Apple Watch Series 4 Restoration - Is it worth it?

5 dec 2020
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  • Apple do this to stop third party repairs.

    Srajan MishraSrajan Mishra3 dagar sedan
  • My watch is scrolling on its own and I can’t get to stop moving around might this involve the Digital Crown if so what can I do about this?

    Diego CastroDiego Castro8 dagar sedan
  • Apple in its current state is a company of assholes, carying only about the amount of money they get.

    Roma -Roma -9 dagar sedan
  • No, Apple does not want you to repair broken products. Lamentably, they, like most American companies today, want you to waste small fortunes to buy products you do not need. Good for you for keeping tech kit out of the landfill with your repairs.

    Don QuijoteDon Quijote13 dagar sedan
  • why did you replace the entire screen???? the digitizer was the only thing damaged

    That BirbThat Birb14 dagar sedan
  • I think you should know by now that Apple will always be in control of your phone, having full functionality doesn't sever the umbilical cord between the maker and its products.

    Anthony XuerebAnthony Xuereb14 dagar sedan
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    Pam CervantesPam Cervantes15 dagar sedan
  • It cost $150 with a series 4? Crazy!

    Jack deyJack dey15 dagar sedan
  • Unpopular opinion: I am actually glad Apple is being so serious about security.

    Ruben StuvelingRuben Stuveling16 dagar sedan
  • Appel yay ..

    Harry Pannu.Harry Pannu.17 dagar sedan
  • I recently received a free Apple Watch Series 1 with a broken battery (deep discharge). It's an import and Apple said that fixing it would cost more than a new watch so the owner kept it and was about to throw it away. He was nice and gave it to me so I decided to order a new battery for 17€. I replaced the battery and I now have a 17€ Apple Watch. We should always be able to repair our own devices. I'm glad that the watch now lives on my wrist instead of in the trash.

    SimonSimon18 dagar sedan
  • I Would never own an apple least DickTurpin has the courtesy to wear a mask when he robbed you at gun point.....

    FTW1207FTW120719 dagar sedan
  • Well, not _me>_ I couldn't make it worth it like you.

    gordon thomasgordon thomas20 dagar sedan
  • never owned an Apple product and never will

    Vojislav SibinovicVojislav Sibinovic23 dagar sedan
  • This design seem like my watch HW12

    MALIK MALIK02MALIK MALIK0223 dagar sedan
  • Displays are cheap on AliExpress

    Nyons Van den BroeckNyons Van den Broeck24 dagar sedan
  • My Apple Watch series 1 running watch os 4 still connects to my iPhone running iOS 14

    Ryan hibbertRyan hibbert25 dagar sedan
  • When are people going to listen or learn Apple just want you to buy new every year, I've got apple stuff that cost lots of money just sitting in a bottom draw nothing wrong with them they are like new all but the software, apple stopped updating them because they force you to spend lots of money again for a new model in which a few years down the line yet again no updates. I wish everyone would sit back and look at what Apple is doing to you all, just keep emptying your wallets that's why I'm sticking to android far better.

    keiron astburykeiron astbury26 dagar sedan
  • My Casio W-800H goes Brrrrrrr ;3

    Aurora The OtterAurora The Otter26 dagar sedan
  • such amazing work deserves more attention to what he does

    Elizabeth MezzettiElizabeth Mezzetti26 dagar sedan
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    Prolatbz NetProlatbz Net27 dagar sedan
  • why be disingenuous, a recycled watch doesn't become E waste, that's quite literally the point of recycling, are you doing this to please your viewers, lying isn't cool

    JoshJosh27 dagar sedan
  • Is it worth it Is he worth it He flips it up And reverse it

    lyang-om lepchalyang-om lepcha27 dagar sedan
  • in our county you get almost new on e for that money..

