Two Google Pixel 3's For $17 - Lets Restore Them

26 dec 2020
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What was peoples trash is my treasure.
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  • Can you see the repairability of the Samsung s21?

    The Redstone minerThe Redstone miner2 timmar sedan
  • Does the camera work 💀

    CaraCara6 timmar sedan
  • dumb question , do screen have the same resolution and same ppi pixel as original?

    AlexAlex2 dagar sedan
  • Eletronics: *starts killing all humans* Hugh Jeffreys: "please dont kill me!' Every Phone and eletronics he fixed: "ey hol up not him"

    PBJJams__PBJJams__2 dagar sedan
    • Funy

      ZexopsZexopsDag sedan
  • 7:55 is it just me or does he say ‘bastard display panel’

    Jason McQuigganJason McQuiggan5 dagar sedan
    • he says Busted lol

      BetaSynch TechBetaSynch Tech2 dagar sedan
  • How did u bypass the frp lock on that hard reset phone?

    yeetboiyeetboi5 dagar sedan
  • How do I get one of these from you?

    collinson alphonsecollinson alphonse5 dagar sedan
  • here i am paying 160 usd for a broken pixel 3

    Pizza TimePizza Time5 dagar sedan
  • There should be an FRP/Google lock if you reset a locked phone. How do you bypass that?

    Md Nawaz RahamanMd Nawaz Rahaman5 dagar sedan
  • can I plz have one of these plz

    SannySanny5 dagar sedan
  • 10:28 they have a TBK(or a more advanced) ice machine that freeze the display to -200 degrees that's how they refurbish oled screens and also on the samsungs you can change the glass, my friend waiting for the satrtup to be accepted to buy a machine like this

    Adrian AdiAdrian Adi6 dagar sedan
  • So satisfying

    Jericho RojasJericho Rojas6 dagar sedan
  • Spends $8 on trash And $360 on parts

    kenmastersmasterkenmastersmaster7 dagar sedan
  • Hugh Jeffreys do you sell those repaired phones if you do then please tell me where you sell them

    Asuna SanAsuna San8 dagar sedan
  • I need the mint one. How much for that??

    Manvendra RathoreManvendra Rathore9 dagar sedan
  • pixels just dont age nearly as well as other phones, mostly bc of the horrible google qc

    Captain RibeyeCaptain Ribeye9 dagar sedan
  • I will give 20 dollar for one

    Alok DailyAlok Daily9 dagar sedan
  • I want pixel 3 - very cool smartphone

    Confused sometimesConfused sometimes9 dagar sedan
  • Great content, where do you buy your parts?

    KevinKevin10 dagar sedan
  • That black tape that seemingly does nothing is an insulator to protect the battery from shorting

    SaltporkSaltpork10 dagar sedan
  • How expensive was the restoration?

    CheesoCheeso11 dagar sedan
  • I have a question, how do find those broken phone, i mean what do you write on the ebay search bar

    BabooBaboo11 dagar sedan
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    Botting ManBotting Man12 dagar sedan
  • Nice job and video

    Donnie RobertsonDonnie Robertson12 dagar sedan
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    Frank ValaFrank Vala12 dagar sedan
  • My pixel 3 only charges wirelessly I don't know why as well as the battery indicator is stuck at 15% although it still charges to full it just doesn't show it

    Brandon WBrandon W12 dagar sedan
  • Watching on my pixel 3

    Brandon WBrandon W12 dagar sedan
  • May I have one of these phones please

    Terrance ClueTerrance Clue12 dagar sedan
  • I own a Pixel 3xl and didn't even know the back was glass, always felt more like a high quality plastic.

    Lion9595Lion959513 dagar sedan
  • when i look at listings for broken smart phones they are just smashed phones that are destroyed for like 300

    RyanRyan13 dagar sedan
  • i think it’s 3a not 3?

    pink wig thicc asspink wig thicc ass13 dagar sedan

    Leo PhillipsLeo Phillips13 dagar sedan
  • google pixel :- motherboard apple iphone :- logicboard nice names

    yasasvi burlagaddayasasvi burlagadda13 dagar sedan
  • while watching on a pixel 3

    CarsonCarson13 dagar sedan
  • so phones are instrument

  • Make cool cash online with

    Mann StevoMann Stevo15 dagar sedan
  • Nice job Hugh

    Fred ScratchetFred Scratchet16 dagar sedan
  • I need one of this Pixel 3!

    Shakil Ahmed ShawonShakil Ahmed Shawon17 dagar sedan
  • Too much work.

