The Unrepairable iPod Touch

4 jan 2020
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Known for its hard to repair design, what makes the iPod so hard to repair and will Hugh be able to fix his?
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  • Starting the new decade off with a new intro! My old intro has had a very long run from March 2nd 2016 - Dec 29th 2019

    Hugh JeffreysHugh JeffreysÅr sedan
    • F in the chat old one was better now it just doesn't have the feel

    • The New One’s Rockin’!

      MadBoi124 `MadBoi124 `Månad sedan
    • The new one is kinda cool, But the Old like feels like Popped Netflix Intro Text

      FrankenStarsFrankenStarsMånad sedan
    • I have one lying around redundant , fully functional but dont know what to do with it. iTunes does not support old ios🤔

      Meghal VasaMeghal VasaMånad sedan
    • I love the new intro! The old one was, well, just a bit dull for me really. I DEFINATELY prefer the new one!

      Everyday EverythingEveryday Everything3 månader sedan
  • wow, I want to repair my Ipod Touch which have the flex cable of the touch broken, now I'm really thinking about it or just selling it on eBay

    Santiago AlmeidaSantiago Almeida8 dagar sedan
  • Totally agree! Still have and use my modded iPod video! Thanks for the info!

    Andy BAndy B14 dagar sedan
  • Looks like the worse Apple product when it comes to DIY repair. And you are the consummate professional Hugh.

    s gas ga17 dagar sedan
  • I miss the old intro :(

    A literal personA literal person18 dagar sedan
  • I guess we’re going to have to open it back up in 2022!

    Jordan PatrickJordan Patrick20 dagar sedan
  • I bet he will start another repair attempt :-)

    DWaltherDWaltherMånad sedan
  • If Hugh Jeffreys says its unrepairable, it’s unrepairable.

    Dina NikolaidouDina NikolaidouMånad sedan
  • Well that’s apple for you.

    Tech WorldTech WorldMånad sedan
  • I feel your pain, APPLE SUCKS ! I am capable of desoldering something off of a nintendo gamecube motherboard building a pc, and replacing it with something that works but when I was given an Iphone 4 I legit tried SO SO SO HARD I couldn't get it to work again! The person who gave it to me acted like I was stupid D:

    RandomCommentor777RandomCommentor777Månad sedan
  • Just take out that one screw

    Braeden CulpBraeden CulpMånad sedan
  • I got a mate in straya that could get a look into that!

    Tiago FrutuosoTiago FrutuosoMånad sedan
  • The domineering cupcake computationally cure because grill annually hunt before a garrulous week. best, stormy saw

    Shira CremeansShira CremeansMånad sedan
  • I can wait until apple can't even repair there on device's

    Jxid XjdjJxid XjdjMånad sedan
  • I have a Nokia X7-01 thats the same...all parts look fine, all power lines are fine, continuity checks out..still nothing smh

    TechformativeTechformativeMånad sedan
  • Send it to NorthridgeFix, he will get it done! Lol

    Don DDon DMånad sedan
  • I have one of these and I decided to open it up one day just to see. That latch that you have to press down before laying the screen down is hell, it took me SO LONG to put that down and it took FOREVER to get it back in place. I didn't even replace anything, I just opened it, to hell with that.

    superfragilisticatexpialidoshmursuperfragilisticatexpialidoshmurMånad sedan
  • To be honest this is the first device that I repaired...😂

    yamawaru1998yamawaru1998Månad sedan
  • Hey I have a I phone 8 with a smashed back and it needs to be unlocked and I don’t know how much it could be in euros so if can helps me out thanks!!

    MacyplaysMacyplaysMånad sedan
  • I had a faulty one of these with a cracked screen, thought I’d attempt a repair. All went well apart from I burnt the power cable soldering it back on, so got another one which went back fine. All was perfect until I clipped the screen back in and cracked it. It went straight in the bin after that.

    Thomas MoranThomas MoranMånad sedan
  • Can Apple technicians fix it ?