    Zan OfficialZan Official28 dagar sedan
  • how nice i got a deal i got a s4 44mm celuler nike edition perfect condition on the battery life is 87% now for £110

    Logan Harding50Logan Harding5029 dagar sedan
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    LOUIZ AbdellatifLOUIZ Abdellatif29 dagar sedan
  • Apple is Gold Digger. Always Creating Monopolies And Keep Every Penny of Amount in Its pocket and don't wanna share with anyone That's Why Now They Are Making Their Own Laptop Chips😎

    MrunAL ChaudhariMrunAL Chaudhari29 dagar sedan
  • What do you do with all of the devices that you fix?

    Jenna AshworthJenna Ashworth29 dagar sedan
  • There is a cheaper way to replace the screen You can replace the glass and also zack from jerryrigeverything show us how to do it

    XX_YTXX_YTMånad sedan
  • I think they don't let you repair it due to third party repairs and what you to get it done by then and get ripped off or buy a new one

    Musa Bin-ImranMusa Bin-ImranMånad sedan
  • Why fix it with overpriced display, also after fixing you would notice that NFC blocks your hardware. Creepy s#it from Apple, definitely they are extortionists.

    N BauaN BauaMånad sedan
  • I'm not surprised. Everything except the iPhone and iPad is pretty much useless when goes bad. Airpods can't be sold used and they get lost very easily and the apple watch isn't easy to resale. Apple used to be blood sucking and crazy with their pre iphone customers but it seems like they are really taking advantage of people

    mac berrymac berryMånad sedan
  • Why not just update the iPhones?

    Slim56Slim56Månad sedan
  • Macworld is correct

    Ben PBen PMånad sedan
  • We as consumers need to show Apple without us they’re nothing. We allow them to pull this type of crap by continuing to buy their products, knowing they what complete control over said product even after purchase. Basically u don’t own the product u just spent $1,300 for 🤦🏾‍♂️. 🖕🏾Tim Apple, that’s just shady business practices with no shame. Not to mention the purposeful speed drops on older devices when newer ones release. They’re pretty much saying 🖕🏾us too.

    Unruly MassesUnruly MassesMånad sedan
  • 😍

    Justin's CinemaJustin's CinemaMånad sedan
  • Justin's CinemaJustin's CinemaMånad sedan
  • Apple Watch is freaking hard to open up

    Nick HaldemNick HaldemMånad sedan
  • Good deal. The band alone goes for $100 U.S

    eddy Mahoneddy MahonMånad sedan
  • Makes me not want apple products.

    Lee DLee DMånad sedan
  • If the screen itself made the watch stop allowing you to use Apple Pay, then it would be an Apple stupid lock. But since it is the NFC antenna, I think that it is definitely a security measure. But extremely annoying nonetheless.

    The weird channel AmazementThe weird channel AmazementMånad sedan
  • You are right to feel like you dont own your device. You don't own your device unless it's running a free (as in freedom) open source operating system (like linux for pc or an open android varient like lineageOS or eOS for mobile), and broken Hardware can be replaced. If you don't control your device you don't own it.

    Joe PelletierJoe PelletierMånad sedan
  • FOUND IT: that's his channel, go have a look. @HughJeffreys He was mentioned in this video by JerryRig:

    TerryssTerryssMånad sedan
  • I'm sorry but contrarily to how it was for other product repairs, you make repairing an apple watch MUCH more difficult than how it really is. If only you watched thoroughly some other tutorials, there's a repair-man guy with a YT channel and most of his vids are Apple Watch repairs.

    TerryssTerryssMånad sedan
  • I wish my worst enemy a glass only Apple Watch repair

    Andrew AyadAndrew AyadMånad sedan
  • What icon pack has been used on the Apple Watch? I have the same exact watch, I wanna change it too

    AnirudhhhAnirudhhhMånad sedan
  • This channel confuses clearly do not like Apple yet have a huge collection of devices.

    StevenStevenMånad sedan
  • Apple is utterly scummy. They don't repair a watch but replace it for 260$? Makes you wonder how cheap they make em for and the profit margin. Apples greed is unbelievable.

