A Tech Product Like No Other - Apple Cinema Display

11 maj 2019
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  • What is the difference between cinema and Thunderbolt Display?

    Youxun LiuYouxun Liu10 dagar sedan
  • so there's no difference in actual display between this and the thunderbolt 27"

    KASITZ JAYKASITZ JAY16 dagar sedan
  • Wish Apple would make a newer version of this one. The Pro Display XDR is far too expensive! Samsung does make some pretty good screens, love my $450 Canadian gaming display.

    Caden ChurchillCaden Churchill23 dagar sedan
  • Like your video! May I know is this Apple Cinema Display compatible with apple new Mac mini M1? If yes then I would probably get one for myself. Thanks for your answer 1st!

    Ryan SwaRyan Swa29 dagar sedan
  • I love these monitors so much that I use two of them at home. One I connect to my MacBook Pro, and the other I have connected to two PC laptop's through a KVM switch. Due to COVID, I have done plenty of Zoom calls on both, the one connected to my MacBook and the one connected to my PC laptops, and this monitor works flawlessly. The mini display port connection gives you endless opportunities to connect this monitor to about any computer. I wish they still make these today, I will never part ways with these two monitors and was wishing to buy another to store at my office, but my wife threatened to bop me on the head if I buy another one 😮. If anyone needs to adjust the brightness on this screen while it being connected to a PC instead of a MacBook, here is an App you can download that will allow you to do so on a PC: bitbucket.org/Gensplejs/publicfiles/downloads/

    Daniel SCDaniel SCMånad sedan
  • Would be cool to see what you can do with this monitor to make it sound quieter 😊 love seeing a transformation. I think a custom black desk with glass top would go so well with it too and if it was mounted to a wall.

    Liam GeogheganLiam GeogheganMånad sedan
  • why dose a 2010 iMac cost less then a 2010 apple display? I would just get a 2010 iMac and use it as a monitor its possible not even that hard to do

    Apple TipsApple TipsMånad sedan
  • That buzzing that you hear (gets louder as the brightness is increased) seems to be somewhat common. I personally have this issue, however it only lasted a year or two before going away and I haven’t heard it since over a year ago. Maybe I just got lucky.

    Shifted InterestsShifted Interests3 månader sedan
  • do you think its a nice secondary display for an iMac?

    Apple TipsApple Tips3 månader sedan
  • Is it possible to connect this monitor with a MacBook Pro 16" Early 2019 Retina with an USB-C to mini-displayport Adapter ?

    Marcel JobsMarcel Jobs3 månader sedan
  • Does the adapter work with thunderbolt display as well?

    vito cerasiavito cerasia3 månader sedan
  • It’s not the best webcam, or microphone, or speakers, or screen, but they’re all respectable quality for home use. Not worth $1000 anymore, but if you can get one in working condition it’s nice to have.

    Taylor WalravenTaylor Walraven4 månader sedan
  • You Show a LED Display. Its possible Thunderbolt Display 27 work with this Adapter?

    World MusicWorld Music4 månader sedan
  • The A1316 response time was not great when new. HP 2710M which came out at the same time is 5 ms. However, not a concern for me. My A1316 plays video just fine.

    encinobalboaencinobalboa5 månader sedan
  • Its like an iMac with no computer

    Richard the Wolf SchleichRichard the Wolf Schleich5 månader sedan
  • Pro Display XDR would like a word ;)

    Will ParkinsonWill Parkinson6 månader sedan
  • Managed to buy one for £265 grade B condition and might buy another for £225 grade C from the same seller

    Emperor EpitaphEmperor Epitaph6 månader sedan
    • @Emperor Epitaph picking it up monday

      Qollins QolloQollins Qollo5 månader sedan
    • Qollins Qollo dude for £200 go for it

      Emperor EpitaphEmperor Epitaph5 månader sedan
    • @Emperor Epitaph ok , im thinking of buying one facebook.com/marketplace/item/318876752651588/

      Qollins QolloQollins Qollo5 månader sedan
    • Qollins Qollo the colours are really good

      Emperor EpitaphEmperor Epitaph5 månader sedan
    • is the colors good or makes colors look old ?

