Unique Blackberry Priv Restoration - Android slider with keyboard

29 aug 2020
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With most modern smartphones looking vertically indistinguishable this 2015 BlackBerry stands out from the crowd, with its slide out keyboard, high resolution OLED display and carbon fiber style backing. However this one has become a bit beaten up so lets restore it!
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  • ලංකාවෙ එකෙක් මෙහෙම හැදුවනම් ෆෝන්🖤 එහෙම නෑනෙ.උන් මෙලෝ රහක් නෑ.ලහිරුගෙ කඩේ එහෙම.අයියෝ සාන්ත ලහිරු

    Nuwan PriyasadhNuwan Priyasadh12 timmar sedan
  • Looks awesome 💪

    Adrian LisAdrian Lis2 dagar sedan
  • It's so good to fix the phone but it's too long!

    Ack Plays RobloxAck Plays Roblox2 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    Ack Plays RobloxAck Plays Roblox2 dagar sedan
  • I had this phone, it was awesome but my display had burnt pixels...

    Damn _DaxterDamn _Daxter3 dagar sedan
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    Женя ПеняЖеня Пеня3 dagar sedan
  • Thank you so much for this video.

    Sumit ChouhanSumit Chouhan8 dagar sedan
  • applying more thermal paste more than required does. not. help.

    Not. DanielNot. Daniel9 dagar sedan
  • “And doesn’t feel like a _w e t b a r o f s o a p”_

    MCAlexis The TCF Fan est. 2020MCAlexis The TCF Fan est. 20209 dagar sedan
  • Refurb all you want, it'll still overheat

    Humanities ResistanceHumanities Resistance14 dagar sedan
  • Any one have this fonvi want to buy

    Humaira InayatHumaira Inayat18 dagar sedan
  • I hope it we will get custom roms in the future but its probably unlikely :'(

    SnsayySnsayy18 dagar sedan
  • Unfortunately, this phone has been hit with something very hard in the middle, THE REALITY. But still, this phone looks very good. Nice vid btw

    Mohamed Arshad bin Mohamed RiyazMohamed Arshad bin Mohamed Riyaz22 dagar sedan
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    Fsuuwhd GsuwjheFsuuwhd Gsuwjhe25 dagar sedan
  • wow! after the theme launcher this worth more cells and typing form you

    SukhwinderSukhwinderMånad sedan
  • Where you purchased these phones

    Shahbaz AhmedShahbaz AhmedMånad sedan
  • This phone is surprisingly simple and easy to repair

    N1NJ&N1NJ&Månad sedan
  • Yoooo my mom has this

    ツSamuraiツSamuraiMånad sedan
  • 😆😆😆😆

    cesar casadocesar casadoMånad sedan
  • My BB DTEK 60 wouldn't charge any longer so I pulled my old, beat-up BB Priv out, swapped SIM cards and have been getting great service out of it while waiting for my open-box BB Motion to come in. Priv battery holds a charge much better than the DTEK 60, can almost go a whole day without recharging.

    Robert ThomasRobert ThomasMånad sedan
  • Is that a Apple rost 2:38 😂😂

    Vishal kumar BothraVishal kumar BothraMånad sedan
  • beautiful design.

    Luca BlightLuca BlightMånad sedan
  • It looks like it is runing android 9

    Aryx PlayZAryx PlayZMånad sedan
  • looks like it got stapled or something

    Kayla MitchellKayla Mitchell2 månader sedan
  • I have this phone an I wish that they kept that design rather then making the keyone

    Kilemeino CalvireKilemeino Calvire2 månader sedan
  • I love how proud you are with the phone that you used it for 2 months Love the video

    greasy jimgreasy jim2 månader sedan
  • Idk why you worry so much about the micro usb being on the board Its so easy to replace it

    greasy jimgreasy jim2 månader sedan
  • I used to own one, the heat is unbearable.

    NaffarisNaffaris2 månader sedan
  • shame this phone is absolute wank in terms of support

    backprintsbackprints2 månader sedan
  • Mine wont turn on, just keep showing blackberry logo and then turning off and it overheat at the processor

    John NgangaJohn Nganga2 månader sedan
  • Android lower than 7.1 is going to have issues viewing modern web anything, probably even play store, since the certificates database is going to invalidate MANY certificates

    Marcos SouzaMarcos Souza2 månader sedan
  • maaaan i loved my Priv. Ive ben using a Black Edition Keyone for a few months now and i miss the display on the Priv

    Cameron D.F ChisholmCameron D.F Chisholm2 månader sedan
  • Literally because of this particular video, I want this phone really bad. Such a fun form factor.

