The FREE 2009 MacBook Pro Repairs

30 nov 2019
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Its time I finally fixed up this MacBook Pro I got back in 2017 for free.
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  • does it have the GPU issue?

    FryingRonaldFryingRonald18 timmar sedan
  • Can you fix mine ?

    다인다인8 dagar sedan
  • My MacBooks mouse doesnt work it it freezes sometimes, can you fix it

    Fer Likes RobloxFer Likes Roblox20 dagar sedan
  • A soft fibre paintbrush to clean out dust and muck from ports always works. Also good for use on circuit boards too before applying IPA ;)

    Dina NikolaidouDina NikolaidouMånad sedan
  • I love the part when you said that you will gave it to your mom ❤️❤️❤️,nice work sir..

    Shira CremeansShira Cremeans2 månader sedan
  • best way to fix those trackpads is rubbing alcohol!

    CNG MasterCNG Master3 månader sedan
  • where did you get the free apple products?

    the kid tech ShOwthe kid tech ShOw4 månader sedan
  • Do you have a repair and fix video on macbook 2009? Mine want start, dies after 2 min after pushing on button

    José CamposJosé Campos4 månader sedan
  • Great channel, amongst my favourites, good work

    Colin TarirahColin Tarirah5 månader sedan
  • Also use paint brush to clean inside ports.

    Kaushalendra PrashantKaushalendra Prashant6 månader sedan
  • Hi. Where did u purchase the LCD for A1278?

    Ruddy MohammedRuddy Mohammed7 månader sedan
  • What a legend. I am addicted to your videos bro. Fair play!

    Mo DrajMo Draj7 månader sedan
  • Hugh Jeffreys, you are a genius in repairing, thanks for showing and kind regards.

    Saskia van HoutertSaskia van Houtert7 månader sedan
  • just a small tip. you can use zippo on the logic board. it really does a good job. condition is to dry is very well. not joking at all.

    Andrei IulianAndrei Iulian7 månader sedan
  • what kind of cleaning alcohol do you use?

    Marie WMarie W7 månader sedan
  • Lucky MOM!

    Jed SienaJed Siena7 månader sedan
  • Hello Hugh.. As i see you do repair a lot of older Macbooks. I´m usually a PC person (Windows OS) but i would love to try work in iOS. Which older Macbook would you recommend?

    JookerSKJookerSK8 månader sedan
  • I love the part when you said that you will gave it to your mom ❤️❤️❤️,nice work sir..

    Jer BatJer Bat9 månader sedan
  • 3:24 mac soon gets drunk

    Aneeq RasheedAneeq Rasheed9 månader sedan
  • Can I have it?

    PotatoPotato10 månader sedan
  • hello HUGH JJEFFREYS, MY NAE TRAN.I wached your video every day Ilike the way you did.I was 64 now but cumputer ,can I ask you I can buy that macbook 2009,Ilike that year,so canI

    Fuego TranFuego Tran10 månader sedan
  • Neat to see this come back to life, though I would highly advise people to avoid core2duo era macbooks like the plague. They cant even really play youtube videos anymore at 720p. And their age will show ever faster as the years go. If you want to find a cheap mbp fixer make sure its at least a first gen i5 or i7. 2012's are the sweetspot right now as they support the latest mojave version of macos.

    BrystBryst10 månader sedan
  • 3:40 those ports looks the happiest things in the world

    Siddhant BhattSiddhant Bhatt11 månader sedan
  • The one piece you cleaned is a grill or vent. Great rebuild! 🤓

    J. LietkaJ. Lietka11 månader sedan
  • Trust huge Jeffries to fix your things he’s the best❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊

    Amtrak Fan 8Amtrak Fan 811 månader sedan
  • Clean, clean clean... He learned from his previous video :

    Philippe LebelPhilippe Lebel11 månader sedan
  • 3:47 mini display port looks kinda happy

    Egor BuryiEgor Buryi11 månader sedan
  • Can i buy that laptop

  • Hey Jeffreys, you sim to fix things but don't show what you would do after you have fixed them?

    abdi asefaabdi asefa11 månader sedan
  • That’s a big pile of Grey goo

    MineChris 2008MineChris 200811 månader sedan

    weeneweene11 månader sedan
  • Damn, that motherboard is small and that battery is pretty T H I C C for it's time. How long it lasts that battery?

    Mini tomateMini tomate11 månader sedan
  • why do you not use compressed air? would be really useful for some of those places you're trying to clean out.

