Wrecked Vintage Car - 1935 Dodge - Full Restoration

2 jan 2021
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The largest restoration project Hugh Jeffreys has undertaken so far. Take a trip back in time to when Hugh was 12 to watch a once wrecked vintage car get restored into its former glory.
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  • Can you downgrade it to iOS 6?

    btvbtv2 timmar sedan
  • Can you restore my life?

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  • 2050: restoring old vintage area 51 ufo

    seccentralseccentral3 dagar sedan
  • Very cool project i never thought Hugh restoring his car

    Brittos Christo ZachariahBrittos Christo Zachariah4 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful project Is it just me or you should make this car into electric one?

    Daniil SayfutdinovDaniil Sayfutdinov4 dagar sedan
  • Hold up,how old are you?

    Cali QmCali Qm4 dagar sedan
  • My youtube homescreen has 3 main themes: cars, guitars and cellphones, so nice to see a classic which has came back to life and to see this kind of video coming from this channel!

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  • amazing !

    Guy You Meet in CommandsGuy You Meet in Commands4 dagar sedan
  • Everybody:google it Hugh: D U C K it

    Tasbir RashidTasbir Rashid4 dagar sedan
  • I got robbed. Never got to do this with my dad. I would have loved to have restored a Mustang or a DeLorian with him. But instead I see videos like this, or hear about my friend with his dad (who's into cars just like my dad was) who's going to be buying a project car soon. I was robbed.

    Lasky LabsLasky Labs5 dagar sedan
  • i love your voice

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  • That's crazy! Well done!!

    Tracey STracey S6 dagar sedan
  • Ahh yes. 1930s colourised

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  • 👍

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  • Really great work you and your father have done, thank you very much for sharing this beautiful project ✅👍👏🎈🎈🎉🙂 I really enjoyed watching all your videos thank you very much thanks again!!

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  • ❤️

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  • Now that will be whole Lotta money

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  • Good to see it restored, I have a 1948 plymouth p15

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  • Was the dark green the original color? Thanks & say hello to your dad!

    J. LietkaJ. Lietka8 dagar sedan
  • Lol he called Miles Per Hour obsolete. The US and UK still use it.

    Ricardo CañedoRicardo Cañedo10 dagar sedan
  • This is so cool!

    Sean WiedemerSean Wiedemer10 dagar sedan
  • a decade later: restoring the earth

    BlockySlicerBlockySlicer10 dagar sedan
  • Bog should not be used to fix rust, it will eventually rust out again, get someone experienced to weld it.

    Jon StarkJon Stark11 dagar sedan
  • Repairing phones to cars Keep it up 👍

    Harjyot RaitHarjyot Rait11 dagar sedan
  • You got your father's smile 🥰

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  • There is one downside to those old cars, which is the drum brakes. If something like water gets into the drum brakes, then you have no brakes.

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  • aww little hugh

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  • seworld.info/will/monbmdydjZqKyIE/video

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  • Did your grandpa’s friend die in the crash or did he survive

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  • G’day all you lovely bastards. Here’s me face 😊

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  • In 3 days is my birthday

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  • 72 kmh is still quite fast would love to buy a car like that and do a NZ roadtrip

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  • It's good that Dodge isn't locking repairs on their cars

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  • Do iPhone building part by part

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  • hugh should do a colab with dankpod

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  • This is next level achievement bro . good job. We really don’t know what secret projects are you working on.

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  • www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402537214657

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  • You rocked it this time man, Cheers from India!

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  • Really awesome video man. I hope you can get the engine completely rebuilt along with the transmission. A neat project for father and son. Worked on it when you where much younger really showed everyone how cool it is to work on cars.

    barry k.barry k.13 dagar sedan

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  • It would be good if you get the seats restored as well it will be good

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  • What a great video Hugh, it was lovely to see you working with your Dad.

    Fred ScratchetFred Scratchet14 dagar sedan
  • “Today we’re going to be restoring America. Looks like the last tech didn’t install the water proof seal”

    Bro SkiBro Ski14 dagar sedan
  • 3:43 Omg I am watching this in class (while others were having their exams) and it gave me a jumpscare HAHAHAH

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  • You both did a nice job. I still have a 1940 Opel Kadett to restore. Half the parts are missing. But in Germany, 5 km from here ( Battle of the Bulge area), many parts are still in barns and attics.. I liked your courage to spray the car yourselfes. I did find 4 booksmfrom the 1930's and 1from 1943 on the car. Main parts catalog, technical sheets book, instruction book and the small parts katalog. And 2 original sale brochures. It helps me a lot to find out how the car should be put together.