    Baconface McGeeBaconface McGee17 dagar sedan
  • Next Video: Fixing a super damage iPhone 12 pro max for $10

    A n o n y m o u sA n o n y m o u s17 dagar sedan
  • Can you list the total cost of the restoration at the end of every video?

    Deepinder Singh KhosaDeepinder Singh Khosa17 dagar sedan
  • i've always loved opening and exploring old devices, it's so satisfying to see someone who actually knows what they're doing do it.

    katherine the mousekatherine the mouse17 dagar sedan
  • Hmm, factory reset can't help with FRP, something missed in video.

    Alexey ZagorodnikovAlexey Zagorodnikov18 dagar sedan
  • Mate how do you find these lots? I looked on ebay with no luck. I am trying to get into fixing and flipping to earn some extra money as a uni student tbh. Any advice would be appreciated (:

    itsmemario 007itsmemario 00718 dagar sedan
  • are you giving away the phones you repaired/restored?

    Harmon de GuzmanHarmon de Guzman18 dagar sedan
  • a google pixel for 17$ man its dam good

    kuldeep khichikuldeep khichi18 dagar sedan
  • Challenge: Repair a Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 730 series 😅✌️

    lilroxie therichwoodkidlilroxie therichwoodkid19 dagar sedan
  • man has all the phones and other electronics

    cloudy_firecloudy_fire19 dagar sedan
  • Hello there any solution for the bootloop problem of the nexus 6p ?

    Ahmed Abo-BakrAhmed Abo-Bakr19 dagar sedan
  • How can we buy your restored phones

    Gaurav NegiGaurav Negi19 dagar sedan
  • why would i do that ?

    Jannis SchröderJannis Schröder19 dagar sedan
  • How much to fix my phone legit

    Hitkaran GirnHitkaran Girn19 dagar sedan
  • I can buy them second hand in perfect condition cheaper than the ifixit price of the parts you used. Still a pretty good video.

    LelouchLamperouge235LelouchLamperouge23519 dagar sedan
  • 7:25 ah yes, the correct way to remove a pixel 3 battery. Good ol' pry and pray.

    Brandon BoydBrandon Boyd19 dagar sedan
  • Wanted to say thanks for these video and my kind of love for the samsung phones

    sumuesa yamamotosumuesa yamamoto20 dagar sedan
  • Is it me or that heating plate is terrible

    gvi341984gvi34198420 dagar sedan

    mohtady mahmoudmohtady mahmoud20 dagar sedan
  • So how to bypass the Google Activation lock. especially when you factory reset any phone?.How about the cost to ratio to buying a new phone to parts and labor?.

    Bob CookBob Cook20 dagar sedan
  • Where do you buy the lcd screens?

    David06David0620 dagar sedan
  • IFixit is his soul lol

    Frank DanielFrank Daniel20 dagar sedan
  • There a TON of cheap unrecommendable glass panels, for replacement. The oem quality is key with these phones. Back displays that crack like rice paper just something to be aware of

    SeanSean20 dagar sedan
    • I just saw the crooked back glass in the last shots 🤣 but seriously this is an important skill and people should be aware of ewaste toxicity thank you

      SeanSean20 dagar sedan
    • Even when buying the phones secondhand, make sure you don't have the check back glass, if so return that

      SeanSean20 dagar sedan
  • are u sleepy or u just talk weird

    Omkar kambleOmkar kamble20 dagar sedan
  • Should have put tape at the glass t makr sure the glass doesnt break.

    inönuinönu20 dagar sedan
  • You did a fabulous 💓 work good job BrO 💪👊

    Anurag AnuragAnurag Anurag20 dagar sedan
  • How did he reset the phone, as i know if he did factory reset from recovery mode , the phone requires the previous users google id and password in set-up wizard

    Samsu ShaikhSamsu Shaikh20 dagar sedan
  • Factory Resetting a Passcode locked phone via the Bootloader menu will trigger the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Anti Theft - Good luck in disabling it on said phone

    John DoeJohn Doe20 dagar sedan
  • You were lucky that the 2nd phone didn't have a Google lock on it! Wish I could get ahold of some phones that cheap to fix.

    Demetrius JonesDemetrius Jones21 dag sedan
  • Is static electricity ever a concern? Also, do those gardening gloves carry charge?

    Aoi KemonoAoi Kemono21 dag sedan
  • Thanks iFixit

    Ultimate XLR-8Ultimate XLR-821 dag sedan
  • Fun fact : I literally watch all his video And didn't subscribe Hugh should ni subscribe

    Inso CarnageInso Carnage21 dag sedan
  • Do you think manufacturers (apple) will ever inject resin into the phones internals, and fill every available space inside so when opened ur just met with a resin block?