      Qollins QolloQollins Qollo5 månader sedan
  • I got this monitor + glass off ebay in Nov 2019 for a total bill of $220. After having used it for a while I can say its alright. The webcam feature is very convenient. I'm not a fan of how thick the bezels are and the display runs VERY hot (but 1440p back in 2010 was absolutely nuts). If you aren't into gaming or high refresh rate displays (I have a 165Hz monitor as my main display) then this is a viable 1440p alternative at the price range of 200-300. Its very solidly built, the AH-IPS glossy screen is gorgeous and its very pretty.

    Dovah-chanDovah-chan6 månader sedan
  • After bargaining with a local seller, I managed to pick my 27 inch Cinema Display with a 2009 Mac Mini for $100. This is the best value tech deal I've ever gotten and I love using it as my daily driver!

    kirbeast46kirbeast466 månader sedan
  • I have had mine since they came out. I've used it on a MacBook pro, mac mini, and now my 2009 mac pro (thanks to a DisplayPort to mini DisplayPort adapter). I can also use it on my 2015 MacBook air that doesn't need an adapter. Thankfully, there are USB c to mini DisplayPort adapters.

    Jeremy BolanosJeremy Bolanos7 månader sedan
  • HI. Is it normal that after turned on the monitor, the display will not show up anything until the miniport is plugged in to Mac?

    Steve C.Steve C.7 månader sedan
  • this display is SO BEAUTIFUL

    LuiisLuiis7 månader sedan
  • i see your intro is made in Final Cut Pro

    Mati EP09Mati EP097 månader sedan
  • The Apple Cinema Display is really old and lacks even more ports. What you want to get is the Thunderbolt Display. Still somewhat outdated, but much better than the Cinema Display. You get Thunderbolt 2, (3) USB 2.0, FW 800, Ethernet vs only USB on the Cinema Display.

    Charmin BaerCharmin Baer7 månader sedan
  • I'm watching on a 24' inch Apple LED Cinema Display

    Noah FinleyNoah Finley7 månader sedan
  • Hi, just wondering where you bought your dp to mini do adapter? I'm also based in Australia. Most of them I found were cables themselves which isn't what I want.

    Frank FuFrank Fu7 månader sedan
  • This is probably one of the best Apple products to come out.

    KokopelliKokopelli8 månader sedan
  • honestly wish they made these with usb-c and upgraded speakers and mic and camera. Maybe some slimmer bezels? haha. Every other display looks bland and cheap, even at higher price points.

    Easily DistractedEasily Distracted8 månader sedan
  • half the f video just to clean the thing... u clearly will not cover everything there's to know....

    João Carlos Palhinha CastilloJoão Carlos Palhinha Castillo8 månader sedan
  • Didnt expect a cleaning video

    Murlock2000Murlock20008 månader sedan
  • Which 4K displays are priced at $2,000?

    JoshuaJoshua8 månader sedan
  • What about airplaying to a 27 inch Thunderbolt Display? (ie. with the Apple TV connected to the Thunderbolt Display with an adapter)

    mklengmkleng8 månader sedan
  • I just picked up a thunderbolt display and 2012 Mac mini for £400, looking forward to it arriving! I needed to be able to connect my firewire audio interface to my Mac and didn't feel like spending £80 on adapters alone.

    thatscottishdrummerthatscottishdrummer9 månader sedan
  • 450$ for this ?! God the way some people spend they’re moneys and it doesn’t even work fully lol

    Mc NuggerMc Nugger9 månader sedan
  • I still have my Apple Cinema Display still running like a champ!

    Chris O BabyChris O Baby9 månader sedan

    Jaiden's beginner techJaiden's beginner tech9 månader sedan
  • how do you connect this to the new macbook pro with usb-c thunderbolt?

    Nick LimNick Lim9 månader sedan
  • can I have that pls

    • Yes sure, buy one

      Hugh JeffreysHugh Jeffreys10 månader sedan
  • Somebody send me a link to this

    SwiftSwift10 månader sedan
  • I got one last night for $40 at a thrift store, almost broke my back running and carrying it to the front counter, someone tried to touch it and I almost bit their hand off. 😬

    frankthespankfrankthespank11 månader sedan
    • Just go one yesterday for $60 from Facebook market couldn’t believe it

      Ty HicksTy Hicks4 dagar sedan
  • I do clean them before I sell my things but I didn't know that the cables could be cleaned that well.