    Z0Z3R0Z0Z3R0Månad sedan
  • This is a 15 min repair, 20 with the button ribbon

    Nick ______Nick ______Månad sedan
  • I’ve repairs my iPhones before and been fine but iPods have always been my downfall

    Bully HomesteadBully HomesteadMånad sedan
  • introducing, iphone 12

    Gamer GraysonGamer GraysonMånad sedan
  • And another question why do you have a iPad mini

    Andrew TanousAndrew TanousMånad sedan
  • Is it just me or do i need my eyes checked

    Andrew TanousAndrew TanousMånad sedan
  • This device really brings me back! iPod Touch 4 was such a big deal when I was in middle school, and was my first smart device! Wish I still had mine.

    Caden ChurchillCaden ChurchillMånad sedan
  • My first touch device was the 1st gen iPod touch 2007 (it came with the first SEworld) with WIFI. It was groundbreaking! After the iPhones came out I would just recommend get an iPhone instead of an iPod touch they were so freagin' hard to repair!

    HardWorkingNoGovHelpLowClassHardWorkingNoGovHelpLowClassMånad sedan
  • It looked cracked

    Robloxgone CrazyRobloxgone CrazyMånad sedan
  • definitely not unrepairable, i have fixed several of these

    Jonathan BarneaJonathan BarneaMånad sedan
  • *pathetic*

    RomanRoman2 månader sedan
  • My home button broke at first, then the power button so I couldn't even turn on the ipod any more. I just put a hammer through it.

    Lachlan PLachlan P2 månader sedan
  • 2:50 le jerryrig- bent batteries become dangerous with layers folded and can explode Hugh- hold my battery

    Lil KrauseLil Krause2 månader sedan
  • Screw iPod touch!

    goodbro360goodbro3602 månader sedan
  • i have one of these in mint condition i think

    HuffHuff2 månader sedan
  • u broke the battery. throw it away rn

    YadierelleYadierelle2 månader sedan
  • I have an iPod Touch 4th generation at my house, and it still works!

    SuperTylerManSuperTylerMan2 månader sedan
  • I hate my 2 ipod touch 6 gens they are impossible to get repaired anywhere. Battery is soldered so impossible to get replaced.

  • Why glue :(

    Mr SnrubMr Snrub3 månader sedan
  • 2:58 Why didnt IT explode

    Feuerstulle StullenfeuerFeuerstulle Stullenfeuer3 månader sedan
  • Gladly i was able to fix my screen without breaking the powerbutton 😂

    Genrev BitamorGenrev Bitamor3 månader sedan
  • Bat-tree

    Tyler BTyler B3 månader sedan
  • Today i spent 4 hours replacing my Ipod touch screen The hardest repair ever ... To replace ipad 2 screen i usually spent 20 minutes

    Naseem ShawarbahNaseem Shawarbah4 månader sedan
  • I have repaired all iPod touches, with the fourth gen, after replacing the screen, DO NOT SCREW IN THE TOP SCREW NEAR THE POWER BUTTON. instead use a low grade adhesive. Itll be strong enough to hold the board in place, but not strong enough to tear anything off the board in that location.

    Accidental RaidAccidental Raid4 månader sedan
  • i know its been a bit but why buy an old ipod touch in general? Getting something like an iphone 6 or something would do well wouldn't it?

    Earthgrand234Earthgrand2344 månader sedan
  • Didn't apple discontinue all iPod models apart from the iPod Touch?

    Saru1081Saru10814 månader sedan
    • Yes, but I heard some rumors saying that Apple might get iPod back to life, but I don't thank that would happen anytime soon since it's just a "rumor"

      UnibeliviousUnibelivious3 månader sedan
  • Bro how to remove iCloud lock

    Rohit BadrinathRohit Badrinath5 månader sedan
  • Glad I found this video. I got my first haul of iPhones to practice repairs and the iPod 4th Gen looked so meek and simple I figured I'd pratice on that first. Then I saw this video. I'll now probably start with the iPhone 4 or 4s. Any suggestions on the most reliable vendor for gold plated/solid replacement chassis?