    Duan DaoDuan DaoÅr sedan

    Bender Bending RodriguezBender Bending RodriguezÅr sedan
  • I've been enjoying these videos but I don't have the confidence to crack open my MacBook. Damn sure needs a cleaning though.

    Chewie316Chewie316År sedan
  • your mom would proud of u as her son, Jeff..Good Son..

    Sadur ChicaritoSadur ChicaritoÅr sedan
  • Hugh, you have OCD of cleanliness.

    Anoop PrabhakarAnoop PrabhakarÅr sedan
  • Ram is fixed.

    Anoop PrabhakarAnoop PrabhakarÅr sedan
  • Can this MacBook pro run sims 3??

    weird streamweird streamÅr sedan
  • Louis Rossmann would be proud LOL

    mr559mr559År sedan
  • Apple "service" sucks. They only want to sell you new stuff.

    Mike ReganMike ReganÅr sedan
  • great video

    Sean LiddySean LiddyÅr sedan
  • Damn that laptop has had more alcohol in it in this video than any alcoholic

  • Thanks you !👍

    Papa RobotnikPapa RobotnikÅr sedan
  • Love your work clean and neat.

    Yousef NofalYousef NofalÅr sedan
  • Hi Hugh. Was wondering if you can help me out. I have a 2016 Macbook. Some of the keys are stiff and cannot be pressed. Im guessing there are crumbs under the keyboard from the previous owner or something. Any tips on freeing up the keys so they can work properly again? I know with the Macbook pro you can simply pop out the keys and clean under, but i’m not sure I can do the same thing with this one. Would appreciate the help. Thanks!!

    Taha HatabTaha HatabÅr sedan
  • Why you are not using compressed air???

    Mateusz LeksMateusz LeksÅr sedan
  • Hi Hugh. I have come across your channel recently, and I appreciate what you do with old hardware. For dirty logic boards and motherboards, I would recommend using brake cleaner and high percent alcohol to clean them. Note that brake cleaner tends to discolor some plastic, however this should not be an issue if you remove the board from the device first.

    Eli FarmerEli FarmerÅr sedan
  • Those cinematics are beautiful.

    oofbloxoofbloxÅr sedan
  • I've just bought a 2010 unibody MacBook with Sierra and already ordered the 8GB RAM upgrade before it's due to arrive. Is there anything else I should do? I'll see how it runs on the included 4GB, but I'm pretty sure I'll go on with the RAM upgrade simply because I'll actually have the RAM before the MacBook arrives.

    LJ's UnboxingLJ's UnboxingÅr sedan
  • Psivewri collab

    Big BerthaBig BerthaÅr sedan
  • Try to use small blower for cleaning. Its easy to remove some dust.

    Rajitha PrabathRajitha PrabathÅr sedan
  • Hi. I own a mid 2012 MacBook pro and I'm looking to upgrade to a SSD drive. However I'm curious if you think I should replace my battery as well? It has around 700-900 cycles lady I checked. And also, is there a way to tighten the hinges for the screen without disassembling the whole screen? Thanks for the interesting content. Keep it up.

    Dennis KnutssonDennis KnutssonÅr sedan
  • Backplate text is different now on a replacement lid... now it does not suite the model you have..

    big-tonibig-toniÅr sedan
  • Can you finish you iPod video that was found outside sitting there for 2 years?

    YellowYellowÅr sedan
  • ummm.... Hugh.. have you never heard of compressed air?

    iPixelGalaxyiPixelGalaxyÅr sedan
  • The insides of MacBooks look like tiny futuristic cities

    Devan DevanDevan DevanÅr sedan
  • literally looks like somebody took a shat in this macbook.

    Dominik FulopDominik FulopÅr sedan
  • There's something satisfying with your videos

    NoneNoneÅr sedan
  • What do you do if your missing screws in the phone, it's messing up my digitizer because most of my screws are messed up ... For my iphone 6 plus

    Greatness AwaitsGreatness AwaitsÅr sedan
  • I’m thinking of buying a broken iPhone 6s Plus and try to add a led Apple logo to mine and just have a test device to take apart

    imightdoyoutubeimightdoyoutubeÅr sedan
  • My phone fall water and i can't power on. I try to change the battery but nothing. Alcool is the solution?

    Be_CHEKBe_CHEKÅr sedan
    • Be_CHEK Don’t put it in alcohol, it’s going to make it much worse because it’s already wet, try putting it in rice?