    Angel PraramadhaniAngel Praramadhani2 månader sedan
  • i still use this phone. its bit slow maybe but theres a lot of opportunities for unique customization that make up for the drawbacks to such a degree that its still worth using. the only real problem with the phone is that the camera lens is plastic and and significantly reduces picture quality so i replaced it with some nokia phone's camera glass i found off aliexpress. now it takes good photos too. im gonna keep using this phone for a while, its cool and works fine.

    fernando snipsfernando snips2 månader sedan
    • also the stock software on the phone is incredibly slow so that might be the problem if you're still using it. BB hub, the productivity tab, and the launcher are unusably slow. i disabled those, switched to a lighter launcher, and use a button remapper app for universal button shortcuts

      fernando snipsfernando snips2 månader sedan
    • @Hugh Jeffreys you can't flash an OS on it, i've tried figuring out how to root it and its potentially hackable but the the bootloader is locked and does a hash check so you can't even root it without it trying to un-root itself and even if you could install a custom OS the hardware drivers for the synaptic trackpad wouldn't be ported over and the biggest feature of the phone wouldn't work. it feels slower than a nexus 5x, which uses the same chipset, but its performance is exactly the same in benchmarks. its not slow in the sense that its not capable of doing a job you throw at it but its slow in the sense that it takes a long time for the cpu to realize it needs to kick into higher gear. i am positive the cpu governor they use sacrifices performance to improve battery life which makes an old chipset feel even older. the battery life IS exceptional for a 5 year old phone though but i don't use mine with the stock launcher or snapchat or any apps that are remotely high-cpu usage like facebook or games. i even have most google services disabled on mobile data. i just use it to browse the internet, text message people, browse 4chan, and remote desktop into my computer and for those things this phone is perfectly powerful enough and the button shortcuts make up for any lack of speed in the OS

      fernando snipsfernando snips2 månader sedan
    • I need to figure out how to flash a faster OS onto it. I don't understand why the stock OS is so slow

      Hugh JeffreysHugh Jeffreys2 månader sedan
  • Here when youtube said no views. Recommended tab actually working!

    Richard GarciaRichard Garcia2 månader sedan
  • Battery:- says non replaceable Also battery:- has a giant pull tab on it.

    bsocm tomsdcsbsocm tomsdcs2 månader sedan
  • My dad *had* this

    Abhijit Nair's ChannelAbhijit Nair's Channel2 månader sedan
  • Now I miss my BlackBerry Q10 :(

    Tommy NguyenTommy Nguyen2 månader sedan
    • The q10 was dope I loved the mini hdmi port

      Alejandro CervantesAlejandro CervantesMånad sedan
  • The two-color temperature LED was so underrated. Basically this meant that it didn't matter how warm or cold your light was in the sign. It allowed you to adapt the flash to the envoirement resulting in more natural looking light. A much missed feature.

    Anneke de BruynAnneke de Bruyn2 månader sedan
  • Underrated BlackBerry

    ALsRigALsRig2 månader sedan
  • I also do diy repairs. Subscribe to my channel!!!!

    Random AahilRandom Aahil2 månader sedan
  • ,,,🤬🌉🌆🌃trutjthg

    fvfhr Boulissiafvfhr Boulissia2 månader sedan
  • There's a hole in my phone.. Dear Photon

    JFFox101JFFox1012 månader sedan
  • I liked this phone design, but was not powerfull enough for me. But I newer update to this phone and I would get it.

    sadsamcqsadsamcq3 månader sedan
  • owner: * smashes phone screen with a hammer * iphone: * dies instantly * priv: " 'Tis but a scratch, I still work fine." Compared to the iphone 6s, that came out the same year as this, this phone is waaaaay better. I will *definitely* buy one of these at some point to replace my awful iphone 5s.