    X LessThan ZX LessThan Z5 månader sedan
  • The iPod touch is not hard at all that’s what I started repairing back in 2011-2012 when I was in 6th grade that’s what got me into repairing devices I swapped so many screen, battery’s,and cables

    Millionaire diesel GarageMillionaire diesel Garage5 månader sedan
  • These iPod 4th Gens were a beautiful and elegant device, and I still have one, which is in beautiful condition. The battery is beginning to show some age and I hesitate getting it replaced.

    nomebearnomebear5 månader sedan
  • Huge Jeffrey said it’s unrepairable me: impossible

    Well yes but noWell yes but no5 månader sedan
  • Hugh Jeffrey more more like huge Jeffrey

    Advanced NoobAdvanced Noob5 månader sedan
  • everyone had that friend with a cracked 4th gen ipod touch

    Federico CalelloFederico Calello5 månader sedan
  • poor battery ! (⊙_⊙;)

    saeedsaeed5 månader sedan
  • That's not that hard I will fix anything I touch

    Jexander ArveloJexander Arvelo6 månader sedan
  • Me: who has one that is passcode locked, has a broken power button and a broken home button. An I a joke to you?

    TheTechChannel 1TheTechChannel 16 månader sedan
  • that bent battery gives me sweat

    Arpit RajputArpit Rajput6 månader sedan
  • Seeing this ipod in 2022

    Sanjay BalkissoonSanjay Balkissoon6 månader sedan
  • What an absolute clusterfuck of a dickishly built device. That is, exactly what Apple probably intended. Oh, the days repair and maintenance friendly Apple products. They ain't coming back... :|

    MosoKaiserMosoKaiser6 månader sedan
  • ok great so im glad im not the only one that cant fix this my i ripped the ribbon cable when i opened the case as you did

    OTAK OHOTAK OH6 månader sedan
  • U can do it

    Roy BrownRoy Brown6 månader sedan
  • Hugh I had such high hopes for you! I'm sorry it didn't work out but I'm sure you'll solve it in time. Love watching your videos so please keep posting! 🥺

    Kathy LeKathy Le6 månader sedan
  • Aaand the battery will be a Capri Suns after 1 to 2 months

    APL MinecraftAPL Minecraft7 månader sedan
  • Replace this battery ,you bent it. Bent batteries are very dangerous

    Miki200_Miki200_7 månader sedan
  • Had the 4th gen broke the screen didn't work and sent it to be repaired and it was permanently broke never worked again

    ConradVertzRacingConradVertzRacing7 månader sedan
  • hahahha, yesterday i tried to replace an iphone 4 home button, and i damaged screen

    D0g_Wolv3sD0g_Wolv3s7 månader sedan
  • I've gotten my touch 4 for free (iPod touch 4 that I got 4 free) and the home button is busted with the battery quickly discharging. I REALLY want a classic, but they are like 200ILS! (ILS = IsraeLi Shekels, ~57$US, 82$AU). For Americans: oh wow that's cheap For Aussies: mate that's cheap us Israelis: THAT'S EXPENSIVE!

    Gal SmirnovGal Smirnov7 månader sedan
  • Nerd

    ryan johnsonryan johnson7 månader sedan
  • clickbait

    MaxtheAlienMaxtheAlien7 månader sedan
  • I have a 1st gen iPad like has error 1602/1601 and iv tried every method in the book. Redsn0w, iReb, iTunes 10, iTunes 12, Windows 10, Windows name it,. nothing works

    TechformativeTechformative7 månader sedan
  • It's being difficult because you've been disassembling/assembling it backwards. You FIRST desolder the battery and button cables during disassembly, so the board comes out much easier, then put new cables in, then you put the board in and resolder the cables onto the board.

    Tom ChaiTom Chai7 månader sedan
  • If you were going to solder stuff anyway, why don't you desolder the battery and power button at first? Makes disassembly much easier.

    Tom ChaiTom Chai7 månader sedan
  • That battery is giving me anxiety

    H0rzeH0rze7 månader sedan
  • Plastic card + some goof off = easy battery removal

    Mr. SkeltalMr. Skeltal7 månader sedan
  • what u should do is make another video about it, dont screw in the logic board on the top and maybe the power button will work again, I honestly had no success of replacing the screen on my iPod Touch 5 which would bootloop and enter static and fade away the apple logo.