    hidaziphidazip11 månader sedan
  • Hi, if I buy a thunderbolt to hdmi can I plug in a ps4? I really hope so because I don't want to buy a ps4 then have to buy a TVs or monitor just for that when I've already got this display. Thanks

    BenBen11 månader sedan
  • I am planning to get the 24 inch model

    The Shadow ManThe Shadow ManÅr sedan
  • Hi my friend I want to help you What is the difference between Apple Cinema Display 27 2011 model and Apple Cinema Display 27 2010 model Is there a difference in size and shape and screen resolution or anything else I mean the Mini DisplayPort and not Thunderbolt Display

    karrar alrassamkarrar alrassamÅr sedan
  • I cannot see the value in those monitors. I traded $250 worth of devices for a 2011 27 inch imac. They can be used as a monitor with having the benefit of being a computer. They have great speakers and would have the same display as the cinema display.

    Sarah SinclairSarah SinclairÅr sedan
  • So, let me get this straight... You bought a $450 1440p and 9 year old Apple display and you justified it by saying that 4k displays cost around $2000? Lol you can get a brand new BenQ or LG 4K HDR display on amazon for around $600-$700. Apple fanboys are insane...

    Lee-SanLee-SanÅr sedan
  • These displays have an excellent color profile and performance i agree with everything you say about them, If i were you i would replace the PSU if its whining, My display just acually went bad after a year of heavy use, i bought it used like you did.... i only paid 150$ XD!!! but my PSU is perfect whats wrong is the display cable fray'd and i have to toggle it to use it, but now it doesnt work at all so i ordered a replacement cable. Just some common things that go wrong with them depending on when they were made. I am guessing i have a very early model... but im going to invest in a spare logic + PSU board in case something goes wrong in the future.... thats how much i love this display.....

    ElusiveEyeMediaElusiveEyeMediaÅr sedan
  • What cleaning alcohol did you use the clean the cables? Thank you!

    Hi-Fi InsiderHi-Fi InsiderÅr sedan
  • Just this one for $200 USD. Came in the mail and looks brand new. Hard to believe that this has been discontinued. Beautiful monitor! Thanks, Hugh!

    CamCamÅr sedan
  • Could I use this as a tv?

    Trevis ThomasTrevis ThomasÅr sedan
    • No

      CamCamÅr sedan
  • Hey great video. Although you might be aware that these cinema display suffer from a common problem where the screen turn black when the lunimosity is put too high. There are so many people with the same issue. If you were making a video on how to fix this problem you would be my hero !

    Hugues BernardHugues BernardÅr sedan
  • I bought an IMac 5k thinking I could use it as a monitor for my windows laptop. Wrong. So I bought a Thunderbolt Display to use as a monitor for my windows laptop. Wrong again. Should have bought the Cinema Display . .

    aceweldingaceweldingÅr sedan
  • One thing get a iMac

    Mylo FryettMylo FryettÅr sedan
  • Pretty proud of this - managed to pick up a thunderbolt display (not cinema display) for AUD$50. It has a vertical one pixel line across it, but easy to ignore. Good for a second monitor with lots of I/O.

    Eli BurfordEli BurfordÅr sedan
  • Lol better get the Thunderbolt Display.

    V. Sriram SundarV. Sriram SundarÅr sedan
  • i like the aluminum cinema displays better, bc they're 16:10

    gavin endsleygavin endsleyÅr sedan
  • Can you upgrade the i mac ??

    King hmodKing hmodÅr sedan
  • Pro Display XDR: U wot m8?

    Axel EspinalAxel EspinalÅr sedan
  • You gonna get the mac Pro when it's released Hugh?

    Silenced StarsSilenced StarsÅr sedan
  • If I sent you a iPad Air 2nd generation could you replace the screen battery and housing? Also would I be able to have the iPad back?

    Jacob EbertJacob EbertÅr sedan
  • Dthunderbolt displays cost tat much in the US. You aussies have to deal wit crap pricing. Also 2015 is the peak not 2010.

    RINZLR ̇RINZLR ̇År sedan
  • Welcome to the Cinema Display family! I feel that people don't understand that buying a vintage apple product is like buying an old British sports car. Its not always about being practical or sensible Its a whole design ethos being completed as a unit, Mac Pro + Cinema Display, the way Apple intended for the whole "pro" workstation experience to be like 8 years ago. Whats awesome is that it still works, still looks classy AF, and surprisingly holds its value. Congrats!

