I Was Given a FREE Broken iMac, Lets fix it!

23 maj 2020
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  • Update: Turns out this iMac was sitting in a shed for 5 years, it hadn't been used since 2015

    Hugh JeffreysHugh Jeffreys8 månader sedan
    • @Mick Mace unfortunately you will lose touch id

      Isau FelipeIsau FelipeDag sedan
    • Huge hope your good. Go this same I Mac put a solid state in it but now it's noisy. Any thoughts on a fix? Same for my 2010 Mac Book Pro

      Peace SoupPeace Soup6 dagar sedan
    • You’re the best.

      LayloweliLayloweliMånad sedan
    • @JacobiOneKanobi He downloaded the macOS and then converted the drive into a bootable one and then flashed the OS onto the drive.

      Aryamann KhareAryamann KhareMånad sedan
    • @Yasser Saadat The liquid might have damaged the logic board. Or it is even possible that the LCD display connector has some corrosion on it due to the water entering the phone. I believe there is no way of finding whether it works or not. Also it might be possible that maybe just the battery connector is damaged. If it's a corrosion issue, try cleaning all the connectors with alcohol.

      Aryamann KhareAryamann KhareMånad sedan
  • GOOD THING IT WAS CLEANED SO IT COULD NOT OVER HEAT also srry i forgot it was capital

    Hameed NoorHameed NoorDag sedan
  • Great job! Dear Hugh, I have a 2011 iMac that won't start anymore, so I took it to an Apple dealer and they said it is a logic board failure and they can't fix it since it is an old generation. Is it possible to use it somehow as an external monitor for a laptop? Is there a way to do that and fix it for that purpose? Thank you in advance! Cheers!

    Abed SabehAbed SabehDag sedan
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  • Hey! Can we buy your repaired products.. I want a MacBook at a reasonable rate.. I'm a student in India doing management and I Really need it! @Hugh Jeffreys

    ViVeK RanjanViVeK Ranjan2 dagar sedan
  • Fascinating!

    Judi MorningstarJudi Morningstar2 dagar sedan

    TrippyTrippy3 dagar sedan
  • I was like it's still dirty Then i realized it was mine :(

    SnowFlakeOfficialSnowFlakeOfficial4 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for sharing this video

    Luis VillezaLuis Villeza5 dagar sedan
  • 12:28 Tip from my internship at a Apple Reseller: Hold the tip of the Screwdriver with your other hand, so you won't slip. Highly to recommend when you're getting off the backplate of your Macbook

    itsjustSchnitzelitsjustSchnitzel5 dagar sedan
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    FizzickzFizzickz5 dagar sedan
  • You can help me please

    Guillermo GonzalezGuillermo Gonzalez6 dagar sedan
  • Someone else's junk is another person's treasure!

    rhodeinirhodeini6 dagar sedan
  • No lie u look like carl from mr beast 😆

    Shafia IjazShafia Ijaz7 dagar sedan
  • You sound like the guy from The Linux Experiment!!!

    Kevi KiruKevi Kiru7 dagar sedan
  • The blinking folder with a question mark means the hardrive is broken, That happened to my iMac

    Madeleine LineMadeleine Line8 dagar sedan
  • why tf does it have huge speakers in it??

    Dj SkyDj Sky8 dagar sedan
  • You're so informative. I love it!

    Leo YTLeo YT8 dagar sedan
  • 1:41 i thought that was a toaster for a second.

    PsabuPsabu8 dagar sedan
  • I doubt you still have the drive, but the data could likely still be recovered if he really wanted it but you'd have to get a professional to do it

    runforitmanrunforitman8 dagar sedan
  • i didnt understand any of this but it was cool, me as a nerd

    crazy chameleon bscrazy chameleon bs9 dagar sedan
  • why do people add syllables to “aluminum”

    Alana BalloonAlana Balloon9 dagar sedan
  • Props for pointing out the power supply charge. If anyone is looking to tear apart one of these or any computer in general, it's always a good idea to turn the device on a couple times while unplugged to try and remove any residual charge.

    SaemyrSaemyr10 dagar sedan
  • good work!!!

    Mr singhMr singh10 dagar sedan
  • that is one diry ima no offenec to it lol

    Mr singhMr singh10 dagar sedan
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    Leta CunninghamLeta Cunningham10 dagar sedan
  • I don't know why people spend $1000 on a device just so that it can sit in a shed

    200 Subs With No Video Challenge200 Subs With No Video Challenge10 dagar sedan
  • I was pleasantly surprised that there were no soldering of connections.

    Anthony XuerebAnthony Xuereb11 dagar sedan
  • 1:43 i legit thought he was putting the hard drive in a toaster lmao

    PizzamanPizzaman11 dagar sedan
  • Noce to see one computer got a second chance

    Szymon ŚlęczkaSzymon Ślęczka11 dagar sedan
  • I just want to see the previous owner's lung.

    Tong ThanawatTong Thanawat11 dagar sedan
  • we just gonna ignore the computer toaster????