    Martin ExcellMartin Excell21 dag sedan
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    Corey CoffeyCorey Coffey21 dag sedan
  • Does you borrow these items from Jerry rig to repair them ..

    rajan kashyaprajan kashyap21 dag sedan
  • Quick Question. I have a work 2019 13 inch MacBook pro. the battery cycle cout is at 240. is that bad?

    lance volpatolance volpato21 dag sedan
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    Bryanmendiola MendiolaBryanmendiola Mendiola21 dag sedan
  • just use an anvil and throw mending on it

    Sven KSven K21 dag sedan
  • Where you get this bro if any link is there please send bro

    Tom MobileTom Mobile21 dag sedan
  • Man I want that pixel 3 😢😢

    tayyeb bijapurtayyeb bijapur21 dag sedan
  • How do I get a Pixel 3 XL screen. I'm in Sudan?

    Matunga H AliMatunga H Ali22 dagar sedan
  • My ipad has not been charging and the we said to apple and they said that they need an new hard drive or something also the battery is dead so don't worry also can you tell me where you live and maybe your address

    Jathushan playzJathushan playz22 dagar sedan
  • He is my favorite youtuber

    Adam OrsinoAdam Orsino22 dagar sedan
  • 10:33 the method of display refurbishment is rather simple. Basically the display is heated to melt the OCA holding the glass on, and then is cut using a thin wire. Once that's done, you wipe the extra adhesive off, and then reglue the new glass. If you're interested, I'd gladly explain further. There's also a fantastic seller based in Perth (WA) that can get you a machine to do it.

    Toby MurdayToby Murday22 dagar sedan
  • i have a original google pixel mint .... but ran out of power while wiping the can't boot help anyone?

    liamliam22 dagar sedan
  • you know why people wouldn't bother fixing their devices and throw them away for a cheap price? because the repairer charged high prices for fixing their device and buying new one is so much better.

    Riski RillsRiski Rills22 dagar sedan
    • It's a very involved process and each phone has it's own custom parts so yeah I can see why they charge so much.

      Aoi KemonoAoi Kemono21 dag sedan
  • Any phone can be fixed hugh demonstrates this but with newer iPhones it's getting more tougher with cloud lock and how there sealing glass to frame etc. Anyway Hugh's channel is very interesting to watch . And You need the tools and some knowledge . Keep up the good work .

    DavidDavid22 dagar sedan
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    Prolatbz NetProlatbz Net22 dagar sedan
  • Anyone got a smart phone not using I'll be happy to have it

    KING ICE J23KING ICE J2322 dagar sedan
  • Hugh Jeffreys : *Broken his phone Also Hugh Jeffreys : Oh no, anyway

    Salman AlfariziSalman Alfarizi22 dagar sedan
  • You are really good.

    Abo OmarAbo Omar22 dagar sedan
  • Hugh, How about restoration of Windows laptop from Dell, Hp or other manufacturers? That will be great

    Bala NairBala Nair22 dagar sedan
  • "Front cameras are glued in" Ahh yes, that's the Pixels "premium" build quality coming into play

    sharpenednoodlessharpenednoodles23 dagar sedan
  • The most satisfying part is when he says “and we are done” and “and install a tempered glass screen protector”

    KoolsBloxKoolsBlox23 dagar sedan
  • Me at 10:30 P.M.: Ok, no more videos I really need to go to bed My brain: sees this video thumbnail Me: nah I’ll watch it tomorrow My brain: NOOOO YOU WILLL WAATTCHHH ITTTTTT Me: UGH FINE

    KoolsBloxKoolsBlox23 dagar sedan
  • hey, how can i get cheap sgs9plus lcd?

    P0wP0w23 dagar sedan
  • Amazing Job Hugh!!! it's really fascinating to see phones restored instead of throwing them

    SmaugSmaug23 dagar sedan
  • Dude I'm using a pixel 3 a

    PenguePengue23 dagar sedan
  • Wait a minute, factory resetting like that will activate factory reset protection. How do you deal with that?

    Arnas ZArnas Z23 dagar sedan
    • he can`t unless he knows the former owners Google account credentials! - if it would be easy to get around it it would be useless

      John DoeJohn Doe20 dagar sedan
  • Can I get a phone ?

    DephanDephan23 dagar sedan
  • Can I get a pixel ?

    DephanDephan23 dagar sedan