FREE Destroyed iPhone 8 Plus - Can it be Restored?

13 jul 2019
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I was given this iPhone 8 plus for free after the previous owner threw it at a shipping container. Its time I see if I can fix it and bring it back into brand new condition.
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  • you know what’s a poor design choice for holding in a battery? *samsung’s.*

    Adrian AnzanoAdrian Anzano17 timmar sedan
  • Can u repaire my broke iphone 8 plus it wont turn on charge and it is severely cracked but I still want it but dont have much money so no one i know so far will fix it for me

    Brenda McMathBrenda McMath17 timmar sedan
  • plainrock: **seeing title** plainrock: "well i can destroy for free too"

    Patrick StarPatrick Star2 dagar sedan
  • hey where can i buy iphone 8 plus screen ???

    Tenzing RinchenTenzing Rinchen5 dagar sedan
  • Repairing iphones are just uselessly hard, sometime back I literally disassembled an android with just a small screw driver without breaking anything (it was old so no glass back and water proofing)

    Aditya JaiswalAditya Jaiswal7 dagar sedan
  • Can someone tell me what the sheet called which has glue on it 9:21?

    Danish Ali KhanDanish Ali Khan8 dagar sedan
  • The private worm differently jail because sampan continuously follow vice a garrulous indonesia. abaft, ruthless hill

    Botting ManBotting Man9 dagar sedan
  • I would bring my iPad and iPhone to Hugh Jeffreys instead of Apple

    Charles BraaschCharles Braasch9 dagar sedan
  • the man that solt it for free so sad hahahaha

    ToysHDToysHD9 dagar sedan
  • Please help me to fix my phone won't turn on

    Shalom LeoShalom Leo12 dagar sedan
  • The new screen in the phone is original apple or s gereric screen? Great video

    Pablo SaloiñaPablo Saloiña12 dagar sedan
  • Isopropanol + 80°C = piece of cake tab removal

    Gonzalo del MoralGonzalo del Moral13 dagar sedan
  • As always excellent

    Richard MyersRichard Myers14 dagar sedan
  • The moment you think i can do that too and search for broken phones and find only worse Phones and 200 bucks wanted.

    christopher Jeezchristopher Jeez14 dagar sedan
  • Apple: Let's pair the Wireless Charging Coil!

    User NameUser Name14 dagar sedan
  • Bruh who throws a phone in a shipping container when they can’t change the brightness ;-;

    シMidnightxspotlightシシMidnightxspotlightシ18 dagar sedan
  • I recently repaired my cracked iphone 8 plus and replaced it with a new screen and ran into a home button issue. I ordered the "Keytas" iphone 8 plus replacement screen and used the original home button for the repair. After the replacement the home button wasn't letting me click for some reason even though the touch ID was still working (home button was working just fine before replacement). Now I'm worried because I have another iphone 8 plus that needs a screen replacement but I'm afraid I might run into this same issue again. Does anyone know a what might be causing this issue?

    ching chingching ching18 dagar sedan
  • I never have a free iPhone nor even a phone

    Pateh KhanPateh Khan19 dagar sedan
  • I've watched this like 20 times

    The Master Of TechThe Master Of Tech19 dagar sedan
  • Can you please fix my iphone 8 plus

    caleb reynolscaleb reynols19 dagar sedan
  • ⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔ Please please...i brake that 2:02 i want to order from Amazon but i don't know what is the name of piece.Please respond me...

    FasolaruFasolaru20 dagar sedan
  • Lmfao why did he take so long to peel off the plastic at 9:57

    now nownow now24 dagar sedan
  • My iPhone 8 seems beyond repair

    New LoveNew Love26 dagar sedan
  • Number one rule always test the screen before closing the phone and screen together

    What Lies Beneath Urban ExplorerWhat Lies Beneath Urban Explorer29 dagar sedan
  • Can you fix mine

    Djay TatumDjay TatumMånad sedan
  • I threw my iPhone at a wall and it still works.

    Ayan RashedAyan RashedMånad sedan
  • 10:52 What's the name of the music?

    Lil_Skorpion64Lil_Skorpion64Månad sedan
  • Ne danisirsan qaqa😂😂

    Terbizzade ilkinTerbizzade ilkinMånad sedan
  • Probably it’s not reprogram

    Luka AirGirlLuka AirGirlMånad sedan
  • I recommend @coolnet247 on Instagram help me to unlock iCloud

    Don NotDon NotMånad sedan
  • Watching in my iPhone 8 Plus.

