Restoring The First iPhone - Retro Repair

18 apr 2020
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Designed without repair in mind, this retro iPhone is badly damaged and in need of repair.
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  • Memories

    ElyasdagamerElyasdagamer15 timmar sedan
  • I have the iPhone 3G from 2008 which is in Ok condition, has scratches on the screen but doesn’t have a mute switch

    King LF5King LF5Dag sedan
  • The beneficial bush phenotypically measure because coffee hemodynamically sip regarding a defective jail. jolly, maniacal sort

    Thomas RichardThomas Richard4 dagar sedan
  • Aussie bucks lol the name Why is Aussie a word?

    thecargamer1234thecargamer12347 dagar sedan
  • e are phone case manufacture,wish we can talk can watch our,Thank you for your patronage

    Rick LiuRick Liu16 dagar sedan
  • I used to have one of them my first smartphone in 2009

  • Nobody: hugh Jeffery a fine addition to my collection

    Dark Dragon on switchDark Dragon on switch19 dagar sedan
  • i thought the first iphone was called iphone not thr iphone 2G lol

    liz bradyliz brady19 dagar sedan
  • The quack belgian unexplainably race because process encouragingly trust since a honorable sociology. supreme, plastic washer

    Hee ManHee Man25 dagar sedan
  • when the phone is older than you are 😔 ✋

    Glizzy GladiatorGlizzy Gladiator28 dagar sedan
  • my dad have this phone ,is not functinable but is looking good,me, i have a iphone se 2

    Moglan StefanMoglan StefanMånad sedan
  • Plot twist: every single broken phone he restored was from jerry rigs videos

    Samir NaderSamir NaderMånad sedan
  • still have mine

    C.S.RodneyC.S.RodneyMånad sedan
  • This happened to my iPhone first gen screen

    MariusMariusMånad sedan
  • I am not sure why I watch your videos, my incapable ass would never repair any device anyway

    Dirk NeuhäuserDirk NeuhäuserMånad sedan
  • In 4:04 sec pose the video and look his camera..... Pls give a like

    Fun Vlogs Ayaan & AahilFun Vlogs Ayaan & AahilMånad sedan
  • Lol.he just said like star wars general grievous meme, your Sword will make fine collection to my edition,but here its phone will make fine collection.

    Riders BlitzRiders BlitzMånad sedan
  • Help me iPhone 4 wok ?

    sadakoashley sadakoashleysadakoashley sadakoashleyMånad sedan
  • I’ve never seen the inside of this phone and it’s really ugly

    Akotski1338Akotski1338Månad sedan
  • Every thing he say is true

    Kevin CalzadillaKevin CalzadillaMånad sedan
  • steve jobs:wow

    안녕윤태경 작업실안녕윤태경 작업실Månad sedan
  • Officially, you're one of my favorite SEworldrs out here!

    Make Money NowMake Money NowMånad sedan
  • those cast parts might be brittle from mazak rot

    TheTomco11TheTomco11Månad sedan
  • damn that was my first iphone when i was a kid

    Geneross YTGeneross YTMånad sedan
  • I have a Nokia 7.2 Can you fix?

    DUKE 8352DUKE 8352Månad sedan
  • it looks cool even without the black thing

    RomanRomanMånad sedan
  • I miss them! Like a toy

    Bully HomesteadBully Homestead2 månader sedan
  • 0:43 missed chance for “a fine addition to my collection”

    HexiumHexium2 månader sedan
  • I have a first gen iphone who's battery expanded, which popped the screen off

    Kara WhelanKara Whelan2 månader sedan
  • the first cashiessss has opend in ffm bornheim

    Riki NshRiki Nsh2 månader sedan
  • And to think at one time I wanted to become a doctor but looking at the blood on your finger I feel weak.

    westfield90westfield902 månader sedan

    goodbro360goodbro3602 månader sedan
  • I have 1 , its in realllly good condition 😁

    Shak hussainShak hussain2 månader sedan
  • Who else is watching this video on the iPhone 2G?

