Free iPhone 5s Restoration

4 maj 2019
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  • Please do for me free vro

    జేహో Aliensజేహో Aliens21 dag sedan
  • I love your videos your my idol

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  • what will you do with phone

    Razin ShaikhRazin ShaikhMånad sedan
  • I do Apple certified repairs. I 100% agree that Apple does a lot of things to prevent people from repairing their own phones. But I disagree that the battery tabs are not part of that. They could glue the the battery to the phone like Samsung but they don’t. Also if we snap the tabs like you did, Apple just has us replace the whole phone rather then try to dig them out or pry the batteries, this was probably a design flaw, yes, but not a thing to prevent you from working on it.

    Shawn WitcheyShawn Witchey2 månader sedan
  • gonna try to repair my wife's 5s with a broken display (dead pixels all around) and a dying battery. will try to follow as much as faithfully as possible as I attempt to fix it. btw, I'm a big fan of yours and everything I know in regards to phone repairs, I've learnt it from you

    Gian Franco PanganGian Franco Pangan2 månader sedan
  • Hugh - surgen for phones Zach - how to basic of phones

  • It hurts me to see that iPhone 5s on iOS 11...

    Alpha's PhoenixAlpha's Phoenix2 månader sedan
  • That happen to me

    Yuwinx VorsterxYuwinx Vorsterx6 månader sedan
  • Hugh regalame un iphoneeee!!

  • Hey Hugh! I need your help. Yesterday i bougth an iPhone 5S in almost mint condition from outside for 5 bucks. But it was not working, they said the battery was bad. So i took it apart and i broke the screen but i think still works. But later, there was no brackets for the battery or display so i saw the scree n has the protective film placed down the metal plate of the screen. I tried disconnecting the battery and plugging the charger but it did not work. Could you tell me what could be the problem?

    Rafa Lebron MaciaRafa Lebron Macia8 månader sedan
  • What do you do to all those iPhones? You must have kind of museum of restored iPhones or something? Sell them, or probably give a birthday gift to your friends? I bet, if so, the whole Australia has at least iPhone 5s 🤣

    AlkazavrAlkazavr8 månader sedan
  • Do u also sell these phone I want one from India 🇮🇳

    Shahim ShahimShahim Shahim9 månader sedan
  • There's just something therapeutic about things getting restored, if not resurrected, this is a free therapy for a mentally disturbed broke person like me.

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  • Can you give me that

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  • enjoy 12.4.5

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  • Hi sir.. i ordered a wrong rep batt for my 5s online.. it is a batt for SE.. now i wonder if it will work for my 5s? Also, Will it "explode" if i install a higher mAh than the required batt.. i think SE batt has a higher mAh.. i hope you can respond to my query sir Hugh.. 😊

    Pau RamizaresPau RamizaresÅr sedan
  • My OEM iPhone 5s screen was coming out from the bezel so I had to replace it with an aftermarket screen :( and my OEM screen has broke

    UserUserÅr sedan
  • Hey hugh my iphone 5s the when im not charge is suddenly died and boot by no reason.

    muhd Qalifmuhd QalifÅr sedan
  • Idk know for other people but iPhone 7 is my favorite iPhone I like it's design the most.

    Wks PlaysWks PlaysÅr sedan
  • I have one and the whole screens popping out and the home button is out and it’s dead

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  • Which software do you use for that iPhone battery checkup?

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  • Nice job

    Donnie RobertsonDonnie RobertsonÅr sedan
  • Does anyone know how to contact Hugh Jeffry’s cus I have a dead iPhone 5s and I want it repared

    EntityCrazeEntityCrazeÅr sedan
  • Hey hugh is it ok for me to keep my original working battery but the battery it's inflated or shall I just swap it out for a new one? Swapping the battery won't be a pain as it's an original iphone 5 and has the pull tab design to remove the battery.

    Zingy The LemonZingy The LemonÅr sedan
  • Can u do a tutorial of how can u unlock a iphone that s blocked in icloud please?