    Ethan MayEthan May12 dagar sedan
  • Wow I am glad they made it so easy to clean dust out of it they must really want it to last for the customer

    trick toptrick top12 dagar sedan
  • I'm thinking about moving in to Australia, at least i won't have to pay for phones and computers.

    Pateh KhanPateh Khan13 dagar sedan
    • @Kevin 😂

      Pateh KhanPateh Khan12 dagar sedan
    • Pateh Khan Yep, you just have to pay $2500 a month for a tiny apartment with no bedroom or bathroom. Or live in a very lovely large house right on the beach near walking distance to shops and restaurants for $500 a month....with 127 other people.

      KevinKevin13 dagar sedan
  • watching this on a 2014 macbook

    krystal padillakrystal padilla13 dagar sedan
  • 1:44 I thought he put the hard drive in a toaster

    A Waste of TimeA Waste of Time13 dagar sedan
  • 5:57

    أحمد Ahmad لاأحمد Ahmad لا14 dagar sedan
  • Hugh Jeffreys: I got this for free! (Normally costs 1-2k dollars) Me: bruh you fixed it for 3k

    Soul Str1cker OfficialSoul Str1cker Official15 dagar sedan
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    Steven JacksonSteven Jackson15 dagar sedan
  • How can the 2020 I mac still have a HDD ?!

    Joachim SölvaJoachim Sölva15 dagar sedan
  • Any give aways Jeff for a graphic designer in need

    Ayaala JoelAyaala Joel17 dagar sedan
  • i saw your face in a reflection of the glass you have a huge beard 😂👌

    Miguel antonio CabuslayMiguel antonio Cabuslay17 dagar sedan
  • throwing shade at apple while repairing one of their old devices

    Sketchy DoodSketchy Dood17 dagar sedan
  • excellent job, well done !

    davidAll5davidAll517 dagar sedan
  • I might need some can d'air too

    Si Mohamed Rayene SlimaniSi Mohamed Rayene Slimani18 dagar sedan
  • how much this project costs?

    Tough MonkeyTough Monkey18 dagar sedan
  • I'd just let it die... Its too old....

    northy Landnorthy Land18 dagar sedan
  • If I remember correctly I have the 2010 version of the iMac. It works but it's rather slow... I was maybe this king on passing it to my mom since she doesn't use her computer that much but is there a way to improve it? Someone told me that it wasn't worth upgrading the SD... Maybe because I can't upgrade the OS? What would you recommend me to do? The screen works perfectly and is something I love about this computer. I wouldn't want to get rid of a working computer. I do have to get a more powerful one so that I can edit videos and such but for browsing and watching videos, editing files on office... The things my mom does. I think it could work but I would like to improve it if possible. I've thought of e-reading everything but where do I get the OS to reinstall it?

    filoshi's Worldfiloshi's World18 dagar sedan
  • Like a little lego

    Impreza CabbitImpreza Cabbit18 dagar sedan
  • Hey I was given the same computer where I can find a hard drive that is compatable

    Tough MonkeyTough Monkey19 dagar sedan
  • Canned air is rubbish. A small air compressor will do WONDERS for dust....

    Mistry ManMistry Man19 dagar sedan
  • I had a Mac just like this, the resemblance in uncanny. Almost the exact thing happened. NOTE: This Mac was not actually mine, it’s just very similar.

    KlondikeBar 300KlondikeBar 30019 dagar sedan
  • Hi Hugh, great job ob your videos, i thoroughly enjoy these. I am learning basic Mac fixing, am trying to install an OS in a iMac 21" model A1311. I have a MacBook air, so How do i copy the os x from an Air and how do I install it on the iMac pls. Much thanks and good luck at College Studies. Best - rajss.

    uribe43uribe4322 dagar sedan
  • What a garbage video... What are you the high school fawking janitor? Wash computers?

    kuruption1983kuruption198322 dagar sedan
  • How can you get a free imac!! I wish I can get one.

    Andrew GutierrezAndrew Gutierrez22 dagar sedan
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    LOUIZ AbdellatifLOUIZ Abdellatif22 dagar sedan
  • i have an exact imac, takes forever to power up, when it finally screen goes black, would you be able to help ??? any sugession

    Ron DuncanRon Duncan22 dagar sedan
  • 9:16 you gonna use that kief?

    FenguinFenguin23 dagar sedan
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    Mandy PrestonMandy Preston23 dagar sedan
  • Why does that thing he put the hard drive in look like a toaster lol

    [GD] SparX[GD] SparX24 dagar sedan
  • That's the screen only and it is not that expensive, I thought he would be fixing the pc

    da_rokysharkzzzda_rokysharkzzz24 dagar sedan
    • The CPU is inside the mac dumbass.

      渡 辺セバズ渡 辺セバズ23 dagar sedan
  • use gloves pls

    German GedgaudsGerman Gedgauds24 dagar sedan
  • WTF 5400 RPM HDD in 2020 iMac? Good lord... why are they charging so much for such outdated tech? It's not like SSDs are hard to get your hands on... Apple you suck.