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  • The myth what a legend

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  • Yoo soon he's gonna repair Elon Musk's spaceships

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  • It might not get that many views, but this is amazing

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  • This wholesome, also why do you refer to yourself in the third person in the description?

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  • thanks for shrear great movment of ur life god bless you we always waiting for your new topic video thank for giving knowlage

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  • Reminded me so much of my dad and I, restoring our 55 Dodge Kingsway v8. Took us almost 9 years working weekends. My dad taught me so much, about the mechanics of the car. I began to love working on our project. But even more than the car, I really loved working with Dad, he had a great sense of humour. Dad talked about when he was growing up, then as a teenager and meeting mum. Dad as mentioned earlier taught me a lot about cars. But he gave me, almost a guided tour of life, cars, people events and the ups and downs of life. The week the car was completed and looked stunning, was also the week of my 21st birthday. I'm now retired, Civil Engineer after 47 years. I'll never forget my wonderful and wise friend and Father. So I had a large frog in my throat watching your video. Thank You Kind Regards

    Crillian ContourCrillian Contour15 dagar sedan
  • Nice vid

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  • It’s clear where you get your talents from! It must run in the family. Great job!!!

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  • Hey guys, ChrisFix here!

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  • Now you got that boys favorite things

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  • Sadly using body filler to cover rust holes and fill larger dents wont hold up for long. Im not trying to insult your efforts but am just letting you know that incorrect repairs will reveal themselves later.

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  • “Today I’ll be straightening the leaning tower of Pisa.”

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  • A decade later: RESTORING EARTH

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  • I want your dad to take over your channel

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  • Straight 6 engine? Sweet build!

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  • Try to make a phone from broken piece's

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  • You and Chris fix would be perfect

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  • 4 years of work and only 15 minutes of content the stuff people do for content is crazy

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  • Being from Canada, I had no idea the original Dodge’s were ever sold in Australia. Funniest part was what he said about miles per hour. The country (USA) where that car was built is still using miles to this day.

    JoshJosh16 dagar sedan
  • Now you gonna v8 swap it

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  • ACT

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    Joel NorkettJoel Norkett17 dagar sedan
  • This guy went from phones to cars.

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  • Wow didn’t expect this nice video. Good work!

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  • Beautiful! My dad and I have been working on a 1936 Plymouth, which is almost exactly the same as the Dodge.

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  • Now we know where you got your passion of fixing stuff from Hugh!

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  • I am now going to use an air can to clean out the engine

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  • Thumbnail legit looks like a Shubert 38 straight outta Mafia II

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  • Hugh reminds me of the guy from ratatouille And also I want Hugh to know how much he’s inspired me to fixing phones I’ve Been watching for about a year 1/2 and I’ve fixed at least 7 iPhones and attempted 3 iPads 1 was successful but everyone makes mistakes And I recently got and iPhone lot of 7 for 60$ on eBay and I plan on getting a lot of 16 for 170$

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  • Cute after and son restoration.

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  • The year is 2025 and he's restoring the earth

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  • Great video and great message

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  • It would never be a HUGH JEFFREY video without giving the parts a good clean.

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  • This is awesome! I loved the video

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  • Who knew he could do this?

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  • Nice work guys.

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  • Why did you blur the number plate? We can see the number plate in the video itself (The old video) 1:25 GWA 480

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  • Great Dad great son

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  • This man fix anything

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  • I though this guy was some middle aged man in his 30s, but he was a literal child in 2014. Jesus Christ

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  • I'm here to watch Hugh Jeffrey restoring phone… then end up finish the entire Car Restoration video~ Well Done~

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  • I love this!!! Amazing job!

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  • MPH are obsolete now?

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  • Hugh 70 something kilometers in modern measurements Me *sad American noises*

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  • you forgot the waterproof adhesive

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  • hugh in 50 years: *rebuilding a military base!*

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  • didnt see that one coming

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  • From phones to cars... a huge example of how unlimited the skill of a human is

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  • Thank to iFixit for the toolkit used in this project. Good to see these old cars given a second life! Cheers.

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  • this is diffrent

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  • Awsome! Electronics repairs fixes cars! Next should should do a 70s sports car!

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