdownFatboygetdownÅr sedan
  • Forgot oops

    HidoHidoÅr sedan
  • Oh yeah. I like your vids

    HidoHidoÅr sedan
  • Why am I watching a video about a phone I’m not gonna get or have

    HidoHidoÅr sedan
  • I got I phone 8

    HidoHidoÅr sedan
  • It is definitely worth it. However the major drawback with this phone's camera is the depth mode works only when the object is 50 cm in distance Anything beyond 50 cm depth mode will not capture while any other phone with this feature captures the picture in depth with any distance And there is heating jssues

    Mohammed ShirazMohammed ShirazÅr sedan
  • Watching this on my s10+!

    chavezchavezÅr sedan
  • Just bought a 64gb gold s8 for 350 aud. Doesn't really feel our of date at all, and probably won't for at least 3 more years. I love it.

    Ecorigon IVEcorigon IVÅr sedan
  • When u said has a good battery life of up to 2 days my face dropped my iPhone 6 runs for like a hour then dies !! 😂

    M1M1År sedan
    • Replacing bateries is soo easy nowdays.

      Wolfgang 847Wolfgang 847År sedan
  • Im stil using my s8 n it stil rocks.. 🤟🏼

    arrowhyphyarrowhyphyÅr sedan
  • I have a galaxy note 8 that needs the imei number changed.

    Phillip RhinehardtPhillip RhinehardtÅr sedan
  • You are using the wrong kind of screen protector. Try a screen protector that is glued to the screen with LOCA (liquid optically clear adhesive). I have a Note 9 with one of those screen protectors and you can barely tell there is another glass on the screen.

    Стоян ЧекаларовСтоян ЧекаларовÅr sedan
  • I have s8 and it's still running on 7.0 nougat ... How can i update it to pie and one ui

    Buzz TalkBuzz TalkÅr sedan
  • I've had my s8 for 2 years. It still works perfectly. Battery has maybe gotten a bit worse over time but Its great. Still fast and just as good as the newer phones in my mind.

    Skye GibbensSkye GibbensÅr sedan
  • Did you say 2 to 2and half days of battery life?

    Ashwin KumarAshwin KumarÅr sedan
  • Should I buy this i have iPhone 6

    S-_-MistiriusS-_-MistiriusÅr sedan
  • Full glue tempered glass screen protectors are now avaliable for the S8 and S9

    Dr BerryDr BerryÅr sedan
  • Android 9 update

    EmeraldWordCoolEmeraldWordCoolÅr sedan