$16 Custom Xbox Controller Transformation/Build

30 maj 2020
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Its time I revisited my custom Xbox 360 and completed the transparent theme but customising its wireless controller.
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  • How much do you want it for I would love to buy it

    deanboi58deanboi58Månad sedan
  • I hand a x box 360 years a go chip cheep games butt it broke butt I have a new ps4 2td elimination edition now it is my best 1 I love more it looks like sonic the hedgehog blue top ps4 2td elimination edition now bye by fan ryan 👍😀

    ryan Bloomfieldryan Bloomfield3 månader sedan
  • I'm a little upset he forgot to add the little thing near the home button that makes the lights desperse around the home button more

    weeneweene3 månader sedan
  • What’s the songs in the back ground?

    WOJIPOJIWOJIPOJI3 månader sedan
  • Where do you get the clear console shell? do they sell any other models of console? been scouring the internet

    tidbettidbet3 månader sedan
  • Where did you bought the controller housing/case?

    Intense MarkIntense Mark3 månader sedan
    • had the same question... lmk if you find out, I'll comment again if I do!

      tidbettidbet3 månader sedan
  • Hi.. I have Xbox 360. Same like your but i want exactly like your.. Can you help me to do like this. I from Singapore..

    suhaimibull 9suhaimibull 93 månader sedan
  • But it will not feel comfortable

    Dana TylerDana Tyler4 månader sedan
  • The Power supply is not a transparent. And cables....

    iNekoiNeko4 månader sedan
  • cool

    LOL 123LOL 1235 månader sedan
  • now i just need to find out where to find the xbox case so i can finish this build XD

    TheQuantumFluffTheQuantumFluff5 månader sedan
  • it makes me happy seeing the 360 still getting attention today.

    Carlos CraigCarlos Craig5 månader sedan
  • Dove si vende il case trasparente?

    Gianni GamerGianni Gamer5 månader sedan
  • I miss the days of the Xbox 360, I did get an Xbox One S but I eventually traded it in for a PS4 Slim just a month later. I would really like to see a refresh of the old Xbox 360 UI as I think we can all agree that that UI was iconic.

    Garv BanerjiGarv Banerji5 månader sedan
  • You should mod the ring of light for both the controller and the Xbox slim. It requires soldering and is quite difficult because of the size of the leds but the result is epic. The controller has 4 leds and the Xbox only has one bigger one on the slim.

    hwhizmw2hwhizmw26 månader sedan
  • Clear phones are cool but another thing clear now like the controller looks a little bit tacky

    escalator cancerescalator cancer6 månader sedan
  • what website you get the lights from?

    290Bridgeboy YGLew290Bridgeboy YGLew6 månader sedan
  • I like controller teardowns.

    Error HackerError Hacker7 månader sedan
  • Does anyone know if there is a clear case for an original PS4? ive looked and cant find one. would really love to do that for my PS4!

    NextProductions TVNextProductions TV7 månader sedan
  • I low key would love to have this

    James DavisJames Davis7 månader sedan
  • I love your work, keep going

    Alessandro BalloAlessandro Ballo7 månader sedan
  • Will this case work with the controller with the transforming dpad?

    Raiden8816Raiden88167 månader sedan
  • Now do a transparent monitor

    EffexctsEffexcts7 månader sedan
  • Wait I used a t8 tho😳

    Andrew RomeroAndrew Romero7 månader sedan
  • I got my first Xbox 360 when I was 5 and I threw it out last year.. I’m stupid

    Moonlight.GrandeMoonlight.Grande7 månader sedan
  • Estás bien pendejo no puedes abrir el control

    Jaime LimonJaime Limon7 månader sedan
  • what is the purpose of the vibrate motors on the controller? Haha lol

    weird streamweird stream7 månader sedan
  • I have a question, where do you buy the replacement for the iPhones ?

    Jared Chinchilla SanchezJared Chinchilla Sanchez7 månader sedan
  • The screws are Security T8

    Shay DevlinShay Devlin7 månader sedan
  • So I don't know but do you think you can fix a s6 plus because I don't know how to fix phones?

    whas good idkwhas good idk7 månader sedan
  • let me buy it off of you

    Bob RossBob Ross7 månader sedan
  • Could you please make an eBay shopping video for buying iPhone and iPad parts

    Ahmed AymanAhmed Ayman7 månader sedan
  • I'm addicted to watching your videos Hugh :D So satisfying!