      BlueRBLXBlueRBLXÅr sedan
  • Please help me my iPhone iCloud lock can you please how to unlock my iPhone 🙁🙁🙁

    Ajay KumarAjay KumarÅr sedan
  • that MacBook must me drunk af

    SjoerdSjoerdÅr sedan
  • 想要

    張維尼張維尼År sedan
  • I've been waiting for this!😊

    Miguel BautistaMiguel BautistaÅr sedan
  • Great video Hugh, I’ve made a similar one but with a MacBook Pro Retina I got of eBay dirt cheap.

    lordfezlordfezÅr sedan
  • GOOD video

    Restoration & MakingRestoration & MakingÅr sedan
  • When I see new repair video, I automatically click like) Thank you for your tutorials!

    Адильхан СайранАдильхан СайранÅr sedan
  • I want a Mac so bad 🥺

    Carson LeeCarson LeeÅr sedan
  • That stripped screw is the EXACT same thing as my 2009 MacBook!!!

    Getting into LinuxGetting into LinuxÅr sedan
  • Where you found this "free"

    ZoloXZoloXÅr sedan
  • Do you sell back refurbished items?

    Paulando HenryPaulando HenryÅr sedan
  • you stand out of Apple store dustbin any one throw you catch and repair it salute

    Ritik BhambhaniRitik BhambhaniÅr sedan
  • old apple stuff for mom & dad what a nice idea

    NitrokdNitrokdÅr sedan
  • Wipe it with ALCOHOL how iconic

    Fazli WahidFazli WahidÅr sedan
  • I have one question I have iPhone 6 Plus 64 gb there is no iCloud lock nor Apple ID and find my iPhone is off but when I restore my iPhone It's showing a warning sign with no services and there is no Imei number when I press (i) button in set up screen I want to apple and told me give 570AUD$ and also I want to to another shops but no solution From Oman Muscat

    Jaivek kanabarJaivek kanabarÅr sedan
  • He used too much thermal paste

    Deez NutsDeez NutsÅr sedan
  • Nice transitions

    Guy with iPhoneGuy with iPhoneÅr sedan
  • This is so satisfying!

    TreczTreczÅr sedan
  • Can you costumize a iPhone 6 for me

    Luis PlanasLuis PlanasÅr sedan
  • Hey there, I have the same machine and the wifi just died. I don’t really want to use USB dongle. Is it possible to upgrade the wifi and bluetooth internally?

    Joe GohJoe GohÅr sedan
  • Wow that 2009 MacBook Pro can run in a better OS than and 2009 iPhone 3GS that runs iOS 6

    UserUserÅr sedan
  • Nice to see old stuff working again.

    Liberty CentralLiberty CentralÅr sedan
  • пиздец пацанчик ты конечно термопасту заменил, у нас бы тебе за такое руки поотбивали

    imcatsrslyimcatsrslyÅr sedan
  • Wish I had your skills

    JacquillynJacquillynÅr sedan
  • What's its battery life like

    matthew hectormatthew hectorÅr sedan
  • How is this unfixable u did not fix anything !!

    0othatoneo00othatoneo0År sedan
  • i dont like macs, but sure i do love this one man, great job.

    VoodooVoodooÅr sedan
  • Can I have it

    Raed C.Raed C.År sedan
  • Pause The vid and click THIS8:05 and look at the battery

    Poopi YTPoopi YTÅr sedan
  • I got a iPhone 7+ and it's activation lock and I can't find no one that can fix it do you suggest anything

    Last seLast seÅr sedan
    • Contact the person you bought it from. If you can't contact them you have wasted your money

      Steve CSteve CÅr sedan
  • All Stories are made up

    Varun SapraVarun SapraÅr sedan
  • How to be lucky as you ?

  • Hello i question can you fix my macbook pro the broken is the keybourd i dont know if you can see this pls messger me and my name is tyrsse

    gamer doggamer dogÅr sedan
  • Is there a way to get it upgraded to newer software then el capitan

    Fred catcheslivesFred catcheslivesÅr sedan
  • You need a small art paintbrush and a can of compressed air to clean those difficult places

    Ram FrancisukRam FrancisukÅr sedan
  • Quick question Hugh: What happened to Arianna Grande, you haven’t mentioned her and no more wallpapers of her either.

    Dylan NewlinDylan NewlinÅr sedan
    • he got too much hate on his weird ass arriana grande addiction, so he just stopped putting her as a wallpaper

      2e ewoihwuef2e ewoihwuefÅr sedan
  • So cool! Your mom should be proud. Thanks for sharing

    Jake WagnerJake WagnerÅr sedan
  • get you an air compressor with an attachment, it'll literally blast away any dirt build up without causing any issues.

    kiiingsimbakiiingsimbaÅr sedan