    Chef VinegarChef Vinegar2 månader sedan
  • back when you were allowed to repair your own phone without going to apple

    Megawave79Megawave792 månader sedan
  • it's crazy how in my home country people really spend a fortune to get these phones. it's like almost 2 years worth of savings with minimum wage. crazy.

    Christine TrefaltChristine Trefalt2 månader sedan
  • iPhone 2G what.

    Rowan MaynardRowan Maynard2 månader sedan
  • 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚

    FoxieFoxie2 månader sedan
  • First iPhone was a mess internally. Amazing how far they’ve come

    Elizabeth WigleyElizabeth Wigley2 månader sedan
  • apple really didn't want you to know how they're devices work

    Daan BosDaan Bos2 månader sedan
  • my dad has a 3GS that looks almost exactly like this, except it's got a changeable wallpaper, multitasking and runs on ios 6 point something i believe. he got it used and it hasn't gotten a scratch in the 7 or so years he's used it. it doesn't support whatsapp anymore because those fuckers yeeted backwards compatibility out the window with their newer updates, but i remember him writing whatsapp messages on it just a couple of years back. he still uses it for all everyday purposes. whenever i get a message from my dad it's sent from that beautiful flawless little 3GS, and i hope it never dies.

    Arthur MillerArthur Miller2 månader sedan
    • I recently jailbroke my iphone 2g and there's a tweak that lets u use a wallpaper on home screen also there's an a2dp enabler so I can play music through bluetooth

      Alejandro CervantesAlejandro Cervantes2 månader sedan
  • Fair is fair. You bled for a video, i subscribed ;)

    Emiliyan YankovEmiliyan Yankov2 månader sedan
  • I don't have an iPhone 1st gen. However, after some deep digging, I managed to locate an iPhone 3Gs 16 Gb model and an iPod 3rd generation32 GB model. Found these just today, and both work, though the latter has a cracked screen.

    the On3the On32 månader sedan
    • P.S. the former is in decent condition, though the back has a tiny crack. Still functions as intended though.

      the On3the On32 månader sedan
  • The first iPhone was called the iPhone 2G because the back antenna was designed as 2G

    4estyou4estyou2 månader sedan
  • Got one in a lot of 4 other iPhones for a total of $18.25 The first generation is in ALMOST mint condition and fully functional, I was the only bidder because the title for the lot was absolutely terrible. it was like "I'm moving so i'm selling these phones I found in a drawer" or something so nobody found it. I have no idea how I found it myself but i'm so glad I did, It also came with an FMI off 5s a FMI off 4s a 3g and a FMI ON iphone 5. Im probably never going to have this good of a deal ever again and I got in contact with the owner and he is gonna try to remove icloud from the iphone 5 so its 5 for 5 wich is amazing.

    [MD] Darkscrillex[MD] Darkscrillex2 månader sedan
    • Damn lucky

      Alejandro CervantesAlejandro Cervantes2 månader sedan
  • Hey bro how much do you charge if I send you my iPhone 1 it needs a new screen and wifi isn’t working

    Falcon Sanchez117Falcon Sanchez1172 månader sedan
  • That remembers me of the first iron man suit ever

    Der RobusteDer Robuste2 månader sedan
  • I wanna buy it .... please contact me +917897181444

    Yuvraj SinghYuvraj Singh2 månader sedan
  • when he goes to about it says it is a iPhone 2g

    Kavin RaviKavin Ravi3 månader sedan
  • I recently got an iPhone 2G for $85 on eBay The back and screen are in good condition there aren’t even any dead pixels The only problem is the mute switch doesn’t work

    Tech HowdenTech Howden3 månader sedan
  • I might be bidding on one of these in an hour

    Fozi_ tatozFozi_ tatoz3 månader sedan
    • I lost :(

      Fozi_ tatozFozi_ tatoz3 månader sedan
  • Steve jobs would be proud

    Mentor ZariqiMentor Zariqi3 månader sedan
  • This guy is good

    NayanNayan3 månader sedan
  • Iphone is not first smartphone why you dont search this in gugal