    Andi PalmerAndi Palmer7 månader sedan
  • What do you do with all the devices you repair? Sell them

    DaBombV2 GamingDaBombV2 Gaming7 månader sedan
  • imagine not having rechargeable battery’s that come with the controller

    Harry JohnsonHarry Johnson7 månader sedan
    • Battery's lol

      Onikisu's AltOnikisu's Alt7 månader sedan
  • Damn The Buttons Are Thick

    ꧁ Ҝ乇卄卂ㄩ ꧂꧁ Ҝ乇卄卂ㄩ ꧂7 månader sedan
  • Hey Jeffrey , can you restore scrap and junk phone and laptop, i have here 2 old junk laptops that i want to restore but I can't. Maybe you can,

    MASUE CALLMASUE CALL7 månader sedan
  • Hey, I would like to donate my broken S8, it has a cracked screen and cracked back cover, screen cannot be touched, im too poor to repair it, ive been a constant watcher, i had many previous accounts that ive subscribed to this channel, but theyre all gone, stolen with my phones, but anyways, i wanna see you repair my samsung s8, it had been really special to me and ive made lots of memories with it. Ill wait for your reply if you'd like to accept my donations

    Manolita CapeManolita Cape7 månader sedan
  • So can you repair consoles

    Tawah ZuzeTawah Zuze7 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/tv/_wqi6aule27dIg2aMpZMAg.html

    later clips clipslater clips clips7 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh i have an IPAD air 2(non cellular)with spots on on the screen and unresponsive power and home button is their any way i could sip it to you and you could fix and make a video on it pls repond Email me @nomansiddiqui1708@gmail.com

    Noman SddiquiNoman Sddiqui7 månader sedan
  • You should make a transparent monitor (all the housing would be transparent, not the screen)

    MNK19MNK197 månader sedan
  • do a ps2 slim restoration

    Shane MathewShane Mathew7 månader sedan
  • Can you add a bezel less display on iphone 5s or se?

    BestchannelBestchannel7 månader sedan
  • Could you do this to a ps3 to be cheaper or a ps4?

    Steph002Steph0027 månader sedan
  • What’s the best brand of aftermarket batteries for an Apple MacBook?

    Jon SmithJon Smith7 månader sedan
  • Right now Hugh Jeffreys had 420k subscribers. Nice.

    Jackp422Jackp4227 månader sedan
  • That’s Sick 🔥

    iTech EverythingiTech Everything7 månader sedan
  • Thanks for the quality vids, could you help me? not a deal with this content in particular, but while watching your smartphones repair/recover vids pretty often you mention an adhesive strong enough to keep things that once were loose, on place... could you talk about these? i may have a need on knowing or purchasing this sort of thing. sry bout my bad english, im brazillian.

    Ivo MedeirosIvo Medeiros7 månader sedan
  • How this dude have so many subs?! He is making some damn good videos and not making himself an idiot, HOW

    Eryk SzkaradzińskiEryk Szkaradziński7 månader sedan
  • transparent mac pro ? 😵😇

  • Good job

    Nitro ZeusNitro Zeus7 månader sedan
  • Sir please show how to remove unlock activation lock of apple iphone. Big fan of you sir☺️👍👍👍

    Ilaf SolkarIlaf Solkar7 månader sedan
  • I dont know from far i see your name as huge but your actually skinny

    linuslinus7 månader sedan
  • Hello, I Have 6 phones that dont work and one tower pc that dont work to.

    Advanc GamingAdvanc Gaming7 månader sedan
  • Hey can you please shoe how to fix the red light on the xbox 360 I have a problem where i turn my xbox on it goes from green to red and the fan starts to go full speed and it turns off please help

    its_abdurrits_abdurr7 månader sedan
  • I'm would've put matching LEDs in the controller

    Captane RoadRiderCaptane RoadRider7 månader sedan
  • Do ps4

    fenakhafenakha7 månader sedan
  • Can we solder some nice coloured LEDs into the controller? I’m guessing no but I’d like a nice blue to match the Xbox you’ve made or green to represent the Xbox.

    AlexAlex7 månader sedan
  • -protip Wired controllers use Phillip's Head Screws instead of the security screws.

    Welkynd StonedWelkynd Stoned7 månader sedan
  • you should try selling it to gamestop

    airiezzairiezz7 månader sedan
  • Triggered

    Z͓̽a͓̽c͓̽Z͓̽a͓̽c͓̽7 månader sedan
  • Since you've already done the Note 7 repair, you should also try to fix Samsung's other faulty phone: Galaxy Fold

    Joris CordierJoris Cordier7 månader sedan
  • I wonder why one of the weights is heavier on on the motors, I feel like that would make it feel off-weight

    Dr KineticsDr Kinetics7 månader sedan
  • Awesome 🤩👌

    I love bassI love bass7 månader sedan
  • I have never used Ifixit tools. Ive got everything at home cause ive collected every tool i need over the years.