    This Account is Abandoned Forever!This Account is Abandoned Forever!Månad sedan
  • iPhone: **Flash doesn’t change brightness** Seller: *b r i n g o u t t h e f u c k i n g s h r e d d e r s*

    TweeleafTweeleafMånad sedan
  • Hello Hugh. Do you have a repair service that people can send their broke iPhones to you for repair?

    zerokool38zerokool38Månad sedan
  • it seems that the housing and the lcd is class a, not original lcd

    Brian DagumanBrian DagumanMånad sedan
  • He ment the dad joke lmao

    TximTximMånad sedan
  • Little did the owner know that the phone was completely fine. All he had to do was buy a $70 replacement screen

    Akotski1338Akotski1338Månad sedan
  • And we're done....the best part of video😊

    I am MeI am MeMånad sedan
  • Please gift me this phone 😭🙏;

    Santosh NegiSantosh NegiMånad sedan
  • They must have lost a game of Fortnite, That's why they threw it at a shipping container

    Brightwolf MasterBrightwolf MasterMånad sedan

    The Master Of TechThe Master Of TechMånad sedan
  • 2019: Restoring Phone 2040: Restoring Earth Help Spam

    BlownAwayGamerBlownAwayGamer2 månader sedan
  • @hugh jeffery can ypu please repair my phone too

    Mohteshim QureshiMohteshim Qureshi2 månader sedan
  • That's some good phone gore

    Paprotka 3Paprotka 32 månader sedan
  • Great job Hugh. Do you do this for a living or are you a highly talented hobbyist?

    John GaffneyJohn Gaffney2 månader sedan
  • do u sell those phone 😁😁😁😁

    sumit rawatsumit rawat2 månader sedan
  • i just got a free 8 plus with broken glass and camera... SEworld knows all

    Pineapple VlogsPineapple Vlogs2 månader sedan
  • Do you sell iPhone

    Raj Kishor SethyRaj Kishor Sethy2 månader sedan
  • After watching these videos I'm pretty sure I'm never buying an iPhone.

    S RahmanS Rahman2 månader sedan
  • You need to add in your labor hours and rate per hour as part of the repair cost. Your time isn't free. Neither is your knowledge.

    Brian FongBrian Fong2 månader sedan
  • 11:23 Need programming old and new

  • Uvarphon no/pleez my no/7013293573

    Sriramulu MokaraSriramulu Mokara2 månader sedan
  • The differing opinions between Zack from JerryRigEverything and Hugh on the magic pull tabs is really funny XD

    Nahli NezoNahli Nezo2 månader sedan
  • You should make a screw placement diagram for all the phones you do

    Steven MayoSteven Mayo2 månader sedan
  • I want an ip8 +, should I get it? Recommend?

    Felipe SantosFelipe Santos2 månader sedan
  • why is everyone hating on the guy who threw the phone? He probably had somthing else going on in his life and the phone pissing him off broke him.

    mike zebrowskimike zebrowski2 månader sedan
  • Smart idea: just get a new iPhone 8 Plus

    Awesome ALCAwesome ALC2 månader sedan
  • Lol what frigging douchebag throws their phone for such a phony (pun intended) reason. Even after paying a ton to probably apple to replace your screen...

    jonathan Wieringajonathan Wieringa2 månader sedan
  • I’m happy that the iPhone 10,11&12 doesn’t have a home button so I don’t need to worry about accidentally breaking it while fixing the phones

    Richard BurneRichard Burne2 månader sedan
  • That tempered glass had nothing against the container the phone was thrown at. Good to see the owner at least tried.

    C NC N2 månader sedan
  • Why would you throw your phone just because you couldn’t adjust the brightness!?!? #madness

    Amanda WrightAmanda Wright2 månader sedan
  • The previous owner was farmer dickhead😵

    Juraime BuangJuraime Buang2 månader sedan
  • Who will win? Indian guys on SEworld, or this guy

    E EE E2 månader sedan
  • i always watch your videos so i become a technician of phone thank you

    Doy Fix a Phone VlogsDoy Fix a Phone Vlogs2 månader sedan
  • 3:55-4:00that battery just done went YEEET

    XnmPlayzXnmPlayz2 månader sedan
  • man, spoiled people. I don't have a very minor feature, let me just throw my very recently repaired phone as hard as I can, and then this dude goes and gets another brand new iPhone?? like??? I see this a lot, destroy your phone and next day have a brand new one, where the hell do you get it from? how do you have the money to replace your phone every time something little doesn't go your way?

    Apollo the SnepApollo the Snep2 månader sedan
  • Ok sorry i climaxed when you removed the plastik from the glass cause thats so satisfying😂

    Peter FuxxPeter Fuxx2 månader sedan
  • I’m here after watching the Teardown and Repair Assessment of iphone 12. For me, iphone 8 plus is the best phone so far, been using it for 3 years already.

