Free Dead iPhone 7 - Can it be revived?

20 apr 2019
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I was given this free iPhone 7 that won't turn on or charge, can it be fixed?
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  • and what do you do with the phones when you fix them

    CraigsCraig 9.0CraigsCraig 9.05 timmar sedan
  • where do you get your free phones I want to start to fix damaged phones

    CraigsCraig 9.0CraigsCraig 9.05 timmar sedan
  • U guys gets dead iphone for free... Here I'm broke as hell yet still paying high amount for damaged iphone.. just bcoz I wanted to b a user of iphone.. ate up all my money and now hiding the truth to parents... 💪

    Leo gamingLeo gaming19 timmar sedan
  • i got a free galaxy s8+

    OS reparsOS repars4 dagar sedan
  • When Hugh revives a phone *Phone jumps for joy*

    ItsLeeeroy Roblox and More!ItsLeeeroy Roblox and More!6 dagar sedan
  • These videos are very satisfying to watch and so well explained. I am subscribing

    Cameron CookeCameron Cooke8 dagar sedan
  • Apple: if you disassemble the phone, it wil lvoid the warranty Hugh jefferys : fuck yo warranty

    Fatlind TVFatlind TV8 dagar sedan
  • Good

    amar Jeet123amar Jeet12310 dagar sedan
  • Jeffrey if you are reading this, can you tell me a similar quality like crazypart alternative, where I can buy in the uk, other than iFixit And where do you buy your screen from can you tell the the source/ company name. That would be nice thank you in advance

    Tom LeTom Le13 dagar sedan
  • Do you sell your devices ?

    Gemson DordasGemson Dordas16 dagar sedan
  • I use a gold iphone 7

    KingNewfyDogKingNewfyDog17 dagar sedan
  • Hey man can we have the iphone becouse my son needs a phone

    Fran Jedrick GonzalesFran Jedrick Gonzales17 dagar sedan
  • Hi sisters

    diana floresdiana flores18 dagar sedan
  • Hi Thanks for @ihack_yandel on instagram or whatsapp his number +1323 3895039. He's trust worthy ....he solve my problem for me.

    Charlie CharlotteCharlie Charlotte19 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if the old owner watches this video BRUH

    Zebedee JenningsZebedee Jennings21 dag sedan
  • Ah yes *technical stuff*

    Sofia RoelliSofia Roelli21 dag sedan
  • When you fix your iphone step by step

    venom starvenom star22 dagar sedan
  • Nice got my phone working im not gonna ask for it you deserve it the password was 246810

    ahmedplayz ogahmedplayz og23 dagar sedan
  • can you fix my ipad im from pakistan

    Afaan KhanAfaan Khan23 dagar sedan
  • I have a phone that is dead for over 2 years because the screen of the phone got severe Damage and its an Android phone

    Mohd HasnainMohd Hasnain23 dagar sedan
    • noone cares about a dead android 😂

      Sev xSev x23 dagar sedan
  • Where do u get ur replacement parts

    Joe BlowJoe Blow25 dagar sedan
  • Does this guy sell phones anywhere? I would buy.

    mars06_jk97mars06_jk9726 dagar sedan
  • I wonder how many phones this dude has

    WolfieWolfie27 dagar sedan
  • *put it in rice*

    WolfieWolfie27 dagar sedan
  • 20 second ad at the start. Disliked

    DodgeCity111DodgeCity11128 dagar sedan
  • I have an iPhone 6s(space gray)

    HZD ThunderHZD Thunder29 dagar sedan
  • An iPhone 5s for $420 or $460TT Can't remember the actual price bought it back in June and my mother went to work with it and got robbed Phones are expensive over here!!! But Ii bought an iPhone 7 for $1035TT but it's currently fixing cause its in a infinite bootloop the man said something is wrong with the c component of the board and that's causing the bootloops

    YaBoi JosephhhYaBoi JosephhhMånad sedan
  • Best deal I've ever gotten was for 90

    Dennis DavisDennis DavisMånad sedan
  • $100 on a iPhone 6 that had been completely refurbished

    Billy StandridgeBilly StandridgeMånad sedan
  • what do you do with the iphone's that you fixed

    martin lindlmartin lindlMånad sedan
  • He spent 45.60© usd

    Jonathon WiserJonathon WiserMånad sedan
  • Walk back in the day most people didn't know this the iPhone disabled almost 45 years because people didn't know about just put sim in because the iPhone and reset day and time

    Oun Nak 12Oun Nak 12Månad sedan
  • Can I get one for free cuz I Please

    Jeremiah GriffinJeremiah GriffinMånad sedan
  • Can I get the iPhone 7

    Jeremiah GriffinJeremiah GriffinMånad sedan
  • My iPhone 5c i’ve got that price £1

    FAZE_wagoneFAZE_wagoneMånad sedan
  • he probably gave it back

    _b.singh__b.singh_Månad sedan
  • The faded chocolate specifically work because crocodile rhetorically license beyond a mysterious queen. taboo, honorable port

    George CarlinGeorge CarlinMånad sedan
  • I just bought an iPhone 8 256gb in which lcd broken and back glass also broken. The rest is working fine. I bought it for 150$ in sydney. Now I did replace the lcd n back glass and all it cost me 225$ n it looks brand new again. 😎

    ABM MABABM MABMånad sedan
  • This is funny but as I pressed this video, there's a ifixit ad. LOL

    Tala ChahrourTala ChahrourMånad sedan
    • I've never seen an ifixit ad.