    BonsZVlogsJLKBonsZVlogsJLK7 månader sedan
  • This is too painful to watch

    Diegz Jherom Edember RuazolDiegz Jherom Edember Ruazol7 månader sedan
  • What about the battery? Those bends are really dangerous, it could catch fire at any moment.

    Andrei BanuAndrei Banu7 månader sedan
  • You are my heroe!

    Nathy SilvioNathy Silvio8 månader sedan
  • 🤣🤣

    Bibek KarmakarBibek Karmakar8 månader sedan
  • The top middle screw might be what is breaking the cable

    Computer CoolComputer Cool8 månader sedan
  • I did one of these back in 2014, it was tough but it worked no problem first time. I removed everything to get to it all same as you. Credit cards and heat to the chassis stop you mullering the battery.

    KinsywinsyKinsywinsy8 månader sedan
  • i want a 4th gen so bad

    xdoggox69xxdoggox69x8 månader sedan
  • Come on, try again! 😃

    Giel VermeulenGiel Vermeulen8 månader sedan
  • It’s kidda useless now to repair an iPod this all that doesn’t support or barely support any apps now

    Alex MamedyAlex Mamedy8 månader sedan
  • These are strait garbage. I bought a 7 gen just for music. I have an 11 pro max for my daily. The iPod got so hot just downloading music that I received an error message that the iPod had to cool down before it could continue to download. Just downloading music. Something the iPod touch is made for!! I got a refund on it to say the least. Lol

    Shon BZShon BZ8 månader sedan
  • Mine is still working but eith a dead power button

    Paco_blPaco_bl8 månader sedan
  • I have the 1st gen iPod touch

    ByersPlayZByersPlayZ8 månader sedan
  • Good to know that it should only take 20 minutes to replace a screen

    Foxy The PirateFoxy The Pirate8 månader sedan
  • Funny, my iPod Touch 4th Gen was the first device that I repaired myself (replaced the screen once and the home button twice). What ended up killing it was trying to replace the dying battery and soldering on a new one (which I had no idea how to do at the time). Good times.

    SirSetherySirSethery8 månader sedan
  • I tried to repair one of these. Couldn’t do it because the battery is soldered to the mother board

    TheTechChannel 1TheTechChannel 18 månader sedan
  • Can you do favor of sending me any of your non using phone i need it too urgently and i m too broke to buy it anyways u make good videos keep doing n entertaining us

    Shubh VisariaShubh Visaria8 månader sedan
  • No way i have that exact iPod touch right here next to me

    thomas nguyenthomas nguyen8 månader sedan
  • I had one of these iPods but one day it just vanished. No one in my family knew where it went... I hope it’s living a fulfilling life now.

    ScioneScione8 månader sedan
  • If Hugh can’t fix it, no one can.

    ScioneScione8 månader sedan
  • your soldering skills gave me aids

    Gabriel EzetaGabriel Ezeta8 månader sedan
  • Can u fix my iPhone se

    Andy RodriguezAndy Rodriguez8 månader sedan
  • Teacher dont worry, the homework will be easy. The homework: repair an iPod Touch 4th gen

    Mini LegomanMini Legoman8 månader sedan
  • Yo i have one and my dumbass younger self threw it on the ground

    LostWarriorLostWarrior8 månader sedan
  • It's exactly opposite to the ideas n vision of the Founder Steven Jobs. F***ING assholes.

    vipin acharyavipin acharya8 månader sedan
    • @LostWarrior ohh. Ok. I'm sorry. Thanks for the information mate. I'm not an apple fan. Used Sony Walkman back in the days. Cheers 🍻

      vipin acharyavipin acharya8 månader sedan
    • He was still alive when it came out

      LostWarriorLostWarrior8 månader sedan
  • Those cables are flimsy af, when I repaired my screen I had to replace the flex cable 3 times. Turns out on slip of anything will damage it

    DucksDucks8 månader sedan