    SakuraussSakuraussÅr sedan
  • Where are u buying battery

    Vojin MitrovicVojin MitrovicÅr sedan
  • 🥺omg can you Fix my iphone 7 plus ... i had gotten the screen fixed in México when i went on summer... they didnt leave it good because i had issues with little glitch type lines out of no where... I had gotten the battery switched too but a few days later my iphone turned off randomly and it stays in the apple logo ☹... and I tried getting it fixed in chicago thinking it was the screen and they couldn't fix it...

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  • 160,000th viewer

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  • That phone chassis is better than my iPhone 5s but my 5s is working well but has dents and scratches

    NotKennn.NotKennn.År sedan
  • Hey bro idk if you would reply to this but my iPhone 7 Plus has rust on the speakers I was wondering if you could give me tips to restore it

    The Amazing CodyThe Amazing CodyÅr sedan
  • iPhone 5S is just a iPhone SE in a nutshell.

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  • That date in the screen is my birthday

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  • Nice ✌️

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  • *Me on my iOS 8 iPhone 5S* SHUSH I WONT UPGRADE

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  • Hey can you restore my 5se please Please reply

    creative guru channelcreative guru channelÅr sedan
  • Hi HUGH Just wondering What could be the reason why the Left side of the frame and screen keeps popping out, Near the Volume button & slider. Hope you can notice my question and i need your help. Thanks

    シックスシックスÅr sedan
    • Expanded Battery.

      LuminumLXLuminumLXÅr sedan
  • Can you spend the iPhone to other country if you are paid for the phones ?

    Rushikesh BhosaleRushikesh BhosaleÅr sedan
  • How ironic on the day he uploaded this video, I got a 5s but then I accidentally pressed on The factory reset option in the settings and now it needs an activation

    Wassap brothersWassap brothersÅr sedan
  • fix my iphone 5s plz

    Ahmed MuridilAhmed MuridilÅr sedan
  • fix my iphone 5s plz

    Ahmed MuridilAhmed MuridilÅr sedan
  • Just give me any iPhone you restored. Please?

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  • I always wonder how people mess up there phones so much

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  • S

    strike adomstrike adomÅr sedan
  • Can you unlock my iPhone 5s it needs to be unlock by ituned

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  • I have iphone 5 and dead, can you restoration my iphone?

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  • Hello sir Sir i need your help And i will be very thankful if you just tell me that what will be the actual problem. I am having problem with my iphone 5s since yesterday Its about the volume button I was watching video on youtube and i wanted to raise the volume so i pressed the plus volume button and it didn’t worked I thought that I didn’t pressed it the way it should be pressed I pressed it again and it didn’t worked. I became sure that its an hardware issue from now on So now can you tell me that will be the problem what is the actual problem i am facing ? The minus volume button is working, only the plus volume button is not working. I will be waiting for your response.

    ali khanali khanÅr sedan
  • Si Mw tap servi avec yn iPhone5s mw bliye id an eske nou la fem jwenn tout foto yo avec kontak yo toi svp

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  • Eske nous k retiré yn id sou ton iPhone 5s pou

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  • Please give me your iphone bro 😦😦😦

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  • I wonder how that happened to the screen

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  • The problem is the same as my iphone 5s as the screen is lifting up

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  • Where do you buy replacement bateries?

    Mate BakovićMate BakovićÅr sedan
  • Cant be free, thats a stupid reason for being an iPhone free

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  • I want to be phone restorator too

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  • Mans i got water in my phone what do i do :(

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  • Can you restore my iPhone 5s plz

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    • I’ll take it!

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  • Ipod

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  • It looks possessed

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  • Where do u learn about all these tech in a phone

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  • Your so intellegent

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  • You are surgeon give us such iphone

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  • That is a iPhone se not 5s 🤔😂

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  • Can I have that phone

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  • I have the same, gold 😏

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  • Notificationssquad were you at

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  • Can you give a the iphone

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  • Hi Jeffrey, I have a really bad iPhone 5s that was smashed but think it might have some life will you restore it and make a video of it and I’ll pay for the parts and it’s a locked phone from a friend let me know and I’ll send you pics of it’s state

    fotoluz12 J. Chavezfotoluz12 J. ChavezÅr sedan
  • Hey, I have been watching your vids for a while, and I am curious where you buy refurbished iphone screens. Could you link me to that?