    TriamgleTriamgle3 månader sedan
  • Next up: *Blackberry company restoration*

    Randomations1234Randomations12343 månader sedan
  • Wonderful

    Fitzroy SamuelFitzroy Samuel3 månader sedan
  • I've had a PRIV since 2016 and I'm still highly satisfied with it... unfortunatly a few days ago it felt and the screen is broken... the phone still works fine, but I can't "see" :-( Would just love to get the screen fixed like you did... !!!...

    Paul GPaul G3 månader sedan
  • Does the keyboard work on geforce now?

    PyroSicklePyroSickle3 månader sedan
  • Hey jeffrey please make a video on how do you select the mixed lot/damaged phones from ebay

  • i like the keyboard

    ًً3 månader sedan
  • Repair any Sony Xperia phones

    Satyam PandeySatyam Pandey3 månader sedan
  • I really liked the video, but then the needless iPhone comparison/bashing started 🙄

    Tobias MaierTobias Maier3 månader sedan
  • BB designs are timeless. Still looks futuristic compare to a slab of glass

    reyshin tokzreyshin tokz3 månader sedan
  • „ive newer owned a blackberry or a phone with physical keyboard“ Now I feel old.

    Martin PatákMartin Paták3 månader sedan
  • My First phone was acutually an old Blackberry without touch.

    Evo MoralesEvo Morales3 månader sedan
  • A 2015 Blackberry has higher specs than a 2020 iPhone. Not even talking about the price.

    Faraidun AzizFaraidun Aziz3 månader sedan
  • I Have BLACKBERRY PRIV same problem. How to order new display plzzz rpl me ...

    Mayusayli BhoirMayusayli Bhoir3 månader sedan
  • me laughing cause his using a blackberry

    ITechrandomITechrandom3 månader sedan
  • This is a unusual question but if a person with BlackBerry priv or blackberry key has gta 3 or VC can they use the keyboard to type cheats?

    Mahrufur RahmanMahrufur Rahman3 månader sedan
    • if you can play the android version of the game with a mouse and keyboard if you plug one in then the answer is yes. otherwise no. there is a ton of unexpected and unintended interactions with software because of the keyboard but android is still android

      fernando snipsfernando snips2 månader sedan
  • Very witty quip about the android powered BlackBerry and an iPhone. Hold my beer! Blah blah blah! Everyone gets it!

    BlindMansRevenge2002BlindMansRevenge20023 månader sedan
  • The Priv was the best phone I've ever owned. Built like a tank, fit perfectly in my (tiny womens jeans) pockets, and had a great keyboard. Heck, I sideloaded Blackberry's software keyboard on my new device because it's still the best software keyboard I've used. Only ended up upgrading after a few years when its small RAM quantity started getting too limiting.

    KaraHopsKaraHops3 månader sedan
  • I would buy blackberry if it had a Nordic layout on the keyboard

    Daniel BlumeDaniel Blume3 månader sedan
  • Android One and this phone would be perfect.

    drdickinson12drdickinson124 månader sedan
  • How samsung skin get to the blackberry

    Mantian600Mantian6004 månader sedan
  • You make the best mobile restoration videos... Wish you a million subscribers soon

    Vivek SinghVivek Singh4 månader sedan
  • Cool videos man, keep doing them!

    david chiriladavid chirila4 månader sedan
  • Omg, i still have this Blackberry Priv.. Still working very fine.. Love this phone 😍😍😍

    joshua juniorjoshua junior4 månader sedan
  • As always Hugh, I can't understand how and why haven't you passed the 1Mil mark here on youtube, you always seem so passionate about this stuff it's really inspiring. Keep it up mate!

    Diego GutDiego Gut4 månader sedan
  • Awesome channel! Love how detailed you are 🤘

    Zach RandolphZach Randolph4 månader sedan
  • That damage looks like a lollipop lol

    Shashank ReddyShashank Reddy4 månader sedan
  • How do you get it to run as fast as it did in 2015?

    The English TruckerThe English Trucker4 månader sedan
  • still use my priv, but its started to every so often chugg and take 10 seconds to respond to anything

    aWildTomAppearedaWildTomAppeared4 månader sedan
  • Its hard to get like from Jeffrey

    Honey VermaHoney Verma4 månader sedan
  • My favourite phone ....