      The Master Of TechThe Master Of Tech27 dagar sedan
  • How to bypass activation lock

    Electros ManElectros ManMånad sedan
  • Glad techbonds 0n 1G had my Carrier Unlocked permanently He’s highly recommended

    Saige BriannaSaige BriannaMånad sedan
  • Also, why does it reset the date to 1970? iPhones weren’t even made in the day!

    Ayan RashedAyan RashedMånad sedan
  • I’m watching this on an IPhone now.

    Ayan RashedAyan RashedMånad sedan
  • Can a iPhone 7 logic board work in an iPhone 8?

    Dominic WilsonDominic WilsonMånad sedan
  • Im gonna be honest I think the iPhone 7 was the worst built iPhone. Me and everyone I knew that had one had some sort of problem with the battery. After a year my 7 was dying every hour, took a long time to charge, so I replaced the battery at apple, and 4 months later that battery went to 63% battery health, it expaneded, opened the side of my screen and then when water wen't inside of it I was forced to get a new phone earlier than I normally do.

    AbortedMilkAbortedMilkMånad sedan
  • I wonder how many apple products this dude own

    I am BeaI am BeaMånad sedan
  • I love all your vids I subt to you

    Forever_SucukForever_SucukMånad sedan
  • My best deal was an iPhone 8 for 94 dollars.

    Jeferson GuerreroJeferson GuerreroMånad sedan
  • Hey i have a request can you please make a video on iphone 7 home button replace with JC final version home button as they say all things work even fingerprints but by editing serial number with the help of jc 1000 pro like device. Please make a video of it. Thank you

    Govind MaheshwariGovind MaheshwariMånad sedan
  • Best deal?, Umm, 25$s for a iPhone 6. My brother bought it new, More recently he bought a iPhone X or 10, Gave this one to our dad. Dad couldn't figure out how to use it and no longer has his cell phone service. Sucks for trying to contact him when he isn't home. I offered to buy the iPhone 6 and he said he would take 25 dollars for it. I'm listening to music on it now that's the only reason I wanted it. It will be a dedicated music device. Turned off all the wifi and cellular in settings. Only 10GB of free space and I slammed it with as much music as it would hold. Plugged my headphones in, off and running. I bought a (iPad 3) two days ago for 25$s, but it wasn't such a good deal, It took a full charge but went into activation lock when I tried to reset it to factory. Now it's a delicate paperweight.

    fly onefly oneMånad sedan
  • I got a prestine XS Max for 300€

    Clorox BleachClorox BleachMånad sedan
  • I scored an xr in mint condition for $200 from an old man who didn’t know what it was worth. Idk how he got it but I’m using it as my daily driver and am actually watching this video on it now.

    Jack MarstonJack MarstonMånad sedan
  • Nah, it still would run into audio problems later on. An iPhone 6S Plus is way better (both sharper and bigger screen and better battery life), and its got a 3.5mm jack (not used but a nice perk).

    Nikita ZaycevNikita ZaycevMånad sedan
  • My mate got a iPhone 7 Plus for $A100 256gb rose gold, the person that owned the phone was going to chuck it out cause it had a cracked screen

    lmc87lmclmc87lmcMånad sedan
  • I love how I bing watch his videos even though i don’t fix phones 😂🤦

    Sihoiakimi TaufaSihoiakimi TaufaMånad sedan
  • I would really like to see how companies remove just the glass on modern laminated displays.

    Caden ChurchillCaden ChurchillMånad sedan
  • so you dodged the "Unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone". apple: Thats illegal!

    Okejay57Okejay57Månad sedan
  • You know apple products better then they do.

    GagiGagiMånad sedan
  • i had same issue. iphone 7 worked fine then left it alone for a few days and it was dead. wouldnt turn on, take a charge, nothing. took it to a repair guy and he replaced battery and all was good. now a week later the phone is dead again. something killing the battery??

    D RizD RizMånad sedan
  • Hugh: changes display Apple: we really need to pair the display with the iPhone

    aistancill gregoriaaistancill gregoriaMånad sedan
  • Oh geez... oh NO!

