Custom Red and Black iPhone 6s Plus Build/Restoration

18 maj 2019
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Restoring and rebuilding an iPhone 6s plus 128GB into a custom Red and Black configuration.
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  • You are technician or scraps broken men

    mujeebur rahmanmujeebur rahman13 dagar sedan
  • Check out and Subscribe to my channel of me repairing the iPhone 6s

  • Would u sell ur work?

    Red isSusRed isSusMånad sedan
  • That really was a "ripoff battery" lol

    Drone EEngineerDrone EEngineerMånad sedan
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    Lil KrauseLil KrauseMånad sedan
  • I’m gonna try this on iPhone 6s soon🔥

    Reetu IlmariReetu IlmariMånad sedan
  • Watching this on iPhone 6s Plus 😂 with Red housing

    prasanjit paulprasanjit paulMånad sedan
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  • And I can barely put on a screen protector

    darek klichdarek klichMånad sedan
  • Where do I get phone housings, i want a Samsung Galaxy 8+

    Betachi UchihaBetachi UchihaMånad sedan
  • yo you didnt add the sim card slot its not complete 😂

    Leo NguyenLeo Nguyen2 månader sedan
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  • that friend is lucky

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  • Om boleh tau harga Nya berap ya

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  • Can you fix my iPhone 6s??? It doesn’t charge and now it died 😢 (it has a replacement battery) and now it doesn’t show the flat symbol it’s just black 😢

    Gabriel RomeroGabriel Romero2 månader sedan
  • He dose it sooooo smooothlyyy❤️

    Adarsh ReddyAdarsh Reddy2 månader sedan
  • Where can I find the frame. My iPhone 6s is bent and I want to buy this red frame so I can have a little project

    Arturo OrozcoArturo Orozco2 månader sedan
  • Uff looks amazing bro

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  • Very good 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  • put a new battery in . god if that was my phone i would be angry

    Chris CavaneyChris Cavaney2 månader sedan
    • but i would be gratefull

      Chris CavaneyChris Cavaney2 månader sedan
  • Where i can buy it?

    Damian AjuDamian Aju3 månader sedan
  • all that effort and although it turned out to be a success (restoration wise) , it still runs iOS 11-14 (which is an utter piece of garbage, no 32bit, ugly shit, worse battery life, less features). If only it was running iOS 10.3.3...

    Nikita ZaycevNikita Zaycev3 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh I fixed iPhone's and android as well I just fixed a iPhone 6 i fixed the whole iPhone because it wouldn't turn on because they bend it around the sim tray holder and volume button bend .. I put on whole new housing with Everything and it was a fake battery in the iPhone 6 I replaced that'as well .. ..

    Superflyy EDDIESuperflyy EDDIE4 månader sedan
  • Brilliant good Sir Brilliant. I wish I could some how get you to do this to MY I phone 6S. A fan :) I love my 6s and have no intention of up grading unless i absolutely have to.

    HeimerblasterHeimerblaster4 månader sedan
  • where did he get the red housing???

    Tristan HarveyTristan Harvey4 månader sedan
  • The moderators and the moderators the other

    Gs the same StillGs the same Still4 månader sedan
  • Hey will you plz help me with some old phones and toolkit to learn the restoration i need some financial support for it

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  • Where did you get the red housing

    navodith shankarnavodith shankar5 månader sedan
  • What do you guys have for advice on getting the home button to work again on an iPhone 7 as I do not have access to the original home button?

    Polar BearPolar Bear5 månader sedan
  • my 6s housing replacement came with pre installed small bits. any1 know if these work? it came with volume/mute flex, taptic engine/charging port

    j lushj lush5 månader sedan
  • Where did you order the red case?

    Steven RisnyomaSteven Risnyoma5 månader sedan
  • Can you explain about iCloud

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  • The Apple Logo Cover on the red housing looks bad 😬🤢 It destroys the whole fame of that red

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  • thats why those magic tapes are

    Toni TontsapoikaToni Tontsapoika6 månader sedan
    • :D watching those videos and noticed... :D LG g6 thinq had 6 screws.. :D apple phone... 35? or 50? screws? :D loll

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  • Can you restore 2 boken iPhone and sell it under 200 dollar?

    Linus AnderssonLinus Andersson6 månader sedan
  • iPhone SE 2020 prediction

    Lo-GX Ensemble CoenTechLo-GX Ensemble CoenTech7 månader sedan
  • soooo my iphone 6s battery lags at 1% is that normal?

    KollectorKollector7 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh! You’re a hero! I play your videos in the background whenever I’m watching porn in the bathroom

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  • Hey dude were do you buy these housings i want to build one two

    SupermotoslideSupermotoslide7 månader sedan
  • Does it also charges very slow?