    Honey VermaHoney Verma4 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh I have a blackberry passport it won't turn on but it charges I can't find any repair guides or anything that can help, can someone help

    Tanuj DarganTanuj Dargan4 månader sedan
  • I loved this phone so much, now I really miss it. I still have it somewhere, but it has broken screen. It was too expensive to repair, as it was almost as much as a new one. Now I have BlackBerry Key2. Can't wait for what they will come up with. I just cannot use a phone without phisical keyboard 🤷‍♀️🙈

    PaulitQaPaulitQa4 månader sedan
  • this is cool

  • I want to buy this phone for daily basic tasks like texting, youtube, netflix and emails Is this a good option till date if i get it at about 130$ almost mint condition

    Parv DiwanParv Diwan4 månader sedan
  • You should get the Blackberry key2 it's a freaking Beast

    Clark _EliteClark _Elite4 månader sedan
  • Blackberry is all I use..

    Clark _EliteClark _Elite4 månader sedan
  • Another collection of broken phones pls

    David Mario and SONIC PLAY REACTS And PLAYSDavid Mario and SONIC PLAY REACTS And PLAYS4 månader sedan
  • Hey hugh I was wondering if you could help me on something. My xbox very commonly freezes and it's getting annoying do you know how to fix that?

    Baker MayfieldBaker Mayfield4 månader sedan
  • Do you love old phone because of keyboard?

    Oun NakOun Nak4 månader sedan
  • 아이클라우드 락 어떻게 풀어요?

    손완석손완석4 månader sedan
  • Blackberry went bankrupt not because their phones were bad but because Samsung and Apple overshadowed them with advertisements and multiple options and changes finger crossed for their comeback cause my first phone i ever owned was a blackberry and grew very attached to it.

    HEEMOHEEMO4 månader sedan
  • 5:29 You ALWAYS want the absolute minimum amount of thermal paste that guarantees good contact with the heat sink. Paste doesn't cool anything by itself. If it does anything, it interrupts the heat exchange. We use the paste because it is still better than having pockets of air between the processor and the heat sink. It's basically a filler between the processor and the sink, and of course, you want as little filler as possible if you want the heat to reach the sink to be dissipated qiuckly.

    Kyouhyung KimKyouhyung Kim4 månader sedan

    TacoKittyTacoKitty4 månader sedan
  • My dude, I just found your channel and am *addicted*. This is only my second video too 😍

    DJJammer30 StudiosDJJammer30 Studios4 månader sedan
  • That's my dream phone, only if it were more...recent. Good job. Wonderful mobile phone.

    D. FănelD. Fănel4 månader sedan
  • My only Blackberry phone I owned, and while I couldn't stand the high thermals and low battery life thanks to the SD 810, I enjoyed the phone overall.

    Saitama JoestarSaitama Joestar4 månader sedan
  • This guy comparing iPhone and Android battery capacity 😂😂😂😂😂

    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻4 månader sedan
  • You should make a tiktok!!!

    Jonathan AndradeJonathan Andrade4 månader sedan
  • This is an ingenious design to achieve that 99% full screen.

    Amier AsyrafAmier Asyraf4 månader sedan
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  • Looks Like a samsung ui os!

    Transil ProductionsTransil Productions4 månader sedan
  • Battery:- says non replaceable Also battery:- has a giant pull tab on it.

    Explore GadgetsExplore Gadgets4 månader sedan
    • lol

      Scripter ProviderScripter Provider13 dagar sedan
    • It says "non user replacable"

      dhammas susenodhammas susenoMånad sedan
    • Probably is intended for people who think it’s fly by wire swappable (like the older blackberrys)

      [][]3 månader sedan
  • Yo Hugh I Have An Computer You Can Add To Your Collection But It Needs Fixed Does Not Come With An Hardrive It Was Broken I Don’t Really Know Ehats Wrong With It But I’ll Sell It To You For 155 Us Dollars Just Respond To This Message Or Email Me At lcurlijo@gmail.com

    Lamar Swag On TrackLamar Swag On Track4 månader sedan
  • hi mr could you please send me an iphone 7 4'7 inch original black display for me..im living in saudi arabia...display only ok if u can tell me ill send you my address and money thanks

    තුෂාන් S ඉහළගමගේතුෂාන් S ඉහළගමගේ4 månader sedan
  • I have this phone with a broken display. How can I get a good quality display? i am from Bangladesh.

    LoadedFry 2.0LoadedFry 2.04 månader sedan