    Dina NikolaidouDina NikolaidouMånad sedan
  • In india apple sucks fucks..we love oppo vivo sucks in third party repairing

    Honey VermaHoney VermaMånad sedan
  • Please subtitle your videos to Brazilian Portuguese, your content is incredible and I’ll follow you from here! 🇧🇷

    Alexandre ValeAlexandre ValeMånad sedan
  • "there have been people" ... not "has been" ... amazing channel, i love your work but i couldn't help myself

    George CosmicGeorge CosmicMånad sedan
  • Just wondering, why don’t you update your phones?

    Tech VaultTech VaultMånad sedan
  • And we are done

    Eshaal JavedEshaal JavedMånad sedan
  • I bought last month an used iPhone 7 just because it's works fine with my hearing aids and it's bluetooth function. But an Apple Watch? No, thank you! I am happy with my CASIO watch 3299.

    Polos RavrosPolos RavrosMånad sedan
  • For a moment I thought they completely paired the screen but after completely watching noticed they pulled an classic Apple move. Good video either way though

    SpadesOfPaint StudiosSpadesOfPaint StudiosMånad sedan
  • The old display still works, why not just refurbish with loca glue?

    John JohnJohn JohnMånad sedan
  • Sir, i have macbook pro 13 inch but some message appear on battery service recommended

    kym Carreonkym CarreonMånad sedan
  • Lemme answer it for you: no.

    정우영정우영Månad sedan
  • More Apple landfill disgraceful.

    David LewisDavid LewisMånad sedan
  • please someone help me buy a axon 10pro 4g fingerprintsensor (indisplay camera technology)!

    li8w8li8w8Månad sedan
  • My iphone is stuck in recovery mode and itunes keeps giving me error 40 .. can somebody help ?

    Rekesh OreyRekesh OreyMånad sedan
  • Can you test the repairability of the airpods max pls?

    Chris HendrixChris HendrixMånad sedan
  • Bruh 446 i know its for content to show is fixable but i bought a apple watch series 5 around February for $299 usd open box on ebay it was basically brand new but the box was open

  • Why no 3rd party repair...? What SECURITY REASON IS THERE FOR NFC ANTENA AND SCREEN?? NONE!! It's simple. There's no money in it. There's money only in buying new watch in this case. NO ONE who own's anything made from Apple REALLY OWNS THAT PRODUCT! It's just on a lease and owners don't think about that, that they are TRAPPED in that prison. They don' t know or don't care which is sad really... Brainwashing 101 from Apple's side. And no one from ordinary consumers to figure it out and stop buying ALL OF THEIR STUFF! It's designed only to leave people with empty pocket and a product that is dead after couple of years.

    UmovniUmovniMånad sedan
  • I know why , apple what you to pay for a new one

    baby yodababy yodaMånad sedan
  • you lost this Apple watch if you reset and pairs with new iPhone, because you didn't replacement old IC pair on old screen.

    Cambo FixingCambo FixingMånad sedan
    • Did you meant "You *could* lost this Apple Watch..." Or "You lost this Apple Watch *because* you reseted and paired with new iPhone" ???

      aruaru11 dagar sedan
    • I just had a stroke reading this

      Greed the SinnerGreed the Sinner17 dagar sedan
    • What?

      Bao TranBao TranMånad sedan
    • Hi verified youtuber

      pooppoopMånad sedan
  • Apple, renting devices.

    QWERTYQWERTYMånad sedan
  • Better buy real watch

    Aler SeraAler SeraMånad sedan
  • Uhhhh..... I bought my Series 4 cellular edition for $150 on Facebook marketplace.... without a cracked screen.

    Madison WhiteMadison WhiteMånad sedan
  • Hugh's first video of fixing Apple watches around a year ago inspired me to fix a broken Apple watch series 3 i bought and I succeded :D

    Santiago NeiraSantiago NeiraMånad sedan
  • I am using series 1 and you ask whether series 4 is worth repairing... stupid first world question man and you should think about he rest of the world first how they live and what they can afford when you use such clickbait shiP....

    nokiangagenokiangageMånad sedan
  • hey Hugh, what do you think about the leaks/predictions that apple might put touchid under the screen next year? Will this make screen replacements impossible because the fingerprint sensor is permanently attached to the screen, and the fingerprint sensor is locked to the phone? do other phones that have a fingerprint sensor under the screen require you to replace the fingerprint sensor with the screen too?