    DolinksDolinks3 månader sedan
  • I think that that is a iPhone 3G and and not the first generation of iPhone the only reason is the original iPhone didn't have a camera. of course I could always be wrong

    Theodoreable LTheodoreable L3 månader sedan
  • The best

    DaNi__De__16-KiLeRDaNi__De__16-KiLeR3 månader sedan
  • Luck you didn't damage the home button there

    Jade de los ReyesJade de los Reyes3 månader sedan

    Edwin MedranoEdwin Medrano3 månader sedan
  • I'll be attempting this exact same restoration in a few days time, thanks so much for this guide!

    Neko MichiNeko Michi3 månader sedan
  • Old Is Gold 🥇

    Abhishek MishraAbhishek Mishra3 månader sedan
  • This phone looks like it's been through a durability test or two...

    ThatTechDudeThatTechDude3 månader sedan
  • I learned those dead spots can move like a super thick liquid. Super weird.

    Colin The BossColin The Boss3 månader sedan
    • I have a dead spot, can I move it off the screen lolol jk

      Alejandro CervantesAlejandro Cervantes2 månader sedan
  • antes de começar a desmontar os aparelhos voce faz estudos prévios tais como esquemas eletricos, vista explodida, faz fotos previas ou confia na memoria? admiro sua competencia. parabens.

    jose fernando da silva neves.jose fernando da silva neves.4 månader sedan
    • habla ingles pls

      TDMWeegenTDMWeegen4 månader sedan
  • Hey Wait a minute Is That from The Video?

    David Mario and SONIC PLAY REACTS And PLAYSDavid Mario and SONIC PLAY REACTS And PLAYS4 månader sedan
    • maybe maybe not

      TDMWeegenTDMWeegen4 månader sedan
  • SEworld came standard on that?!?!

    Super NovaSuper Nova4 månader sedan
  • 1st iphone inside looks like cheaply made stuff in hurry.

    Manoj KaleManoj Kale4 månader sedan
  • There is a 16GB one too Im sure this was the limited edition

    John Gaming TVJohn Gaming TV4 månader sedan
    • @Alejandro Cervantes right

      John Gaming TVJohn Gaming TV2 månader sedan
    • There's also 4gb versions which are pretty rare and sell for the most

      Alejandro CervantesAlejandro Cervantes2 månader sedan
  • *Display Replacement, Battery Replacement* : Yeah, that's fine *Antenna cover* : ***BIG CHALLENGE***

    CrisdeBugCrisdeBug4 månader sedan
  • It looks like jerry rig everything has been at it

    Yeeter 708Yeeter 7084 månader sedan
  • Damn, I remember wanting this phone so badly. And instead I never got it and I ended up with an HTC as my first ever smartphone and that set me up for a life on the andrid eco system instead of IOS. I wonder if my life would have been different if I had grabbed an iPhone instead. But luckily I'll never know.

    John EdvardsJohn Edvards4 månader sedan
  • 9:07 so basically i can make a first gen iphone run ios 13? i doubt it would be very smooth

    Lemonade 400Lemonade 4005 månader sedan
  • I was born 14 days before it was released in the US

    Tom /Fan accountTom /Fan account5 månader sedan
  • sought after collectors if fully boxed and mint condition - in my case - it finds its places in the bin, as im not an apple fanboy like most people, having pink glasses on them put on by apple and paying 1000usd for simple flex cable in their macbook laptops when bringing laptop for repair in genius bar - even when cable itself cost 150usd max - source? watch louis rossmann channel and goodluck overpaying for products which cost less than 50% price and the rest is brands name....