    NotTheWindowsGalaxyNotTheWindowsGalaxy2 månader sedan
  • Fun fact: some iPhones have mechanical home buttons same goes for iPads

    Osaeloka IlodibiaOsaeloka Ilodibia2 månader sedan
  • 85 battery capacity? Mine is 81 should I be concerned

    Y DY D2 månader sedan
  • I used a crazy battery but it just blew up like a balloon and pushed the screen up

    CaponeCapone2 månader sedan
  • what was wrong with the phone? was it just the battry?

    super76431super764312 månader sedan
  • iPhones don’t last forever so that IPhone 7 is old and it probably lost its memory

    Benjamin ValadezBenjamin Valadez2 månader sedan
  • This guy needs more subs

    Mayo’s StashMayo’s Stash2 månader sedan
  • I am not even interested so much in iPhone mechanics. But this is interesting.

    Joshua SchnurbuschJoshua Schnurbusch2 månader sedan
  • Did any1 realise that he mentioned that the home button is paired to the logic board twice 😂

    ibbzz .9ibbzz .92 månader sedan
  • He is an excellent fixer

    zack oraizzack oraiz2 månader sedan
  • It's just phone surgery

    IrvIrv2 månader sedan
  • lol

    KlexKlex2 månader sedan
  • Great video....I have a issue on my iPhone 7 that the sim reads but no service...let me know what to do

    Alessandro TellesAlessandro Telles2 månader sedan
  • The way you film and speak is just perfect. I hate the reviewers that just press record and start taking stream of conscience for like 20 minutes

    Mark MooreMark Moore2 månader sedan
  • yo I got a Iphone 6 can you repair it plz

    Parteek SainiParteek Saini2 månader sedan
  • Hi Hugh, Can you recommend someone at London, who can do the same magic? Vijay

    Shivarama SharmaShivarama Sharma2 månader sedan
  • When I got my phone fixed why did it take 2 days but this one only took 8 mins and 47 seconds like I don’t understand

    Joshua CortezJoshua Cortez2 månader sedan
  • Imagine if the old owner realizes that it was that easy and that cheap to fix it

    Pete YeetPete Yeet2 månader sedan
  • "a quick wipe to remove any dust or fingerprints I may have put on the device" then proceeds to close the phone on a smudgey taptic engine.

    Ghali Farouk SekkatGhali Farouk Sekkat2 månader sedan
  • No one gives an iPhone 7 for free...even if it’s not turning on.

    Greek Ets2Greek Ets22 månader sedan
  • Bruh can you fix my iPhone 6s lol

    SkrampieSkrampie2 månader sedan
  • Where did you get that charger ?

    swansealoaf1999swansealoaf19992 månader sedan
  • My best deal was my iphone 7. It was given to me by the online store I bought it from. They missed to charge me for it. Still using the 7.

    Robban LRobban L2 månader sedan
  • Got an 11 Pro for 400€ incl. Shipping and PayPal costs and it works just fine and has 1 Month Apple Care left

    Ficinho_7Ficinho_72 månader sedan
  • ok so I looked it up, and I understand disabling touch ID when you replace the home button, its used for apple pay, dangerous (not that they couldn't just disable paying using touch ID but whatever) but completely disabling the home button should be illegal.

    XX2 månader sedan
  • Is there any way to boot a restored iphone 7 without the home button? I would realy apreciate an answer :(

    Benjamin AuzaBenjamin Auza2 månader sedan
  • When u update the ios does the touch button still work

    Hector MartinezHector Martinez2 månader sedan
  • You’d think to totally mitigate e-waste, if they were able to replace just the glass that you could have also replaced the glass of that otherwise functional screen..

    Damian9303Damian93032 månader sedan
  • My dad took my phone and once i got it back the same thing happened to it. It won't turn on after charging, black screen...😭

    Daniel BarabashDaniel Barabash2 månader sedan
  • found an iPhone 7 in a park and asked around if someone lost it, wondering what i should do, any ideas?

    Spencer ReedSpencer Reed2 månader sedan
  • Who is here because they just find this satisfying?

    Sumaya AbdihabibSumaya Abdihabib2 månader sedan
  • Free , bad screen and bad battery

    kris jameskris james2 månader sedan
  • i was asked at least three times to get an iphone to fix it and i can take it for free.. i did not because i wanna avoid using apple's product

    ecalzoecalzo2 månader sedan
  • Is there a solution to the bend touch issue with the iPhone 6?

    Karl HarrisKarl Harris2 månader sedan
  • my best deal for an iPhone? patience. my brother fixed his own iPhone and gave it to me

    NotImsaadhNotImsaadh2 månader sedan
  • When I check in a phone for a repair, I need to make it sound as dramatic as these video titles. More than 80 percent of the time, if a phone is not powering on, it is just the charger port or battery.

    Game BugGame Bug2 månader sedan
  • Do u sell this phones ?

    Promit SahaPromit Saha2 månader sedan
  • Can you give this to mee for free

    Joseph TbJoseph Tb2 månader sedan
  • Apple: users already have chargers. Also apple: includes a cable that works with 1% of chargers out there

    Tena KeenTena Keen2 månader sedan
  • love from India

    RajveerSingh AroraRajveerSingh Arora2 månader sedan