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  • You now made me wanna fix phones now😂

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  • Anybody else watching this on a 5s.

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  • I rlly want to put the parts of an iPhone 4 on iOS 5 in an iPhone 5s so u get I Touch ID iOS 5 device which would be really good

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  • Can i gets it for free

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    • Just main

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  • I want free iphone too lol

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  • can you fix my life too?

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  • Hello !!! Do you sell the repaired phones ??

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  • I have a question i have a iphone 5s and i buy the lcd then i put my iphone 5s wont turn on

    Amazing pilipinoAmazing pilipinoÅr sedan
  • I replaced the home button in my 5s and touch Id still worked, so, how did that happen?

    OrganicFoxesOrganicFoxesÅr sedan
  • What are good replacement battery’s ? Are the ebay ones to avoid ? UK

    Artic EddieArtic EddieÅr sedan
  • There's no point of restoring my 5s I might get an upgrade

    domdinhhdomdinhhÅr sedan
    • I am still on the se and it is working amazing with no smashed screen or anything but yea if it is that bad u might as well

      SoulessSoulessÅr sedan
  • Mines the same thing but now the phone is dead and I don't have a phone now

    domdinhhdomdinhhÅr sedan
  • How do you get free or super cheap broken iPhones?

    Jack Layton-BoffeyJack Layton-BoffeyÅr sedan
  • The best iPhone ever made! Good size, light, works good...

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  • Easy stuff here.

  • i need your help....please

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  • Question. What do you do with the phones you fix? Do you sell them or give away?

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    • No he keeps them 4 his collection

      borestone178borestone178År sedan
    • Sells them

      Viva EspanaViva EspanaÅr sedan
  • You know what To do but why save the 5s after all it is almost obsolete and worth not much

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  • ??

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  • If anybody needs or wants a cheap used iPhone 5s I have on on Offer up (which is a app where you sell stuff) for $45 and I also have it listed on Merceri (Another selling app) for $55 if you want any other information about the phone just reply to this comment (I am saving up for a new phone so please just think about purchasing it if you really need one.) Bye! Have an amazing day!!

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  • Hay I have an iPhone 6s that stopped working It was on charge and I went to look at it and nothing tried everything so I was thinking could I send it to you so I know it has a good home and if possible to repair that would be cool it was my favourite phone now I'm stuck with Android until I can afford an iPhone 7 (which I want to get since the repair would be the same price as the phone they said so I might as well upgrade when I can) thank you

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  • Is it possible to put the software from a Microsoft into an Apple Mac book?? I love Apple design but love Microsoft software

    frankie gfrankie gÅr sedan
  • Hi, I am wondering, what do you do with the iPhones/iPads/ect. that you fix? Do you sell them, and if so, where can I buy one. My iPhone 5s' battery broke and my brother's iPhone 6s has a broken screen (everything shows, but touch barely works). Thanks, sincerly, Ryan.

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  • how to solve display illumination problems on iphone 6?

    Pedro SebastiãoPedro SebastiãoÅr sedan
  • dude, dont use a damaged battery

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  • The flashing screen looks kinda cool

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  • ariana is bae

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  • You just got a shout out from Logic lel

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    • Who?

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  • I subscribe to u. Nice job fixing the phone

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  • Hugh I need your opinion. What is the main reason for my iPhone to drain battery way more faster than usual especially when it is in standby mode. I changed the battery already and I even performed a full reset on my phone. What is the reason for this problem?

    Nesh WarenNesh WarenÅr sedan
  • Hey I just wanna know what you’re using to check the capacity of your iPhone in your computer ?

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  • Can I have this phone my phone got smashed by my dad and I can't afford one right now plzz help and contact me

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