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  • You went through the playlist and it said B.o.B airplanes with Halle, I was just listening to that before I clicked on this video😂😂😂

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  • that intro reminds me of Друг

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  • Can u give one

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  • I have problem with my iPhone 6s it no fix it I remove the battery and charge and he not fix it again

    Misho NicolovMisho Nicolov8 månader sedan
  • 2:08 who thought it was gonna explode?

    Daniel KhanDaniel Khan8 månader sedan
  • Where can I get a custom housing for a iPhone 6 with the imei on it and with the small pieces on it already

    zpucci5454zpucci54548 månader sedan
  • Nice to see an I-PHONE again, Hugh, what do you think from the 'Antennagate' and everybody could receive a free bumper from Steve Jobs, nice service don't you think. Thanks for showing and kind regards.

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  • That red back looks so damn good

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  • 1:34 that’s one way to restart your iPhone

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  • iphone 6 s plus 2020 ? like

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  • Where to buy..??

    Prince ParjapatiPrince Parjapati8 månader sedan
  • I dont believe the part where your supposed to undo the battery first because in my 6S i swapped the battery while the phone was plugged into charge and it didn't make a difference. I have also fixed a few of my phones without every touching the battery cable and I have never fried a phone. So it is not a "high chance" of breaking the phone it is low.

    Blaze FireBlaze Fire8 månader sedan
  • that wasn't the smartest decision putting in that bent battery...

    Seth SteinerSeth Steiner8 månader sedan
  • How much do you charge????$$$$

    anetta vastineanetta vastine8 månader sedan

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  • Can you send me the link of a good battery for my iphone 6s plus

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  • Can i became in your friend?

    Gabriel GuzmanGabriel Guzman9 månader sedan
  • You’d have to be an absolute idiot to get hurt from one of those batteries. They’re super durable and if you somehow managed to break it, the only way to severely harm yourself from it would be ingesting the fucking thing.

    Justice KoesterJustice Koester9 månader sedan
  • Nobody: Me: has iPhone 7 Also me: watches every video of how to repair everything but iPhone 7

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  • Idk if it's possible, but it would be pretty funny to put an iPhone in some sort of Android housing and use it to confuse people

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  • Where did you get this red housing?

    Y - AxisY - Axis9 månader sedan
  • is there custom red & black housings for iphone 6 plus? mine has dropped out of a moving car ( i stopped to retrieve it massivly damaged)

    BonsZVlogsJLKBonsZVlogsJLK9 månader sedan
  • That battery literally scares me when you are ripping it out, especially it being at full charge.

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  • can i win an i phoneplz

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  • If only apple had style sense they shouldve sold the red iPhones in this kind of style none of that white screen garbage they seem obsessed with

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  • Bro I am using the same phone I need a custom housing how can I get it .can I get an old from you for free

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  • These kinds of videos make me want to start restoring phones.

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  • So whose ur friend

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  • I've done a few of these and the replacement backs are usually good quality except the camera glass. They use either normal glass or I've even seen thin plastic that scratches or breaks very quickly. Replace with a proper sapphire one as they are only a couple of pounds.

    jim_cosworth Fortnitejim_cosworth Fortnite9 månader sedan
  • Can you send me one of them repair iPhones please

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  • I want this on my phone

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  • my 6s :- has 83% battery capacity but slow af when battery reaches around 0% - 30%

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  • What phone do you use

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  • What divece you use

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  • Being friends with Hugh must be considered friends with benefits

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  • U r a magician buddy.

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  • And I’m over here with my rose gold iPhone 6s Plus.

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  • What a sexy phone. Great video and please tell me where you got the skin

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  • Can help me fixed my 6s plus? Front screen crack and some damage on aluminium.

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  • I had to fix my iPhone it costed me 100 usd since I’m not very good at repairing iPhones this is the first one I’ve done I had to replace the battery,dock connector twice,volume button cable,front camera as screen but everything is working

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  • Product RED iPhone 6S Plus

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  • Why doesn't apple do a custom iphone sale

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  • from where do you get your custom accessories? like de case and the water proof for a 6s?

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  • How much do you charge

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  • having friends like him is real lucky

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  • I can. Replace a scerrn

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  • Where do you purchase your custom housings? Really wanna get a good quality housing when I replace my battery

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  • Can you customize my phone for me??

    Colby SproulColby Sproul11 månader sedan
  • Just saying i tried to pull an iphone 5s battery out of the housing just like you did, except it was an original battery plus i bent it less than you did. The iphone started smoking and eventually caught fire... just saying, you were lucky !!! the iphone got repaired tho ! My wooden table as well 🥴

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  • How can I learn to fix phone

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  • Mine is done

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