    HiveTyrant36HiveTyrant3624 dagar sedan
    • That was my exact reaction several years ago. I was at an Apple store and tried out one of their iMacs. It was a painful experience. For something that cost over $1,000+ it was certainly underwhelming.

      Jose Javier FloresJose Javier Flores20 dagar sedan
  • the usb dock looks like a toaster

    Alistair Javin CunananAlistair Javin Cunanan24 dagar sedan
  • Ddf

    Fast Driver22Fast Driver2225 dagar sedan
  • The iMac when it booted up with the hard drive: iMac has joined the server When Hugh Jeffreys disconnected all the wires: iMac has left the server due to all wire disconnect The people in the server: Uhhh....Did that iMac joined as a robot? It looks like its using by itself lol

    Robloxian FlamerRobloxian Flamer25 dagar sedan
  • Common dude please help me i have an alienware mx18 which has screen problem and no one could repaire it until now can someone help me i need it so ☹️

    Reza BeheshtiReza Beheshti26 dagar sedan
  • I hate Apple products like the next guy but those videos are nice to watch

    NekoszowaNekoszowa26 dagar sedan
  • 10:26 what language was that

    Troi QendroTroi Qendro26 dagar sedan
  • 1:40 I thought that was a toaster 😆

    Caden PiersonCaden Pierson27 dagar sedan
  • You inspired me to learn about computer engineering!

    KingIdeaKingIdea27 dagar sedan
  • It's astonishing how a little repair could save a pc going to e-waste!

    Chandrashekhar PrabhuChandrashekhar Prabhu27 dagar sedan
  • 1:42 I legit thought he shoved it in a toaster

    lick lick lick licklick lick lick lick28 dagar sedan
  • 1:44 I thought he was putting the hard drive in a toaster 😂

    BodeoBodeo28 dagar sedan
  • Merry Christmas! i mean it is december 25th as i'm typing this...

    TheScratchyScripterTheScratchyScripter28 dagar sedan
  • thats why no one buys that mac in majority more money less components just 320 gb a normal pc or gaming pc has 3 to 4 tb nowadays i have 3 tb and 32 gb ram and 144 hz monitor which is cheaper than that mac

    Crazy ReaperCrazy Reaper28 dagar sedan
  • Did you say

    Sophie smithSophie smith29 dagar sedan
  • Fixing Macs is hmm

    marito_yomarito_yoMånad sedan
  • bro ur a sick enginear

    Ayaan NaeemAyaan NaeemMånad sedan
  • My mother has the same imac but because its so old its not supported anymore

    AkkordPiano boyyyAkkordPiano boyyyMånad sedan
  • I have a 2010 imac i cant get to boot other than in safe mode. el capitan upgraded. freezes half way thru startup. havent been able to find a fix in forever just want to make it functional again! HELP!

    Obama BinFraudenObama BinFraudenMånad sedan
  • He makes a video speedrunning building the computers and acts like its a tutorial None of us are brave enough to do this but it is entertaining

    NeonTarget2NeonTarget2Månad sedan
  • I thought I lost my phone but with the help of Madeeasyhack I got my iCloud password back, he’s the best on Instagram

    Muskan AlishaMuskan AlishaMånad sedan
  • I find this very educational.

    Deno SpyridonDeno SpyridonMånad sedan
  • Oh cool, I also have a 2007 iMac, although mine has a 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo and is a 20in

    CountryHumans Karelo-Finnish ASSRCountryHumans Karelo-Finnish ASSRMånad sedan
  • those dust inside are so unbelievable that I bet this guy dumped his vacuum cleaner at this to make all those dust.

    Uchiha D RanUchiha D RanMånad sedan
  • new things: *not able to clean* old things: *able to clean*

    Karamjeet KaurKaramjeet KaurMånad sedan
  • 2020 laptops still using mechanical hard drives. great job apple.

    go2hell746go2hell746Månad sedan
  • Why are u putting a hard drive thing in a toaster?

    Diego's Shoe CareDiego's Shoe CareMånad sedan
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    Ikechukwu EzeIkechukwu EzeMånad sedan
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    Ikechukwu EzeIkechukwu EzeMånad sedan
  • Does anybody know what he uses to clean the screen? I'm concerned about leaving steaks or destroying any sort of coating that may be on the display.

    pne333pne333Månad sedan
  • I don't know which Imac of the 2020 lineup you're looking at but they'll ship with an SSD ...

    Daniel BlumeDaniel BlumeMånad sedan
  • The hard drive is fucked

    alfie rowealfie roweMånad sedan
  • äpfel sucken

    Hip-Hop Don't StopHip-Hop Don't StopMånad sedan
  • The bigger it gets the older it gets the thinner it gets the newer it gets

    Nik PassNik PassMånad sedan
  • My uncle has one of these but it’s really old and I think he’s gonna buy one anytime soon

    Nik PassNik PassMånad sedan
  • 1:46 where get one those usb hard at on ebay or amazon.

    foxman362foxman362Månad sedan