    1sonyzz1sonyzz5 månader sedan
  • Oh lovely, an iPhone 2G. Yep, it's also referred to as the iPhone 2G, because it didn't have 3G (the 2nd gen, the iPhone 3G, finally brought 3G connectivity). The batteries are soldered, but I guess that any Li-Ion cell with the required dimensions can easily be soldered in if you have a soldering iron. (I managed to successfully replace the battery in a Philips 20GB media player, despite not being able to track down any sort of original battery.)

    spotify95spotify955 månader sedan
    • Sick, that's good to know

      Alejandro CervantesAlejandro Cervantes2 månader sedan
  • The Oldest iPhone i have is a 16GB White iPhone 4 Running IOS 5

    Infamousbray443Infamousbray4435 månader sedan
  • Hugh: *Cleans metal bezel with a toothbrush. Metal Bezel: HE FU**ED ME WITH A TOOTHBRUSH

    CaseyPlayzCaseyPlayz5 månader sedan
  • Sony Erricson P800 was the first smart phone from 2002 AFAIK ... Apple came 5 years late.

    theodarktheodark5 månader sedan
  • I have a iPhone 3GS resting in my cupboard. Good old memories with it.

    Anil KinikarAnil Kinikar5 månader sedan
  • Lol it's a iPhone 2g

    epicice19epicice195 månader sedan
  • Damn, these restoration videos are so satisfying to watch.

    Jayanth KumarJayanth Kumar6 månader sedan
  • Very well made video. 👍

    E FE F6 månader sedan
  • Jeffery you had to use the new button of iphone maybe you got touch id on the iphone 1🤣🤣

    Laurens.1087Laurens.10876 månader sedan
  • I’m surprised the battery is not swollen

    Simon PailléSimon Paillé6 månader sedan
  • The Blackberry wasn't a smartphone?!

    Louie AtienzaLouie Atienza6 månader sedan
  • Apple be like: I fear no man. But that thing: it scares me!

    TheTechChannel 1TheTechChannel 16 månader sedan

    JoshR GamingJoshR Gaming6 månader sedan
  • Seeing the old SEworld icon is pure nostalgia. I miss it

    Rikart SvendsgårdRikart Svendsgård6 månader sedan
  • Today I found a vid of the 1st smartphone (iPhone) when it came out

    Aimé CamachoAimé Camacho6 månader sedan
  • Goooooooddd Job

    witt gutierrezwitt gutierrez6 månader sedan
  • Where can i get this phone??

    witt gutierrezwitt gutierrez6 månader sedan
  • Just burn it, iPhones suck

    Cesar MatiasCesar Matias6 månader sedan
  • lastly i would jail break

    Razin ShaikhRazin Shaikh6 månader sedan
  • Hmmm im gonna resurrect my iphone 5s,the display went off and have strange lines. Where i can buy a cheap original battery 5s and screen of 5s. Im from Philippines

    Ianne TorremoroIanne Torremoro6 månader sedan
  • Take of the plastic and enjoy the phone

    Nadia the catNadia the cat7 månader sedan
  • Please Always Rubber Gloves when working with sharp metal parts 2:06

    HAMZA MALIKHAMZA MALIK7 månader sedan
  • I still have mine which I bought new in late 2007. The screen had the grey blotch and touch wasn't working. I bought a brand new display from China and now it works perfectly. I still have the original box, dock etc too.

    Chris MifsudChris Mifsud7 månader sedan
  • I have an iPhone 2G that’s in bad shape with a broken antenna, I go to for the 2G parts

    Splat2GlitcherSplat2Glitcher7 månader sedan
    • Very difficult but I still did it, replace the dock connector, antenna and add the cover

      Splat2GlitcherSplat2Glitcher7 månader sedan
  • This isn't the first smartphone by a long long long long long long long long long long shot

    BurnedPinguinBurnedPinguin7 månader sedan
  • 0:42 *A fine addition to my collection.*

    EPIK 567EPIK 5677 månader sedan
  • Pro tip: all you need is open one side of the phone then slide the back cover phone forward.

    Ly NguenLy Nguen7 månader sedan