    NotABerger _NotABerger _Månad sedan
  • Love the videos, something very therapeutic watching you repair and restore and finally wipe down with alcohol. Here in Japan people throw out perfectly usable stuff so you don't need to repair it, just check if it works, and clean it up if it does!

    Tokyo BitcoinerTokyo BitcoinerMånad sedan
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    mako kimotomako kimotoMånad sedan
  • I would legit pay this guy to fix my computer

    bob larrybob larryMånad sedan
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    Cindy RestituyoCindy RestituyoMånad sedan
  • you could’ve bought a new Apple Watch se for $280 and $329 fully specked out and still buy an case and screen protector

    Michael Rpmracer1ytMichael Rpmracer1ytMånad sedan
  • Hey! How about you use the 19:6 aspect ratio instead of 16:9?

    YiğitYiğitMånad sedan
  • But it is not looking as good as the original one at the first. I don't know if it's just me.

    Mishkat TashdidMishkat TashdidMånad sedan
  • Amazing how none of you're apple devices are ever icloud locked..

    peter joycepeter joyceMånad sedan
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  • With such a change of display, card payment does not work. And the worst thing - when you reset or when you sell and unpair with your phone - you get a brick (it is not possible to pair). There is a way out of this situation. Only glass (or glass with a sensor) needs to be replaced. or a more complex repair is needed - transferring the NFC module from the old display to the new one.

    aLnikaLnikMånad sedan
  • But? Y didn’t u just update the phone?? Y did u need two more phones

    Ya DogYa DogMånad sedan
  • Nice expensive luxury smart watch.but i'm not a fan of apple.i got a android cheap smart watch ,it satisfied me.

    Jeevan Kumar GurungJeevan Kumar GurungMånad sedan
  • Shitty Apple products, you can't use it without pairing to an iPhone and you need the latest iOS or iPhone just to pair it, then you have to wait hours to update the fucking WatchOS, I don't understand why the hell people like this trash?

    zZiL341yRj736zZiL341yRj736Månad sedan

    Electrify 501Electrify 501Månad sedan
  • A$436+ to fix it and has missing features, or A$429 for a brand new SE (version 4 with new processer) with a warranty direct from Apple without the hassle of fixing it. I guess if you're doing it for SEworld points then it's worth it, but it's better to just get one from Apple or look for a few bucks off a sale.

    Web LukeWeb LukeMånad sedan
  • In my opinion you were too careless for the old display, you could save it to let it be a refurbished one

    Tomasz MożejkoTomasz MożejkoMånad sedan
  • Do you want apple pay functionality you have to replace the entire glass not the display

    Oun Nak 12Oun Nak 12Månad sedan
  • Only apple would disable the NFC payments if you replace the display...

    hyperlapsehyperlapseMånad sedan
  • Seems funny how apple no longer bundles chargers with their phones because it's wasteful but completely replaces an apple watch instead of trying to repair it. You cannot beat their level of hypocrisy.

    AndreiAndreiMånad sedan
  • apple is known for making e-waste by the way.

    A Random GuyA Random GuyMånad sedan
  • Can someone tell me why he isn't at 1 million yet?

    Makeup by ChristyJMakeup by ChristyJMånad sedan
  • You could just update the iPhone X to the newest software...

    XIndependent77XIndependent77Månad sedan
  • 500th comment lol

    AuricAuricMånad sedan
  • 497th comment lol

    AuricAuricMånad sedan
  • That’s why I dumped my Apple Watch and went Garmin Fenix 6 now

    s3k4t0rs3k4t0rMånad sedan
  • Hi Hugh . I got a question for you . What Apple Watch can get paired with an old IPhone SE ? I use an SE . Ty

    simon marshallsimon marshallMånad sedan
  • the display and touch are not damaged, so maybe would be possible to just replace the glass cover?

    RodBlancRodBlancMånad sedan
  • apple is locking down the parts they should be sued for stealing out money

    1snipzz21snipzz2Månad sedan