    Holzwurm _HDHolzwurm _HD7 månader sedan
  • Make the ps3 transparent

    ANDREWsirupANDREWsirup7 månader sedan
  • Do a clear monitor for the xbox 360

    COOL DUDE 99999COOL DUDE 999997 månader sedan
  • I would love to see more micro soldering videos other then that good work and keep it up. Let’s let him hit 1 million subscribers.

    Andrew GoatAndrew Goat7 månader sedan
  • About 15 years too late but you got there.

    NuclearEcko954NuclearEcko9547 månader sedan
  • One I like in Xbox is their controller the design is pretty cool

    Hero anythingHero anything7 månader sedan
  • Do one for the xbox one pls

    Dejvid ÇeraDejvid Çera7 månader sedan
  • Now you should make that dell monitor transparent.

    Brendan KiyoharaBrendan Kiyohara7 månader sedan
  • Eww Xbox 🤮🤮

    AadilAadil7 månader sedan
  • xbox 360 though

    Emmanuel imokhaiEmmanuel imokhai7 månader sedan
  • Where can I get the ghost case please as I can’t seem to find it anyway

    Jinxy burnellJinxy burnell7 månader sedan
  • Why a 360???

    RichardRichard7 månader sedan
  • Do you sell any of the phones that you fix

    Joshua GarciaJoshua Garcia7 månader sedan
  • Here before 1M gang

    karma.vswrldkarma.vswrld7 månader sedan
  • Hi I am your biggest fan i have an iPhone can you fix it for me the screen is cracked pls reply

    mahpara Arifmahpara Arif7 månader sedan
  • Bruh i remmeber holding the controller up to my nose and from getting air out thru the nose the genuine sticker kind of melted lol

    crysis crysiscrysis crysis7 månader sedan
  • Do you know how to fix buttons on the 360 controller? My A button on a lot of my controllers stopped working

    Eggward1011Eggward10117 månader sedan
  • I miss my Xbox 360. The power cord broke, so I cant play it anymore So it’s only red ringing

    The Nightime GamerThe Nightime Gamer7 månader sedan
  • If only you made this 4 years ago I would’ve needed this I remember back in the day my Xbox was getting old and my brother finally let me modify the controller

    Lil TrappzLil Trappz7 månader sedan
  • I wish I was able to do such things. Guess I’ll live an ugly life.

    SBTOPZZZ LGSBTOPZZZ LG7 månader sedan
  • I'm starting to think that hugh just wanted to make a separate video for the controller so as he can earn more money through SEworld viewers 🤔, I'm sorry but I'm just curious, big fun though

    Dave WilliamDave William7 månader sedan
  • 6:55 no bro you still need a transparent tv

    grg sanjoggrg sanjog7 månader sedan
  • Can you fix my water damaged iPhone?

    Haydon BockHaydon Bock7 månader sedan
  • Hugh jefferys gaming channel starting tomorrow!

    Daniel KhanDaniel Khan7 månader sedan
  • Why don’t you make ps4 related videos

    امين الحماديامين الحمادي7 månader sedan
  • What's the longest you have waited for some parts to get delivered to you? I've waited for 45 days for curved tempered glass for samsung galaxy s9.

    Yashaswee KawleyYashaswee Kawley7 månader sedan
    • Did you get it yet??

      Chris HChris H3 månader sedan
  • So ThAts how it looks inside the red ring of death machine.

    BŁACKSUNBŁACKSUN7 månader sedan
  • Nice „crystal“ looking Xbox 360! Good job Hugh.

    Christian KeuneChristian Keune7 månader sedan
  • Would be nice if you could add a blue LED like on the console to match

    Eryk GrabkowskiEryk Grabkowski7 månader sedan
  • Custom transparent ps3

    SNARKSNARK7 månader sedan
  • Even though I love the feeling of the Xbox One controller, the Xbox 360's is still my favourite. Nostalgia? Maybe. Anyway, now I want a transparent one. And those buttons are *T H I C C*

    QuesbeQuesbe7 månader sedan
  • Who still has Xbox 360 and write their users down

    HypeNight 789HypeNight 7897 månader sedan
  • Hugh jeffrey is our emergency!!

    Helix Relics ShowHelix Relics Show7 månader sedan
  • Hi, could you do that for the xbox one controllers

    Moses JonsonMoses Jonson7 månader sedan
  • I remember my transparent original Xbox. Those were the days haha. I’ve still got that thing in my attic, might start using it again.

    Callum UzzellCallum Uzzell7 månader sedan