    ArikatectArikatectÅr sedan
  • I don't know if it's just me, but if Apple's gonna redesign the iMac, the Cinematic display's design would be a pretty good candidate. Reduce some bezels, etc etc.

    Misa HanakoMisa HanakoÅr sedan
  • apple suck but their products and software are beautiful and quality. and yeah miss 2010 apple

    boredbennyboredbennyÅr sedan
  • from a time when men were men and macs were macs, and the women walked bow legged

    Jamal BakerJamal BakerÅr sedan
  • What happened to your Ariana Grande backgrounds for the 3GS iPhone restoration video?

    Chris "Doltz" DaltonChris "Doltz" DaltonÅr sedan
  • I have 2 of these. They were $2K USD each 9 years ago when I bought them new. No dead pixels. No issues of any kind. I'm looking around to replace them with Apple's 30" Cinema Displays. The prices recently dropped and looking for the right ones to get. I love these monitors.

    HOLLYWOOD UNAPOLOGETIC! - Filmmaking EssentialsHOLLYWOOD UNAPOLOGETIC! - Filmmaking EssentialsÅr sedan
  • Dude, you're insane. There are amazing quality monitors for around 500 bucks as well. Unless your literally smacking your monitors like a 12 year old douche, there is no reason at all to get something made from metal. But sure buddy. Also at around 5:00 you just start spouting nonsense. Good job at a terrible video.

    Caleb HarwellCaleb HarwellÅr sedan
  • You are stupid your reasons to give 450$ for a second hand 9 year old monitor rather than buying a brand new monitor with current monitor technology 10x better for the same price. If you use your money to buy other second hand monitor for 450$ you can easily find a 4k oled display which is not made from plastic... braindead apple fanboy.

    ivan blagoevivan blagoevÅr sedan
  • I'm still using my 9 year-old LED Cinema Display to this day. My favorite screen ever.

    alpalJLalpalJLÅr sedan
  • nice but no retina, no glory.

    John SmithJohn SmithÅr sedan
  • No vesa mount? No 4k? No HDMI? No full size display port? No 120hz? No matte screen? This looks old tech... I leave Apple monitors more than 10 Years ago...

    Jorge HQJorge HQÅr sedan
  • It's nice but you can't use them with an eGPU

    huh0kayhuh0kayÅr sedan
  • 32” LG 4K monitor is less than $300 free shipping on eBay. Why they hell would anyone buy this? I think you really need to practice your eBaying skills or stop being a fan-boy either of those will work fine.

    A LightA LightÅr sedan
  • you should have got the thunderbolt display instead of the cinema display :( I'm still rocking my duel thunderbolt monitors connected to my MacBook pro with external mouse and keyboard... and nothing beats them! Been waiting for a refresh for years. Every year more rumors of monitors, every year nothing is announced and every year I'm more and more impressed with just how well these guys hold up build wise and still are better than what any other modern monitor companies are putting out there.

    rocketmarketingrocketmarketingÅr sedan
  • 2000 for a 4k display??? are u on drugs???? with that amount of money u get new 144hz 4k gsync monitors xD the only reason u took this monitor is because it has the apple logo on it and u want to pair it with your mac

    Socratis NikSocratis NikÅr sedan
    • @Delain124 ofc ips man.... we are talking about 1500+

      Socratis NikSocratis NikÅr sedan
    • Is it IPS, VA, or TN? What I mean is most 144hz 4k Gsync monitors are VA.

      Delain124Delain124År sedan
  • Garbage.

    Vas MeVas MeÅr sedan
  • when new model apple display?

    seseÅr sedan
  • Ok fanboy 🍎

    joylessrex85joylessrex85År sedan
  • What equivalent 4K display is over $2,000 ? This monitor is ok for certainly aged. The text smoothing isn't great and an 800 dollar display is CERTAINLY a better monitor.

    Jordan DupontJordan DupontÅr sedan
  • Apple: makes a monitor Apple fans: THIS IS A PRODUCT LIKE NO OTHER

    Marcos DiógenesMarcos DiógenesÅr sedan
    • Not Apple fans like Marcos Diógenes watching Apple product videos hahahaha

      Josue A. de LimaJosue A. de Lima5 månader sedan
    • @Luke Roberts "still up with the best" yeah, right....