    Niel TamayoNiel Tamayo2 månader sedan
  • That's the stupidest reason I've ever heard of someone throwing a iPhone

    Fred ProductsFred Products2 månader sedan
  • Plot twist: He buy a new iphone.

    Paul grisham carataoPaul grisham caratao2 månader sedan
  • Nice work but apple sucks and i will never get one even if it was free. Just because of the scams they run on the customers like 500 hundred for new glass on the back of iphone. It cost 20 bucks on samsungs cellphones anyway nice work. 👍👍👍 S

    Jared CorkumJared Corkum2 månader sedan
  • Me : watching on my new iPhone 8 Plus

    R.K. VigneshwarR.K. Vigneshwar2 månader sedan
  • This my friends is why you should never get an expensive phone if you have anger issues

    IronicallyMaddieIronicallyMaddie2 månader sedan
  • He got a new iPhone XS Max, what’s next? He throws it into spinning helicopter blades because he couldn’t get the altitude off of it?

    Reeve KookReeve Kook2 månader sedan
  • Im a pro Technician when it comes to phone😅 i wish i can collab to you. Sir Jeffrey

    John Cedric Hernandez VlogJohn Cedric Hernandez Vlog2 månader sedan
  • Previous owner - There’s a person with a serious anger issues ...

    Terry O'FeeTerry O'Fee2 månader sedan
  • I just replaced the screen on my iPhone 8 I purchased with a shattered screen.

    Garrett ReymanGarrett Reyman2 månader sedan
  • may as well just get a new one at that point

    Tristan WittmerTristan Wittmer2 månader sedan
  • #rage

    TiltJTiltJ3 månader sedan
  • I have done so many iPhone repairs, but this is insane. I surely would break so many things inside that phone trying to get everything back in, that is to say I don’t lose a piece first. Well done, you have fully replaced the enclosure on what I believe is the most difficult iPhone to work on(I usually let my coworkers handle the iPhone 8 models).

    Sahaj KhanSahaj Khan3 månader sedan
  • Will you sell it

    Srikaran ReddySrikaran Reddy3 månader sedan
  • @huge Jeffrey can you restore my iPhone 8 plus black my screen is dead I need a new screen

    Diamondboi2410Diamondboi24103 månader sedan
  • Phone brightness: *not working* Normal people: Oh man I guess I’ll have to get it repaired This guy: *yeets the phone*

    IceCreamJunkieIceCreamJunkie3 månader sedan
  • how do you get free phones . someone helppp

    zaraazaraa3 månader sedan
  • Lol that previous owner has a real temper

    mariam abdhullahmariam abdhullah3 månader sedan
  • techrex prob broke it

    qercuriieqercuriie3 månader sedan
  • my iphone 8 plus just broke, it's destroyed and my homebutton is destroyed, in fact the frame is proper bent but the BACK GLASS SURVIVED?

    momentifymomentify3 månader sedan
  • You should make you own iPhone 12

    Angel GalvezAngel Galvez3 månader sedan
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ mdrr

    Flavien DuboisFlavien Dubois3 månader sedan
  • The previous owner should be thrown in prison

    Luka VignjevićLuka Vignjević3 månader sedan
  • Man does not know how to take care of his phone as he replaced his screen. Then tossed it at a shipping container

    Aaron EischenAaron Eischen3 månader sedan
  • i would just replace the screen and use the phone like norrmal so when people look at it they go what the hell happened to your phone

    Leaked99Leaked993 månader sedan
  • If you replace the handle and straw on a broom, is it the same broom?

    why evenwhy even3 månader sedan
  • can i purches this

    Regmi is liveRegmi is live3 månader sedan
  • Holy guacamole . Your a good repairman

    simon marshallsimon marshall3 månader sedan
  • that was a good throw

    Big Lion Official Youtube ChannelBig Lion Official Youtube Channel3 månader sedan
  • " I have a good feeling the display is dead" lol. Wow. You couldnt tell by looking at it?

    Ilhan TeleIlhan Tele3 månader sedan
  • Should of just used toothpaste

    [Ausi]YouQunt[Ausi]YouQunt3 månader sedan
  • With the aftermarket battery, do you see the battery health information?

    Adam KhanAdam Khan3 månader sedan
  • I have 7 plus and little scratches in home button Touch id can save in settings but any finger can unlock this phone. Why? How can i fix it Please reply

    Ashen EkanayakeAshen Ekanayake3 månader sedan
  • I have 7 plus and little scratches in home button Touch id can save in settings but any finger can unlock this phone. Why? How can i fix it Please reply

    Ashen EkanayakeAshen Ekanayake3 månader sedan