      Marcos DiógenesMarcos DiógenesÅr sedan
    • Yeh it’s 9 years old and it’s still up with the best, so it probably was like no other back then.

      Luke RobertsLuke RobertsÅr sedan
    • @Dr. Whet Farts when did I ever say it was a new product?

      Marcos DiógenesMarcos DiógenesÅr sedan
    • you know this is not a new product... right...?

      Dr. Whet FartsDr. Whet FartsÅr sedan
  • why apple

    Dacian Kolkhuis TankeDacian Kolkhuis TankeÅr sedan
  • why? why use this outdated shit?

    Golzer'sGolzer'sÅr sedan
  • This is one of the most simple and beautiful videos i have ever watched. Wow.

    GladiusGladiusÅr sedan
  • I had a Thunderbolt Display maybe 5-6 years ago. But found it too hot, noisy and not that good a picture...

    RobinRobinÅr sedan
  • 2000$ for a 4k monitor wtf That's an 8k monitor price And I bought my laptop that contains core i7 6700hq and gtx 960m with a really nice 4k screen for 1100$ you are DUMB

    fisheyebrickfisheyebrickÅr sedan
  • Ummmmm there’s quality 4k displays for 400 dollars do not know where you got that 2k price tag from.....also Dell has a 1080p glass IPS panel for less than 200 with a super thin bezel.

    • MASKOAA thought the same, might be speaking about Australian dollars.

      Felix DichtlFelix DichtlÅr sedan
  • They don't put hdmi/dp input socket on Imacs did you think why? I think its because they want to sell monitors separately to generate more revenue. I have zero respect for apple since 2012 all they think grown to be monetary oriented aimed to be rich's jewelry.

    Mehmet FilizMehmet FilizÅr sedan
  • You could have skip the cleaning part... it takes a longtime to see the monitor powered...

    AmaruDuarteOfficialAmaruDuarteOfficialÅr sedan
  • Ssmsung makes better dysplays

    Alain nonameAlain nonameÅr sedan
  • i would be concerned about the brightness and colors

    DeliciousBananaSoupDeliciousBananaSoupÅr sedan
  • Rumors has it new monitors will be at this year’s WWDC

    DerekFizzeyDerekFizzeyÅr sedan
    • DerekFizzey Pricing: $2 million

      A LightA LightÅr sedan
  • Was this a how to keep your iMac display clean video 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Rodney Cooper FilmzRodney Cooper FilmzÅr sedan
  • made by foxcon Display made by LG 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Aleksandar be together not the sameAleksandar be together not the sameÅr sedan
  • I used the have the 30 inch Cinema display, but after 15 years it unfortunately died. Had to replace it with a new 27 inch iMac. I really liked that old monitor it served me well. If only all their hardware lasted as long.

    A BrockA BrockÅr sedan
  • He needs more subscribers

    Shashank SagarShashank SagarÅr sedan
  • I like this design than iMac

    Cheran MailsamyCheran MailsamyÅr sedan
  • this is an imac without the mac. just an i.

    Douglas RogersDouglas RogersÅr sedan
  • fun fact: the LC ultrafine 5k, the imac pro screen, and the 27inch 5k imac screen are exactly the same screen.

    Douglas RogersDouglas RogersÅr sedan
    • No wonder they’re at well over a trillion $ valuation! In cashing Steve jobs’s vision.. Not managed ‘anything significant’ since his demise though! Literally managed “Nothing New”. The power and influence of “ONE” guy. Incredible.

      Globe TrotterGlobe Trotter3 månader sedan
    • @Kamil well the electronics inside the LC are probably better and cheaper

      Hellish CyberdemonHellish Cyberdemon7 månader sedan
    • But only the iMac Pro has True Tone

      AaaaeaAaaaea8 månader sedan
    • it might be the same panel but all of the processing and control circutry probably isnt the same and it can make a difference

      KamilKamilÅr sedan
    • Somebody needs to mod an LG Ultrafine into the thunderbolt/cinema display chassis

      John NicolasJohn NicolasÅr sedan
  • Thank you Captain for the time consuming cleaning up video

    Lisa ArmstrongLisa ArmstrongÅr sedan
    • Lisa Santos in a good way or bad way?

      Minimaster 56Minimaster 56År sedan